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Do You Wanna Fight?

Aries Mars:

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An Aries mars is very explosive and the smallest thing will set them on a rampage, destroying everything in their path. They can be very blunt and tell it how it is, regardless of if they hurt others’ feelings. After all, they need to know the truth! They are absolutely savage and rip apart anyone that decides to cross them. This often means bridges get burnt quickly and in a rapid bush fire of anger. Unfortunately for an Aries mars, they move on much faster than everyone else. So they may try to talk to someone hours after an argument to find that person has blocked them and wants nothing to do with them.

Taurus Mars:

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A Taurus Mars is very hard to anger and they take a lot of pushing to finally react but when they do, it’s time to give up. It becomes like talking to a brick wall. They refuse to listen to anyone and will only do what they want which is frustrating to people around them. Their pride and stubbornness shines and blocks their ability to even consider doing anything but saying no, to everything. Their need to control themselves becomes very apparent in situations where they are distressed or under pressure.

Gemini Mars:

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A Gemini Mars often shows anger through acting superior or disinterested rather than aggressive. They seem to believe they are better than those who are more argumentative. Their ability to outwit any opponent often means they win fights, but only because they become unresponsive and sarcastic rather than actually having conversations. They move on very quickly but in the back of their mind, they love to think they are now more intelligent because they won a fight and will use that to their advantage.

Cancer Mars:

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A Cancer Mars is literally the most dramatic person you will ever meet. They are savage and go straight in for the sore point but as soon as you even slightly retaliate, they cry and act as though they have been horribly betrayed by their oldest friend and now they must live in anguish. They get defensive before they have even been accused which actually starts most of the arguments they are involved in. They seem to make every disagreement become a personal attack by everyone else onto them.

Leo Mars:

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A Leo mars has this need to be the most important person in the room and when they’re not, they throw almighty tantrums. If someone does not pay enough attention to them, they become self-conscious and moody, especially towards that person. They won’t tell you why, though. You’re just left to wonder what you did to deserve the silent treatment. They work hard for attention and when it is not received, they are personally hurt. Also very stubborn, they have a really hard time letting things go.

Virgo Mars:

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A Virgo mars generally isn’t aggressive but they rip you apart with their criticism that quite often becomes personal and nasty. Their anger is usually shown through complaining and cynicism. They are very prone to “just doing it themselves” rather than having to explain things to other people because they believe they are the only ones that can do anything the right way. Often, they will shut people down before they get a chance and are able to make people feel as though they are inferior which means they are avoided when anything doesn’t go to plan as those around them know they’ll be on a rampage.

Libra Mars:

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A Libra mars wants drama, no matter where or who it’s coming from or involving. They are always the instigator when issues arise and love to light the fire and then run away to watch from afar. Then, when it’s all said and done, they decide to come out and mend the situation to make themselves look like heroes. Very passive aggressive to anyone that crosses them but rarely take action, instead they will talk behind peoples’ backs and spread rumors which solves nothing and in fact, makes things worse. 

Scorpio Mars:

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A Scorpio Mars has an almost concerning amount of self-restraint which is even scarier than an explosive Mars sign as you can never tell what they’re thinking. They know how to not only cut deep, but leave scars for years on end. They have a very black and white outlook on life - it’s this or that. Pessimism is common and often alienates them from more happy-go-lucky people. They’re not bothered though, because anyone that sees the world in rose coloured glasses is an idiot, right? They’re able to destroy your self-worth without blinking an eye which means a lot of people tread on egg shells around them. 

Sagittarius Mars:

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A Sagittarius Mars often starts fights that they can’t finish. They rarely look at the facts properly before diving in with their opinion and then get offended if you don’t agree. They are violent when they are irritated and literally will throw a chair at someone if they’re not doing what they want. They get bored super easily and will (literally) run away if things aren’t fast-paced enough to keep them interested. If you want someone you know will always be on your side, don’t ask them, their opinions and moods can change in a flash.

Capricorn Mars:

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A Capricorn Mars believes they can do absolutely no wrong. They are big on betrayal and backstabbing, making it unfortunate for you if you cross them because you won’t hear about it from them, you’ll hear about it when there are rumors circling about you and you’re getting the silent treatment from 4 of your friends. They seem very unenthusiastic and placid but they are very convincing when they set their mind on something. They are very calm when angry which makes it more uncomfortable for everyone because they become distant and quiet when you have upset them and it is very hard to come back from that.

Aquarius Mars:

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An Aquarius Mars is unbelievably clever but they often are bit by the “know-it-all” bug which makes them hard to converse with as they really don’t believe anyone can be on their level. They will fight back if they are forced to follow rules or requests they don’t agree with. They have a tendency to develop a god-complex and believe they are smarter, wittier and better than those around them. They become detached and disinterested when angry as if people are not worth their time which often leads people to dislike their blunt, entitled nature.

Pisces Mars:

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A Pisces Mars is endlessly fascinated by everything around them. They rarely get involved in any sort of disagreement or fight as they’re very chill and prefer the onlooker role instead. They are passionate about their opinions and beliefs and often take on a martyr role, even when there is no one going against them. It is as though they want to be defeated, so later they can prove themselves which can get on the nerves of people when they play the victim just to be redeemed.

The Berserker.

For @kalendraashtar  🤗

Part 1.

 Claire had arrived at the village three days prior and the tension that ran through it was palpable. She’d heard the stories of how the little hamlet had sided with one Earl over another. Two brothers vying for power; one ascended, the other roamed the lands wreaking havoc on those deemed his brother’s sympathizers. Rumours had the wannabe-Earl headed for them next.

She had only meant to stay a day or two before moving on, but there were more people that needed her help than she had anticipated. Rumours or not, she was more than eager to be gone; the villagers’ fear seeped through her, Claire had resolved to leave early the next morning, come what may.

They heard them just before daybreak.

A high pitch, blood curdling screech pierced the early misty dawn. Claire sat bolt upright, the sound going straight up her spine, making her entire body unpleasantly tingle. There was a moment, where the entire world stopped in silence. For a heartbeat after the cry, nothing moved, nothing breathed, nothing dared. Then the screaming started.

It was sheer pandemonium. Everyone seemed to burst out of their beds and crofts at once and ran every which way, but the marauders were far too organized for the farmers and crofters. They fell where they stood, no match for the violence that befell them.

Claire kept to the shadows, skirting her way tightly along the houses, trying to make it to the safety of the treeline and beyond, from whence the marauders had come. She tried to focus on the directions the sounds came from, but it was no use, there was just too much noise and carnage to focus on anything but keeping her heart from exploding out of her chest.

She found herself outside a stable, the horses frightened, neighing frantically, kicking at their stalls trying to get away from the shouts outside. Take a horse! she thought, you’ll get away quicker! But no sooner had the thought entered her mind, when a group of men burst into the stable, dragging women in with them - spoils of war. Claire pushed back into the shadows, praying they’d swallow her whole. 

They spoke a tongue she didn’t recognize, a deep guttural sort of language, as rough as the men themselves. they were big and utterly savage. One man stood apart; a giant of a man, towered over the others, as drenched in blood as the rest. Something about him drew her gaze. Bloody sword in hand, shirt half-torn down the front, a gaping wound beneath, he had no woman of his own and didn’t seem all that pleased with those that did.

One of the other men pushed a woman toward him, forcing him to grab her by the shoulders and set her aside. He said something, fiercely glaring at the other man, who had stepped forward, his back to Claire, and stood an inch from him - he would have blocked out any other man from sight, large as he was, but he was no match the giant Berserker - glaring back. A fire blazed outside the stable, silhouetting the redheaded giant in a fiery haze.

His eyes suddenly flicked up over the man’s shoulder, as if he could feel the intensity of her gaze on him. His eyes locked with hers, fear paralyzing her to the spot. His face was a iron mask, she could read nothing whatsoever on it. Then, with an infinitesimal of head shakes; don’t scream, it said, gesturing her to the deeper shadows on her right. She did as he bid, crouching low into the corner and held her breath.


It felt like a lifetime, hands pressed against her ears, filled with pain and misery before the group was done and had moved on, but Claire had been too afraid to stand back up, to move, to even open her eyes, till she felt the gentlest of touches. Hands on her elbows urged her to her feet, yet she still didn’t dare open her eyes. A hand moved from her elbow and light a feather, brushed an unruly curl back behind her ear. A voice deep and soothing said something she didn’t understand, but knew from the tone of his voice, he meant nothing threatening. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked up into the face of the bloodied Berserker.

He spoke again, but she shook her head, “I don’t understand you,” she said, barely above a whispered breath. He looked surprised. It wasn’t something he was expecting.

“Don’t…” he said halting, “Don’t be afraid. I mean you no harm.”

She stared at him astonished. No one here spoke her language - herself only speaking their common tongue in bits and pieces, ‘where does it hurt?’ the only thing she truly needed to know how to say after all, to heal.

“What do you mean to do?” she asked shakily. His hands on her elbows tightened a fraction. She was still in her night shift, the cold morning air and the shock of the dawn’s savagery, had her shaking uncontrollably, yet she could feel the heat emanating from him and seep into her, as if he burned from within.

“See you safe,” she said, looking over his shoulder. Voices and hurried footsteps sounded from outside, moving to and fro. “If I can.”

“Why would you help me?”

He looked down at her, eyes soft, almost pleading. “There’s been enough death and pillaging tonight. If I can save just one, I will. They will not dishonour you, I won’t let them.”

She felt truly safe for the first time since it had all began, something about the young Berserker comforted her.

“You aren’t like the others. You’re not one of them, are you?” she said with a surety that surprised even her.

“You ask a lot of questions, do you know that,” he said, smiling a crooked smile at her that she couldn’t help but return. 

Then they came. Footsteps rushing back into the stable. They had no time whatever to conceal themselves; the men upon them in a flash.

Do my eyes deceive, or has young Jamie found himself a woman,” said one of them, voice dripping with contempt.

This is none of your concern,” the Berserker replied, turning to face them, shielding her from view at the same time. He felt her fingers take a handful of the back of his shirt, holding fiercely to him.

Easy! It isn’t like we’ve come to watch - though I have half a mind to - just glad to see you’ve taken to our ways at last. Your uncle will be pleased. Just remember to leave some for him when you’re done,” he smirked.


Claire had understood not a word of their conversation, but felt the burning fury of the Berserker’s last word and whatever the men he faced saw in his face was enough to have them back away from him and out of the stable. She kept her hands on his waist as he turned back to her. “What did you say to-” but her question was cut off as her hands came in contact with the wound across his torso, making him wince. “You’re hurt, “ she remembered, stupidly, peeling the blood soaked shirt away from the wound, her fingers already drenched crimson.

“It’s nothing. We need to get you away from here! Now!” he said urgently. She could see his mind working as he thought of an escape route.

He closed his eyes trying to control his racing mind and heart. The men would have told his uncle already about the woman. And he knew his uncle well enough to know he’d covet her for nothing more than to spite him - to take what was his. He needed to get her away before they returned.

“Come! This way!” He said, and not waiting for any more questions, he grabbed her arm and rushed them out the stables and into the rising sun.


Percival Rex: Prologue

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

The cruelest part of his imprisonment was that he was not restrained.

He could roam his own home freely, Grindelwald didn’t live there, and as such he could destroy it as his temper lashed out, as his desperation grew, and Grindelwald could come in, gleefully surveying the physical evidence of his prisoner’s frustration, the destruction wrought upon Percival Graves’ expensive flat and all the personal items therein.

Now I lay me down to sleep.

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~In Loving Memory of Maul~

On this day, March 18th, 2017, a beloved person departed from this life, a person who was broken, no matter how many times he tried to fix himself. All of us who knew him will never forget the tragic life of Maul. 

He was stolen from the moment he was born. He was never given a chance. A small, innocent baby was snatched from his home by evil hands, and twisted and broken until he turned into a monster that lived only to kill and to do his master’s bidding.

During a battle, he was literally cut down by the Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was then that his resilience showed. Surviving with half a body, cheating death itself, Maul survived. His will to live spurred him on when most would have perished. His strength came with a cost, however, as he sank into madness, forgetting everything except the one who had wronged him: Kenobi.

However, upon being discovered by his older brother, Maul’s healing began. Taken back to his homeworld, Dathomir, his broken mind was restored, along with his legs, by the shaman, Mother Talzin, his only living parent. Even then, Maul proved himself to be strong. 

As he set off to exact his revenge on Kenobi, however, a person who had entered Maul’s life began to change him. The presence of his brother, Savage Opress, began to awaken and revive the spark of innocence within Maul, kindling the flame until it grew. For the first time in his life, the warmth of kindness entered Maul’s cold heart. 

Over a period of time, he soon learned to care for his brother, who was also a victim of the suffering Maul had endured. The two brothers held each other up, supporting one another in difficulty. Caring for one another when they knew nobody else would. 

That was when Sidious came. Maul’s former master. He saw the bond they shared and tore it apart. When Savage was destroyed, a part of Maul died with him. He was terrified. He couldn’t sink back into the dark again. So he made one final effort to fight back against the evil that had moulded him, only to be shattered by the death of his mother.

The loss of his family also cost Maul his sanity. As he desperately clung to the fragments of his mind, he tried to take on a child, Ezra Bridger, as his apprentice, believing he was honouring his late brother. Time passed. As Ezra, a Jedi-in-training, rebuked Maul’s attempts to bond with him, Maul’s mind broke for the final time. Believing there was nothing left for him, he sought after his archenemy, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

There, in the desert, he found was he was looking for. Hope, in the form of mercy. The sweet mercy of death. Now his suffering is over and he has become one with the Force. He is reunited with his brothers. Rest in peace, Maul. May the Force be with you, always.

Sleep well, little baby. </3


in which i savagely tear apart brofesco’s claims about the notorious smite nunu support player, take the draw. enjoy.


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◇ And to think, he never wanted to find his mate.

◇ Chen x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ i think i accidentally made this a bit more humorous than the other ones??? I dunno dude, just read on


Tensions were high between the clans of EXO and NCT. Despite the fact that EXO were 1st class vampires who had lived for centuries, and ruled over a lot of land and were feared by many, NCT seemed to instill fear into many with the use of their many allies.

It was only after a fight over territory that Suho had decided that enough was enough; he was adamant on keeping peace, mainly for the wellbeing of the mortals that lived on the land that was being fought for. Chen knew that a big reason for the wish of peace was Suho’s mate; a girl who lived on said territory and was under Suho’s protection.

Chen didn’t understand, honestly. Why Suho was so adamant on keeping peace, I mean. The territory was rightfully theirs, and Chen couldn’t give a crap about some human girl his brother was in love with. He’d paint the land red with blood if it meant keeping what was his.

He had never met his mate, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to after he saw what it did to his brothers; they became violent at even the smallest touches towards their mate, extremely over protective, and willing to do anything to keep them safe. Chen was happy to not have to care much about anything except himself and his brothers.

“Chen, I suggest you go and tell Baekhyun that we’re not covering his ass anymore,” Kyungsoo hisses from beside him. The music pounding through the club would make it hard to hear, if he was human; but he was a vampire, and could probably still hear Kyungsoo if he was whispering.

Chen inhales deeply, downing the rest of his drink and standing up. The clan leader of NCT spared him no glance, too busy conversing with Suho. He turns his head towards the bar that could be seen from the second floor, and, sure enough, there Baekhyun was. Chen gritted his teeth in annoyance before he was walking towards the stairs of the club that led to the dance floor, swarming with people.

This was the 3rd time Baekhyun had snuck off tonight to check up on his mate, the bartender. Each time he returned with blood on his hands, most likely from tearing the hands off of a Being who got to close to his mate. But Baekhyun was needed for business, and he couldn’t keep getting distracted.

He was walking down the stairs when he smelled it - he didn’t know what it was, but he smelled it. It was sweet, and heavy, crawling down his throat and into his lungs. It wasn’t fruit, or flowers, because they definitely didn’t compare to what he was smelling, but the effects of it were alarming - he could feel his irises turning a familiar black colour that only arised when his control was slipping out of his fingers, his fangs elongating.

His eyes searched the crowd beneath him frantically, looking for the source of the smell, before he was distracted by a cry - “Help!” His head snapped towards the source of the sound, which was outside, from the looks of it, and before he knew what he was doing, he was pushing through the crowds of werewolves and faeries and witches and whatever else there was, completely forgetting about Baekhyun.

He burst out into the cold night air with a growl, his fangs completely elongated and out for the world to see. He looked up and down the alley the entrance to the club was situated in, only to see what was happening - a girl, being held down by two men, screaming and crying for help.

He didn’t know what happened; one moment, he was standing there, the sweet scent invading his nostrils and making his head spin, and then the next, he was biting into the throat of one of the men, savagely tearing their necks apart for even daring to touch you.

You. Who were you? As Chen realized what he was doing, he let the men slump to the ground, heartbeats slowing down. He hears small whimpers coming from you, and he frowns. He doesn’t look the best - blood covering his chin and dripping down his neck, but he can’t leave you here. He’s not stupid - he knows that you’re his mate, and he knows that after what just happened, he wouldn’t dare leave you.

The sweet scent has dulled, to a light and beautiful fragrance that surrounds you. After calming himself, he kneels down beside you. He’s unsure of what to do; he wants to comfort you, to hug you and press kisses to your forehead and tell you that you were safe, but after what you just saw (and experienced), he thinks you’ve went through enough for one night.

“Hey, hey,” he murmurs as you try to scramble away from him, tears running down your face at the sight of the dead bodies behind him, the blood dripping from his face. “You’re okay now.”

“You - you killed them!” You cry, voice shaky with tears and fear. Chen flinches; how is he supposed to explain this without you passing out on him from fright?

“They were going to hurt you,” he mutters, licking his lips and tasting the bitter blood that had come from the disgusting men behind him. “I was protecting you.”

You only seem to realize the gleaming white fangs digging into his bottom lip now - and you don’t get more than a second to process his words, because your eyes are rolling into the back of your head and you’re slumping against the alleyway wall.

“Shit,” Chen curses, catching you before your head could hit the ground, pulling you close to inspect if you were hurt in any way. He casts a dark glare at the bodies behind him, almost losing control once again before he catches sight of you again, laying peacefully in his arms, and his heart rate calms. You didn’t give him any information on you, so he decides the best thing to do is take you home with him to rest.


“I needed to protect her,” Chen growls, baring his fangs at his elder brother. Xiumin scoffs, swirling his alcohol around his glass in irritation.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you killed two humans,” Xiumin inhales deeply, resting his head on his hand and staring into the fiery hearth in front of him. “You’re just lucky the Rulers decided to let you off because she was your mate - but what will NCT think? They’ll use this as an excuse to say that we’re not safe enough to rule over Mortal territory.”

Chen scoffs, “As if they’re any safer. Yixing managed to get information on a recent massacre that NCT conducted. I don’t think they’ll be fighting us any time soon.”

Xiumin goes to disagree, before his head snaps to the side and he’s staring at the hallway. He sighs, downing his drink before pouring some more. “Looks like your mate is awake.”

Chen is up before he knows it, nodding his goodbye to his brother and striding down the hallway to Chen’s bedroom, where you were laying. He pushed open the heavy oak door slowly, not wishing to scare you but alerting you of his presence. He hears the hitch in your breath as he comes into view, the speed of your heart rate increasing.

“I trust you slept well?” He questions, cocking an eyebrow as he approaches the bed you had been sleeping in. He pulls out the chair from his desk and turns it towards the bed so that he can face you.

“Y-yes. I did.” Your voice is quiet but it’s an improvement from the hysterical screaming and crying you had been doing earlier. Chen guesses that getting rid of the blood that had covered him helped make you feel better.

It’s silent for a moment as you both decide what to do. He wants to hold you, to explain what was happening and to assure you that he would never hurt you as those men in the alleyway had almost. You wanted to ask him who he was, what he was, where you were and what exactly he had planned for you.

“My name is Chen,” he murmurs, taking in how your facial features changed and contorted. “And I’m a vampire. And you… you’re my mate.”

He didn’t know how you would react to his blunt statement, but he knew sugar coating it would just give you some nasty surprises in the long run. Your breath hitches and your eyes screw shut. He can see you clenching your fists and he waits for what you’ll say next.

“You… you’re a vampire.”


“And… you - you eat people.”

“Well, yes, I guess.”

You let out a nervous laugh, gulping lightly. “Well, I guess that explains what happened in the alleyway.” Chen cocks an eyebrow as he hears your heart beat speed up extremely quickly.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I think…” You trail off, shutting your eyes tight, trying to calm your breathing. “What… what will happen to me?”

“Well,” Chen starts, reaching over to grasp your hand in his, reveling in the feeling of your skin on his, “As my mate, I will protect you, care for you, and love you.”

“That sounds promising,” you smile lightly. He chuckles softly, soothingly running his thumb over the smooth skin of your hand. “I look forward to it.”

“As do I, my love.”


“That was stupid of you,” Chen raises an eyebrow, sipping at the deep red liquid that was contained in the crystal glass, four years after he met you, “Who faints after they see a pair of fangs?”

You scoff from your space in his arms, head resting on his chest and not caring about the Beings that could see you. Nobody dared to mess with Chen - especially while his mate was by his side. “Who can’t control their own fangs?”

Chen shakes his head in amusement, setting the crystal glass on the glass table in front of him. “That was quite possibly the hardest thing to control in all my 1000 years of living. Your scent-” He inhales deeply, as if savoring the sweet smell that had consumed him, “It was the sweetest thing I had ever smelled… I couldn’t even control my fangs, or my eyes. All I knew was that I had to keep you from getting hurt in any way, shape or form.”

“Well, you’ve done an amazing job so far,” you murmur softly, resting a hand on your protruding stomach. Chen smiles, covering your hand with his own and intertwining your fingers, knowing that whatever child you bore, he would protect you both with his life.

And to think, he never wanted to find his mate.

How to Charm a Witch Who Hates You ( AO3 / )

You will need 1) a destroyed racing broom, 2) a concussion, and 3) several metric tons of hippogriff manure.

A byproduct of @yatorihell‘s HP x Noragami AU, with inspiration from @paperypiper‘s beautiful artwork

Chapter 3: The Incident With the Hippogriff

“This is Hiyori!” Yato says, smiling broadly and waving her forward.

“I know,” Kiun responds. Then no one says anything.

The pause continues.

And continues.

“She’s, ah, going to help me,” Yato begins uncomfortably, when suddenly Hiyori herself shoves past him. She declares:

“I’m here as a concerned citizen, because I’m afraid Yato isn’t capable of providing the highest quality care for such a rare and magnificent creature as a hippogriff.”

Hiyori folds her hands neatly behind her back, and even though Yato can’t see her face, he’s sure it’s arranged in a winning smile.

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We have been in our new apartment for a little over a week now and have had our keys for about two. We weren’t actively looking for a new place but sometimes things pop up when you least expect it. Moving is no fun but putting together a new home that is just ours is and that has been a joy even when we are exhausted and dirty and covered in paint. We officially are downtowners now and are excited to be closer to work for both of us. Our street is quiet and lined with lilac trees despite being five minutes from Yonge St. I have been reading a lot lately about editing your life and your belongings and just living smaller in general and purging through this move and deciding what we really need and enjoy has been a good move in a new direction. It is good to be home. Also hi! I haven’t been here in a long time and I hope everyone is doing well.

The Poems of Rufus Comstat

Rip apart with savage teeth:
Tear until blood splatters
Your greedy face. Tory on
The prowl amongst the poor,
The sick, the elderly. Fierce
Dogs get at wounded flesh.
Hound the unfortunate down
Dark holes to death. Oh, hate
Of all who do not qualify for
The grammar school exclusions.
Oh, hate for all not welcome for
Polite tea at the vicarage. Oh,
Hate for truth and simple assertion
Of falsehood that must be right
Because you say so. Go to hell
Tory bitterers. The story is not done.
You may have won, but you shall
Win one day. We all will win one day.

your-lovers-and-drifters  asked:

“Have you forgotten, brother dear, the words of vanity fairest? The world is a looking-glass, and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face. And you, my dear little brother—whose built, above the furnace of retribution, a house of lies—shall have your golden reward. You are faceless, brother mine. Put down your sword and crown—after all, they were never yours to begin with.” — real!Ciel next ch (because every Phantomhive needs a subtly threatening quote referencing literature lol)

YES! I can see this (depending on how eloquent real!Ciel is haha, but he seems to be pretty eloquent so far). He is a merciless asshole- he will tear our!Ciel apart with savage words alone. And that quote is not subtle in the least- this is a legitimate threat :D

nestled // newt scamander

request(s): Hi. I loved your story “snatchers”; you are such a great writer. I was wondering if you could please write something about Newt teaching the reader about his creatures. Thank you! (by @tigerinravenclawsclothing


Newt showed his lady friend (for Who he has feelings for) around the habbits of the creaturs. The creaturs will think that she is his mate. Later newt and the girl fall a sleep. And the creaturs wanna help him out so they build a nest a round them. (by @ship-it-girl)

a/n: lololol kieRA wrote this but i (roxanna the evil piece of shit) snuck into her draft so hemhem anyways a big THANKYOU to the account that said i was a good writer because i felt super freaking fly afterwards ;-) ANYWAYS ENJOY KIERA’S AMAZING HARD WORK YALL

kiera: … oh well


nestled // newt scamander

Newt’s case was officially the most exciting place you’ve ever been in.

It was a whole new place, a whole new world, you’ve never even heard of! It was totally devoid of any humans, yet filled with the most interesting beings on the planet. Your eyes were wide with disbelief as Newt walked through the lands purposefully in front of you, the buckets of food in his arms, like all these creatures were a sight he already grew used to. You supposed he would have, after all these years, but what you didn’t know was that Newt wasn’t as confident as he looked–on the contrary, he was terribly on the edge, wondering if you would be impressed by what you saw.

Newt had loved you ever since you defended his creatures back in Hogwarts.

You were the only person who truly related to his love of these beings, often wanting to learn as much as you could from him and his extraordinary ‘pets’. Later on, you moved to America before you could graduate from Hogwarts, completing your education in Ilvermorny. It wasn’t until lately that Newt sent you an owl, informing you that he was visiting in New York, and wondered if you would care to meet.

You never thought that a catch-up session would turn into a trip into his magical suitcase. Stunned by the majestic creatures, you reluctantly shuffled forward as Newt moved on, determined not to make eye-contact with you if he could help it.

Newt had thought that what he had on you was merely a crush. But seeing you again after all these years, it had obviously grown into something much more.

And Newt had no idea how to deal with it.

“Scamander! Can we please slow down so I can look at them?” you begged, refusing to tear your eyes away from a large creature the size of a horse, spikes running down from its head to its long, strong-looking tail. It had something like tentacles sprouting from its mouth, and would have looked quite aggressive if it wasn’t tending to a younger one.

Newt’s heart skipped a beat when he realised, as beautiful as you may have grown to, you were hardly any different on the inside. Smiling when he heard you call him “Scamander,” which was something you loved to do, he spun around, clutching the metal bucket tightly as he walked back to you.

“This,” he attempted to sound professional, “is called a Graphorn. They are often found in Europe mountains, and the mountain trolls just love to ride them. They hate it, though.” Newt placed the bucket on the floor, casually tossing the mystery meat out of it.

The Graphorn lunged after it, tackling the meat and tearing it apart savagely. You looked in wonder as it paid you no attention, only looking up to nuzzle Newt in thanks.

“And this, is a Nundu,” the two of you stopped beneath a large rock, where a large, lion shaped creature with tiny sharp pikes on its body lay, resting. “This was incredibly hard for me to capture by my own. When it roars, it inflates itself like a pufferfish would, scaring off and eliminating any competition.”

Newt lifted his shirt to show a large, jagged scar that ran from his bellybutton to the side of his stomach. You blushed when he did, his muscles not going unnoticed as you stared intently at it. (a/n: go search up eddie redmayne shirtless because it might be the best fucking decision you make :-D )

“I got this scar when the Nundu attacked me. I was very lucky though. It’s spikes didn’t go deep, just scrapped the surface of my flesh. It could have been fatal.”

You ran a finger tentatively across it, and Newt repressed a shudder from your warm fingers.

You smiled softly at him, looking up into his pale blue eyes. “This place is wonderful,” you breathed sincerely. “I could live here forever.”

Unknown to you, Newt’s heart melted.

The two of you carried on, Newt continuing his commentary and you looking at everything in awe. You learnt that a Diricrawl was know as a Dodo bird to Muggles, and because of their teleporting abilities, they thought that they were long extinct. You gasped when the Mooncalves appeared from their burrows, earnestly crowding around Newt as he tossed them food. You laughed when you watched Newt attempt to place his Bowtruckle, Pickette, back onto the tree where the others were playing. Pickette held onto his hand for dear life, and Newt gave up after a while, grumbling that it was too attached to him for its own good.

By the time you arrived back where Frank the Thunderbird was perched at, you were exhausted. You collapsed onto the ground dramatically, spreading your limbs as you sighed out loud. “This place is amazing!” you yelled to Newt.

Frank flapped his wings in agreement, creating such a wind that Newt laughed as you quickly got up to avoid Frank’s claws, Repositioning yourself below his perch, you rested your head against your arms.

Newt came to join you, lying by your side as your eyelids fluttered open and close. The two of you lay on the straw, comfortable silence taking over.

He looked over at you when you shifted to lie closer to his chest. His heart jumped in his throat.

“(Y/n)?” he asked softly.

You were out like a light in less than a minute. You sighed against his clothed chest, unconsciously muttering his name. “Newt…”

Newt lay back, content. Everything was perfect in this moment.

Then he too, let sleep overtake him.

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Hello there! Could you write short drabbles where boys say 'I love you' to Candy for the first time? :3 I love your writings!

Thank you and thank you for the request, sorry it took so long to get to!


He closed his eyes and tried not to focus on how hard his heart beating. He briefly wondered if Candy could hear it from her place beside him as they snuggled together on his couch watching yet another movie- he wasn’t even sure what movie they were watching, he was much too focused on her to pay much attention to the screen.

They had been dating for a while now, for three years and he knew he loved for her at least one. High school had passed and now, just barely into their first year of college, he wondered if it was too soon to say the words out loud. Should he wait in case their relationship fell? In case she met someone else at college and fell in love with them instead? Should he wait until they’re older? Did love even have an age at which it was okay to feel?

He took a deep breath to ease his nerves. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Candy had nuzzled her way onto him, her hands squished against his chest as she seemed to fall asleep. Her mouth was parted slightly as she breathed, her eyebrows furrowed slightly as she seemingly dreamed. His expression softened, a small smile gracing his lips as he leaned down and pressed a small kiss to her forehead.

“I love you,” he whispered softly, nuzzling his face into her hair.

Does it even count if she can’t hear me? He adjusted their place on the couch so she could rest more comfortable on top of him. He wrapped his arms tightly around her and held her close, slowly drifting into a sleep of his own.

“I love you too,” Candy’s voice was soft, barely even audible, and tired as she yawned before snuggling farther onto him.


He screwed up, but that’s no surprise- not to him anyway. He always seemed to screw up every relationship he ever had. Especially the ones that mattered to him the most. Castiel wasn’t even sure what they were fighting about, just that Candy seemed to be on the brink of tears as she yelled and cursed his name to the wind before she was heading to the door.

“Candy,” his voice was gruff, a bit raspy from all the yelling, as he took a step forward to stop her, “Candy! I love you, okay?!? I love you, so just… Fucking hell, don’t go…”

His voice gave out at the end of his statement, as he refused to look in her direction. His fists clenched at his sides as he felt his throat grow dry and tight. He couldn’t watch her leave. Not her. It would hurt too much. He closed his eyes tightly and waited to hear the slamming of the front door. It never came.

“Castiel,” Candy spoke softly and her voice wavered, “…Is that true?”

He took a deep breath before opening his eyes to see her standing close to him, her eyes wide and red as her tear-stained cheeks. She kept sniffling and if he wondered if he was imagining the hints of a smile on her face as he sighed deeply, running his fingers through his hair.

“I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true, would I, Ironing Board?”

He gave her his signature smirk, trying to hide how much his heart was pounding within in his chest from nerves and raw emotion. Candy sniffled a bit more, but the smile on her face became a bit more obvious as she burst into a fit of giddy giggles, covering her mouth with her hand to hide a few snorts that escaped her.

He quirked an eyebrow, huffing a bit as he stood a bit straighter,

“You think that’s funny?”

She snorted through her giggles before she was able to look him in the eye, her smile going from cheek to cheek,

“No, I think it’s cute,” she crinkled her nose, the grin never wavering, as she noticed his huffy and slightly defense demeanor, “-oh don’t get so huffy, I love you too.”


Lysander knew he was in love her rather soon after they met. He fell in love with her smile, her laugh, her kindness, the way her eyes sparkled with in an inner light, and how light and peaceful she made him feel. What he didn’t know, however, was how to voice that out loud to her. Even two years after dating and he had yet to speak up to let her know that he cared for her so much more deeply than she knew.

Today, however, he was going to tell her. He didn’t care how much it made his hands shake or how much it made his heart pound in his chest or about the butterflies in his stomach. It was their second anniversary and now was the perfect chance to tell her, or at least he believed so.

He glanced over toward her. Her eyes were lit up, as they usually were, though this time they seemed to be lighting up more with amusement and mirth as she sat down across from him at the dinner table. A small smile curved on her lips and he could almost see how close she was from giggling or laughing at whatever she found so amusing.

“Candy,” he spoke up, concerned that he maybe something was wrong or maybe the dinner wasn’t to her liking, “…I thought that for our second anniversary, a romantic dinner would suit our purposes, was I wrong to assume so?”

She looked at him with wide eyes, startling, her lips parting with a small gasp at his words before she shook her head,

“Oh no, Lys! This is all great,” she smiled warmly at him, making his heart skip a beat as she reached across the table to his hand in hers, “This is all very nice, thank you.”

His eyes softened, his worries put at ease from her gentle touch, and he returned her warm smile with one of his own.

“I love you,” he admitted, barely even aware he was confessing, “And I thought that our second anniversary would be a good time to-”
He didn’t get a chance to finish, he was cut off abruptly from the brief, chaste kiss that Candy placed on his lips. She had to lean all the way across the table to so, but didn’t seem to mind. His eyes were wide for a moment, before he relaxed and returned the kiss before they parted for air, their foreheads grazing egainst each other as they took steady breaths.

“I love you too, Lys,” Candy confessed, though after a moment, she leaned back from him with an amusing smile, “…But our anniversary isn’t for another week.”


Armin felt miserable and he was sure he looked just as bad. He was barely even able to get up to eat or use the restroom and wanted nothing more than to just sleep all day- which for once, his mother was allowing. It was horrible, however, that his game stations were just a few feet away and he didn’t even have the energy to sit up to be able to play them. It was torture. He only enjoyed ‘being sick’ when he was faking it to get out of school.

Knock knock knock

He let out a groan and plopped all the way down onto the bed, closing his eyes with the hope to ease the pounding headache. He wasn’t in the mood to see his twin- Alexy’s bubbling, loud personality didn’t have a stop button and in times like this, it only made him feel more sick when his twin was babbling about all of the latest gossip and interrupting his precious sleep time.

“Go away,” he yelled, his voice nasally and congested, groaning and moaning as he shifted on the bed.

There was a pause before he heard the door opening, causing him to groan and reluctantly sit up in the bed to face the ‘intruder.’ He blinked mildly in surprise to see his girlfriend standing in his doorway, one hand on her cocked hip, the other holding a brown bag, and a pleasant, cocky grin on her face.

“You’re supposed to say who’s there,” Candy commented dryly, but wasted no time to plop down on the bed beside him, warily eying the used tissues on the floor, “I know you’re sick, but is a trash bag too much to ask? Geesh, Armin.”

She playfully rolled her eyes and he grinned cheekily at her, but his eyes were mostly fixated on the bag in her hands. She noticed the look on his face rather quickly, causing her to snort as she moved the bag just out of his reach,

“What is it with you and gifts? It’s bad enough to see you savagely rip apart Christmas paper, do I have to see you rip apart the goodie bag that I made for you too?”

She pouted playfully at him, causing him to laugh, even if it did turn into a cough a second later causing her expression to soften as she placed a small kiss on his cheek.

“Sorry you’re not feeling well,” she spoke softly and tenderly, “But hopefully this will make you feel better.”

She reached into the bag, first pulling out a plastic spoon and a plastic container full of what seemed to be noodle soup. He licked his lips eagerly, mouth watering- it was no secret that Candy made the best noodle soup. It was Candy’s own special 'sure to cure you in a day’ noodle soup that she only made if you were sick, she refused to make it otherwise to his disappointment. No matter how much he begged.

“God, you’re amazing,” he sniffled, eagerly taking the soup from her hands, “I love you.”

It took him a moment to realize what he said and when he did, he noticed that Candy had frozen up for a moment as well. Her eyes were wide, just staring at him, unsure if she even heard him correctly.

“What did you say?”

He swallowed thickly, panic rising in his chest. He had never said those words before- not to any of his previous girlfriends and not to Candy. Even if with Candy, he knew he meant them, and it almost scared him how easily it slip off his tongue and how casually he mentioned it. Though judging from her reaction, he was sure that it was scaring her as well.

“Nothing,” the lie came easily as he tried to backtrack his words, “I said you’re amazing and then nothing.”

Candy shook her head slowly, her mouth parted slightly,

“Nooo,” her words were dragged out, “…You said you loved me. You love me…”

He swallowed again, his grasp tightening on the plastic bowl of soup before he looked at her firmly, knowing that he couldn’t take back the words now even if it scared him- the both of them.

“Yeah, I do…. Is that okay?”

It took a moment as Candy digested the information before she even showed the slightest reaction. A small grin slowly stretched across her face,

“Yeah… Yeah, I think it is.”


Kentin always knew he loved her and he told her multiple times, before he went to military camp that was, to tell her. She never seemed to believe him, not in the way he wanted her to. It wasn’t until he came back that he realized maybe he didn’t love her. He cared for her, yes, and he felt that he could love her, one day. But he didn’t really love her, not like he should have, not until they had been dating for three years and going strong.

And now? He couldn’t imagine not loving her. Not a day went by that he didn’t fall more in love her. She fit perfectly in his arms now that he grown more and he swore that he could easily spend eternity just holding her as they laid on bed, her back to him as his arms held her tightly to his chest.

They were both groggy and half asleep despite the sun that was peaking through the curtains of their bedroom. He could hear her yawn as he nuzzled his head to the crook of her neck, placing butterfly kisses along her jawline. Her messy bedhead was all over the place and her hair tickled under his nose.

“I love you,” he confessed softly.

When she shifted in his grasp, he briefly thought that maybe she was getting up, that maybe she was going to leave, but instead, she simply just turned to face him. Her eyes had faint bags under them and were only half-open as she gave him a loving smile.

“I love you too,” she placed a chaste kiss on the corner of his lips before turning back over, taking a majority of the blankets with her, “Now go back to bed, it’s too early.”

we skratch our bibles
into the doors of dirty bathroom stalls
and gather for mass
at filthy backdrops
hidden in the least visited parts
of the city.
the preachers stand on dimly lit stages
screaming their prayers
shaking their heads in wild ecstasy
and we hear them
until we’re almost deaf
the crowd moving like a savage beast
tearing itself apart.
our clothes have almost
as many holes
as our insides
and everyone is walking
with their eyes closed
noone is saying a word
only incoherent shouting
lest we disturb the noise.
a mixture of spit and blood
is splattered everywhere
the holy water blessing this ruin.

and you call us vicious
bestial heathens
but in your endless pride
you have forgotten
that our calamity
has caused far less wars
than yours.

—  our Gods are young and bad role models || nj.

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He'd have a noodle sword fight with his equal in fuckedupness

i was thinking more like they could tear each other apart like savage beasts but… noodle sword fight works too 👀

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Can you please do headcanons for 4-5 year olds jikook where they're each others best friend and always snuggling and cuddling with e/o in their super adorable onesies and their parents just sigh lovingly and snap a bunch of pics! (10 years later they still do the same thing but with the title husbands) thank you :))

//The kids met because Jimin and his family moved to the same apartment building Jungkook lives. 

//Jungkook is usually a shy kid and doesn’t have much friend so he has fun playing with his iron man figurines at the apartment building’s patio while his mom chit-chatts with the other ladies and that’s how Jungkook’s mom and Jimin’s mom meet and become fast friends.

//Since Jimin is new in the neighborhood and kinda shy too he doesn’t have much friends yet. He spots Jungkook one day at the patio having fun on his own with his iron man figurines and decides to approach him because he has Captain America’s figurine and he knows they are friends (his dad told him so) so he thinks he and Jungkook could too.

//They love playing together. They make up the most adventurous stories and both Cap and Iron man save the world every time. Meanwhile their mother just sit there with a cup of tea smiling at their sons.

//Jimin has a lot of action figurines and is always sharing them with Jungkook. He teaches little Jungkook that sharing is caring, so even if Jungkook is very protective of his things and toys he learns that it’s good to share, especially when he gets in exchange a wide smile from Jimin.

//After they play around one afternoon, Jungkook asks if Jimin can come home to watch the Avengers cartoons with him and both their parents agree. The kids snuggle closer to each other, scream to the TV when the bad guys show up and give encouraging yells to their heroes.

//After that they take times taking the kids to each of their houses to play a bit more so the dads can have alone time and dates too. That’s how their weekly sleepovers are born.

//Christmas and Birthdays are spent together. The two families grow closer as the kids grow. Jungkook gives Jimin a pretty drawing because ‘Jiminnie-hyung complimented them so much, it was just nice of Jungkook to give him one and make him happy’ and Jimin gives Jungkook a hand-made bracelet with his initials.

// When they learn to write they write each other letters to practice and hide them under each other’s pillows when they go visit. They stop once they get older and have their first phones but they both treasure the letters                       Jimin always laughs because Jungkook used to make so many mistakes when writing, it was cute, hard to understand but cute and they were filled with cute doodles (probably from when he got distracted or tired from writing).

//Their teen years are pretty much the same. They still have sleepovers that tend to last a whole weekend playing video games, watching anime, trying to do homework…. They are inseparable and don’t need anyone else

// It’s the time also they discover love. It’s that age in which they start to get curious about dating that’s why when Jimin gets asked out by some senior he says yes. It breaks Jungkook a bit, though he doesn’t really understand why, but Jimin looks excited so he does his best to put up with it and smile.

//Jimin enjoys the date, but there is something missing. The guy is nice and gentle, they have fun, but he doesn’t enjoy the moment as he should. Jimin realizes, quite shockingly, he would enjoy it more with Jungkook. He goes out with the other guy some other time but he has to say no in the end because he knows it’s Jungkook who truly makes his heart happy.

//It’s so obvious for everyone except for them how much they have it for each other. Even their moms try to set them up, but the boys are so used at cuddling and spending time together as ‘friends’ that nothing changes.

//Jungkook asks Jimin to be his date for prom.
“As friends, of course…”
Jimin agrees, because even if it’s as friends he knows it’s going to be a perfect night. And it is; they have lots of fun and dance and laugh and it’s just all so perfect.  They have a sleepover at Jimin’s house since his parents are out of town for the weekend. None of them say anything when their fingers interlock under the blankets, and they fall asleep on each others arms.

//Jimin is about to leave for uni. It’s his last year of high school and he will have to move to town and Jungkook kinda freaks out because they aren’t going to see each other until holidays, probably. He doesn’t want to say anything about his feelings, afraid to ruin everything, but at the same time Jimin is going away, he’s going to meet new people and what if he meets that someone special, what if Jimin forgets about him.

//Going through his old things, Jungkook finds the bunch of letters Jimin wrote for him when they were little kids and this is how an idea pops into his head. He grabs paper and a pen and writes a beautiful letter explaining to his best friend how he makes his heart flutter every time he smiles, how Jimin’s touch ignites fire all throughout his body. He writes it all out before hiding the letter under Jimin’s pillow when he goes to his house that afternoon.

//Jimin finds it that night and maybe spends five minutes freaking out, five more crying and two squealing out loud like an idiot. He runs out of his house, despite his parent’s curious questions and bangs like a savage Jungkook’s apartment door. It’s his mom who opens the door and Jimin runs past her with a rushed “ Good night i have to see him” and throws himself into a sprawled Jungkook a top of the bed.

//Jungkook is surprised by that, not only Jimin came unannounced but the older one is mumbling incoherences on his neck while hugging him tightly. It’s five minutes later, when Jimin has finally calmed down that Jungkook notices the letter on his hands and becomes instantly shy and refuses to look at Jimin at the eyes.
“Why are you so shy now, silly?”
“I don’t know, this is weird hyung…”
“I love you too, idiot.” 
Their first kiss is under the watchful eyes of the only one Iron Man.

// They talk through skype/FaceTime when Jimin leaves for uni, almost everyday. Jungkook is still worried Jimin may meet someone else better than Jungkook but he trusts his hyung -his boyfriend- and waits for him to come back for holidays.

//When Jimin gets back for christmas he gets the shock of his life. Jungkook is now way taller than him, not to mention pretty much muscular. Not that he didn’t find Jungkook attractive before but now the kid exudes confidence through every pore of his body and Jimin might just be drooling now. They share a cute kiss under the mistletoe wearing the couple sweaters Jungkook’s mom knit for them.

//Sweaters they put on every year they go home for christmas since Jungkook left for uni too. They share a little apartment near campus. It’s small, old and they have an ugly neighbor but they have each other, and that’s just perfect. 

//Jimin proposes to Jungkook a year later of finishing uni. He writes a beautiful letter that he leaves atop his pillow one morning. Jungkook wakes up to an empty bed but the smell of pancakes and his eyes find the letter instantly. He comes out the room running to find Jimin waiting for him at the kitchen with the biggest smile ever and open arms ready for the hug Jungkook gives him.
“Yes, yes, hyung, Yes!”

Big shoutout to @diezcuatrofiction for helping me out with this one. Trust bae for amazing imagination when it concerns Jikook scenarios/headcanons/stories

Alpha Tension Part 3

Summary: The reader and Dean try to take the lead on a hunt that Bobby sends you on. Working together is tough when Dean keeps pushing your buttons. Can you and Dean get the job done without killing one another?

Characters: Dean X Reader

Warning: Swearing

Word Count: 1340

A/N: I feel like this series is slowly propelling into a kind of tension I wasn’t expecting. 

Part 1 Part 2

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