savage apartment


The unsolved murder of Tara Baker

One day before she turned 24 years old, in January 19th, 2001, Tara Baker was savagely murdered in her apartment. She  was a popular law student from the University of Georgia and her crime remains unsolved.

It was around 11 am of that morning that firemen arrived to the blazing off campus apartment, and found the charred body of Tara inside. The crime scene was pretty much destroyed, but with time they figured out that the only thing that had been taken from her place was her laptop, which made them suspect the killer was someone she knew. A witness reported seeing a white man running away from the area around 7 am that day.

Years have passed and little information has been revealed. Authorities took over a decade to release a death certificate for Tara, claiming that they didn’t want her cause of death to become public, since it was an information only the killer would know. That allowed scammers to use Tara’s identity to get credit cards and cell phones, and on top of everything her family had to deal with those bills. It’s been reported by unnamed sources close to the investigation that before the fire, Tara was beaten, stabbed and strangled. Sexual assault could not be ruled out nor confirmed, because of the state of the body.

There have been three persons of interest during the investigation: a man she was dating, a classmate from Law School and a lawyer from a firm she was working at. There haven’t been any charges pressed so far.


We have been in our new apartment for a little over a week now and have had our keys for about two. We weren’t actively looking for a new place but sometimes things pop up when you least expect it. Moving is no fun but putting together a new home that is just ours is and that has been a joy even when we are exhausted and dirty and covered in paint. We officially are downtowners now and are excited to be closer to work for both of us. Our street is quiet and lined with lilac trees despite being five minutes from Yonge St. I have been reading a lot lately about editing your life and your belongings and just living smaller in general and purging through this move and deciding what we really need and enjoy has been a good move in a new direction. It is good to be home. Also hi! I haven’t been here in a long time and I hope everyone is doing well.