savage abduction

mockeryd  asked:

So have you see the racist nightmare that is Rooney Mara's Tiger Lily.

*tentatively googles* *watches trailer*

Oh god. I mean, I knew it was going to be bad. I knew it was, but it still doesn’t make the reality any better. It still sickens me that people do this. 

Especially when Native Americans have approximately 0% of movie representation and in recent years a few high profile roles for Native Americans have been race-gated to white people only. 

This kind of ugliness is not new, Native Americans have often been portrayed by white people, or portrayed as savages, the kind who abduct white girls like Natalie Wood and raise them as their own. 

It’s the kind of ugliness we should have moved past but we haven’t. People act like we live in some post-racial world, where race no longer matters and discussions of racial representation are simply the mindless blathering of the “politically correct”. Then when something like this happens those people are eerily quiet. 

This is not acceptable and as with The Lone Ranger, Exodus and other films I will not be seeing this one.