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I was that Jasper anon! I wanted to know what your first impression for all the voltron characters were!

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lance: love at first sight

pidge: is that me??

hunk: my cousin andy

keith: sauske

shiro: …….life is going bad for him…..

allura: jasper

coran: flight of the concords

that red alligator man that shiro and pidge freed w the rest of the prisoners: wow 

Only true convention veterans will remember

Yaoi paddles

Praying your parents don’t see anything weird when they’re dropping you off

Yelling “buttscratcher” and at least 10 people yelling back.

Org XIII cosplayers as far as the eye can see

“The Game”

Free Hugs


The banning of Glomps

The paranoia of cosplaying Sauske, Naruto, Sora, or Riku because you know someone has a Yaoi paddle and they’re watching your ass like Wile E. Coyote watches the Roadrunner

Homestuck invasion

Not being able to cosplay or enjoy One Piece without some asshole screaming the 4Kids theme at you

Cat ears

Seriously how did Yaoi Paddles stick around for so long? You would never get away with that today. You’d probably go to jail for that behavior

So I found this picture on 9gag and what do you guys think? Its just a joke picture so there is no need to be angry about it.

Credit goes to Michael J Larson from Devientart