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I agree. Did you see what he posted on facebook and twitter? Such a good comeback in my opinion :D They’re being ridiculous about the whole thing. I can’t believe they think they’re right.

Yes I did hahaha

I know right?! It is copy right as he is making money of his character. Normally those sites that you sell designs on t-shirts ect do state that you can not use pictures of celebs or pictures that are not your own. This is what pisses me off the most, I get my videos blocked on youtube because of the music yet I am not making a penny off them, youtube are. And this person was allowed to make money from a copyrighted character and a human beings face. Makes no sense.

I made something in light of the events lol

I will be so pissed if he takes this picture of his face photoshoped (badly may I add) onto Nicholas Cadge’s body that is on a copyrighted movie poster. I mean the utter cheek of it, I own every inch of this because I own Chris Lilley DAM IT!

I am being sarcastic if people have not guessed…not about Chris Lilley being my bitch