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I have been enamored with @lao-paperman‘s comics and I decided to treat them with a fic.

I hope you all like this.


Merlin wakes to the sun rising over the walls of the castle, just like he does every day.  Sliding out of bed, he tries his hardest not to wake Arthur. Aithusa wakes up on Merlin’s way to the door and yawns. Merlin smiles and watches the baby dragon stretch and curl back up next to Arthur’s head.

Merlin dresses quickly, sneaks out of the room and heads down to the kitchen, closing the door very quietly on his way. After all it was still a secret their relationship. Luckily for him there was no one awake at this time apart from him and the servants and the servants know to keep their mouths shut or face the wrath from Arthur.

On his way down to the kitchen he smiles at the servants he passes. A soft sweet smile that is returned by all of them. They all know that Merlin is the go to guy if you need help so they like to stay on his good side. He knew he was getting closer to the kitchens as the wonderful smell of food was wafting down the hallway. Turning one more corner he made it.

The sound of bustling kitchen staff was the first thing he heard when he went to open the door. Then the next thing that hit was the heat. It was always really warm in the kitchens but nothing could ever really prepare Merlin for this.

“Here for the prince’s breakfast?” A large woman smiled holding up a tray with a plate of sausages and bacon with a side a bread.

Merlin took the tray.

“You know me so well Etta. You always seem to know when I am coming down. Like a sixth sense or something.”

“Or you are always here at 6:15am on the dot.”

“Well that too. Thanks Etta this looks delicious.”

“Mind you don’t get caught picking at his breakfast again.”

Merlin laughed. “I will be careful.” He sent her a wink and then left.

More people were awake now, Merlin greeted them as he passed.

Finally after talking Gwaine out of eating Arthur’s bacon, he was back.

He opened the door with a flash of his golden eyes and shut it behind him.

“Arthur, wake up I have your breakfast ready and you will want to get up before Aithusa gets at your sausages.” Merlin sets the tray down on the table and walks up to the left side of the bed. Maybe a softer approach was better “Good morning Arthur.” He groans and rolls onto his stomach. “Come on sire I was serious about Aithusa, the little bugger is eying your food.” Merlin touches Arthur’s arm. He was hotter than normal. “Are you okay?” He touches his forehead. Arthur was really hot. This was not good. “Wait here I will go get Gaius.”

“Where else am I going to go.” Arthur mumbled into his pillow.

“Arse.” Merlin ran out the room.


Gaius was walking too slow for Merlin’s liking. He was getting close to throwing him over his shoulder and running back to Arthur but that would bring attention to them. Finally they made it to the prince’s chambers.

Gaius knew about Aithusa so wasn’t bothered when he walked in seeing the baby dragon battling with a sausage.

“Merlin tells me you are not well Arthur.”

“Merlin says a lot of things, it depends on what you really pay attention to.”

“Actually, Gaius I think his majesty is perfectly fine. You don’t need to be here.” Merlin smirks at Arthur who gives him the finger.

“Honestly I don’t know what you see in each other when you fight so much.” Gaius helps sit Arthur up so he can properly check him over.

“He means it in a nice way.” Arthur winks at Merlin who blushes slightly.

“So, Gaius will he live or do I have to put him down.”

“He breathing is rattling of what I heard but bed rest is needed. He needs to stay warm and Merlin do look after him.”

“I can do that.”

Gaius looks at the dragon then back to Merlin.

“Also make sure a certain someone behaves.”

Merlin salutes as Gaius leaves. He turns back to Arthur.

“I’m going to get you a tunic. Can’t have you shirtless when you need to be staying warm.”

“Poor you not getting chance to see my rippling muscles.”

Merlin laughs.

“Oh yes poor me. However will I cope.” He throws the shirt at Arthur’s head, who sticks his tongue out at Merlin and puts it on.

“Do you really think just a tunic will keep me warm?”

“Urm. You can have my neck scarf.” Merlin unties said item and brings it over to Arthur. Who is now laid back down. He wraps it around his neck and checks his temperature with the back of his hand. “Hmmm you are still really hot but Gaius wants you to be warm. I think a cold cloth with help balance you out temperature wise.”

“Whatever you say nurse Merlin.”

“That is doctor Merlin to you.” He walks away from Arthur to find a cloth. He finds one and dips it in the water jug, rigs it out and walks back to the bedside. “Hold still.” Merlin places the damp cloth on his forehead and steps back.

“Merlin I’m sick.”

“I know you are sire.”

“No. I mean I need you. Cuddle with me?”

“I wouldn’t have taken you for a cuddler.”

“Shut up and cuddle me.”

“Yes sire.”

Merlin walks around to the right side of the bed, his side, and climbs up on top of the covers and snuggled close. Aithusa seeing this and thinking it is bed time flies over and curls up in the juncture between Arthur’s shoulder and neck. Arthur settles down for a nap with his two favourite boys.

Arthur doesn’t know how long he has been asleep for before a knock sounded on his chambers door.

“Arthur? My boy.” It was Uther. “Umm, Gaius informed me you’re not feeling well. He said get some rest. Well I hope you feel better soon. He also said you should keep yourself warm.”

“He is sire!” Merlin, still with his eyes closed, says.

“Ah Merlin, That is good to hear. Take good care of him.”

“I will.” Merlin replies still half in sleep.

“Actually I am feeling much better now.” Arthur thought to himself but with a sleepy dragon and boyfriend he didn’t have the heart to say anything.

Sometimes sick days can be the best days of your life. Especially when you have someone who loves you.


I hope this is what you wanted. 

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Valentine's Day

By @accio-hogwarts-a-history

9.3k words, G rated

It’s Valentine’s Day in Albus and Scorpius’s fifth year. Scorpius is determined, as always, to get his date with Rose, and Albus is trying to work out how to confess his true feelings to Scorpius. 

Thank you so much @torestoreamends for beta'ing and for being so incredibly patient. :’)

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Here it is. The big Dad Harold fic, and the sandbox in which I usually play in when H has a kid. Or, at least, I loosely borrow from it. This one is my favorite, although it was only the 3rd or 4th thing I ever wrote, and… he’s my favorite? I love him? Be gentle? Treat him well? Also: I hope he accepts my sincerest apologies. 

A word: each thing with this sandbox could be the endpoint. But each thing… will likely not be the endpoint. There’s a part two of the official two part installment, and then after that… well, you’ll see. Enjoy! x.

P.S. I’m not from London and I’ve never bene, but I think this is how snowstorms go in a lot of places with public transit, so….

This is the storm of the season. At least, that’s what the weatherman kept saying when you left home that afternoon. And, navigating the winding streets, you have to agree that this was the nastiest one you can remember in awhile. You have slipped three times from the exit of the tube to the front door of Harry’s building and your knuckles are white from clenching fists so tightly to steel your nerves. You stomp your boots inside the lobby and nod to the concierge who is quite used to you popping in and out every other weekend.

The elevator ride to the thirteenth floor is short, if ear-popping, and you rap with icy fingers on his door. A few moments later there was a click of the lock and the door opens to reveal Harry.

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Character/Pairing: Sam x Reader
Location: Stanford
Random Word: mushroom
Requested by: @oneshoeshort

“Okay, I’ve got one breakfast special with hash browns and extra sausage,” you set the plate down in front of an eager-looking guy in a leather jacket, “and one mushroom, spinach, and feta cheese omelette. Watch the plate, honey, it’s–” you stopped dead as the other guy seated at the table looked up at you and gave you a knowing smile. “Oh my God! Sam?!”

He laughed and continued to grin at you. “Hey. It’s been a long time,” he said.

You couldn’t stop gaping at him. “Oh my God! Understatement of the century! How–how are you?!” 

Dean was glancing hurriedly between the two of you. “You two know each other?” he asked through a mouthful of sausage and eggs.

Sam grimaced at Dean’s lack of manners but nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, we were at Stanford–I mean,” he laughed again, a little nervously, “we went here together. Both pre-law.”

Dean nodded. “Oh, okay. Nice to meet you,” he said. You laughed and gave Sam a look as Dean went back to his food. Sam ran a hand awkwardly through his hair and shrugged.

“My brother, Dean.” You nodded and continued to smile at him. 

“I figured.” You grinned wider at him. “Well?” you said.

Sam shook his head and gave you a questioning look. “Well?” he repeated.

“Are you gonna stand up and give me a hug or what?” you demanded.

Sam laughed and immediately was on his feet. You grabbed him and squeezed him tight, surprised to find that butterflies appeared in your stomach as his arms closed around you. Dean raised his eyebrows and took in the action, but made sure to appear to be intent on his breakfast again by the time the two of you broke apart.

Sam shrugged his hands into his pockets and shook his head. “I can’t believe this. This is crazy–just bumping into you like this. How are you?” he asked.

You laughed. “Well… not a lawyer, obviously,” you said, looking down at your server uniform. 

“Me either,” Sam said. You nodded as the silence stretched between the two of you for a moment.

“Well, I should–probably get back to work,” you said with a laugh, sad to break the gaze between the two of you. “And you should eat before it’s cold. But, really good to see you, Sam,” you said, you flashed another smile at him and started to turn away but he called your name to stop you.

“Uhh… when do you get off?” Sam asked.

“Two,” you replied.

“Well, let’s get coffee or something. We can–talk about how we aren’t lawyers,” he said with a laugh. “It’d be good to have time to really… catch up,” he said.

You couldn’t conceal a grin. “Sounds great.” You scribbled your number down on your order pad and tore it off. “Give me a call, okay?”

Sam nodded. “I will.” He watched you rush away and disappear into the kitchen and still found himself standing there in the middle of the restaurant. He felt Dean’s eyes on him and cleared his throat awkwardly, sitting back down in his seat.

Dean wiggled his eyebrows at Sam. “Atta boy, Sammy,” he said.

“Oh, shut up,” Sam retorted.

Green Eyes and Auburn Hair (x reader) pt 1

Note: this was suppose to be a request for a ship but I got carried away and decided to make a series. Huzzah!!! I hope you like it!!!

Originally posted by gameraboy

So, this will be a reader insert as usual. 

Y/N L/N = your name and last name (my sister had no clue so maybe others out there don’t know either :) )

y/bff/n = your best friend’s name

Requested by: @thoughts-from-a-ravenclaw

It wasn’t the first time Hogwarts accepted a transfer student from Ilvermorny, but this was the first time the entire school has seen one in years. Needless to say, the school was on a frenzy on the first day that Y/N L/N arrived on Hogwarts. Whispers of a beautiful transfer student with auburn hair, green eyes, and a beautiful freckled face began at the last week of summer, and was carried along  the train and the grand hallways of Hogwarts. 

She was the talk of the town.

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Sunday Brunch

Request: For sequel to The Alleyway Rescue. They’re related.  In this, Credence visits Reader for their weekly Sunday brunch and after the food, finds a way to fully relax via a story.

Word Count: 1,747

Pairing: Credence x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @gdmora

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

The pan clatters onto the oven’s metal rack. Closing the heavy door, you crank the timer and set it aside. Turning away, you flick your wand, sending a pair of dinner dishes dancing onto your small dining table. The bowl of eggs lands in the center of it, right next to a plate of sausage and two cartons of jam.

Keeping one ear toward the door, you pull open the fridge as the timer ticks away. The turnovers’ warm strawberry smell wafts through your apartment, sending you stomach into a growling mess. Better a growling mess than the light, nervous mess it had been before.

The timer dings just as you hear what you’ve been waiting for: four light taps on the door. “Just a minute.” You shout, sliding on an oven mitt and pulling the pan of pastries from their spot on the rack. It crashes on top of the stove where you throw it, shaking the oven mitt from your hand and rushing toward the door.

Feeling silly, you pat your hair down before you click the locks open and pull the door open. “Credence!”

His smile is small, as always, but genuine. “I’m sorry.” He stops, as though he needs to recharge to finish his sentence. “For being late.”

You smile back at him. “It’s okay. You have perfect timing, actually! The turnovers just finished!”

Credence steps in and you shut the door behind him.

“Strawberry?” He questions, glancing around your apartment.

“Of course.” They’re his favorites, as you’d found out five weeks ago at your second weekly Sunday brunch. “You can sit. I’m just going to throw the turnovers on a plate.”

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zacklover24  asked:

Ignis trying to teach his s/o how to either sew or cook?

The Girlfriend vx The Omelet  | Domestic Fluff | Blind!Ignis x Reader |

(Good luck on the interview tomorrow!! Perhaps this will bring you some good luck!) Word Count: 1207

Tagging: @blindbae @stunninglyignis @stephicness @laili2104 @lupanaoflaminar @rubyphilomela @miss-scientia @nifwrites @mandakatt @hypaalicious @cupnoodle-queen @misssarahdoll @mistressoli

Y/N really didn’t think making omelets was going to be a challenge to make up last week when she had tried to cook breakfast for her boyfriend. The Royal Adviser was without a technical job right now, as Prince Noctis was melded with the Crystal leaving the lands in darkness. 

He wasn’t feeling good and had slept in which was rare for Ignis he always woke at the same time each day. Y/N decided to go and make him breakfast in bed but failed so horribly. The kitchen was a disaster. A complete and utter disaster. She had planned a chickatrice omelet with some fresh veggies, toast, sausage and a fresh pot of Ebony coffee. The only thing that didn’t turn out a mess was the coffee. The whole kitchen looked like a bomb went off, somehow there was veggies on the floor in which you had to force your dog not to eat. The toast was burnt on one side, perfect on the other, “HOW!?” You had screamed at the top of your lungs. The sausage wasn’t cooked all the way through and the omelet looked more like scrambled eggs with burnt pieces. 

Ignis had rushed down the steps making it to the kitchen with surprising ease for being a blind man. He had everything in the apartment completely set up for him and his disability. You were okay with it in the end it made a lot of sense to be set up that way. Without saying a word Ignis cleaned up the mess as you picked up what was on the floor. It wasn’t until it was clean did he ask his voice was stern and crisp as he asked, you were silent as tears streaked down your face and what clued him was when he heard you hiccup. Apologizing for the mess and the horror show that you wanted to make breakfast for him since he obviously wasn’t feeling well. 

The next weekend is when you were suppose to make up for the disaster. Ignis had woken you up earlier than normal you were pretty sure it was just to be annoying as there was a small smirk on his lips as he told you to get dressed. In the kitchen you saw him putting on a apron and handing one to you. 

“So today we are going to learn how to make omelets.” 

“So we are really doing this, huh?”

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AN ~ so I promise I haven’t abandoned people’s prompts, but I wrote some Post-Framework Fitz-Daisy brotp because I have a LOT OF FEELINGS I had to share. I hope you like it, in a bittersweet angst-hurt-comforty way. title is from Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles which is one of my favourite Fitz-Daisy songs.

Contains: 4x16 spoilers, & some discussion of non/dubcon themes but no depiction of this behaviour. Rated T.

Read on AO3 (~1300wd)

this broken earthly life

This morning, the kitchen was quiet.

The whole base was quiet, but especially the kitchen, where Jemma and Daisy made breakfast for the team and did not speak. Eggs crackled in the pan. The kettle whistled. They found themselves not looking forward to real food nearly as much as they had been last night.

“I’m worried about Fitz,” Jemma confessed, as she filled tea and coffee cups to the brim. “He’s barely said a word since we got back. He’s barely even moved. It was a struggle to get him to have a shower and when he did I’m pretty sure he just stood in the water. I’ve tried talking to him about it, but I think he feels guilty about all this. He felt pretty bad before. Now? I can only imagine. But he won’t talk to me about it. I don’t want to push, if struggling with words will make it worse, but…I’m afraid if I leave it he’s going to sink into some sort of depression.”

Daisy shovelled eggs and sausages onto plates.

“Maybe I could talk to him? Let him know I…forgive him, or whatever, for the whole…torture thing.”

Jemma nodded. “I’m sure that would help.”

She pushed two cups of tea toward Daisy, but didn’t suggest that they bring him breakfast. That, Daisy felt, was a bad sign. She felt a sour taste in her mouth as she walked through the corridors with small but purposeful steps, as reluctant as she was eager to see him.

When she finally reached his door, Daisy braced herself for no more than a second, refusing to let herself lose her nerve. She knocked, and only an indistinct mumble came from the other side, so she pushed slowly into the room.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write something with pregnant Elena?

Hi there! Thanks for the ask! As requested, pregnant Elena!


Elena has been feeling ill on and off for weeks. Believing it to be a simple stomach bug, she brushed off all suggestions of visiting the palace physician. One morning, after a particularly unpleasant dizzy spell, Mateo finally convinces her to see the physician and she learns that she has much, much more than just a simple stomach bug. Set post “The Magic Within,” roughly one year after  Queen Elena and Mateo have been married.

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Old Wounds - Chapter Five


Jack pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment before he knocked on the door of his parents’ suite. Dad was going to be pissed that he had left early without saying goodbye, and Mum would be disappointed in him, which was worse. His entire body ached from sleeping on the sofa. At some point while cuddling Gigi he’d fallen asleep. When he’d woken up she was gone and he’d barely had time to take a quick shower and throw on clean clothes before this brunch appointment with the family. He pushed his worries about Gigi out of his head, took an instant to check buttons and zippers, and then knocked.

A few moments later, Juniper opened the door.

“You’re early,” he said, not hiding the surprise in his voice. He still wasn’t used to Juniper coming to family events, though she’d been around more in the last year than she had for the several previous ones. And he couldn’t remember the last time she had been early to anything.

“You’re late,” she replied, turning away from the door, “but Gemma’s not here yet, so you should escape unscathed.”

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What is happening to me?

(Part 4 to Insomnia)

*Warning, sexual themes are hinted at.*

Black Hat woke to a loud thud. He looked around his room but didn’t see anything that could be the source of the sound, so he dismissed it. He looked down to see Flug cuddled into his chest, softly snoring.

Black Hat smiled to himself; Flug usually wasn’t this cute. Wait…what? Did he just call Flug cute?

He didn’t have time to dwell on it, as Dementia sprang up from under the bed and yelled, “WHOA, WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? DID YOU GUYS F-”

She was cut off by Flug waking up, panicking, and instinctively punching her in the gut.

“No, Dementia, he was just helping me sleep!”

“Eugh, No! That is revolting! And how did you even get in my room!?”

Dementia groaned in pain, but recovered quickly and giggled, siting on the bed and poking Flug. She turned to Black Hat, “I followed 5.0.5 when he gave you your coffee yesterday! I couldn’t find Flug in his room or the lab so I came here!”

Flug groaned, “Why were you looking for me?”

Dementia pauses, ignoring the question completely. “Are you guys dating?”

Black Hat jolts up, sitting in the bed and faking a dramatic and disgusted gag. “Me? Dating Flug? That is almost as disgusting as-”

“No, we aren’t.” Flug interrupted him, sitting up and glancing at him slightly. “I’ve just had some insomnia lately, and it has been affecting my work so he is making sure I sleep better.”

Black Hat nods his head, glancing back at him.

“Well how come you are sleeping together? Are you sure you guys didn’t f-”

“Dementia, for the love of hats, we did not do that. I don’t know why he started cuddling me to get me to sleep, but it’s helping so I’m not stopping him. It’s just sleep, Dementia.” Flug explained, trying not to get to angry.

Black Hat stayed silent, thinking to himself.

“Hmmmmmmmm…. okay, whatever, I’m bored. I’m gonna find 5.0.5, see ya.” And with that she runs out of the room before anyone has time to react.

They both sit there in silence for a moment, staring at the door.

“Get to work, Flug.”

“Yes sir!”

Flug get up and hastily walks out of the room, leaving Black Hat to his own thoughts.

Black Hat sits there, the events of what just happened running through his head.

Why did Dementia ask if they were dating? He’d never ever date a human, where could she have possibly gotten that idea?

Or did she know something he didn’t?

Black Hat stands and paces around the room, thinking to himself more.

Why did he want to help Flug so much?
Why was this so important to him?
Why was he putting so much effort into this?
Why was he actually cuddling with him and not just ordering him to sleep?
Why did he actually like the cuddling?
Why did he actually like the cuddling!?

Black Hat snaps out of his thoughts and shakes his head, trying to clear his mind. His thoughts were racing, and he began to feel nauseous. He sat in his chair and took a deep breath. He needed his coffee.

He called for 5.0.5, and a few minutes later 5.0.5 came in and brought him a cup of coffee and a plate of sausages on a tray.


“5.0.5, why did you bring me this? I don’t indulge in human foods!” 5.0.5 puts the tray down on the table and gives him a note.

“Consider this a thank you for helping me sleep. - Dr. Flug”

Black Hat groaned and massaged his temples. “Just go away.” 5.0.5 obeys and leaves the room.

Black Hat sighs and looks at the sausages. They looked absolutely delicious, but he didn’t want to eat them out of spite. He sipped his coffee slowly and eyed them closely. “Well… one couldn’t hurt.” He picked one up and swallowed it whole. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing another. And another. Soon the plate was empty and Black Hat burped to himself, his tongue lolled out in satisfaction.

He closed his eyes for a moment, overtaken by the bliss from the feeling of a full stomach. He has never felt this before and he greatly enjoyed it. Taking another sip of coffee he stood up to stretch, cracking his back. His mind wandered a bit, his thoughts going back to Flug.

He thought about how cute Flug was this morning, and how he never seemed that cute before. He thought about the way Flug looked and acted and how it all made him feel weird in his gut. He started smiling to himself before he was brought back to reality.

Why was he smiling?
Why did his gut feel weird?
Why did his chest feel weird?
Why did everything feel all tingly?
Why did this feel good?
Why did he enjoy this?
Why couldn’t he stop thinking about Flug?
Why did the idea of dating him sound appealing?


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anonymous asked:

55. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

“I’m just saying,” You hum, swirling your hips to the beat of the slow acoustic playlist that flows through the speakers. “She’s a nice girl, you should give her a shot.”

Bucky stares at you over his newspaper, his eyes wide and alert around your careless being. Steve smiles, spooning around his cereal as he watches you cook.

“I guess you’re right. Should I call her or text.. do people do that? Do they text about dating?” Steve asks, picking up his phone next to his bowl. You shrug, seasoning the eggs in the frying pan.

Bucky’s oatmeal sits idle by him, the bland grey mush going untouched by the super soldier.

“Some people do, but calling is always the best option when it comes down to that. In person’s even better but seeing as she’s 200 miles away, texting her will suffice. Sharon will understand.” You smile, pointing the wooden spoon in your hand at Bucky with a cocked brow.

He looks back at you, holding your gaze with a confused pout hidden by the thick pages of the paper. 

“You, Mr. Brooding-Lost-Soul-Broken Man, need to find a date as well. You can’t go to Tony’s party without one, Tony’ll never let you live it down and trust me, he remembers everything.” You hum, pursing your lips.

Bucky keeps looking at you before flickering his eyes over to Steve. “What about that Amy girl from the coffee shop? She’s nice, right?” Steve says, hopeful.

Bucky keeps his mouth shut, swallowing. 

“How could I forget,” You sigh, pouring the omelet onto the plate. “Bucky only talks when I’m not around. Give me a minute and I’ll be out of your hair so you can finally speak.”

Steve sighs, knowing you’re correct. “Y/N, you don’t have to go.”

“It’s okay Stevie, I’m almost done anyways.” You give a small smile, putting home fries, toast, bacon and sausage on the plate. You walk to the fridge, pouring some orange juice before settling back in front of the breakfast bar.


“Steve, it’s fine.” You push the plate across the granite, watching it press against Bucky’s arm. He looks up at you, raising an eyebrow. “Figured you’d want something other than that gross oatmeal for breakfast.”

You smile, pushing your hair form your face while handing the cup of OJ over as well. Bucky takes the glass, his eyes blown wide. 

It’s quick, but you see it. Bucky’s lips turn up at the corners, his cheeks softening during the process. 

You get a good look at him, noticing Steve’s shocked reaction. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” You smirk, crossing your arms.

Bucky nods, looking at the plate of food in front of him. “Thank you.” His voice is raspy, drained but gentle. You nod, walking to the doorway. “Y/N?”

You spin, tilting your head. 

Bucky grunts, sitting up straight. “Would you be my date to Tony’s party?”

Wake Up (Monsta X Minhyuk Scenario)

Originally posted by wonhontology

Admin: Nari

Genre: Fluff

POV: Second (male x female)

You walked into the bedroom that you shared with your bedroom, hoping to see Minhyuk awake but instead he was asleep. You had tried waking him up five times within the past hour, but apparently it was just a waste of time. He’s never been the easiest person the wake up, but this morning he was exceptionally difficult.

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