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Breakfast Muffins

The Worlds Greatest Detective

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Request: Hey there:) can I request something where Bruce comes back from patrol frustrated because the trail he was tracking went cold or something so the reader helps him blow off some steam? Can it be a little smutty please? Thanks;)

Description: After going on a wild goose chase with none other than The Riddler, Bruce returns frustrated and defeated. Y/N attempts to make her lover feel better, but only one thing can make him feel like himself and clear his mind. 

Smut: yep! 

Words: 2266

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anonymous asked:

Psa for ppl ordering at fast food: pls specify if u want something taking off ur food item rather than just leave it off the name (e.g. Sausage muffin rather than sausage and egg muffin) because I have heard food called every name under the sun so will not pick up on it!! Sincerely, anon who just got screamed at by a lady who didn't specify and also didn't check her order and expected me to read her mind

Machete and Knives got a #HurriK9 for Christmas and we took it to the park to test out today. 🐶 These little fetch monsters had a blast! We would’ve kept playing for hours but it was super cold outside! 😨❄😨 We’re definitely going to have tons of fun with this, can’t wait to try it out at the beach this summer! 😁

Okay but imagine the first time Alec spends the night Magnus wakes up and feels around for his Shadowhunter but the bed is cold and he sits up at the smell of something cooking wafting from the door and he puts on his robe and pads into the kitchen to see Alec in sweatpants and his old T-shirt, his hair ruffled and messy and his feet bare, humming softly to himself as he flips a pancake on the grill and Magnus’ heart melts at the sight of the full on breakfast of eggs, bacon, hash browns, cereal, sausage, muffins, and coffee laid out on the table before him. Magnus leans against the doorway and smiles. 

“I find it extremely attractive when men can cook, you know.” and Alec jumps and spins around, holding a spatula in one hand and it isn’t until now that Magnus realizes that Alec is wearing his flowery apron and he holds back a laugh as he also notices the flour that dusts Alec’s pink cheeks and his hair. 

“I-uh good morning.” Alec stutters out, giving Magnus a lopsided grin. “Did I wake you?“  

“No, darling. You’re fine.” Magnus sits down at the table. “What’s the occasion?”

 "Occasion?“ Alec repeats. 

 "For this buffet.” Magnus sweeps his arm dramatically to gesture at the food before him and Alec’s face goes from pink to a crimson red. 

 "I-uh well….I’ve never had breakfast with you. I actually don’t know if you even eat breakfast. Some people don’t. So I… I don’t know what you like. And I thought for letting me stay the night I would repay you. Except I don’t know if you’re a pancake person or a bacon person or a cereal person-“ And Alec suddenly runs over to the counter and brings over a bowl of fruit. "I also brought fruit. I don’t know if you like fruit. I just thought it would be nice, you know? I mean, breakfast is the most important meal of the day-" 

 "Alexander.” Magnus gets up and walks towards him, positively beaming at Alec and a blush on his own cheeks as well as he stares up at the younger man while wrapping his arms around his neck. Alec’s hands find their way to Magnus’ waist. “First of all, to be clear. I didn’t LET you stay the night. That sounds as if I had no other choice and it was against my will. I wanted you to stay the night because I want to spend every minute of every single day with you. Second of all, you do not ever have to repay me nor do you owe me anything, my sweet. And third of all, how much more adorable can you get?” Alec ducks his head down to hide his flushed face but Magnus takes his chin in his hand and makes Alec look at him softly. “You realize I can just magic breakfast, right?" 

 Alec doesn’t make eye contact with Magnus and mumbles, his face still red but now he’s smiling. "I wanted it to be special. Our first breakfast together. Couples celebrate that, right? I’m new to dating, as you know. Is that a milestone? I don’t-" 

 And Magnus laughs and touches his forehead to Alec’s. "You complete me.” He whispers and Alec laughs back breathlessly and softly and tightens his hold on Magnus’ waist. 

 "For the record, you guessed correctly. I am a breakfast person. Nice apron, by the way.“ Magnus chuckles and wipes some flour off of Alec’s cheek with his finger and pecks him on the lips for a few seconds then pulls away.

 "Let’s go eat breakfast, angel.”

 "Okay.“ Alec looks positively giddy but as Magnus starts to untangle himself from Alec’s grasp, he pulls him back towards him.

 "What kind of pancakes do you want?”

 "What do you mean?“ 

 "I… may or may not have made multiple variations of pancakes because I wasn’t sure what you liked. There’s original, of course, but there’s also blueberry, chocolate chip, chocolate, cinnamon roll-”

 Magnus bursts out laughing, his heart gushing with love for Alec and he kisses him again and pecks him on the cheek for good measure. “Blueberry sounds wonderful.”

So this happened about a month ago but it still pissed me off.

I was working at the place with golden arches during the morning rush. It was about 15 minutes to change over time (to the lunch menu) and so it was extremely busy and hectic in the store.

I was on a seperate speaker channel for the drive thru because my store has two speakers to order from. Usually, the order taker for this speaker would be the only one on this channel. But, my coworker was still on it after taking an order for me while I was busy.

So a truck pulls up and it’s loud as hell. Like diesel engine, revving in my ears loud. I could barely hear the men ordering. All I could hear was coupon and hot chocolate. So I figured they wanted a breakfast meal with the coupons we had out, a hot chocolate to drink. I asked them which meal they would like, listening hard to hear them over the truck. I was able to make out “Whatever it comes with.” I explained to them they could get any of our breakfast sandwiches in a combo for their coupon. This town, the only word I heard was “sausage”. I went with the most popular option, the English muffin with sausage and egg. So I ring it in and tell them their total. They said something else I couldn’t hear and drove off to the payment window.

It’s at this point my coworker on the same channel turns to me instead and says “They just called you a retard.” I was shocked and didn’t believe him at first so I waited for the truck to get to the window. I stared at the men in the truck as I answered the next order using the same greeting I did with them. Realizing I as the one who took their order, did they two men look ashamed of not make eye contact. The exact opposite, they instead pointed, laughed, and snickered to each other as they got their food.

Now I was pissed. To begin with, I have a pretty bad anger issue. My depression comes out at work in intense irritability and often I have snaps of rage that I have been able to contain to the deep corners of the fridge where no one can hear me.

So at this point I looked at my manager and said “Seriously? They’re still going to get their food?” She was aware of the whole situation and once they were gone she said even if they had been inside rather than drive thru she wouldn’t have been able to throw them out.

I’m engaged. I’m disgusted I have to work for a store that won’t stand up for their employees, especially when we aren’t allowed to stand up for themselves. I am 93738% done with customer service.