sausage horse

signs as memes
  • aries: rare pepe leak
  • taurus: horse e-books
  • gemini: dril
  • cancer: tfw no gf
  • scorpio: sausage song
  • pisces: sure jan
  • aquarius: Buy my silence. Permanently.
  • capricorn: the american educational system
  • leo: shitpost generator
  • cancer: white people
  • virgo: racists getting fired
  • libra: meninism
SNK Sausage Movement
  • Sasha: Everybody say "sausage" keep it going! Potatoes, bread, meat, and SAUSAGE!
  • Connie: Shorter than Heichou, got a bigger SAUSAGE!
  • Annie: I showed him rock hard when he showed me his SAUSAGE!
  • Krista: Queen of the World, don't need that SAUSAGE!
  • Ymir: Freckles likes ladies, I don't want the SAUSAGE!
  • Armin: Aryan Coconut with a foot long SAUSAGE!
  • Erwin: Eyebrows so huge they're thick like a SAUSAGE!
  • Mike: Miles away I could smell that SAUSAGE!
  • Reiner: I'm a beefcake that likes pork SAUSAGE!
  • Bertholdt: Really damn tall, so I got a big SAUSAGE!
  • Marco: Got bit in half but I kept my whole SAUSAGE!
  • Jean: Horse face, yeah, but I got a horse SAUSAGE!
  • Pixis: Drunk on the job, just might whip out my SAUSAGE!
  • Levi: Mock my height and I'll tear off your sausage.
  • Hange: Stare at Titans or Levi's SAUSAGE!
  • Nile: MP Life - can eat real SAUSAGE!
  • Eren: Shift into a Titan, no longer have a SAUSAGE!
  • Mikasa: I really love Eren, let me sit on his sausage.
  • Everyone: sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-sau-SAUSAGE!

Today was a leg sculpting day on this baroque/ andalusian unicorn I’m working on. 

Turning these so called “legs” from hideous sausage blobs into actual horse legs was a long process. I’m very out of practice, and this sort of loose piaffe pose was really tricky. The angles from shoulder-elbow-knee-hoof on the front legs was especially difficult. 

Hoof-Pastern angles are another thing I really struggle with! 

I like how he turned out, he looks fat to me but I was going for the thick necked baroque breed so I’m hoping it looks okay. This is one of those sculptures I’ve been staring at way too long and just need to leave overnight before I continue to pick at him. 

He’s going to be painted up to a dark dapple grey and will be for sale.