sausage gumbo


- I hit my deadline yesterday and was able to deliver all of the training modules for beta testing on time. I didn’t think I was going to make it - in part because of the videographer being overscheduled, but he pulled it out of thin air in the middle of the night and woof, it feels so good to not have that particular anvil hanging over my head. Until I have to do the other 9 versions starting in a couple of weeks. Oy. 

- Got 9 hours of sleep last night. Boy, howdy, did I need that. Woke at 7am ready to roll. Did the dishes from last night while my pour over dripped and then I sat in the quiet living room to write. Am doing NaNoWriMo for the first time since 2013, and am on target so far. Current word count 7258. It’s a new project that will likely become a lot of short fiction pieces, so I’m basically doing a massive brain dump. The fun will be in the editing. 

- Because of the aforementioned deadline, I haven’t exercised much at all. In fact, I’ve been hard-pressed to break 5000 steps on any given day. Weekends are of course better, but even then, it’s just been around the house stuff. So, after I post this, I’m changing my clothes and heading out to walk around the neighborhood before the clouds sock us in again. The air is currently golden orange from the sugar maples. I want to walk through those leaves coming down - they’ll be gone by Monday, I suspect. 

- At 7:30 the Starlings came through. I hear them every morning, one small branch of the great fluttering river in the sky always snakes these few blocks west from the rest of the flow to land in my neighborhood trees for a few moments. This morning the whole river swooped along Longmere Dr. for a few minutes, none of them stopping. Hundreds of thousands of birds heading south for the day. I stood on my front porch watching them darken the sunrise. 

- I looked back through some 750words pages from a few years ago and found a passage about myself in relation to someone that ties into a dream I had about that someone that I woke from this morning. The passage is beautiful and I’m going to work with it as part of tomorrow’s session - it fits so neatly into my current project. As I write this, I am haunted by the feeling that several realities are crashing into one another inside of me and that something big is about to shift. I’m so curious. 

- Today is for some tasking - cooking, cleaning, laundry, sorting. Plus a visit to the indoor farmers market for some Andouille sausage (gumbo tonight!) and fixings for a cheese board to bring to a beer share date I have tonight. Tomorrow more homebody stuff. More writing. Oh, how I crave a staycation. 

- Final note - does anybody have recommendations for inexpensive home recording equipment for voiceover work? 

There are many differences between Cajun gumbo and Creole gumbo. If you’re ever offered a bowl of gumbo and wonder whether it is Cajun or Creole, use this photo for identification purposes. This is a perfect bowl of Cajun chicken and sausage gumbo. You’re welcome.

natterz  asked:

We just got a new cast iron dutch oven for Christmas. and are looking for some great recipes to try out! Any suggestions?

Jealous! ;) You can make so many hearty winter dishes with a Dutch oven, like…

Happy cooking!