i saw this movie with my friend tonight. from the beginning it didn’t seem like the type of movie that i’d like, sorta crude/dirty jokes. i assumed it’d be kinda like how family guy is. but it was my friends birthday and it had gotten pretty good reviews on rotten tomato so we figured why not.

this movie is absolutely disgusting. being a new release the theater was initially pretty crowded, but well over half the audience had left by the end of the movie (which lasts only 90 minutes). from the beginning there was a whole lot of unnecessary profanity (trying to be funny but not succeeding) and also a lot of sexual innuendos, both of which i expected. everything got worse and worse over the course of the movie.

i’ve been trying to figure out how to word this but there’s just so much that happened i’m going to make a list of all the things this 90 minute animation about talking food included:
⁃ a violent rape scene (multiple).
⁃ drug abuse (various types of drugs, and lots of them)
⁃ gore (not the food type, there was also bloody human gore)
⁃ racism / sexism / homophobia
⁃ towards the end of the movie there is a huge sex scene. i can’t say that it’s graphic because it’s animated food but i honestly can’t believe it’s not X rated.
⁃ • about half of the remaining audience left the theatre during this scene
⁃ needless to say, everything was also very violent

by the end of the movie there was less than ¼ of the original audience left. i’m pretty sure those of us that remained were only there out of either stubbornness or that (as in my case) they were just too horrified to move. if you still want to see this movie after reading this, i wish you the best of luck, and i’m sure some people out there will enjoy it. for the rest of us, if you’re triggered or upset by anything in the above list, i would highly discourage you from seeing this movie.

~ please message me for any specifics bc i’m keeping this post spoiler-free ~