What I got from watching the Kakashi episode:

  • Two boys were competing for Kakashi’s affection.
  • Kakashi never accepted praise. He doesn’t recognize his own strengths.
  • Kakashi’s omega-3 fat content levels must be off the charts.
  • He rarely sleeps and has OCD.
  • Smol boy was emotionally detached after Sakumo’s death.
  • On the anniversary of Sakumo’s death, Kakashi brings him the flower the village traditionally uses for funerals.
  • Kakashi’s been visiting grave sites ever since he was an eight year old.
  • The data book did not lie when they said that one of Kakashi’s favorite foods was boiled saury.
  • Kakashi takes an entire day off from school on his father’s death anniversary, but doesn’t stay at his gravestone all day.
  • Kakashi is a smol imperfectly perfect child. Fight me if you think otherwise.