Story time:

Last weekend I ended up at some random party.  Whilst at said party this girl starts talking to me.  She’s basically a shorter, more Hispanic looking version of myself.  She tells me that she always sees me on campus (okay, normal), loves my style (that’s nice), and that she has always tried to emulate it, but fails.

Even though I had always assumed that I had influenced some girls (mainly the ones who originally came to this school with straight hair, but are now natural) I had never been out right told that I was inspiration (save for one time last year).

I guess it’s nice, but it’s also weird.  Especially when it seems to be getting a little “Single [Half] White Female."  My friends are as unique as me, and just because you can’t find versions of them, it’s pathetic to try to jock mine.


さんまの蒲焼きひつまぶし風 /  chopped kabayaki saury on rice