So, I recently joined tumblr, and in doing so I realized there is a very large tolkien/silmarillion/lotr fandom with some amazing art.  And in discovering that, I found there is an awesome fan-theory in which Tar-Miriel is the Witch-King of Angmar.   One thing led to another and here’s a WIP of Sauron giving Tar-Miriel one of the nine rings of power.

My OCs are sulking in a corner right now, but I regret nothing. 


The Seduction of Mairon

“While Morgoth still stood, Sauron did not seek his own supremacy, but worked and schemed for another, desiring the triumph of Melkor, whom in the beginning he had adored.”

A fan piece for my favorite beings in the Tolkien universe. The Valar Melkor seduces the Maiar Mairon (The Admirable), one of the great craftsmen of the household of Aulë. A being that loved order and coordination, Mairon was attracted to the power and masterful planning of Melkor and so fell to his influence in complete devotion as Sauron. Perhaps one of the most tragic and beautiful of all relations in the Silmarillion.

Sauron became his master’s most devoted and capable servant and gave his all for Melkor’s triumph. He became Melkor’s chief lieutenant above all others in his service. Sauron was cunning and strong and became a master of illusions and shapeshifting in the First Age.

Behind Melkor and Mairon stands the image of the monstrous wolf-like form that Sauron assumed when he believe he was destined to defeat Huan the Wolfhound.


Sauron - As He sat the One Ring upon his finger


As soon as Sauron set the One Ring upon his finger they were aware of him; and they knew him, and perceived that he would be master of them, and of an that they wrought. Then in anger and fear they took off their rings.


Finally I finished this drawing that I’ve been tinkering on and off on for a couple months now. I think I started it shortly after Christmas if I’m not totally mistaken… And I absolutely looove it!! Seeing that it’s my first successful iPad painting I could not be more happy with it! Drawn in Procreate on my iPad mini with a pencil 53, and I recommend anyone used to tablets and photoshop to use these, as they fulfil very well the needs of a digital artist on the go! ^^

But yes, this is Sauron, and I love that the quote fit so well, however totally accidental, I do see this as kind of him showing his true self after forging the ring. His malice and lust of power reflects perfectly as I wanted in this drawing.

Seeing that the original traditional drawing was a very quick and rough one, I had to go slightly away from it anatomically, especially his facial features, and he is now much closer in resembling Benedict Cumberbatch, whom I grant perfect for my vision of Mairon/young Sauron! I hope you agree and that you appreciate the painting. It was very experimental, and do let me know if it’s too dark. I have only my iPad screen for judgement, which turns out to be a lot lighter than my phone so who knows… However I love the high contrast ratio!!

Please tell me what you think, and if he agrees with your vision of him! ^^