I do a random lfg sauro 2k with @juustus obviously you know they’re full of shit sometimes, but hopefully not right? Well lol! Our group was a cleric (me), gunner, sw, glad, glad, glad. The entire run up to the boss before the end portal, they were like “buff pls, heal pls” like as if I already wasn’t. Hounding me all run, I honestly felt like leaving them to die but I said nothing all game and kept my cool, until the last boss. Last 2k boss happens. Glads get hit by Green and don’t pot to help me out considering I was solo healing. Two die, nothing said and resd up as normal. Adds spawn. One silences me. SW - “Focuz healing” Me - “I am, get adds off me” Adds die, I’m okay. Adds spawn again and one had aggro on me, I used my stability move (emnity - move). SW - “Stop DPSing” Me - “I am not, I am healing” SW - “I saw you DPS” Me - “Lol, I was using Stability, the emnity - move and healing.” SW - “Then don’t make me have to help heal” Me - “Whatever lol” SW - “No need to get bitchy” -Boss Fight ends- Glad - “Saphi are you a girl?” Me - “Yeah why?” Glad - “-Leaves run-” Me - “????????”

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LA VALLE DEL SAURO: Corleto Perticara, Guardia Perticara.

…Nel cuore della Lucania, mercoledì 10 settembre 1958…

Sono trascorsi esattamente quindici anni dal terribile bombardamento degli americani che ha interessato alcuni paesi della Lucania. Io ero in questi luoghi per puro caso, perché la Storia me lo imponeva.
Ero uno studente come tanti altri, ma purtroppo ero maggiorenne. Volevo andare…

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Around the world for CNY

Here are some little-known options to celebrate Chinese New Year with international flare

1. For Italian Yu Sheng with Truffles and Caviar − Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare

Chef Lino Sauro has created an “Abundant Seafood Harvest” Yu Sheng for guests to toss to a good Monkey Year. The yu sheng comprises of a base of cold Japanese somen and an array of the seafood sourced from around the world. This includes Normandy oysters, Sicilian gambero rosso (red prawns) and Hokkaido scallops, mixed with chopped black truffle.

To add a dash of luxury, guests can also top the yu sheng with caviar at an addition cost of $80 (20g). The “Abundant Seafood Harvest” Yu Sheng is available at $88 (4 pax), $148 (6 pax) and $188 (8 pax). It will be available for dine-in only from Jan 28 to Feb 23. Reservations are recommended.

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2. For an American twist − Hard Rock Cafe

For something different, try the Huat Rock Burger, a juicy beefburger served alongside a refreshing ‘Lo Hei’-inspired salad. The Huat Rock Burger will be available at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore and Sentosa from Feb 1 to 29, at S$25++ each.

3. For a Japanese style reunion dinner − Tomo Izakaya

Tomo Izakaya has rolled out a 4-course CNY set menu and an Abundance Yu Sheng with fresh sashimi, seafood and colourful vegetables. The Japanese style yusheng features a freshly peeled orange perched on an inverted champagne glass, Boston lobster sashimi, salmon sashimi  and white fish sashimi.

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4. For French family dining − Le Bistrot du Sommelier

In the spirit of CNY communal dining much, French restaurant Le Bistrot du Sommelier is dishing out a menu featuring authentic French cuisine with a touch of Asians’ delight. For an auspicious symbol of bounty, pick the Poisson du Jour, a whole fish prepared with seasonal ingredients. They also have a Prosperity Salad done in Le Bistrot du Sommelier style, served with cured salmon, sliced beetroot, greens and croutons.

5. For a Brazilian feast − Carne & Caipirinha

Indulge in an all-you-can-eat servings of premium meats and toss to good fortune with a Brazilian lo hei. Don’t miss their Carbonara Pasta in Cheese Wheel while you’re there too!

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6. For something truly international − Singapore Changi Airport

Due to the exceptionally long CNY weekend, many Singaporeans have taken the opportunity to head overseas. This does not mean that you have to skip your reunion dinner this year. Changi Airport is home to multiple Chinese restaurants where you canhave a traditional meal.  Head down to Paradise Inn, Peach Garden, Seafood Paradise or Soup Restaurant before or after your trip and enjoy a heartwarming meal with family.

By Nicole-Marie Ng for Weekender Singapore

Cari igers, vi piacerebbe tornare indietro nel tempo, nella Bologna della seconda metà dell'Ottocento/prima metà del Novecento? Allora non potete perdervi la mostra fotografica “Pietro Poppi e la Fotografia dell'Emilia”! @igersbologna e @genusbononiae vi invitano ad una visita guidata della mostra sabato 13 febbraio. L'appuntamento è alla Biblioteca d'Arte e di Storia di San Giorgio in Poggiale (via Nazario Sauro 20/2) alle 16. L'iscrizione all'evento è gratuita ma obbligatoria: trovate il link nella bio di @igersbologna.

Con la visita guidata partirà il challenge “Fotografa la Bologna di Pietro Poppi”: a partire dal 13 febbraio, postate su Instagram, utilizzando il tag #genusbononiae_igersbologna, scatti dei luoghi già immortalati da Pietro Poppi nelle sue fotografie. Le foto più interessanti saranno selezionate per una mostra fotografica (vi terremo informati su dove e quando verrà allestita). Gli autori delle 3 foto più belle riceveranno in omaggio: - primo classificato: ingresso gratuito alla mostra di Street Art a Palazzo Pepoli (18 marzo-26 giugno) - secondo classificato: catalogo della mostra “Pietro Poppi e la Fotografia dell'Emilia” - terzo classificato: libro a scelta presso il bookshop di Palazzo Pepoli

Vi aspettiamo il 13!

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Sabato 6 FEBBRAIO – Ore 23


Via Nazario Sauro, 94




Alternative Rock

Le scene, le visioni e qualche furtivo sussurro. Milioni di domande e nemmeno un registratore a due piste nel quale fissare il rumore rosa delle più vergognose esistenze. C’è il sangue e il tradimento, il sarcasmo e l’adynaton, il semplice ed il semplice.
Il nome è preso dal…

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Stasera alle 20 presso il Cortile Cafè di via Nazario Sauro a Bologna inaugura la mostra “Moleskine e il viaggio immaginario”. Ne fa parte anche un mio lavoro, “Alex”

The CD44 ligand hyaluronic acid is elevated in the cerebrospinal fluid of suicide attempters and is associated with increased blood-brain barrier permeability.

PubMed: The CD44 ligand hyaluronic acid is elevated in the cerebrospinal fluid of suicide attempters and is associated with increased blood-brain barrier permeability.

J Affect Disord. 2016 Jan 6;193:349-354

Authors: Ventorp F, Bay-Richter C, Sauro A, Janelidze S, Matsson VS, Lipton J, Nordström U, Westrin Å, Brundin P, Brundin L

BACKGROUND: The glycosaminoglycan hyaluronic acid (HA) is an important component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in the brain. CD44 is a cell adhesion molecule that binds to HA in the ECM and is present on astrocytes, microglia and certain neurons. Cell adhesion molecules have been reported to be involved in anxiety and mood disorders. CD44 levels are decreased in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of depressed individuals, and the CD44 gene has been identified in brain GWAS studies as a possible risk gene for suicidal behavior.
METHOD: We measured the CSF levels of HA and the soluble CD44 (sCD44) in suicide attempters (n=94) and in healthy controls (n=45) using ELISA and electrochemiluminescence assays. We also investigated other proteins known to interact with CD44, such as osteopontin and the matrix metalloproteinases MMP1, MMP3 and MMP9.
RESULTS: The suicide attempters had higher CSF levels of HA (p=.003) and MMP9 (p=.004). The CSF levels of HA correlated with BBB-permeability (rho=0.410, p

Tana Libera Tutti - DAVIDONE live + LKF dj
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Sabato 6 FEBBRAIO – Ore 22


Via Nazario Sauro, 52




Per la prima volta in un locale di Teramo DAVIDONE (Pure love Pescara) live SHOWCASE per una serata all’insegna del

RAGGE MADE IN ABRUZZO grazie al KING delle Dancehall della costa abruzzese.

A seguire per restare in tema dj set con sonorità raggajungle suonate per voi da LKF


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