She looks like a purring cat

When you tell her that she’s beautiful,

And her lips curl up into a smile

As she leans into you,

A long-nailed hand resting on your shoulder

With lacquered red lips against your ear.

There’s no shame, no shyness,

No hesitation in her voice

As she whispers to you,

Two simple words and then she’s gone,

A swirl of sequins and high heels

Moving away like water through your fingers.

She saunters away,

Confidence dripping from her,

And her words echo in your head,

Stealing the breath from your lungs–

“I know.”

30Days of Benkaru- any AU- Mirror Universe

Ben crouched in the shadows of the building and waited. Everyone knew the unwritten rules, to not be in this part of San Francisco when the Academy let out in the evening. Terra was a hard planet at the centre of a hard empire. And the Academy was the hardest of all. Not because of brute force, but cunning.
He saw a single cadet saunter out of the entrance gate near his shadow. Not very tall, but slim, wirey.
You never called a cadet small or thin unless you were an instructor, he’d learnt that at the first of these shadow-games. Leri had died before she had even known death was coming when she’d called an insult on a youngster of Russian heritage, all of fifteen he guessed. But he’d killed her without even a flutter.

He slipped along the shadows, following his cadet along the streets. If he could corner him, that was a point. If he could draw blood or bruises, that was three. Unconscious was four. Do it all without a scratch on yourself and you got double. The only thing out of the list was killing. That had happened once, he’d heard and the entire area had been raised to the ground in retribution. The Cadet’s could kill each other, but their own lives were sacrosanct to the gangs.

Of course that didn’t mean you weren’t just as likely to get knifed or poisioned in your own set.

He froze as a stone clicked under his foot and the cadet turned sharply to listen. The young man’s face was sharply angular, like it was made of knives. He dropped back a bit, controlling his eagerness for the points and began to make an assessment. Quick reflexes and senses. Confidence: it was exuded in the long stride, the high stance of the body.
Just the sort to take down a peg or two. He closed the gap up, tensing his muscles and checking the fit of the duster gloves.

With one long stride, he sprang. The Cadet whirled, a thin flash of light cutting the darkness between them. Ben found himself with his back against the wall, a sharp point resting in his throat. A sabre, a fencing sabre. He cursed inwardly. How had he not seen it. Then he looked along the length of blade, determined not to give in to fear. The young man’s eyes were narrowed to the width of his blade as he stared at him. Down one cheek ran a long jagged edged scar “I could kill you right now” The Casey’s voice was cool, calm. “You won’t though… Because that would be too easy.” Ben found his own voice was almost the same, if not quite as indifferent. The tip dug in to his throat “Won’t I?”

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86. Oh don't mind me, just enjoying the view

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“What are you doing all the way over here , Buck?” you sauntered over to your boyfriend who sat away from everyone at Tony’s party.

“Oh don’t mind me, just enjoying the view” he looked you up and down in your tight dress , eyes lingering over your curves.

“Is that so?” you whispered in his ear , kissing his jaw seductively.

“I hear there an even better view upstairs” you teased, leading the way. Without a pause Bucky was quick on your heels , as you chuckled.

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Looks like a foreigner got cornered at her school, and from the way he was babbling in English, she knew he was from the states just like her. Sauntering up to the mass of students surrounding him, Nami caused them to back away before she could even open her mouth. That’s what she got for being known as the delinquent of the school. “You look outta place here, buddy.” She said (in English, of course). “Why were all those people ‘round you?” She had only been curious what they were doing yet they all ran away-although she supposed she should be used to this treatment by now. 

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"Trepan, old friend! It's been a long time since I last saw you!" Have an entirely to cheerful greeting from the Senator, his smile as wide and charming as ever. "I do hope you haven't forgotten me~"

“My dear, how ever could I forget such a handsome frame” The surgeon cooed, spinning in his chair to face the senator and smiling as he sauntered on closer to the mech.

“And look at you? Shiner than a seeker fresh out of the washracks”

Feyre and Aelin meet
  • Aelin:[sauntering off her throne] Who the hell are you?
  • Feyre:I -
  • Rhysand:She is my mate, and my spy
  • Aelin:...
  • Feyre:But -
  • Rhysand:And she is High Lady of the Night Court
  • Rowan:Fuck you, my Aelin is Queen of Terrasen
  • Feyre and Aelin:Territorial Fae bullshit [smiling]

Megan James of Purity Ring saunters and stalks like a possessed spirit across the stage charming the crowd at Pappy and Harriet’s last Friday.

 © Guillermo Prieto 2013

Read My Mind (Part Six)

Story Summary: You have a thing for Bucky Barnes. Too bad he can’t read your mind to know about it.

Word Count: 730

Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

A/N: Yay, another update! 

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“Miss (Y/L/N), your presence is requested in the kitchen,” FRIDAY suddenly announced in your room while you still rested on the bed.

“Who requested it?”

“Miss Maximoff,” FRIDAY replied as you groaned, getting up from the comfort of your bed as you walked out of your suite and headed to the kitchen. Much to your surprise, you saw Bucky there along with Steve and Clint. Wanda sat by the island bar smiling widely at you while you grimaced in return.

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I think Jim has a lot of panic attacks. 

I think Jim looks out at space sometimes and thinks, Holy fuck, this is a lot fucking farther than my dad got. 

And I think sometimes, sitting in the Captain’s chair, he forgets to breathe. 

And suddenly everything narrows to a pinprick. 

And then Jaylah will saunter up behind him and sit on the edge of the chair, or Bones’ fingers will lightly graze his shoulder or Spock will cock his head in silent question. Maybe Scotty will ask some complicated math problem just to pass the time. Or Uhura will try to teach him some curse words in a dialect he just can’t get right. 

Either way, Jim has a lot of panic attacks. He always has. But usually their quiet. Eyes screwed tight, white knuckled grip on whatever he can grab. He’s used to going through them alone. 

But his crew won’t let him. Not anymore. 

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Hey can I request an imagine? If so, can it be one where you're left in a room filled with business men because Joker leaves for a minute, and they all start interrogating you about how trustworthy you are, and then Joker comes back in and hears and beats them up? Thank you!

idk if this is what you meant but lmao i decided to let the oc have some fun

As you watched him walk out the door with ease, you noticed his hand pull something out of his jacket. His knives. You let out a small laugh in a room of silence, not knowing it wouldn’t be long until you would be interrupted.

Some terribly ungroomed guard to your right caught your attention, seeming to be staring at you with intent for trouble.

Watching with squinted eyes, you saw how he sauntered in front of you. “How is it,” he asked, voice seething and venomous, “that J leaves us, in the hands of you?” Every word he spoke drew out an unmistakably hateful emotion.

Though you couldn’t help but smirk at his words. He obviously had no clue who you were, what you were. “That’s Mr. J to you, Ray.” You barked back, leaning against the desk chair you currently sat in. All the other guards in the room held their breath, their eyes widening only slightly. “And honestly, I’m wondering the same thing.” Reaching under the desk, you scanned the room lightly before staring back up into the eyes of the offender. “Whose life,” you started, running your tongue along your top lip with a smile, “do you think, J values more?”

Pulling out a gun, the smile on your face only grew wider as their fear grew denser. “You’re just his toy.” Someone in the back barked, though held no different demeanor of fear and terror as before. “You’re dispensable. He’ll replace you in a heartbeat.”

You stayed silent for a second, before bursting out into maniacal laughter. They wanted a mutiny, huh? Then they’ll get the punishment for mutiny.

“That’s a good theory,” when you finally calmed down, you rested the gun against your cheek, “but why do you think it is, that he hasn’t gotten rid of me yet?” Waiting for someone brave enough to answer, your eyes lit up as you saw one more guard have the audacity to speak. What fun you’ll have today.

“Because you’re his fuck toy, ____.” The man spat. Now having three, large men walk up to your table, you saw J’s hair peek through the door frame. But you were only just starting to have some fun.

Sitting up a bit, you raised your eyebrows as if contemplating what they said. “Not that you’re wrong, because that’s definitely part of it,” waving for J to stay where he was, you twirled the gun frivolously around your finger, “but I think you’re misunderstanding me.” Looking quickly at the guard who stood in front of you, Ray, you smirked. Pulling the trigger, you shot out his knee, hearing a blood curtling scream echo throughout the room made you laugh once more. Where he now lay on the floor, you walked over, gently laying a hand on his leg.

“What the hell, ___?” Someone else screamed, but you were too busy admiring your work to look up at them. Watching in fascination at the stream of blood that began to pool on the floor around his leg, you pressed down harder on his knee. His screams were music to your ear.

“You see,” you whispered, looking at his now fear-filled eyes, “to be with the Joker, you have to be crazier than the Joker.” Tracing his face lightly with your finger you began to giggle once more, thinking about the rest of the men in the room.

“Who else had a problem with me?” Standing up, you twirled, looking around at the men staring with wide eyes. Jumping over to one, you held the gun up to his hip with an eerie smile. “What was it you called me?” A bead of sweat began to form on his forehead, but you persisted. “Oh come on now, what was it?”

You pressed the gun tighter into his body, watching him wince with every centimeter it grew closer. When he opened his mouth, you pulled the trigger with no second thought. Who’s the dispensable one now?

“I’m impressed.” A gravelly voice praised, turning to be none other than the joker himself walking through the door. You giggled a bit, bowing at your little ‘performance’. Though the way most of the guards finally stood to attention when he walked through the door made you pout. Where was your respect? “But I’ll take it from here, doll.”

When you walked past him, you offered your gun, but he declined with a smile. “You know, I prefer knives.”

Crazy Ones : Mad Princess Part Four

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Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Dig and Sparky
Part Three - Ugly on the inside

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 2881

Spoilers for the film and excessive swearing.

The responses have been phenomenal , love you all <3

Quick note to say that this one is slightly shorter because if I put everything I wanted in that it would easily have been over 6k words – So watch this space for Part Five to wrap it up nicely!

Incubus is Enchantress’ brother fyi.
So this symbol here /// means that the Enchantress’ daydream sequenced is starting or ending :)

“Sparky you’re supposed to be keeping watch.” Digger chastised you as you came up behind him. He’d broken into a jeweller and was tapping the face of an expensive watch when you’d sauntered in and jumped up to sit on the desk and swung your legs. Dramatically you gestured towards the window he’d smashed to get in.
“The whole city has been evacuated Dig, no one is coming to disturb us.” You rolled your eyes as he filled his pockets with rings and watches.
He turned to give you a flirty smirk, his eyes trailing up and down you, he stepped over to you and put his hand on either side of you on the desk. He leaned forward and pushed his lips to yours, his hands oved from the desk and your hips; he pulled your body to his and deepened the kiss.
He pulled away and with a licked the tip of your nose like the big oaf that he was.
“No one is going to disturb us eh?” He gave you a lewd smirk and kissed you again, his hands pulled your hips flush to his.
You ran your hands slowly up his torso and bit his lip, you waited until he let out a breathy moan to pull away, “Don’t think we have time Dig.”

“We can make time, come on Y/N.” He rumbled out and you resisted the urge to yank him back to you, you hated when he said your name like that, it was basically impossible to resist him. You didn’t say anything, you knew that words would fail you so you reached up and caught his face with your hand and gently inclined it towards the smashed entrance were outside Rick Flag was leading everyone through the wreck of the town.
“For fuck sake.” Dig hissed.
Rolling your eyes you let his face go and leaned up to kiss his cheek, you ignored the way that he pulled your body against his still and teased, “And that’s why you were never on watch.”
He was scowling the passing group and didn’t stop glaring in that direction as he slipped his hands down from your hips and under your backside to lift you up off of the desk; you wrapped your legs around his hips and your arms around his neck. You kissed his cheeks a few times affectionately until he stopped glaring into the distance and you wiggled your legs to try to get him to put you down.

He turned to face you brushed his lips across your jaw, “Keep wiggling like that and I’ll put you on that desk and they’ll just have to wait for us.”
“Don’t you have an off switch?” You joked and kissed his cheek as he put you down.
“Yeah it’s in my neck.” He joked with a sour expression as you both left the jeweller. When you both caught up with the Squad you stepped up behind Harley who turned to give you both a smirk.

A few moments later you were all hid around the corner as Digger threw one of his boomerangs towards the disaster you were heading towards.
“Finally a use for you.” You teased as he pulled out a phone to watch the camera on the boomerang and next to you Deadshot and El Diablo laughed at you.
The footage showed the woman that you were after in front of a massive electric tower.
“We think that’s a weapon.” Flag explained just before Incubus destroyed the boomerang and Digger threw the phone to the side with a curse.

Together you came up with a plan on how to get him out of the way and you moved towards the flooded tunnel.

Harley held back to walk with you and after a moment of silence she finally spoke in a voice that was way too small to be hers, “So are you okay Y/N?”
You scowled at her, “Excuse me?”
She nodded to your bandaged hand and added, “After your fall.”
You stopped her and searched her face for moment, “Harls, you never call me Y/N, what is it?”
She was struggling to find the words, you could tell, she refused to look into your eyes and after a moment she swallowed hard.

“Well with Puddin’ g-gone, I guess I thought –” She started but you cut her off.
“With J or not, I’m still your Lil Pumpkin and you’re still my family okay?” You told her firmly and held her gaze to make sure she understood that you were still together in this world, even if the man who had put you together was now gone. Her eyes watered and you tried to swallow down the rush of emotions that tried to crawl up inside you. With a soft smile she stepped forwards and wrapped her arms around you in a tight hug which you broke when Flag shouted for you to hurry up.

You both sauntered to catch up and as the SEALS moved to the water you and Killer Croc joined them, Croc told them that he was going with them.
Playfully you hit his chest with the back of your hand and gave him a grin, “Go get ‘em Croc.”
Your ex-cell neighbour gave you a grin that made the SEALS shudder before scuttling off into the water.
You re-joined the rest of the team just in time to hear Digger laugh and say, “You know what they say about the crazy ones.”
“Do they say that I’ll kick your ass?” You asked as you came to join them and leaned on the wall next to Digger, who nudged you playfully with his elbow.
“Okay I gotta ask,” Deadshot started after watching you both, he gestured to you both, “I know we heard you two at it at the bar but how do you work? Like with your electric?”

Heat flushed to your cheeks as Deadshot and Harley waited expectantly for an answer, even Flag and Diablo seemed morbidly curious to the mechanics of your sex life.
Digger gave them a dirty smirk and shrugged, “I’m into it.”
“You know what they say about the crazy ones.” You parroted his earlier statement making the others laugh at you both.

With that you all set off to the fight that wasn’t yours to begin with.
“What if I lose control?” Diablo asked you got closer.
Deadshot eyed you as he responded, “If both of you do then we may actually stand a chance.”
You schooled your expression, nerves buzzed in your stomach at the thought of letting yourself go with so many people around that you cared about and Digger must have sensed it because he tried to give you a reassuring pat.
Except instead of patting your hand he patted your backside and it was less than reassuring.

The team came up to hide behind some stone pillars, you stopped between Diablo and Digger and leaned around slightly to get a look at the Enchantress who looked like she was doing a strange little dance in front of her magic.
You emphasized, you knew what it was like to have power like that run through you.

“That’s your Old Lady huh?” Deadshot asked Flag who nodded so he continued, “Right you gotta go over there, smack her on the ass and tell her to knock this shit off.”
Flag looked terrified of the thought, “I do not think that would wise.”
“Works a treat for me.” Dig joked, though you could hear the nerves singing in his voice, and when he slapped your backside you shocked him making him curse and both Deadshot and Flag rolled their eyes at him.

The Enchantress’ voice interrupted you, “I’ve been waiting for you all night, step out of the shadows.”
Deadshot caught Harley before she could and you gave her your best glare for misbehaving.
The Enchantress taunted you all asking why you’d followed Flag to what was sure to be your doom, she offered you the chance to join her and be rewarded.
“I know what you want, exactly what you want.” Her words weaved her spell through your mind and caressed your consciousness.

Your world shifted.


It was an office, or you hoped it was considering the horrible shade of beige the walls were all painted. You and Dig sat on one side of the desk, his face was clean shaven and he was wearing a button up shirt and trousers, his hair styled and his teeth were free of gold.
You knew he looked wrong and you were trying to figure out why something didn’t feel right when you noticed the other person in the room. Sat opposite a table from you was a girl, probably no older than you were when The Joker found you.

“I’m George Harkness and this is my wife Y/N.” Digger introduced you both and you played with the wedding ring with your thumb.
No that sat wrong on your tongue.

“But why me?” She asked and Digger reached over to take your hand, you noticed your outfit almost mirrored his and you felt so normal. You scowled, like you expected to feel something else, something static.
Clean-Digger gestured to you with his free hand before he spoke, “Y/N was adopted as well, by Dr Harleen Quinzel and her husband.”
“What does he do?” The girl asked quietly.
“He’s in politics.” You heard the answer in your voice but you hadn’t meant to speak and for some reason you really wanted to laugh at the idea.
The girl seemed to be warming up to you both, “What about you? What do you do?”
“I’m a jeweller.” He answered with a soft charming smile and gave you a look that was full solely of pride, “And Y/N is the Engineering director of an electric company.”

“Aren’t I little old? Don’t people usually want babies?” The girl offered and this time you knew answered consciously.
“No! No, of course not. I was your age and you’re a wonderfully intelligent young lady.” You complimented and she blushed.

She gave you a big grin.

“I’m so proud of you baby.” ‘George’ whispered as he squeezed your hand.
That was when it clicked, “Sparky!” You corrected.
“Pardon?” He asked confused.

“Pardon? Fucking pardon?” You snapped and yanked your hand back, “I don’t want you I want my Digger.”

You snarled and your hands buzzed to life with electricity as your powers found you and you were back with the Squad. You turned to Dig and threw your hands up to check his face, his lovely messy dirty face. His eyes were glazed over and you knew that he, like the others, was stuck in the Enchantress’ powers.


“What are you doing?” Digger asked you as you stepped out of bed. It was strange; the room was clean and bright. The bed was a four poster and the sheets where crisp like they were changed every day. You’d both been laid in bed together when you’d gotten up, in skimpy lingerie, and thrown open the curtains before giving him a seductive smile.

“I was going to make you breakfast.” You gave him a smile and stepped around the bed to lean down and give Digger a soft kiss.
“You’re going to cook for me?” He asked incredulously, his eyebrows shot up confused.
“Of course, what do you want?” You asked with a soft smile and kissed him away.

“So you’re going to cook for me? And I’m not going to have to spend three hours convincing you like last time?” He asked and when you only smiled at him he continued, “And you won’t do what you also did last time and bring me some frozen burgers and say I didn’t specify how it should be served?”
“No silly, why would I do that?” You gave him a soft smile and ran your hands up his chest.
“Well I dunno, so I can chase you round the house and we can fuck against the wall?” He offered and scowled at the downright offended look on your face.  He opened his mouth to speak again but was cut off by his own loud squeal as a spark of pain erupted in his chest.


“Fuckin’ hell!” He cursed when you zapped him and you through your arms around him, not a Pardon in sight!
“What the fuck?” He hissed, his eyes quickly scanning you and then the rest of the team before settling back onto you.
“It was all an illusion.” You rushed to explain.
He continued to look confused as his hands came up to rest on your arms as you held his coat, “How could you tell?”
“You were clean shaven and liked children!” You explain quickly and you didn’t give his disgusted expression a chance to settle before you pushed yourself up to kiss him hard. His hand came to the back of your head to hold you still and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew this could be like last time that he kissed you and that thought alone made his mind fall back into his own day dream.

He didn’t want that.

He wanted his Sparky. He wanted the real you, the you that when he’d mocked you for doubling over in period pain you’d calmly placed your hand on his lower abdomen and shocked him until he felt the cramps that you did. Digger would never admit that it he was whiny about pain but somehow after that whenever your period was due you’d suddenly have a delivery of a ridiculous amount of beer delivered to you with a note that said :

Call me when it’s safe Sparky – CB

The Joker let it slide after the first few months, considering how you’d just laughed at his questioning glance at the crates of beer that piled over both of your heads.

Digger wanted you, who when he’d spent all day trying to piss you off in the hopes of getting angry sex, you’d pushed him into the boot of The Jokers purple Lamborghini and drove around Gotham.
He didn’t want someone subservient, you were as wild and dangerous as your powers and that was one of the things that he loved about you.
He was fairly sure that he could admit it now that you were both almost certain to die.

You didn’t want George, you wanted Digger, you didn’t care if he never married you as long he stayed how he was and you couldn’t imagine life without your powers even though you’d hated them in childhood.

You stayed with Digger holding onto you loosely when you heard Diablo shouting, you turned to face him and he directed his attention at you, “You could see right?” He pleaded and the rest of the team focused on you.
“It was all a lie.” You confirmed quietly and tried to ignore the heartbroken look on your teammates faces.
“She’s trying to play games with you,” Diablo told them pointing at his head, “It’s not real!”
He stormed off towards the Enchantress and you knew now was your time to fight.

“You ready for this?” Digger asked you.
“No.” You whispered back and he squeezed your hand.
“We doing it anyway?” He asked and you knew what he was asking you.
Where you going to stay and fight when you could escape? Digger had to stay because somewhere another Government dickhead had his finger on the switch to blow his head off of his shoulders but this was it. This was your only moment to get away and escape while your bomb was still deactivated.

You could run and he wouldn’t blame you.
But you were never going to leave Harley, your would-be mother, or Digger to face these beasts without you. You were among the elite and most feared villains in Gotham, The Jokers second in command and now you were going to be adding Hero to that list as a strange antonym.

You squeezed his hand briefly, “I’ve got nowhere better to be.”
He wanted to swoop down and kiss you but it was too late, you were both already moving towards The Enchantress and the fight you should have had no part in but would separate you both.

Again this is a short one due to the amount I want in Part Five! As always thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback :)

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Anon Request: Angry “I love you” accidentally blurted out in the middle of an argument. First time saying the L word. McCree, Hanzo and Reaper

Okay, I loved this so very much. I hope you like it, darling! If you have any questions or criticisms, message me.


“You’re doing better, L/N,” Gabriel Reyes said, a faint smile on his lips.

“Thank you, sir.” You shifted and stretched your arms above your head, feeling your muscles tense and relax.

“Tell McCree I’ll be with him tomorrow.” Reyes sauntered off as you drifted down the hall, stepping into the kitchen. You caught a glimpse of Jack Morrison as he was leaving, and you shook your head at the strained expression on his face.

You hadn’t noticed your boyfriend until he cleared his throat, drawing your attention toward him.

“Oh, hey! How are you, babe?” You asked as you approached him. When you reached for his shoulder, he leaned away from you, and you frowned. “What’s up, Jesse?”

“Why don’t you ask Reyes? You seem to enjoy spendin’ time with ‘im,” Jesse asked, not meeting your eyes.

“Because he’s training me. I’m sorry if I don’t want him to yell at me,” you said.

“Accordin’ to everyone else, he’s been gettin’ real handsy with ya.” McCree stepped around you, and you narrowed your eyes.

“He’s training me, Jesse. God, why are you acting like this? You know that he isn’t interested in me!” You said, shaking.

“But I don’t know that, darlin’!” He yelled, facing you, “For all I know, he’s waitin’ for ya right now!” His voice cracked, and you realized he was on the verge of tears. His eyes darkened, and he dropped his head, removing the hat from his head. Jesse ruffled his hair and slumped against the counter, staring at you with pained eyes.

“Do you really not trust me enough to know that I would never do something like that?” You asked, your voice straining.

“I love ya!”

The room went silent, and you noticed Gabriel and Jack standing near you, a few other recruits crowded around behind them. You shied away from their curious stares, and Jesse turned his head toward them. Jack and Gabriel were quick to push them down the hall until the both of you were alone once again. Licking your lips, you glanced over at your boyfriend and smiled.

“I love you, too,” you whispered.

Jesse turned his attention toward you, and his eyes softened. You nervously crossed the room and stepped into his arms, burying your face into the curve of his neck. He embraced you against his chest, and you gently kissed just below his ear.

“Sorry, sweatpea,” he whispered, “God, I love ya so damn much.”


You were carefully tending to your wounds as Hanzo paced the length of the room, silently brewing in his own anger. A hiss fell from your lips, and he turned, staring at you.

“If you hadn’t been so reckless, you wouldn’t be in pain,” he said.

You glanced at him and frowned, turning away from him. Already frustrated, you didn’t want to deal with his judgement, especially when you had kept your friends safe.

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to be so heroic. It will get you killed one of these days,” Hanzo said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to treat me like a damn child,” you growled, refusing to look at him.

“I am trying to protect you.”

You muttered something underneath your breath, silently mocking him, and you flinched when you felt the alcohol seep into your wound. The blood had stopped, but you were terrified of getting an infection. Stretching your legs out, you bandaged your arm and slipped off the edge of the bed, rising to your feet.

“Look, I’m fine. I have all my limbs, and I’m breathing. I don’t get why you’re so upset!” You said, slowly reaching your limits.

“But you could’ve died! You shouldn’t worry about everyone else when your life is on the line!” Hanzo said, struggling to keep calm. In situations like these, he was typically the one that kept a level head, so seeing him upset made you back away.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t think about myself when all my friends were about to die!” You shrieked, your face an unattractive shade of red. Your fists were clenched at your side, and you were trying to keep your breath steady.

He muttered something in his native tongue, shaking his head as he swept a hand through his hair. The dark tresses fell free and fluttered around his face, momentarily distracting you from the argument.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Hanzo! I’m alive, and I’m fine! Angelea has told me that I’m fine and healthy. You don’t need to worry so much,” you said, staring at him.

“I do have to worry about you!” He yelled, meeting your harsh gaze.


“Because I love you!”

Your heart skipped as he let his shoulders fall, nearly collapsing. Chewing on your nail, you approached him and placed your hands on his chest. He shifted and met your eyes, the anger dissipating. Hanzo seemed defeated as you took him into your arms, holding him close.

“I cannot lose you, my love,” he whispered, his face buried in the curve of your neck.

“You won’t, Hanzo. I promise that you won’t lose me. I’m sorry for scaring you and for yelling at you. I-I just didn’t realize how much I meant to you.”

“You are my world, Y/N,” Hanzo said as he leaned back, staring down at you.

After a moment, you smiled and said, “That was the first time you told me that you loved me. It feels so wonderful. I-I love you, too, Hanzo.”

He kissed you softly, his arm curled around your body, and you leaned into him.

“I won’t purposefully put myself in danger again. Promise.”


You understood that Reaper was not an affectionate man, and he had informed you of this when you first started your relationship with him. However, that didn’t stop the doubt that flooded your mind. Sitting on the floor of your room, you were fiddling with the one photograph you had of him where he looked somewhat pleasant, a faint smile on your lips

Black smoke billowed around your feet, and you turned your head, watching as he phased into the room. His shoulders were tense, visibly upset, and you realized that this would not go well. Rising from the floor, you nervously twisted a strand of hair around your finger, worrying your bottom lip. He was already uncomfortable and angry, and you were going to make it worse.

“I need to talk to you,” you said. He grumbled beneath his breath, his words barely audible. You sighed and inched closer to him. “Uhm, do you want to be with me?”

Reaper went rigid, turning to face you. Though you couldn’t see his face, you could feel the heat of his stare, his smoke spilling from the slits in his mask. You stumbled back as he stormed toward you.

“What?” He asked, his voice much deeper than it typically was. A shiver went down your spine as you dropped your eyes.

“It’s just that, well, you don’t always act like how a boyfriend should act and—“

“Do you think I have the time or the desire to spend every waking moment with you?” He asked, his word twisted with venom.

You felt you stomach drop, and you frowned, anger welling up inside of you.

“Well, when you asked me to be your partner, I thought you would at least acknowledge me when I happened to be around you! I thought I actually meant something to you, but I apparently don’t!” You yelled, shaking with frustration.

Reaper turned away from you, and you realized he was about to leave. Tears prickled the corners of your eyes, and you sniffled, your heart racing.

“Can you not realize that I love you?!” You screamed. When you noticed what you had said, your eyes widened, and you swallowed the lump in your throat. Neither of you had said that before, and you were afraid of what he would do. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just going to go.”

You began to gather your things, your hands trembling, when a pair of arms hooked around your stomach. You froze, tears silently spilling down your cheeks, and the heat of his body seeped into your clothes.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered into your ear. Though he sounded as he always did, there was something in his voice that made your heart ache.

You wiggled and faced him, staring up at his mask. Furrowing your brow, you reached and removed it from his face, smiling when you saw the man you had fallen for.

“Say it again,” Gabriel said.

“I love you, Gabriel Reyes. I love you, I love you, I love you.” You stood on the tips of your toes and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“I love you,” he said, and your heart skipped.


Pairing: Barry Allen x reader

Warnings: Cursing, inappropriate themes

Prompt: “I platonically want to have sex with you—no big deal.”

“Hey, could you run these up to Barry for me?” Joe, your partner of 5 months asked. You were a transferred detective from Keystone who came to Central City looking for adventure. Boy, did you get one. After accidentally walking in on Barry using his powers you found out he was not only super attractive but also a superhero. You may have a crush on him.

“Yeah, sure.” You take the files and run up the stairs to his lab. You knock on the door frame which draws his attention to you. When he sees you his face lights up as you start to saunter over to him. You hand him the file and he thanks you. You sit on his desk with your feet swinging down. “How’d your date with that one chick go?”

“Fine, I guess.” You squint your eyes skeptically.

“Okay so you called a date fine, then added I guess, indicating it was not fine.” He sighs.

“I just— I mean not to be conceited, I just feel like all she wanted me for was my looks.”

“Ooh. What’d she say to indicate this?”

“Just— she um, she kept on making references to, uh, doing the deed?” You started laughing. You couldn’t help it. Barry Allen was the only man to ever pass up a purely platonic sexual relationship. “What’s so funny?”

“She wanted to bang you dude, you gave that up because she liked the way you looked?”

“Well— when you put it like that.” He huffed and slumped in his chair. “I just wanted something more with her than just… Sex. But clearly that’s all she wanted.”

“You know, you are the only man I have met to pass up sex. I mean there have to be hundreds of girls who want to fuck you cuz your hot and you pass it up because you want a relationship. I just find that hard to believe.” You shrug your shoulders and hop off the desk, fully prepared to go back to work.

“(Y/n).” You turn around as acknowledgment. “Did you just call me hot?” He’s smirking as he says it.

“Mhm. Hell, I’d bang you.” He looked surprised.


“I platonically want to have sex with you—no big deal.” Then you turned and walked out leaving him confused on what your friendship really was.


Five days later, you haven’t talked to Barry. You and Joe got swamped with CCPD work, and Barry with Flash work. Things started to slow down so Joe invited you to dinner with Iris and Barry to thank you for the hard work. Of course you said yes.

You weren’t really worried about seeing Barry after your confession. He could ignore it completely, or he could pick up the subtle-not so subtle- offer.

You walked up the sidewalk to Joe and Barry’s house and rang the doorbell. When the door opened you were greeted by the West daughter, who had seen you less than Barry had.

When you walked in you noticed Barry on the couch chewing nervously on his lip.

“Hey, Iris.” You whispered to the brunette. “What’s up with Sonic?”

“He’s been super nervous ever since this morning. I dunno why though. He won’t budge when I ask.” She shrugs her shoulders and walks to the kitchen to help her dad. You decide to follow.


Later, after Barry sets up the table you all sit down and start eating. You, Iris, and Joe make polite conversation, while Barry stays quite and picks at his food.

“Hey Barr. What’s up with you? Why are you so quiet?” Iris asks.

“Huh? N-nothing’s up, I mean it’s not like anything happened— pfft what happened? Nothing.” He’s looking around frantically while talking and then when done he stuffs his face. Iris huffs with annoyance and Joe is on the break of laughing.

“Barry. Why are you acting weird?” Joe asks smiling and chuckling.

“What–I always act weird.”

“Weirder than usual.” You say trying to help. He looks at you and opens his mouth and closes it quickly then goes back to eating his food fast so he didn’t have to talk. “Okay, weirdo. So, Iris, how’s work?”


Later on in the dinner, you suddenly feel a hand on your inner thigh. You look at the source of the hand, whom was Barry, quietly eating his food. Acting like he’s not touching dangerously close to your lady parts. You put your hand over his and start to move it a little bit closer but stop when it’s just before your hip. You see him smirk out of the corner of your eye.


“Hey Joe, where’s your restroom?” You ask Joe close to the end of the night.

“Upstairs, second door to the right.” You mumble a thank you and stand to go to the restroom.

Once out of the bathroom, you see Barry resting against the opposite wall, resting. You smile then smirk.

“I think you and I both know, that I know the reason you’re acting weird.” He chuckles lightly then pushes himself off the wall, slowly walking over to you looking at you like you’re his prey.

“Oh really? Maybe because you confessed you thought I was hot. Maybe because you said you want to have sex with me. Maybe because ever since I’ve been having dreams about you and me… together. Maybe because all I can think about is you.” He’s now so close to you he’s trapped you between him and the wall. He tilts his head to hover over your lips and then grabs your hips and pulls you close. You put your hands on his arms and close your eyes, waiting. When still nothing happens you nudge his nose with yours. “Or… Maybe it’s something entirely different.” He walks away, leaving you breathless.


Later you take all the dishes into the kitchen alone. You start to wash when you hear footsteps.

“You wash, I dry?” Barry asks you innocently.

“No. I’m mad at you.” He smirks smugly and dries the dishes you hand him.

“And whys that?”

“You know exactly why.” He puts down the dishes then looks at you. You’ve already dropped everything and you’re looking at him.

“Maybe because—”

“Don’t start.” You grab a fistful of his shirt and forcefully kiss him. He returns with exactly the same force. You only break away when you hear a loud crash In the doorway.


anonymous asked:


“Enough.” Kuroo whispers, gripping Hinata’s skull and making sure not to make direct eye contact. “Stop it.”

“I’m not doing anything-” Hinata laughs. It’s not a giggle, it’s loud and kind of snorty but it’s still so ridiculously endearing that Kuroo has no choice but to squeeze harder. “Kuroo, quit it-”

“Are you bullying chibi-chan?” Oikawa raises an eyebrow as he saunters over, “Can I join?”

Kuroo glances down to make sure that he’s not actually hurting Hinata but Hinata is staring up at him with those big brown eyes, filled with curiosity and it’s so ridiculously cute that Kuroo wheezes. “Enough.” He repeats himself, nothing but a whisper.

“You’re overreacting.” Oikawa rolls his eyes. He’s well aware of the effect Hinata has on people, on how unnecessarily cute he can be. But Oikawa is immune, he’s seen cute. He’s been up close and personal with cute. Hinata isn’t that bad-

“Oikawa, you have something in your hair.” Hinata points out, reaching up without hesitation or regard for personal space to pull something out of Oikawa’s hair. He has to reach up on his tiptoes, tongue peeking out with concentration, and Oikawa’s fists clench reflexively.

“I’m gonna hit him.” Oikawa says suddenly. “How dare he-”

Hinata isn’t paying attention to Oikawa’s words, still concentrating on pulling out the lint without messing up Oikawa’s hair. He’s so close to Oikawa’s face and his nose is doing this weird twitch thing and Oikawa wants to both kiss and kill him. Hinata finally manages to remove the lint and he grins in triumph and Oikawa nearly decks him-

Kuroo holds Oikawa back, “I get it-”

“He can’t do that-” Oikawa breathes, shaking his head frantically. Hinata just cocks his head to the side in confusion like a fucking puppy and Oikawa can’t take it. Kuroo presses his forehead against Oikawa’s temple in understanding. “We can get through this, man.”

“How dare he.” Oikawa is in near tears.

Hinata’s face scrunches up in concern and he presses a small hand to Oikawa’s cheek, “Are you alright?”

“Please.” Oikawa begs and Kuroo couldn’t agree more.