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Can you imagine Taylor posting a video like meredith's one but with Karlie in her bed? I mean, kaylor in private must be like... no words I can't 😍

Kaylor is so domestic and soft.. like imagine that video of Meredith being overly emotional, but with Karlie in bed.

You know she would have had her arms wrapped around Taylor being the big spoon. She would’ve been snuggled up against Taylor’s back with her forehead tucked into it with messy hair and her eyes closed sleeping until Taylor started yelling. When Taylor yelled and threw the pillow, Karlie would’ve gotten up and sauntered over to the door really sleepily to open it and then she would’ve walked over and then climbed in bed on Taylor’s side and wrapped that small bean up in her arms and kissed her forehead to sleep. But that’s ugly and probably not what you were talking about. Too far?

When you walked into the room, Dean practically growled, his eyes raking over all the exposed skin.  Swinging your hips, you gave him a show as you sauntered to the door.  All that leg, those sky-high heels, he couldn’t tear his eyes away.

With a backward glance, you teased, “You coming or what Winchester?”

“Yes, please,” he said under his breath as he followed you out into the night.

+ | : Charlie knew LA like the back of her palm. She’d lived there for ten years now, hair turning blonder in the California sun. For eleven years she had suffered through winter after winter in the Boston cold. Sure, the summers there were beautiful. She’d never forget the sound of waves lapping at the marina’s edge, seals from the aquarium barking as she had a Ben & Jerry’s cone in her hand. But, LA was much different. There were beaches and Pinkberry’s and people smiled at you when you held open the door. 

Of course, the cruise wasn’t LA. The cruise was an intensely different environment for the girl. And she loved it. Change was Charlie’s kryptonite, and she would taking living on a boat over going back to Massachusetts any day. 

She sauntered down the steps of the cruise to the pool. Eyes covered by circular purple-tinted Chloé’s, she plopped down on a chair and stared up at the sun and then over at the person next to her. “You know, I don’t think that’s really how you’re supposed to wear that. I mean, kimonos are versatile but are they really that versatile?”

poppin; || Samhain 2016


Meg sauntered into the venue of the party like she owned the place, one Lindsay around her arm. One hunk of rock in her purse. Still not given up. Still not holding hands yet. What was her hesitance this time? Timing. The timing had to be perfect. 

So naturally she brought it along. Because the timing might be at the party. And if that happened, she had to be completely prepared for it. She glanced at Lindsay, who looked nothing short of stunning in her outfit for the evening, and decided that if the timing wasn’t this party, it might not be ever. God, what a knockout, what a woman, wow… “U-Uh, shall we?” She squeaked out. Excellent. Eloquent. Perfect. What a way to fuck up already. 

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character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: Keith! 

general opinions: FUCKING LANCE oh my god listen, the first episode or two I will admit I didn’t like him. He was a bit annoying and too much for me, but it didn’t take long for me to fall head over heels in love with him, like he is such an important character to me? Even though he saunters around, he is just a scared kid who likes to make people laugh and loves being around people… he loves his family so dearly and cries because he misses his mom?? My heart hurts for him. He loves his team so much and he’s SO BRAVE… also for all the bluster and the silliness, he is actually really level headed and is able to make good tactical choices… he’s someone you would want on your team because he would try to keep the mood light all the time, but he can critically think and make smart decisions. Also he’s just a kind hearted person through and through, it’s so natural to him to just… be good to people. Like when he jumped in front of Coron when he noticed that bomb, or when he was like… casually feeding the mice at the table. Just little things all the time. You can really tell that he is a good person through and through and now he is one of my favourite characters, he deserves SO MUCH HAPPINESS. I would read 10k fic that’s just the team snuggling him a lot and doing nice things for him tbh. Good shit right there. Someone cuddle him. 

L: This kid needs to calm the fuck down. Name him Mello.

L: Goddamn get this pasty pissbaby as far from me as possible. Name him Far. No wait, he’d expect that. This little shit’s name will be Near. 

L: Do we have any of those macarons left? From the Manila Mangler case, yeah. Okay, get me like five of those, three chocolate and two strawberry. Oh, the kid? Shit. What’s in this room, uh… bed? Lamp? Doormat? Name him Doormat– what do you mean that’s cruel, even by my standards? Fine. Call him Matt, fuck it. Put caramel sauce on the macarons this time, you forgot yesterday.

[LYRICS] (ENG TRANS) First Love (Suga Solo)

the corners of my memory
a brown piano taking up space on one side
the corners of the house of my youth
a brown piano taking up space on one side

I remember that time
the brown piano that was
so much taller than me, when it led me
I longed for you when I turned my face up to you
when I stroked you with one small finger
I feel so nice, mom, I feel so nice
the keys that only sauntered where my hands went
I didn’t know your meaning then
at that time, I was happy only looking

I remember that time, near the end of elementary school
the time that my height finally
became taller than your height
at that point I neglected the you I had yearned for
atop the keys like white jade,
dust piled up
your neglected appearance
I didn’t know it back then
your meaning was that wherever I am
you will always be
protecting that space, maybe that was why
I didn’t know it would be the end

don’t go like this, you say
even if I go, don’t worry
because you’ll do well on your own
I think of the time I first met you
at some moment you just became bigger
you put a period on our relationship, but
don’t be sorry toward me
whatever form I take
you will see me again
let’s meet happily again at that time

I remember that time, what I darkly forgot
when I met you again I was 14 years old
I awkwardly caressed you again for a moment
even though I was gone for a long time
you received me again
without any repulsion
without you I am nothing
as the dawn passed, us two
greeted the morning
don’t let go of my hand forever
because I won’t let you go either

I remember that time, at the end of my teens
I set you aflame, that’s right, I saw no
further than my nose, that time, crying and laughing
those moments alone when I was with you
now they’re memories
clutching my smashed shoulder, I said it
that I wouldn’t be able to do this anymore
every time I wanted to give up
you said, from next to me
kid, you really can do it
that’s right, that’s right, that’s right, I remember
when I’d fallen into the pit of hopeless
desperation and despair
I pushed you away
even when I wanted to meet you
you firmly stayed by my side
even if I don’t say it
because of that, don’t let go of my hand
because I won’t let go of you
a second time
my birth and the end of my life
you’ll always protect those things
the corners of my memory

a brown piano taking up space on one side
the corners of the house of my youth
a brown piano taking up space on one side

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*whispers into the night* casual reminder to be nice to your servers, especially if you can see that the restaurant is really busy, especially if there’s a heat advisory, especially if all of the seating is outside. we are all very sweaty and are trying our best, please stop yelling.


right from the start, you were a thief
you stole my heart

64/365 Days of Outlaw Queen