Did I ever tell y’all about the time...

Mister Pangur made blueberry pancakes for our dinner? 

Now, granted, a wok on high heat is a little unconventional for pancakes…

And seems a little unorthodox to, you know, mix an entire bag of frozen blueberries into the batter…

But, hey, just give those pancakes a couple more stirs and prods with that rice paddle there, and I’m sure they’ll start…looking…

…more golden honey warm and scrumptiously pancake-ish… 

And that was the first time I had to use a spatula fend off someone offering me dinner. 

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OMG I love your writings! And I saw that prompt list, and I was wondering if you could do number 5 with Monty from 13rw??

from this prompt list

5: “Why do you hate me?”

Originally posted by chriswoods

Monty smirked as he broke away from his friends, sauntering over to me in that cocky, self-assured manner. I closed my eyes and sighed, turning up the volume in my headphones as he slid into the booth next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I rolled my eyes as I shrugged off his arm, picking up his huge hand with my thumb and pointer finger and letting it drop onto the table. I saw him visibly deflate out of the corner of my eye, and smiled a little inside as that cocky grin faltered for a half a second. But Monty wasn’t to be deterred. He propped his head on his hand, giving me a shit eating grin as I made eye contact with him briefly and rolled my eyes once again, turning away from him as I pulled my textbook closer to me and highlighted a passage, turning to my notebook to write down a note about the Kreb’s Cycle. Suddenly, I felt a sharp tug on my ear as Monty pulled my headphone from my ear, but it was tangled with my earring.

“What the fuck?” I ripped the headphone from his hand and reached up to my earlobe. No blood or rips, but I felt the fury bubble up inside me as I turned to him, my eyes blazing as he opened his mouth. I held up a hand to silence him, and slammed the textbook closed, grabbing my backpack and gritting my teeth as I pushed through the cafeteria door, into the courtyard and around to the side of the building, where a bench sat under a huge tree. I had just made myself comfortable, my legs curled up underneath me as I reopened the textbook when I realized that my notebook was sitting back in the cafeteria. “Shit.” I muttered under my breath, until I realized that that same notebook was being held out to me by none other than Monty.

I looked up at him, quirking one eyebrow. “…thanks.” I took it from him, and turned back to my textbook before I heard a slight shuffle. Monty looked crestfallen, a look that I’d never seen on him before.

“Y/N?” I pulled out my earbud, and looked at him. He looked away, staring at a leaf on the ground. “Why do you hate me?”

I laughed, a humorless chuckle. “Because you’re a fuckboi. You know what, Cruz? I fell. I fell fucking hard, and then I find out that you got with Madison, my best fucking friend, that weekend? When someone texts you saying they’re interested, then mentions exclusivity, I believe in it. And you know what? I hated, hated the fact that I let myself fall and then you screwed me over. So excuse me for being a little salty.”

Monty’s mouth dropped open. “Where’d you hear about Madison?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’m done with this conversation.”

“Just answer me that one question.”

“Bryce. He saw you two walk into a room together and then not leave for a while.”

“That absolute douchebag.”

I snorted. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

“Y/N, you wanna know why I went into that room with Madison?”

“No, I fucking don’t. Because you’re an asshole and I hate you and I hate the fact that I’m talking to you when I promised myself I wouldn’t and I hate the fact that-”

“I was asking her how to ask you to be my girlfriend!” He burst out, his eyes irate as he slammed his hand into the bench, running his hand through his hair as he turned and intensely stared at me.

I was silent, dead silent.

“Still hate me? If you do, I’m done. I’ll stop trying, I’ll let you ignore me like you’ve been. Please. Just let me know.”

“…I hate this whole situation, but especially the fact that…that I never hated you. I hate that I loved you, that I fell so fast so quickly. I hate that I never stopped loving you, and I hate that I let you go that easily. I hate that I didn’t let you talk to me, and-” At this point, I was near tears, and rambling. 

“Y/N?” Monty cut me off. 


“Just shut up.” With that, he leaned across the bench, pressing his lips against mine as he ferociously knotted his hands in my hair, deepening the kiss as he pushed further against me. With a deep breath, I pulled away, resting my head against his. He smiled, locking eyes with me, then opened his mouth, brushing a light kiss against my lips before pulling back and smiling again. “What?!” I asked, suddenly self conscious.

“Nothing. Just taking in the moment. Also, Y/N, I love you too.”

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Coffee Shop AU with kylo

You got it! I’m basing this a little on an AU I might do down the road :)

Modern AU Kylo Ren + Coffee Shop AU

It had become almost a weekly ritual for Kylo now, observing you. Working at this coffee shop wasn’t exactly the most exciting thing for him, but when you started turning up suddenly at least one of his shifts was bearable. Sure he never spoke to you, at least not aside from taking your coffee order. Every Thursday afternoon you would meet your boyfriend/girlfriend outside, giving them a kiss goodbye before you walked inside and ordered your usual. With a sweet smile on your lips you’d sit at the same table by the window and have your nose buried in a book or focused on your laptop. 

Today however was a Monday, your usual kiss goodbye nowhere to be seen and your usual joyful saunter up to the counter was now a sullen and glum shuffle to the same table you always sat at. Kylo watched you carefully, his brows faintly furrowing. Sloppily you set your bag down on one of the chairs across from you, Kylo suddenly noticed how dressed down you were as opposed to other days. Just as you grabbed out your laptop and one of your textbooks Kylo took note of the bags around your eyes, the blank expression on your face and the little twitch of your nose as you sniffled. Had you been crying?

Now all of Kylo’s attention was turned to you as you sat down, slouching in your seat with a heavy sigh. Everything about you looked dreadful. As if you were only physically present. 

Suddenly Kylo heard a sigh from behind him, “The poor thing.”

Furrowing his brows he turned around to see Phasma shaking her head as she tied on her apron. 


Phasma nudged her head in your direction, “At that table. Dipshit of a partner decided to initiate their breakup and expose their cheating ass, in front of an entire courtyard.”

Kylo’s brows slightly rose as he started to put the pieces together. No wonder you were acting differently. That’s why they were nowhere to be seen and why your attitude took such a shift. Suddenly he could feel a faint pang in his chest. Did he actually, feel sorry for you?

“Bastard should’ve gotten hit by a car after that. Anyway…you want to take your fifteen now that I’m here?”

Kylo suddenly snapped back into attention focusing on Phasma again, “Oh uhm, yeah sure.”

Phasma sighed, “Alright have a good one.”

A few minutes later, after disappearing into the restroom to compose yourself, you walked back into the cafe with puffy but now dry eyes. Releasing a deep breath you sat yourself carefully back into your seat, attempting to regain your focus. Just as you were about to lay all your attention to the screen before you, you suddenly caught sight of something sitting before you. Furrowing your brows slightly you stared at it.

There was a paper coffee cup sitting before you, your usual order scrawled onto the side with a cookie sitting beside it. You definitely hadn’t ordered coffee earlier, so what was this? Had someone who happened to drink the same coffee assumed they could take your spot? Carefully you turned the coffee cup around in hopes of finding a name. With a little shift you suddenly saw a message scrawled on the side, the same handwriting you had become familiar with over your time of frequenting this place.

A little pick-me-up on the house for you. Hope this helps.

You sniffled faintly before looking up before you. Sure enough as your eyes went up from the cup they were met by the intense gaze of honey brown eyes. Though it might have startled others, it ended up warming your heart. You knew the man didn’t go out of his way for customer service, let alone smile at anyone and yet he did this for you. Subtly smiling at him you settled into your seat as you held the cup between your palms, relishing in the warmth. Quietly you mouthed a ‘thank you’, hoping he could understand. In another rare moment you saw Kylo’s lips return the same subtle smile you gave him as well as a nod in response. 


A gloomy world goth day to you all 💀🕷⚰
Spent the day sauntering around Helsinki with the bae
This is taken in the Ruttopuisto which translates to plague park and it is so named because in the 18th century a plague epidemic ravaged Helsinki and all the victims were buried in a mass grave underneath the park
So it’s like walking on a huge pile of centuries old corpses 👌

Probably because I used the gate to evacuate the lizard today, the kittens got out of our fenced-in yard and started roaming the neighborhood. This is Bad. Cars, dogs, and other cats exist. When previous cats escaped, the results usually included hunting for them over several blocks for hours while they sprinted away or had heart attacks in the bushes. Cat escapes are serious and usually leave the cat terrified and exhausted.

I found one kitten happily hunting lizards right next to the front door, while the other one casually sauntered around my car. I had them back inside within a minute.


Harrison and I both began to drink and at some point early on I said, “Do you want to see me do an imitation of you?”

Harrison didn’t walk, he swaggered, like John Wayne in slow motion – taking his seemingly bad attitude for a walk. To depict this, I moved out of sight and after a moment reappeared, strolling as he strolled, sauntering my way into whatever fresh hell I found myself. I’d become him, disenchanted Lord Ford, master of all he surveyed.

I hadn’t looked at Harrison yet to see how my portrayal of him was going over – too busy appearing indifferent and impatient with my surroundings. As I continued to portray his inner monologue, I finally let at least one of my eyes slide wearily to his face and saw that he was not only laughing, he was laughing that silent and hard laugh reserved for true enthusiasm. Almost 40 years later, I still think of it as one of the greater moments of my life.

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*waiting for the yuri on stage fanfictions* 😏😏 (not a request)

I know my requests are closed but I’m dyin over all the drama at the stage event so here are the fics that came out! (I’ll update this as the weekend goes by)

Yuri!!! On Stage Fics (The Chihoko Incident)

✧·゚: *✧·゚:*         *:·゚✧*:·゚✧

Overcome Chihoko by reginar, renaissance, Teen, 2.7k
Yuuri has the words OVERCOME CHIHOKO written on his back, a pair of underpants on his head, and apparently Viktor’s gone missing.

rooftop by maladroitcore, Teen, 1k
Somehow, Yuuri is naked on the roof of Hasetsu Castle with Victor.

Overcome Chihoko by aliceofdeath (RengeAkai), Teen, 1.3k
Viktor gets drunk. Chihoko is mentioned. Viktor’s dick is out. And his fiancé is naked on top of the ninja castle with him.

WHO IS CHIHOKO? by pensversusswords, Teen, 1.4k (WIP)
Drabbles inspired by the Yuri on Stage event announcement. Viktor and Yuuri are jealous husbands, Seunggil is affectionate when drunk, and Viktor loves Yuuri’s off season tummy. All is good in the world.

affection for an idiot by harlequindreaming (armydoctor), Teen, 2.2k
“Is this better than Chihoko?” he yells down defiantly. Yuuri looks up at this impossibly irrational, petty and ridiculous man, who is apparently so in love with Yuuri that he’s willing to risk life, limb, and dignity to prove himself more worthy of Yuuri’s love. Against his better judgement, Yuuri starts to smile.“Who’s Chihoko?” he yells back. “I could search the whole world, Viktor, nobody is better than you!”

#Chihoko by Nomanono, Sintina, Teen, 3.1k
Jealousy and drunk exhibitionism happens in Hasetsu before the “Victor and Friends” ice exhibition.Victor ends up screaming naked from the top of a castle.

Overcome Chihoko! by EmmyLynna, Teen, 3.6k
Everything was going so well. He, Yuuri, Yurio and several of their friends were all gathered at Hasetsu for an ice show that they were going to hold at Ice Castle later that week. And here he was, the ever doting fiancé helping his Yuuri to stretch before one of their practices when the love of his life mentions a Chihoko.

Consequence in Russian is Sunburn by phoenixwings, Mature, 1.2k
“Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuri!” Victor calls, sauntering into Yuuri’s childhood bedroom. Yuuri peaks out from underneath his pillow, and he can’t help but to smile when he sees his fiancé’s heart-shaped grin. Victor thrusts something green and pointy in the general vicinity of Yuuri’s face, though Yuuri can’t exactly pinpoint how far the object is from him. “I need you to rub this on my ass.”

Chihoko, what’s good? by katsukiy, Teen, 2.2k
The one where Viktor moons the entirety of Hasetsu to prove himself worthy of his husband-to-be, discards the existence of architectural barriers and, of course, Yuuri gets caught in the crossfire.

Rooftops by scribblywobblytimeylimey, Teen, 638 words
“Do you think we could fuck up here?”
“We would definitely die.”

morning glory by alitaire, Gen, 610 words
Sitting on the hard ceramic tiles with his equally naked fiancé in his arms, Yuuri thinks the view from the castle rooftop is quite nice.

fake dating! zimbits

It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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like real people do | jungkook

summary: the feelings for your friends with benefits are changing. months pass, and you feel your gut telling you that you want more. you’re just not sure if he feels the same. 

college student!reader, friends with benefits!jungkook

based off hozier’s song ‘like real people do’

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Okay but after the new Love Hotel & Instagram chapter I desperately need Yuuri to find his old school uniform while packing his things in preparation to move to Russia (or even better, Victor asking Mari or Yuuko for their old ones and makes Yuuri wear it)

“W-where did you get that?” Yuuri sputtered upon walking into his bedroom and seeing Victor sitting on his bed.

Except he wasn’t just sitting on Yuuri’s bed.

He was sitting on Yuuri’s bed, wearing the dark, dark blue uniform jacket and pants that Yuuri had not seen in years.

And wearing it exactly like Yuuri had always imagined. Jacket front undone, flaps haphazardly pushed back. White button up shirt just a bit rumpled and nearly coming untucked from his belt line. The knot in the school tie loose and askew. He rested an elbow on a knee, holding his chin in his hand as he smirked over at Yuuri.

Every bit the image of a punkish, popular bad boy that robbed everyone of their hearts and common sense the second he sauntered into a room or down a hallway.

“I might have bribed someone,” Victor replied, smooth and rich like melted chocolate. He pushed off the bed and strode over to Yuuri.

Yuuri was reeling. Not just at three years of high school fantasies come to life, but the fact that Victor looked even hotter than any image Yuuri had ever conjured up. Intensified by ten times over when Victor confidently drove Yuuri back against the bedroom doorframe, planting his hand firm against the wall, pinning Yuuri there under his sharp blue gaze and the abusive amounts of power that uniform was giving him over Yuuri.

Weak-kneed Yuuri. Trembling Yuuri. Already half-hard in his pants Yuuri.

“Is that the right way to do a kabe-don?”

An endless mantra of ohmygodohmygodohmygod hurled itself through Yuuri, and he couldn’t even be sure if it was only mental or if he was actually breathing the words out.

Screw all logic and restrain, Yuuri wanted nothing more than to be screwed by Victor. With the uniform still on. Right there against the doorframe.

“I-… I, ummm-…” Yes. Very right. The very right way of doing a kabe-don. So right that it was wrong. So wrong. Very wrong. “…Why are you-…” Yuuri couldn’t even finish the question, about a nanosecond away from seizing a hold of that sloppily-knotted tie in order to crash his mouth and body against Victor’s.

“Because you got senpai to notice you.”

And it was at that point that Yuuri utterly broke down into a fit of laughter that lasted approximately ten minutes, and then five more when Victor refused to stop pouting at just how awful Yuuri had found that line and that there was no hope of recovering.

Zach asking you to sleep over at his house - part 3

Warnings: graphic descriptions and images of sex/sexual activities. You’ve been warned my lovelies:) Enjoy!

Your P.O.V
The morning sunlight peeked through the curtains, basking the room with its warmth. I was tightly cocooned in a strong pair of arms, my back pressed against a muscular chest. There were soft snores echoing in my ear. I turned my head slightly, to see who the culprit of this snoring was, finding the peaceful face of my sleeping boyfriend, Zach Dempsey. 

Originally posted by sensualkisses

‘That’s right… Me and Zach… We actually did it last night.’ A sense of giddiness overcomes me. I remember last night so vividly… 

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requested // no

requests are open // request here

TW // Smut, profanity 

I hope you can see the shape that I’m in when he’s touching your skin

Jealousy. It’s in his veins. It’s selfish, he knows, but he doesn’t want to see her with anyone other than him. They’re just dancing, it should be innocent, but she’s staring at him. She’s staring at him with that gleam in her eyes and a smirk on her blood red lips, she knows what she’s doing to him and she’s enjoying it. He craves her. her touch being the only thing that could cool his burning skin right now, the kind of touch that breaks voids of silence, but she’s not touching him she’s touching that stranger. Her pretty hands touching a man who doesn’t even know her name, a man who asked her to dance whilst Harry was standing right there. He’s got the image of her over the shoulder smile she sent him as she walk away with a man that wasn’t him. She can see he’s mad, whether it’s at her or the guy touching her she doesn’t know but she can see his hand gripping his drink as hard as he grips her neck and it makes her ache…

Tempted, you know

Temptation. The cruellest of all mistresses. He’d ruin her, he wants to ruin her. He wants to hurt her so good she bites the inside of her cheek to suppress her whimpers when she thinks of him. He wants to do everything that man who’s got his hands on her could never do because he doesn’t know her body the way Harry does. It’s driving him insane, she’s driving him insane and the longer she stares at him, the more she bites that goddamn lip of hers, the more he can’t resist the temptation of watching her, watching him. If she could stop being so fucking pretty; he could stop losing himself over her. He would never make a scene, that wasn’t him, he doesn’t need to. He knows what she wants and he’s more than happy to oblige. She wants the sparks between them to leave carpet burns on her knees, she wants him to confess his sins with his tongue in the church beneath her skirt, she wants him to destroy her and fuck he wants that too. When the song ends, that mans hands drop from her waist and she saunters over to him with a sway in her hips and that smirk still playing on her lips. It’s got his arm reaching towards her and his hand in her hair, pulling it back as he whispers “you’re going to regret that” into her ear in that voice that leaves her breathless. She doesn’t say anything; she’s too focused on how his rough hand is so gentle on the small of her back as he leads her outside and into the back of a taxi.

You flower, you feast

She’s the prettiest sin he’s ever touched. Her black dress a mess on the floor by the door; discarded so he can leave fingerprint bruises on her skin. She’s gasping and they’re not even at the bedroom yet but when they get there, oh god when they get there, he’s everywhere all at once and she’s overwhelmed. She’s so soft and he’s going to break her. He’s got her under his thumb and she’s squirming, she’s writhing, every move he makes is so intense and she can’t breathe. She blossoms at his touch, his touch, the only one who should be touching her like this; at all. His fingers are in her and it’s just not enough. She needs him, all of him, whimpers of “please” and “need you” being all she can get out has him falling apart. She’s his weakness and that desperate look in her eyes is going to kill him.


Every essence of him is in her, his body is all electricity when he’s one with her. His hands are all over her, like leaving any part of her skin untouched would be a crime punishable by death, she’s red with hand prints and bite marks and she’s never loved her body more. She’s his and now no one would be able to ignore that, no unnamed man at a bar had anything on Harry. No man could make her feel like he does, she’s ruined for anyone else and he loves it. Her back is arched and his lips are between her collarbones, one of her hands in his hair and the other over her mouth and she’s there. His encouraging whispers in her ear of “good girl” and “that’s it baby” aren’t helping her come down from this state of bliss. She’s silent, too in awe of this feeling to make a sound, it’s never quite felt like this before and he can tell because she’s so impossibly tight. He’s falling apart, her mouth-open-eyes-squeezed-shut face pushing him so far off the edge he’s in disbelief. He’s gripping at her, almost as though he thinks she’ll disappear, he’s got his head buried in the crook of her neck and he’s groaning. His husky voice sounding more like a growl as he loses himself inside of her and fuck it’s music to her ears. When he’s done he collapses, still inside of her, face still in the crook of her neck and they’re quiet. The aftermath to their euphoria being comfortable silence. Him on top of a body so beautiful to him, painted in marks from him.


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How many girls do you think Alex accidentally flirted with before she realized she was gay? Like she was SO flirting with Maggie before she realized but like how often do you think that happened and she just thought she was being nice or whatever? Fucking oblivious gay nerd.

She’s six and the girl’s brothers had left her all alone in the sand as they dashed into the ocean, yelping and shoving and splashing each other as they barrel deeper into the water.

The girl looks lonely and the girl looks listless, and Alex knows the feeling.

“You don’t like the ocean?” she asks without preamble, because six year old social code permits so much more direct communication than older codes will.

The girl turns to her and sighs. Her face is pretty, even when it’s sad, and Alex bites the inside of her cheek. “I’ll just slow my brothers down,” she says, and Alex holds out an open hand.

“You won’t slow me down.”

They take each wave together, the girl never letting go of Alex’s hand, and Alex never wanting her to.

Eliza, watching from their balcony overlooking the beach, is proud that her shy little Alexandra is finally making a friend.

She’s ten and the pretty girl from homeroom has the best science fair poster in the whole lunchroom.

Except for Alex’s, of course, but Alex doesn’t mention that when she tells her that it looks great, and how did she get such clear images of a monthly progression of sunspots from a homemade pinhole camera?

Alex thinks the girl blushes, but it must be because she’s shy, or maybe she doesn’t like talking in such a crowded, bustling space. Or it’s Alex’s imagination.

Either way, she decides that the best course of action is to keep complimenting the girl, because she deserves it, and if Alex’s life as a professional ten year old nerd is any indication, the girl can use all the compliments she can get.

She’s fourteen, and her newest surf instructor is eighteen, and Alex has never been nervous before classes before, but she almost throws up each time, now, because what if she messes up, and what if her instructor decides that Alex has only been accelerated to an advanced class by luck, and she demotes her back down to surfing with the other fourteen year olds, and – 

“Nice job, Danvers!” she calls, and Alex nearly spills off her board at the way her heart leaps, at the way she says her name.

When her boyfriend picks her up after class – her instructor’s boyfriend, not Alex’s, because who would ever want to date her, anyway? – Alex stands a little bit straighter, gets her instructor to laugh a little bit louder.

“Make sure he takes you somewhere nice: you only deserve the best places, you know?” she tells her, and she thinks she’s smooth, thinks she’s putting the college boy in his place, even though she’s not quite sure why she wants to.

She’s sixteen and Vicky Donahue is always on her mind. And that’s okay – they’re best friends, and best friends are supposed to always be on each other’s minds, right? – and Vicky is nice to Kara and Vicky smells so damn good and Alex wants to be just like her and she usually loves school but god the days before the nights she gets to sleep over at Vicky’s are horribly, horribly long.

Because Vicky’s mother keeps offering to set up an air mattress in Vicky’s room, and Alex keeps telling her, “It’s alright, Mrs. Donahue, you don’t have to go out of your way, I don’t mind the tight space, honest.” Because it is a tight space, sharing Vicky’s bed, but it means that Vicky’s body is close to hers, and best friends snuggle all the time, right?

And friends play dress up, too, even in high school, right, and when Vicky goes through her parents’ closets and tosses her top off without thinking to try on something new, Alex gulps extra hard and she blushes like she’s Kara and she stammers but she obeys when Vicky tells her to come zip her up, and she nearly kisses the back of her neck because friends are affectionate with each other, right, and she’s sincere when she tells her that she’s beautiful, that she’s the prettiest girl in the whole school, the whole town, and Vicky gives her something of a strange look, and she turns her back to Alex before she changes again.

She’s nineteen and she doesn’t have much use for English class, but that girl who sits across from her makes great drawings in her notebook and Alex has to tell her, right, because who doesn’t want to be complimented?

“Hey – I really like your uh… art.”

The girl giggles. “They’re just doodles.”

“No, but they’re really good! You’re really good.”

The girl shrugs, her eyes lingering on Alex’s face a beat too long. But not long enough.

She starts doodling for Alex, nudging her and edging her notebook toward her, sometimes ripping out the sketches and gifting them to a spluttering Alex. She keeps every one of them and she takes them out during long days in the lab, and she chews on the inside of her cheek, and she fantasizes about what the girl’s boyfriend probably likes to do to her in bed, because some of the doodles are a bit sexual, so it’s only natural for the mind to wander, right?

She’s twenty-three and she’s partying way too hard, because college was too easy and grad school is easy but what’s not easy is Eliza’s voice in the back of her head, is the constant guilt of having gone off to Stanford without Kara, is the constant confusion and loneliness because she can get everything else right, but not dating, not men, and Eliza is starting to ask uncomfortable questions.

She goes home with men with clumsy hands and overeager tongues, but she dances with women with scintillating touches and vodka on their breath. She smiles and sometimes, she winks, and sometimes, she puts her hands on hips that aren’t hers, and sometimes, her blood rushes through her veins so fast she can barely breathe because her body will go home with a guy, but her mind will stay here on the dance floor.

She’s twenty-seven and it’s been too long, and that’s okay, because the DEO keeps her busy, the DEO keeps her focused. The DEO saved her life.

But she’s twenty-seven and Lucy Lane walks in and Kara isn’t wrong about how nice she smells and how smart she is and how date-able she is, but she’s the enemy because of who her father is and she’s the enemy because of who her ex-boyfriend-sort-of-still-boyfriend is and she’s the enemy because she almost sends Alex and J’onn off to Cadmus, but suddenly she’s not the enemy because she rescues them and fights for them and she throws everything on the line for them and Alex thinks of that thing she felt during her interrogation, correcting Lucy from calling her Alexandra, Lucy’s piercing eyes when she called out that Alex was lying, Lucy’s uncomfortable shifting when what’s his face was going on yet another xenophobic rant, and Alex can’t think about any of this now because now, she’s on the run, and sure, she’ll always have Lucy to thank for that, but later, later, later.

She’s twenty-eight and it’s her crime scene, dammit, not some arrogant detective’s with gorgeous eyes and gorgeous hair and a confident smirk and god, god, god, how is she that smart, how is anyone that sharp?

She’s twenty-eight and it’s innocent, it’s pool, they’re friends, and of course she’s not jealous when she says she’s got a hot date, because sure, whatever woman has a hot date with Maggie Sawyer is probably the luckiest woman in the world, but Alex is just excited to finally meet someone that can go toe-to-toe with her, that can challenge her, that can change her. And if her stomach flips a little bit when she saunters off in those jeans and that tank top to that date, it’s just because she’d hoped maybe they could go for a drink, because it’s been so long since Alex has had a friend outside of work.

She’s twenty-eight and she’s up all night, because she’s twenty-eight and she’s falling in love. In gay love. Lesbian love. 

God, god, god, how has she not seen it before?

She’s falling in love with a woman, and memories are exploding out of her like water bursting out of a dam, and she’s terrified and she’s confused and she’s never felt more… herself.

And Maggie Sawyer is the reason why.

Idiot Jar- Avengers x Reader

Request: Thank you Anon! Hope this is what you were thinking of!

“Hi! Would you consider doing #50 with a mix of all the avengers? Maybe especially Bucky?”

Prompt: 50. “I’m starting and idiot jar. Anytime you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it -more depending on how stupid the thing you said or did was.”

Notes/Warnings: None. (If I am forgetting anything please feel free to let me know and I’ll add it)

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  “I’m just saying, If I were able to time travel, that’s the first place I’d go.” Tony finished as he and Steve walked into the kitchen. You grabbed a towel and dried your hands from washing dishes.

 You looked at them with a curious raised eye brow. “I’m intrigued, Tony.” You started. “Where is it you would go?”

 Tony blushed and shook his head. “Nowhere. It’s nothing.”

 “No,” You pressed and crossed your arms. “I wanna hear this.”

 Steve grinned and ducked his head, trying to hide just how hilarious this was to him. “Go on, Tony, tell her where you’d go.”

 You looked at him expectantly and waited stubbornly for an answer. Tony shifted his weight and rubbed the back of his neck.

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