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punkokada-deactivated20150411 asked:

lEts go..., frick er. ill beat u up!! i'll...*phone starts ringing, ringtone is twinkle twinkle little star* mom niot r8i(ht now im trying 2 b tuff...i cant go home now mom its not my curfew an I hav 2 beat u0p dis nerd uuuuugh

ha. ever1 l ook at this nerd.  laugh at the NERD haha.  on the ophne 2 mummy  hah, a!! aha, *phone rings* mum w……..n o im…pls. i’ll do the dishes later i..Im osryr oh god, no please not righ t njw im, iM TRYIN TO make fun of some nerd o…o kay…no im…i know i shouldnt be mean 2 ppl.  i …