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As I’m sure you all know, Cole Brown, the English VA of Jaguar D.Saul and Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach) has passed earlier this week (I’m sometimes late to the news okay?)…….

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R.I.P Cole Brown, my sincerest condolences go to your family and loved ones and you WILL be missed!

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Oh my god this is soo nice from Slash 😍😍😍😭 so cute so sweet i love him even more after watching this 😍😍😍 Slash’s voice is incredible 💝

Slash's Drunk Driving Gets You in a Car Wreck Pt 2

A/N: Y'all should consider yourselves blessed. I considered killing off Y/N. I really did

As the doctors run into Y/N’s room, they demand that everyone leaves. Slash’s eyes widen, “No! I can’t leave!" 

Axl pulls Slash out of the room and shuts the door behind him. Slash rushes to the window and peers in, his heart beating rapidly as Axl places a hand on his shoulder. "W-what’re they doin’?!” He panics. 

“They’re opening her hospital gown so they can use the AED,” Axl explains. “They’re gonna shock her heart." 

Slash’s fists are clenched as he struggles not to cry. "They’re gonna hurt her. They can’t hurt her.” His voice catches in his throat. “Axl, make them stop. They’re gonna hurt my girl.” The boys all exchange looks. They’ve never seen Slash this way and he sounds so frightened that he’s speaking like a child. 

Duff wraps an arm around Slash. “She won’t be hurt. She’s gonna wake up and you can hold her and she’s still going to love you. You hear me?" 

Slash shakes his head. "She’s going to be hurt-" 

All the boys turn their heads at the sound of a camera click. At least ten people, all clutching cameras, stand in front of the band. Completely disregarding Slash’s current state and the doctors prepping the AED in the room the band is in front of, they begin snapping pictures. Axl growls. "GET THE FUCK OUT!” When his demands are ignored, the redhead grabs a picture frame off of the hospital wall and throws it at the pap, causing them all to scram. 

“Slash, you might wanna get over here…” Izzy mumbles and Slash rushes to the window, all color draining from his previously flushed cheeks as he takes in the scene before him. Y/N’s gown is opened and her entire top half is revealed. The doctors, who have already shocked her again, are preparing the AED again. 

“One… Two… Three!” The doctor presses the AED to her chest and she seems to convulse beneath it. 

Still nothing. Slash’s heart sinks as the girl he loves remains motionless on her hospital bed and the doctors set down the AED. The first doctor to open the door has a grave look on his face. “Which one of you is Miss Y/L/N’s boyfriend? Is a Mr. Saul Hudson here?" 

Slash raises his hand slightly. "Right here…” Dread fills his chest as the doctor’s brows furrow. 

“We’re very sorry, Mr. Hudson. We did all that we could. She didn’t make it." 

Slash seems to crumble as Duff hugs him. "She’s gone. Duffy, she’s gone…”

Axl growls, “Hell. No. You go right back in there and shock that girl again. Shock her until she’s up and banging Slash again.”

“Sir, we can’t do that. Not to mention the fsct that you’re not in charge.”

“Yeah? I’m Axl Fucking Rose and if I say you should get back in there and shock Y/N you’re gonna do it. I will not have my lead guitarist devastated. How the hell will we perform without a lead guitarist? Huh? You know what? If my guitarist isn’t able to perform ‘cause you didn’t try again, then I’m gonna sue. I’m gonna sue.”

The doctor purses his lips and walks back into Y/N’s room. Taking out the AED again and powering it up, he behind to count down. Slash grips Axl and Duff’s hands and Steven and Izzy stand beside him comfortingly. “Three… Two… One." 

The doctor shocks Y/N and her body lifts off the bed just slightly. Slash looks down and his hair bounces as it masks his face. His hope is beginning to diminish and he can feel a huge, invisible weight on his shoulders. 'She won’t make it. You’ll be alone. You’ll have nothing,’ his thoughts taunt him. They taunt him until he hears each of the boys gasp and feels Axl pulls his head up by yanking gently on his hair. 

Y/N groans softly and coughs as the doctor steps back and puts the AED away. Slash shoves the door open and rushes into her room. "Y/N!" 

Rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand, she squints and then smiles softly. "Saul?" 

The guitarist can’t suppress the tears that begin slipping down his cheeks and he kneels down beside her and hugs her, being careful of her wounds. "I’m sorry,” He sobs, “I’m sorry, baby. It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.”

Y/N wraps her uninjured arm around him and holds his head to her torso, cautious of her broken ribs. “Shh… Shh. You’re fine. You’re fine. I love you so much. I know you didn’t mean to do anything.”

Taking a moment to get control of himself, Slash wipes some of the tears off of his cheeks and takes a shaky breath. “I love you. I ain’t gonna drink for a while. For a few months. For you, ok? I’m gonna get myself in control.”

She kisses the unmanaged curls stop his head and nods. “You do whatever you want to to make you feel better about all this. Just know that I love you. Ok?” Slash nods and takes her hand in his, grateful that the single most important thing in his life is going to be okay. 


“Y/N! Where are my leather pants? I need 'em tonight, babe.” Slash is upstairs, trying to get ready before leaving for the current Guns N’ Roses tour. He promised he wouldn’t leave Y/N’s side for the four months of her recovery and physical therapy. 

Completely healed and happy, Y/N yells back, “In the dryer, baby!” She can’t help but be slightly disappointed she’s all healed. She loved having him around all the time. 

Slash runs down the hallway to grab them before stopping and hugging you close to him. “Before I grab those pants, I have a surprise for you." 


A wide, child-like grin spreads across his handsome face. "Yep! Babygirl, you’re coming on tour with me!" 

She squeals and hugs him tight, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. "You’re serious?”

“Of course! It’s gonna be you, me and my guitar having the time of our life. And the guys, too!” When she can’t find any words to express her happiness, she kisses Slash again and Slash finds himself silently thanking Axl Rose for forcing the doctor to go back into that room and save his girl. 


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