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Another distressing chapter, but also a little heartwarming. Now that the flashback is over, I hope we never see anything of Sanji’s past with his family again, I couldn’t stomach it. I’m the first who asks for more of her favorite’s suffering so that he can shine later in much more glory, but the last chapters really left me emptied and sad.

As I said previously. Oda’s been putting unusual focus on his past and current pains. I wouldn’t have expected the flashback to last for so long, nor for Oda to unveil him so slowly - since we already got hints of it in 833. Now the picture is crystalline clear.

Sanji’s mother, a beautiful lady, very resemblant to Reiju, - except for the eyebrows, and at this point they must come either from Judge’s side or from the prenatal modification of the siblings - is dead: Judge is said to have “mistresses”, so we can assume he didn’t care much about her, but not so little to “dispose” of Sanji while she was still alive, as we learnt last chapter. Sanji asked the guard not to tell to his father about his visit and his mother said Judge would get angry: in all likelihood sees her just as a useless child-bearer or thinks that her weakness may influence negatively the children. Given the kind of guy he is, at least….

The scene of little Sanji facing all the hardships of the storm, plus a dog and a maid, to meet his mom, was especially touching. It reminded me of a little Hugo Cabret for some reason, and I cried fountains other that movie. Summed with the scene where he eats alone while his father embraces the other siblings…

To think that such a man could even feel affection for other human beings is contradictory to me. But who am I to judge? - no pun intended. 

His passion for cooking was born out of the sweetest thing: the only thing he was appreciated for, by the only person who appreciated him - and died, cause Oda doesn’t like alive mothers apparently. So, even in his solitary confinement, he held on to it. His mother was the only good thing about his life, so of course she was gone. 

His dream of cooking was a dream of personal-improvement, his dream of All Blue was longing for freedom. 

Reiju says it clearly, as Oda quotes himself back to chapter 394:

Something along the lines of: the sea is an incredible place, of dreams, of men. This is a very common issue in One Piece

“The dreams of men will never die!” - Blackbeard

Or, if not their dreams, at least their salvation, which can come by sea. So Sanji escaped and found himself in yet another danger. Zeff clearly says the opposite of Blackbeard and Reiju and Saul:

something along the lines of: The sea is way too big and too cruel, it harbors men’s dream but shatters them mercilessly along with their lives.

Now this makes it even more cruel that the sea would be both  his salvation and yet another threat to his life. 

On a side note, the goodbye with Reiju was very emotional. The little girl really was wishing him the best, though in all likelihood didn’t hope he’d actually make it. She’s the only one left in the family who at least is not “rotten to the core”, and I hope she still isn’t, because her  words to him in the last panel were quite cold. 

I am thinking more and more of Zoro lately, since when you think of San in One Piece, you automatically think of Zo. When he was a kid, he was essentially a shrunken version of his future self: stern, determined, strong both in mind and body… but Sanji’s the complete opposite. Yes, he has maintaned his good-heart -and honestly I’ll never believe how he could grow up good in such an enviroment -, his mercy, but he is also very different: much more hardened, no naive at all, logical, cold in reasoning, self-sacrifical … His child-self resembles much more a Usopp or a Chopper or even a Brook, I dare say. Yet unlike Zoro, he hasn’t overcome the most of his traumas, something we could have hardly said before this saga: who would have expected to see him trembling, one of the top fighters? And I appreciate this majestic character development.

At the end, Oda gives a big tissue to his fans in pain by giving them a Luffy who ate Cracker’s soldiers. 


I think will sooner lose it ouf of impatience than phisically lose. The battle has been going on all night long and maybe Nami already obtained the loyalty of the Seducing Woods - they really need it. 

Yet another important life lesson: always eat at your fullest for the sake of your friends.

I think I’m falling for you - Duff Mckagan

Pairing: Duff Mckagan, Slash.

Words: 1737

A/N: Okay, this is the longest imagine I’ve written so far, and this is based as the reader being Slash’s daughter and a 2016 Duff, also smut.

I was sitting backstage with my dad, Slash. He was telling me about the last time he toured with Guns n’ Roses, telling me his memories of his very first show being the guitarist of the band. I loved when he told me this stories, I could see he was happy to join the band once again for a tour. I was visiting him for a few nights and things have been fun. However, the relationship between me and Duff has gotten more and more tense, ever since the last time I saw him, a few months ago, things changed.


“Where is your dad again?” Duff asked for the second time.

“I’m not sure, he was supposed to be here an hour ago”

“Should I call him?” he asked

“If you want to”

I sat on the couch, waiting for Duff and my dad. They had been planning something, and apparently the only place they could plan this, was in my apartment.  I wasn’t very sure of what they were doing, but I heard some stuff about a party. A party for who? I have no idea.

“He said he’ll be here soon, he got stuck in traffic” he says, “but on the good side, I found some beer in your fridge” he smiles.

“So what are you guys planning?” I casually ask.

“Nothing you have to worry about” he smirks, and sits beside me, drink in hand.

Thirty-minutes go by, and there is still no sign of dad, which is weird since he isn’t really the type of person who arrives late. At this point we’ve already ordered pizza and drank most of the alcohol in my house, which wasn’t much, but it was enough to get us both tipsy.

“Tell me a secret” he says, his head resting on the arm of the couch, his legs on top of my thighs, me resting my back on the piece of furniture.

“When I was younger I had a crush on you” I laugh

“No way, really?” he chuckles, changing positions so that his legs are crossed, his head facing me, and teasing smile on his lips.

“Yeah, why did you think I wanted you to teach me bass?” I look at him

“I never thought about it” he laughs again.

“Your turn, tell me a secret” I tell him.

“Umm well, you turn me on” he says.

“what?” I furrow my eyebrows, not believing what he just said.

“Yeah, when you’re on stage, singing and playing bass…I had a hard time touring with you and your band last year, more with your dad being there” he admits, his eyes glittering.

“I…what are you talking about? You’re drunk” I laugh, resting my head on the back of the sofa again, looking toward the ceiling, heavily sighting.

“I mean it”

“You have a wife, and two daughters, one of them being one of my closest friends” I add.

I look at him again, observing his face, his blonde hair all over the place, his green eyes shining, a smile on his lips. I stare at him, and he stares at me, not breaking eye contact at any moment. Slowly he moves his head towards me, and I do the same, when we’re close enough, I put my hand on his cheek, moving my thumb to his lips, tracing them with it, I rest my forehead with, he sighs.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” I whisper, he hums in response.

“You’re going to cheat on your wife, with your best friends twenty-year-old daughter” I add.

He brings his hand to his cheek, were mine is, and pulls it away, “I know what I’m doing” he says.

He kisses me and I kiss him back, closing my eyes. His hand moving to the back of my neck, and mine returning to the spot on his cheek, his tongue traces my lower lip and open my mouth, moving our lips in sync. His hands moving towards my back and grab my hips, I move so that I’m on top of him, my legs on each side of his body, and I move my hand towards his hair, small moan leaving my mouth when his hand squeezes my ass.

I break the kiss, and my hands move from his hair, tracing his shoulders and torso, reaching the hem of his shirt. On my thighs I can fell his cock starting to harder through his pants, and I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I look at him, his breath is heavy life mine, and he gives an approving look, so I take his shirt of. My lips immediately attaching to his neck, leaving a trail of kisses down his stomach, reaching hem of his black, tight jeans. My knees on the floor.

I undo the button and pull the pants down, revealing a pair of tight, black boxers, and a very visible tent on them. I lick my lips and pull down his boxers, running my hands on his thighs, a shaky breath leaves his mouth.

My hand reaches for his hard dick, and give it a few pumps before taking his tip in my mouth, the taste of pre cum in my tongue, a quiet groan coming from him. I take all that I can suck on my mouth, of my hands helping me with the rest, and another copping his balls. I start to move my head, and my hand, humming a little, sending vibrations and making him groan louder. His hand moves to the back of my head, grabbing a handful of hair.

“S-stop” he says, “I want to fuck you” Slowly I take him out of me, a line of saliva hangs from my mouth, connected to his dick.

I stand up, and he takes his shoes and remaining clothes off, I take off my shoes, and my shirt off, before he, fully naked, pins me to the nearest wall, the one besides the front door, he kissed my neck and bites it, reaching my back and unclipping my bra, taking it off.

He leans over and takes my nipple in his mouth, my back arching instantly, his hands desperately working on undoing the button of jeans, my hands on his hair the whole time.

His knees touch the floor, and he pulls my pants and panties off, kissing my legs up to my neck, standing up again.

“Do you like it hard?” he whispers in my ear

“Love it” I reply

A chuckle leaves his mouth and he grabs my left thigh, raising it with his hand, his dick entering me without any warning, a moan leaves my mouth and my back arches again, his head resting on my shoulder.

“You feel so good” he says

His hips move at a steady pace, trusting hard and fast, moaning and leaving hickeys on my neck.

“Come on, say my name”

“oh Duff” I say

“I’m sure we both know that you can be louder” he encourages, “come on”

“Fuck Duff, I-aah it feels so aah good”

I move my hips, creating more friction between us, shaky breaths leaving his mouth, his name falling from mine like my life depended on it.

“You coming” he asked.

“Yeah, you?”


His trusts became sloppier and faster, his grip on my waits probably leaving marks, seconds later he came, shots of warm cum driving me to my climax, shaking and moaning his name, my toes curling, still moving our hips, riding out our orgasms.

The evidence of our orgasm trails down my legs, his head still rests on my shoulder, letting my leg go, breathing heavily.

“we should get dressed” I suggest.


I walk towards the kitchen and grab a towel, cleaning myself, and then moving to the couch, were duff was half-dressed, I grab my clothes and put them on, silence taking over.

“I meant what I said” he says when we are both dressed.


“I think I’m falling for you” he says.

“Don’t say that” I look down

“why not?”

“You have a family; I don’t want to destroy it” I reply, “You’re also my father’s best friend” I add

*End of flashback*

I tell my dad that I was going to the bathroom, not really having the intentions of actually going to the bathroom. As I move, I spot the tall, blonde, man. I look at him and he looks at me, making eye contact almost instantly, breaking it seconds later, since a man on a suit starts talking to him.

I keep walking until the end of the corridor, spotting a door and opening it, not sure where it will be taking me. I walk out and it a small room with white walls, no furniture, no windows, nothing.

I reach to the back of my pocket and take a cigarette out, lighting it and taking a drag.

“They say that’s bad for your health” Duff says, closing the door behind him.

“Look who’s talking” I turn around and laugh.

“I’ve been wanting to talk to you” he says, the air surrounding us changing.



“There is no us Duff” I quietly say, taking the cigarette to my mouth again.

“Exactly, look I understand if you don’t feel the same way, but I need you to tell me” he says

“What for?”

“So I can make things right” he licks his lips, “Do you feel the same way?” he asks.

“Yeah” I admit, looking at the floor.

“Good” he says, “I’m gonna do things right”

“What? What do you mean?” I ask

“I wanna be with you”

“You’re married”

“I’ll get a divorce”

My eyes widen, “W-what no, you can’t”

“Why not?”

“You have a family; you can’t leave them”

“I’m not going to leave my family, I gonna get a divorce so I can be with you, it doesn’t mean that I’m gonna forget about Grace or Mae”

“You can’t do that; you are not gonna get a divorce because of me”

“But I want to, I don’t want to be with Susan anymore, I want to be with you” he said, taking a step closer to me.

“What am I gonna say to my dad?” I murmur

“We can think about that later”

And he kissed me, I kiss him back, this time is sweet, passionate,

“It going to be okay, I promise” he says

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure”

Saul’s Suit #21: The Premium Services Package

Suit #21: “The Premium Services Package”

Breaking Bad S3E12, “Half Measures”

“You want your criminal associate taken into police custody?!”

Villains and antagonists wear green and purple. Everyone knows that. There was a memo. Google it. The Joker, the Green Goblin, the Riddler, old school Catwoman. While there is some overlap with good and neutral characters to be sure (the Hulk, anyone?), in the land of comic books, green and purple usually mean evil.

Purple and green—Saul’s most frequently worn colors in general—are also one of his most favored color pairings. Here, he agrees to help Walt get Jesse arrested in order to keep him from murdering the two rival drug dealers in revenge for shooting Andrea’s brother. Once again, the color of Saul’s shirt ties in nicely with key shots in the rest of the episode. For example, here is the very next scene:

There’s no realistic reason why Wendy’s room at the Crystal Palace would be saturated in Season 3 crime-green. Rather, the choice is artistic. She’s totally enveloped in the green meth smoke of the show’s opening credits.

Costume design: Kathleen Detoro





B-1B Lancer - USAF by Saul Easley
Via Flickr:
EAA - 2007

Sanji, Nico Robin, and Rika

So I did a different post about his, but I feel like a lot of what I was trying to say got lost. 

So first I wanted to look at Sanji and Robin’s parallels. these are two children that grew up in ‘privileged’ places. For Robin she grew up in Ohara, the worlds leading place for history and archaeology. For Sanji it was Germa, the leading country in science. These countries as well as these two children had access to the knowledge that the rest of the world did not. For Robin, the daughter of an important scholar, she could come and go from the library whenever she wished and study to be a scholar as well. For Sanji, the son of the King, he was given modifications upon birth to make him a strong warrior. There was a reason for the ‘’ around the privileged part.

However these two children do not live good and happy lives. Robin is treated like a monster by the people, and abused by her aunt. She’s hit, has rocks thrown at her, and called names all because she is different. Sanji’s body did not accept the modifications and is treated like a total failure. He is rejected, beaten, and left to die. 

The two children find an escape from the cruel reality. For Robin it is becoming a certified scholar. The education that the tree of knowledge provided for her is her safe haven, the only place she can feel secure. Sanji has no luxury. He liked to cook and was abused more because of that. He couldn’t even hide in his room and when he was imprisoned, the others still came and found him. 

They both loved their mother very much and worked in their chosen field to be close to her. For Robin she wanted to meet her mother, so she became an archaeologist so her mother would want to come spend time with her. Sanji cooked for his mother because he wanted to help her. Both of their mothers loved them and encouraged what they wanted to do. Oliva was so proud of Robin for being an archaeologist and Lady Vinsmoke said she would eat anything Sanji made for her.

Then trouble starts to brew. For Robin the marines have come to her island and are trying to kill all the scholars. For Sanji he cannot live up to his father’s expectations and is imprisoned. His brothers decide he has no reason left to live either. 

This is the second and third big differences between the children however. Robin is accepted by her parents but if forced to leave her home so she can survive. Sanji is rejected by his father and chooses to run away from home. 

However neither child can escape alone. They get help from sources that would be seen by outsiders as very unlikely. For Robin it was Saul, the man who arrested her mother. He cares very much for his little friend and wants to see her continue living. For Sanji it is his sister, who cannot stand by any longer while he cries. They help the two children escape, telling them that the world is vast and they will survive to find people who will care about them. 

For Robin though, her entire support is gone. The scholars, her recently united mother, her friend Saul, they are all dead. She has no one to rely on. While Sanji gets on the Orbit. The first group to support him. They help him by supporting his desire to learn cooking, but make fun of him for believing in the all blue. However he would then meet Zeff, the man who would raise him.

They would finally find those people that they were told about in the form of the strawhat crew!

Then you have little Rika. She, like Sanji, was watching a person she had come to care about dying. She also made them food, but as we see from the maid and Hellmepo’s reactions, neither Sanji or Rika can cook. Yet Lady Vinsmoke and Zoro both say that the food was good and thank them. That little bit of encouragement was all that the two of them needed. 

For them, someone they cared about had encouraged their abilities, and they worked hard to develop them. Both Sanji and Rika are cooks now. There is even a picture of her making rice balls.

Saul’s Suit #23: The Zia Motor Lodge

Suit #23: “The Zia Motor Lodge”

Breaking Bad S4E1, “Boxcutter”

“You have a passport, right?”

I’ve heard people refer to Saul at this stage as “paranoid Saul,” but honestly, he isn’t really being paranoid, he’s being prudent. Walt said his office might be bugged, so he’s looking for bugs. He was being followed by Victor. Last he heard from Walt, both he and Jesse were probably about to be killed by Gus and now they are both missing. Gale has been killed and Jesse and Walt are being held in the lab, but Saul doesn’t know any of that yet. When Skyler calls saying that Walt is missing, Saul surely assumes the worst (despite his guarantee that Walt is fine, he almost certainly assumes that he is dead). Are his phones tapped? He has no idea. The day before, Mike threatened to leave him in a hole in the desert, and if Mike has now found Jesse, he’ll know Saul lied to him. He’s ready to pull up stakes and get the fuck out of the country to avoid being killed.

This is Season 4 now, and Saul’s suits are better tailored. Maybe it’s a sign of the money he’s made. His color choices remain eccentric, but here, at least, they sort of work. I think he was dressed to complement the inflatable statue of liberty and the orange starburst on that Zia Motor Lodge sign, but he also looks sort of tropical—perhaps what he has in mind when he asks Huell about passports.

Costume design: Kathleen Detoro




The problem is not the liberal elites. The problem is the elites. They serve the same ideology. They work in the same financial institutions, hedge funds and foundations, including the Council on Foreign Relations, where government officials often are parked when they are out of power. They belong to the same clubs. They are stunted technocrats who function as systems managers for corporate capitalism. And no class of courtiers, going back to those that populated the Ottoman palaces, Versailles or the Forbidden City, has ever transformed itself into a responsible elite. They are, as John Ralston Saul writes, “hedonists of power.”

anonymous asked:

I just saw in a video (that newschannel you posted the Krizi gifs) all the shit Vidal did to our players and I'm glad they showed it. Yesterday I didn't hear that they were screaming 'murderer' but I can't blame them and he deserved red earlier! Also on Saul' stomach you could clearly see a mark so I think it's bulshit that he said that he 'slipped'. Sorry for the rant, always disliked Vidal.

Oh yes, they showed the mark he left on Saul’s body. Leaving it here in case people want to see it. It’s funny bc Vidal “slipped” tackling Saul’s ankle but magically his boot left that mark on Saul’s abs…

Saul’s Suit #22: The Hall Monitor

Suit #22: “The Hall Monitor”

Breaking Bad S3E13, “Full Measure”

“You and I survive this, oh, I’m seriously rethinking my pricing. Yeah. And that goes double for you, Hip-Hop.”

“My very own PI is threatening to break my legs! That’s like Thomas Magnum threatening that little prissy guy with the mustache!”

Paging Howard Hamlin! We have a contrasting collar in the house. I’ve read that this type of shirt was “all the rage” circa 2002-ish—highly appropriate for Better Call Saul, and maybe for this, too, being about five years out of style. Saul is also debuting some tassel loafers and a new belt. It’s still maybe the wrong color to go with this outfit, but at least it doesn’t have those extra metal loops.

This is such a strong episode, and Saul has great scenes in it. The reveal that he’s actually hiding Jesse in the closed down laser tag venue was so satisfying—and what a gorgeous shot, with Jesse standing in a square of red light amidst the blue room. (I must resist the urge to talk about Breaking Bad according to the color rules of Better Call Saul, because they don’t apply—but it’s tempting). It’s interesting to see Saul working to save Jesse from Mike, considering it wasn’t too long before this that he was the one suggesting that they “talk options.” The colors of his outfit are relatively toned down, and easily blend in with the lights in the laser tag arcade. His tie is too wide and the suit is still too slouchy, but it’s easy to forget that Saul is only really out of place with the rest of our main cast. Plus, this is still the 2000s, when cuts were roomier. Dressed like this, he’d look right at home down at the courthouse.

Costume design: Kathleen Detoro




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Wow I'm so late to realize your background picture is a reference from better call Saul :') they both do relate a lot I love it so much. ♡♡♡

Phahha omg! I have two better call reigen posters floating around tomble dot hell and that’s one of them. Glad you like it!! 💜


Playing heir 21 at the moment in Sims 3: Cameron (daughter of Saul, who is heir… you guessed it). After a brief holiday in Monte Castiglione (Monte Vista) with her grandparents, Cameron signs up for university where she studies Physical Education.

She’s set herself a few tasks. 

  • make friends
  • have fun
  • lose virginity

And on top of that:

  • make the grade at college. 

Will she succeed…? Find out ! ▼▼▼

Arrival. While all the others are accumulating in the hallway and in front of the building, Cameron immediately claims the best room with the best bed (double) and locks the door. No need for social acceptable behaviour when you’re a sim.

The very first evening it’s party time! Jeff shows his manhood, the girls think he’s a joke. Thanks to nomosaic I can tell you: he is. Poor guy.

The next day lallygagging is over: time for college.

In addition to his awe-inspiring work in the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo created two frescoes for the nearby Capella Paolina: the conversion of Saul and the crucifixion of Peter (seen here). Because these two frescoes didn’t conform to the conventions of the time, they were largely viewed as failures and were neglected in favor of the more famous works in the Sistine Chapel.