“The question I keep asking myself is this: should we pack up and leave, before it’s too late? All 8 million of us? Should we go back to the ghettos of Europe and Asia and wait for the next pogrom? Or just pray it doesn’t happen here first, in a flash of light?” 

Homeland Saul & Carrie only version. Vertical 16:9, it can be used as iPhone background.

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So there's a hostage situation in Carrie's house, its on the news all day, and when Dar picks up Saul, he asks "how's your sister?" Are these two guys that clueless as to what's been going on all day? This is something that the old Saul would have been briefed on mid-flight. If Dar does know that Carrie is in the news, he's playing it awfully cool. I just don't get this!

Hi Anon!

So, here’s the thing, the purpose of the Daul scene was to alert Dar that Saul was getting suspicious of the whole Iran charade, so that’s what we saw. 

In any given scene, we won’t get everything the characters actually would have, could have, or even did talk about. We will only hear what the writers need us to hear to move the story forward.  

You know like when you take a photo and then you zoom in and crop it so you only see the actual object of the photo and not all the background stuff? That’s what the writers have to do with their scenes. Everything that’s not immediately relevant to the scene’s purpose gets cut out or else the dialogue would be hella boring. 

When they need us to see Daul talking about Carrie and the shit that went down at her house, they’ll write a scene for it.

If it makes you feel better, remember that they had a long car ride, they probably talked about the situation at Carrie’s house right after the scene we saw, LOL.


“I just don’t get it,” an impassioned Patinkin said. “I don’t get how people in different countries all over the world can be frightened of people who suffered so much, who are so in need, who are so desperately asking to have freedom, justice and dignity. Just give them a welcome and let them into your home. After risking their lives under these conditions, give them a good shot. Help them, God almighty, help them.”

Mandy Patinkin

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One of the funniest scenes in season 1 is when Larry (James Urbaniak!) gives Saul the lie detector test. "Is your name Saul Berenson?"--"Yes."--"Are you sometimes called 'The Bear'?"--"F---in' hope not." Saul sass is the best sass! And I loved how much he dreaded that entire polygraph ordeal from start to finish.

That’s a great scene, anon! I think it’s hilarious that Saul, a career intelligence officer, routinely fails polygraph tests 😂