saul and carrie


Thank You POI for making us believe in second chances. 

For believing that good does exist in man kind. 

That strength can come in small numbers if the few are couragous, strong and brave. 

Thank you for proving enemies can become allies. 

That hope is painful, but it is what makes us determined to fight for what we believe in.

Goodbye POI.


“I was trying to figure out a way that she was seeing some big thing that we couldn’t see. There is some sort of a logic or sense to it, even though it’s grandiose. Her little details seem crazy, but after she has charted out everything physically that was in her mind, then we can actually see why it makes sense to her.” –Meredith Stiehm

2017 Emmy nominees that should have been

Best Drama
American Gods
The Americans
The Leftovers
13 Reasons Why

Best Comedy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Fresh Off The Boat
One Day At A Time
The Good Place

Best Comedy Actress
Kristen Bell; The Good Place
Rachel Bloom; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Minnie Driver; Speechless
Justina Machado; One Day At A Time
Phoebe Waller-Bridge; Fleabag
Constance Wu; Fresh Off The Boat

Best Comedy Actor
Hank Azaria; Brockmire
Jay Baruchel; Man Seeking Woman
Ted Danson; The Good Place
John Lithgow; Trial and Error
Randall Park; Fresh Off The Boat
Andy Samberg; Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Best Supporting Actor Comedy
Desmin Borges; You’re the Worst
Andre Braugher; Brooklyn Nine-Nine
William Jackson Harper; The Good Place
Micha Fowler; Speechless
Timothy Simons; Veep

Best Supporting Actress Comedy
Lauren Ash; Superstore
Stephanie Beatriz; Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Donna Lynne Champlin; Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Kether Donohue; You’re the Worst
Katie Findlay; Man Seeking Woman
Jane Krakowski; Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Best Actress Drama
Christine Baranski; The Good Fight
Carrie Coon; The Leftovers
Katherine Langford; 13 Reasons Why
Mandy Moore; This Is Us

Best Actor Drama
Dan Stevens; Legion
Justin Theroux; The Leftovers

Best Supporting Actress Drama
Amy Brenneman; The Leftovers
Emily Browning; American Gods
Aubrey Plaza; Legion
Winona Ryder; Stranger Things
Rhea Seehorn; Better Call Saul
Yvonne Strahovski; The Handmaid’s Tale

Best Supporting Actor Drama
Christopher Eccleston; The Leftovers
Giancarlo Esposito; Better Call Saul
Frank Langella; The Americans
Delroy Lindo; The Good Fight
Michael McKean; Better Call Saul
Pablo Schreiber; American Gods


“Carrie? I’m so sorry. About all this. I feel responsible in a way. ‘Cause when you came back from Baghdad, I knew. I saw something had happened. You were damaged. I left it alone. Other times when you were so out there, I guess I half knew. Maybe hoping it was something else. Anyway, I should have asked. I should have asked if you were really okay.”

So it’s been a while... it’s taken a while...

As I begin to write this, I wonder if there’s anyone there to hear it.

Those who watched and loved Homeland as I did will know that there are a substantial number of people who have a) left the fandom b) chosen to bask in the glory of Season Four or c) are still in mourning over the loss of Peter Quinn and don’t quite know where that leaves them when it comes to Homeland.

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Homeland Saul & Carrie only version. Vertical 16:9, it can be used as iPhone background.

Episode 45: 53 Questions
The HYH Podcast
Episode 45: 53 Questions

Welcome to #HYHPodAndWhine, a Very Special Episode of the HYH podcast in which @lange-c, @ascloseasthis, special guest @strippedandpityless, and I took your questions. From Saul and Dar to Carrie/Quinn love to #quinnspiracy2k17, we cover literally the entire spectrum during this marathon discussion. Obviously there was wine, and lots of laughing, and some dog barks. If you make it all the way through, we’ll send you a bottle of Whispering Angel.

(Alternate titles: “You Person,” “Psychic Break,” “Shitfight,” “I Have Some Feelings About That, But Maybe Not For Right Now,” “Better Dressed Rats,” “No Emo Shit,” “Smoldering Care,” “I Deserved It,” “Judith Warner: Drink!”) 

(Note #1: You’ll likely need to listen to this one on higher volume – we were all crowded around Cynthia’s dinner table and not speaking directly into any microphones.) 

(Note #2: If you sent in a question to HYH in the past two or so weeks that hasn’t been answered directly on the blog, chances are we answered it here. We answered a lot of questions.)