saul and carrie


“I was trying to figure out a way that she was seeing some big thing that we couldn’t see. There is some sort of a logic or sense to it, even though it’s grandiose. Her little details seem crazy, but after she has charted out everything physically that was in her mind, then we can actually see why it makes sense to her.” –Meredith Stiehm

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Wait a minute. Did Saul break into Carrie's house by breaking through the cardboard still covering the broken window that Q broke with the coffee mug? It's fucking NYC! I wouldn't be comfortable with that quick-fix for 10 minutes, much less weeks. Jesus, Carrie, you're a beautiful single woman with a child. AND a CIA Intel officer. You're just begging for intruders. What the fuck are you thinking?!! 😖

LOL! And that high tech security system Max installed? EPIC fail. He should have started with the window.

Same goes for the black ops “group”. Same security code/spare key hiding place for what, 10+ years? Really?!

Homeland Saul & Carrie only version. Vertical 16:9, it can be used as iPhone background.

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So was the whole Allison being a Russian mole covered up completely by Dar and Saul? And is Saul getting the blame because he was sleeping with Allison? How was he supposed to know she was working with the a Russians? I know he was there when she was killed though so maybe that's what his part in the whole thing is.

Saul’s concern is not so much that he’ll be blamed for sleeping with Allison (ITO doing anything illegal), but that the scandal would ruin his reputation and his legacy at the CIA. 

That said, Carrie may not know what we know, in ordering Allison’s execution, Saul may also be complicit in the cover up. Maybe that’s the real reason he’s so nervous LOL.