Why I need feminism (A little not so mini rant that goes off topic at times).

I need feminism because my mum told me off for running out of the house without a bra, exclaiming that my Dad was annoyed by this but didn’t say anything when he doesn’t have the right to tell me what I should and should not wear because it is not his body. I need feminism because my aunt said that as a Muslim woman, I can’t live by myself and the only time I would be able to live outside my parent’s house with my ‘husband’. I need feminism because when I want to perform Hajj later on, I will have to take a male companion becuase I can’t walk around Sauid Arabia without a male companion. I need feminism because I get told that ‘You won’t think like that in the future’ or 'You’re just young’ when I say that I don’t want to get married and have a partner to rely on. I need feminism because the idea of me not becoming a mother because it is my own choice is rejected. I need feminism because as I am a girl, it is my responsibility to lay out the table and help my mother in the kitchen. I need feminism because I should keep scrubbing in the bath and get rid of my uneven dark patches which I can’t help because I was born with them. I need feminism because whenever my relatives come over, they seem to think they have a right to comment on my weight, my dark skin and my appearance in general without considering the fact that I might be offended by their comments and maybe I am coming to terms with my body and actually like seeing what I see in the mirror. I need feminism because I can’t go jogging in the morning until it’s bright and light because I am a Muslim girl who is in danger of being kidnapped, sexually harrased, raped, beaten and so much more for things I can’t help being. I need feminism because I get told to act like a lady, to 'close my legs’ to point my feet in front and walk and to smile. I need feminism because my Muslim sisters are being classified as oppressed by the British Government who think that providing £10 million worth of English lessons will prevent radicalisation of Muslims and help them feel less isolated. It won’t help. I need feminism because non South Asian’s think it’s actually okay to mock and appropriate my culture without knowing the significance behind it. I need feminism because I am told that I should be happy that famous people like Beyonce appropriate when they are stereotyping all of us. I need feminism becuase I would be shamed or mocked for having any sexual desires because I am fat. I need feminism because my mum tells me I should be happy that I go out and have the opportunities that I have when I know friends whose parents don’t let them go out anywhere. I need feminism because there are people who will tell me to 'shut up’ or 'stop moaning’ or I don’t need feminsim because there is equality. If there was equality for all, I wouldn’t be here then, would I?! There will be people reading this who will claim I, a Muslim girl is oppressed when they are only trying to find another way to be indirectly racist when it is in their society when I feel oppressed in. They will point fingers at my faith however, do not see that they are oppressers themselves, that women in their society are still oppressed. I need feminism because I will be discriminated against because of my faith, my appearance and my gender. I need feminism because teenage boys and young men think their can sexually harrass me and grope me while I am outside either shopping now or stating me the truth about periods. I need feminism because this ideology called feminism recognises the lack of gender equality and understands that women have been the biggest victims of oppression throughout history hence dedicates itself to highlighting the importance of women and fighting for women’s rights which are basic human rights that haven’t been achieved yet. I recognise that I am lucky to live in a developed country like the UK however the belief that I don’t need feminsim because I don’t go through domestic violence or rape or any violence against women in gerenal is bullshit and is saying that I have to be physically injured to need feminism.