The Science Of Tasawwuf (Sufism) In The Islamic tradition.


Sheykh Lokman Efendi explains the science of Tasawwuf/Tariqat in the beautiful Islamic tradition. He explains that tasawwuf is living the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (S) which all of the Sahabe Kiram strove for.

     In the beginning, Sufism was a reality without a name. and now it is a name without a reality. ‘Tasawwuf’, they call it. Tasawwuf. Not ‘Sufism’ so much. It’s a western word, ‘Sufi’. They say, ‘Ohh Sufi, from ‘sof’, from ahli sufa, this that….’ But what is it?

Tarikat. They call it Tasawwuf and Tarikat. Tarikat means way. What is it that the Sufis they are doing?

They are living a life imitating the life of the Prophet. That’s all they did. Every sahabi was a Sufi. Every sahabi was living the sunnat of the the Prophet (asws) both outside and internal. Every sahabi was remembering Allah. Every sahabi was knowing the specialness of the Prophet (asws). Every sahabi is trying to internalize the gifts of Allah. Every sahabi was trying to control their ego. So all these things, as in Sufism, they were doing it. Because now, Sufism is also an internal knowledge, that the Prophet also gave permission to two of his Sahabis, two of his companions; Abu Bakr and Ali Hazretleri.

To Abu Bakr, he taught one way. To Hazreti Ali, he taught forty ways. But the superiority of Hazreti Abu Bakr over Ali is well known. So this is when Sufism becomes the backbone of Islam. Hazreti Abu Bakr is the backbone of the nation and Hazreti Ali, representing knowledge, is also the backbone. Without the backbone, the body flops,  it can’t moves, it is paralyze. Now with the backbone, it can moves.

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