The Mod of Cowardlypairofboots, Sauerkrauss, and rattlermilksnake is a wonderful friend and brilliant artist. Her style is some godly mix of Disney and other stuff and her facial expressions are to die for. As for the characters, the twins on Cowardly boots are as opposite as night and day and so much fun to tease. Sauerkrauss is a typical grumpy mad scientist Medic crossed with Bioshock and a blast to talk with. Brent, the nagasniper of rattlermilksnake is the happiest derp ever and deeply devoted to his family. I am glad to have met the mod and all the fun characters they have created. –confessed by anonymous

Art Credit to Anonymous Confessor

Oh my.

Honestly, I am watching with baited breath. For all intensive purposes, my rival is just not very social. He can be, given the right setting, but it is painful to watch others engage him. They just don’t get him at all.

I am a little more social but not by much, unless you count dancing, hunting, tea, and chess. Ah well, let them learn…

As I live and breathe.

I am laughing a little to watch that child bother my rival. I should be angry, but no, I am laughing. She is not even making him angry, not the kind of angry we often make one another.

Ah, it is times like this where a tango would be lovely, or a duel to the death. I feel rather lazy, sitting in here knitting. But, what an interesting thing to watch.

I have never been patient, except with my son. But-

This is too interesting.

In your grave you can’t see there’s a daylight
In your grave you can’t see there’s a hard fight
In your grave you can’t see what’s going on there
In your grave you can’t see we’re going nowhere
In your grave everything’s gonna be fine
In your grave paradise’s of a soil mine
In your grave you don’t need to make your mind up
In your grave there’s no need to make a wind-up

Do you want to rise again
Is it worth to rise again

A promised land