I’m skimming through the headlines about Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia 

 They all focus on Trump dancing, Trump’s bow/curtsy, Melania/Ivanka wearing abayas, and fail to mention that Trump and Saudi Arabia just signed a 110 billion dollars arms deal in which will go towards massacring more civilians in Yemen.

Ivanka Trump takes $100 million from country her father once said wants “women as slaves”

  • On Sunday, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pledged to donate $100 million to the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund, an initiative first daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump proposed. 
  • The donation has prompted ethics questions about how a White House adviser is capable of shaping foreign policy decisions while also accepting donations for the initiative. It also wasn’t too long ago that President Donald Trump publicly criticized former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for taking Clinton Foundation contributions from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries. 
  • In June 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump demanded Clinton return all donations from Saudi Arabia because the kingdom wants to “kill gays” and “wants women as slaves.” Read more. (5/21/2017 6:00 PM)

just a friendly reminder that saudi arabia and the united states are the biggest supporters and funders of ISIS and al qaeda and are the biggest supporters of terrorism in the MENA region either through their own wars or by supporting terrorist organizations like ISIS and al qaeda

and that saudi arabia is the center of sunni wahhabi extremism and terrorism and that the united states (canada is too tbh) is the biggest arms distributor to saudi arabia 

by selling weapons to saudi arabia, the united states is directly supporting shia genocide, ISIS, al qaeda, religious persecution of religious minorities in the MENA region, a saudi coalition of bombing yemen (especially shia communities in yemen) and islamization of the region

barack obama was a huge arms distributor to saudi arabia and i wish all of you cared when he sold billions and billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia as well. he was an ally to terrorists. just because donald trump has agreed to sell MORE weapons to saudi arabia does NOT excuse obamas connection to terrorism or make it ~a lesser evil~

hillary clinton also KNEW of saudi arabia’s connections to terrorism, specifically ISIS, and her emails proving so are on wiki leaks

all modern US presidents are war criminals who are connected to terrorism in the MENA region, NOT just donald trump and all you neo liberals who praise obama and hillary but commend donald trump for doing the SAME thing are NOT allies to religious minorities in the MENA region who suffer the absolute most as a result of wahhabi sunni and US backed terrorism

Trump condemns terrorism in the name of religion, but these experts aren’t impressed

  • On Sunday, President Donald Trump called on Arab leaders to drive out terrorism from their countries in a speech that shifted the responsibility of combating militant extremism in the Middle East. 
  • The address was a drastic change in tone from the rhetoric Trump used before and after the presidential campaign. In 2016, Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper he believed “Islam hates us” and referred to the religion as a “hateful foreign ideology” during his nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention. 
  • In a 2011 interview with CBN’s the Brody File, Trump said he believed the Quran teaches “some very negative vibe [sic].” Within the first few weeks of his presidency, Trump signed two executive orders barring both Syrian refugees and immigrants from up to seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States.But on Sunday, Trump resorted to a more diplomatic tone when delivering an address to more than 50 Arab leaders at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 
  • Trump referred to Islam as the “one of the world’s greatest faiths” and sought to distinguish the religion from acts of terrorism. “Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death,” Trump said. Read more. (5/21/2017 4:30 PM)

Trump’s Saudi Arabia speech meets muted reception among the alt-right

  • President Donald Trump’s Sunday speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was supposed to be a barn-burner.Supposedly authored by Stephen Miller, one of the architects of Trump’s travel ban on individuals from several Muslim-majority countries, the speech was on terrorism in the Islamic world — a topic on which the president is particularly bellicose.
  • But the president delivered a toned-down call for unity intended to reset his image in the Muslim world and didn’t even say the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” a phrase he relentlessly campaigned on.
  • Trump’s more moderate tone seems to have garnered a muted reaction from the alt-right, the loosely organized and mostly digital network of white nationalists, far-right reactionaries and trolls which exalted in the president’s rise to office. Read more. (5/21/2017 5:00 PM)

Ivanka Trump speaks to women in Saudi Arabia about female empowerment

  • In a continued campaign for women’s empowerment, Ivanka Trump spoke with a group of female leaders in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. According to the Washington Post, not everyone was feeling her message.
  • “Saudi Arabia’s progress, especially in recent years, is very encouraging but there’s still a lot of work to be done and freedoms and opportunities to continue to fight for,” Trump said.
  • Saudi Arabia affords women and girls few freedoms or opportunities. According to Human Rights Watch, women are obligated to secure the permission of a male guardian before they can work, travel, marry and, potentially, before they can receive health care. 

  • Educational and professional settings are segregated by sex, and women cannot drive cars and must be fully covered when they appear in public. Two women reporters were removed from the discussion after opening remarks, according to the Hill.  Read more. (5/21/2017 2:20 PM)