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Don’t recast Chekov and don’t kill him.

Have the character have transferred to a different ship and be doing just fine. He sends Sulu messages about how he’s doing. Then respect why Chekov was originally there and make the new person in his seat an Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, or Saudi Arabian woman. Chekov was there to predict a future where the Russians, America’s greatest enemies at the time of the shows creation, were our friends and allies. Pay respect to why he was created by placing a Muslim woman from a country that America has warred with in the seat. Give her a gold dress, black long sleeve undershirt, black leggings, and a federation uniform approved hijab. The movies would be creating representation and paying respects to what Chekov was there for. Put a muslim woman in the navigators chair and let her fly us through the stars.

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how about nurseys family hcs like you did with dex's

okay i have a lot less Feelings about nursey’s family in comparison to dex’s, maybe because it has less people in it or adorable siblings, but you can find my dex family headcanons here and here are my nursey ones

anyway it’s pretty widely accepted in the fandom that nursey has two moms and i too love this headcanon so we’re going with it

his birth mother is called ines nurse, she moved to new york from morocco when she was pregnant with nursey and she’s the ceo of a new york financial insurance company. because of this as a family they are very well off and she is a Business Badass, basically. she raised nursey by herself until the age of seven when she met her wife and nursey’s second mom

nursey’s stepmom is called jiaying or “jia” samara and she’s a saudi-arabian/chinese woman and was ines’ secretary, which is where they met, but jia left the company after they got married and decided to start selling her paintings; nursey always jokes this is where he got his artsy side

his dad, nadim, moved back to morocco when nursey was a baby after he realised he didn’t want to stay in the usa with ines, but they came to a mutual decision that he should go back. nursey has only met him twice and has very little opinion on him, but he often jokes to anyone who will listen that he's “gotta thank him for these good looks”

anyway nursey is an only child and spent a lot of his childhood by himself, with his nanny jacqueline, or with his various hockey teams throughout the years. his heart kind of melts when he sees dex with all his siblings because he’s always wanted brothers or sisters, but he loves his moms with all his heart and he will always protect their little family

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Saudi Arabian Names: Munira

Anonymous asked: I have a character named Munira. She’s Saudi Arabian, and I’m wondering if this name is appropriate for her heritage. Second, I’m wondering if her nickname is offensive. She goes by “Moony”, due to her magical abilities. She does acknowledge in the story that her name is not pronounced like Moony, but also says that she likes the name because it fits her personality. Is it wrong for me to do this? The nickname is largely friend and family based. Many still call her Munira as well. 

To answer your question directly, yes, Munira is an appropriate name for a Saudi Arabian woman. There are many members of the Saudi royal family with the name. While Muni is a common nickname for that name, I don’t get why “Moony” has to be her nickname. Seems quite Westernized for a Saudi woman. Why not nicknames that make sense in Arabic? Especially if she’s being called that nickname by Arab family members, I find it problematic that her parents/siblings call their daughter by a Western nickname when they named her Munira.

Munira originates from the noun nur, which means light. So the name means bright, shining, or illuminating. I have a slight suspicion that you picked the name because it suits the nickname, when really Arabic names can be gorgeous on their own. For example, did you know that the name Badr (gender neutral) means full moon, or my personal favorite, Hilal, which means crescent moon (specifically the very first slender crescent visible after a new moon).

If you’re aiming for accurate representation, try to move away from Westernization as much as possible. Trust me when I say a lot of Arab readers would prefer that name as a kind of inside joke they’re in on throughout the book over butchering an Arab name to make it easier for American readers to connect to it. (After all, Remus Lupin is basically “werewolf werewolf.” Granted, his nickname is Moony, but don’t forget he is British)

If you’d like to further discuss Arabic linguistics or other possible names/nicknames, I’d be glad to answer more in-depth questions.

-Mod Yasmin

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