Sugar Pine 7... But It’s In Space AU

So I saw @sugarpinecrews spooky scary AU and I can in no way live up to the genius that it is but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and they inspired me to just sit down and write this and not be such a pussy so here we goo. Also I stole the format from them too i’M SORRY AND IF YOU’RE READING THIS I LOVE YOU AHHH IM SORRY

Steven’s life was normal and he even lived on Earth until he was 21, it wasn’t until he met Cib until his life went to shit. At the beginning of his adventures with Cib, Steven hated him with a passion that neither heaven or hell had never even seen. But over the years of getting roped into Cib’s space adventures has turned the two into good friends (it happened basically overnight when they were thrown into intergalactic jail for a few days). 

Cib has been adventuring in space since he was a kid. His dad used to take him to far away galaxies and Cib would watch as his dad took a peaceful city and turned it complete chaos by doing something as small as convincing someone that they were the chosen one and needed to tell everyone (true story, it happened once and to this day the planet Soursfeed remains in shambles). One day, feeling bored and alone Cib decided to find a friend by throwing a dart at a map, which landed on Earth conveniently so there he traveled and abducted the first person he saw with the excuse of “your destiny is to join me in these adventures and no you can’t go back to Earth” and so his life with Steven began. 

James is an intergalactic mafia member who met Steven and Cib last year. Though his loyalties lie with the mafia, there are rumors that he has helped Steven and Cib out of sticky situations hundreds of times including when it defied the boss. He is on the verge of faking his death to leave and join Cib and Steven, but hasn’t quite been pushed far enough to. 

Autumn is a bad ass weapons builder. She was raised on a small urban planet just outside of Messier 81 and spent much of her childhood looking through junkyards for spare parts and welding them together. By the time she was 17, she had made over 200 originally designed weapons and begun selling customs soon after. Cib had always been a regular customer, and when he started bringing Steven along they tired to convince her to give up selling on just her planet and join them in exploring the universe where she could sell to a larger audience. At first she resisted, but months and months of asking later she finally agreed to go on one adventure. When the trio returned, they found that Autumns home planet was nothing but debris. An anonymous tip from on of Cibs enemies to another stated that the two had been spotted on the planet, and the tip receivers did not hesitate to blow the whole planet to bits in (failed) attempts to destroy Cib and Steven. With no where else to go, and an indifference to danger and death, Autumn joined the boys. 

Parker is a computer genius who can hack into the technology and read the programming over over 500 alien species. He is frequently bribed (and threatened) by the gang to help with adventures. 

While Parker is more of the brain, Jeremy is the brawn of the two. If adventures go to shit and James isn’t there to help, or is there while things are going to shit, Jeremy steps in to help out and slaughter a bunch of alien enemies. 

James Allen McCune is a mystery. Steven and Cib met him in a bar once and now whenever the gang boards their ship for an adventure, James somehow appears as if he was hiding on the ship before hand and the group is forced to bring him along despite him being a drunk inconvenience.

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Love, we all just want to be chosen, don’t we?

So what do you do when everyone you have chosen for you walks away, When the sound of silent footsteps reminds you of the people who have left? What do you say when it feels as if you are just a stepping stone to peoples future, when you are simply a transitional period in peoples lives? I have loved and lost, and loved and lost and sometimes losing makes you not want to love again..

And I know its selfish…

But I want someone to choose me instead of always choosing those worth suffering for. I want someone who will fall in love with my flaws and see my strengths as a blessing. I want someone who will understand that I can really fuck things up, but in the end I will still be there to clean it up. I want someone who will sit in silence and simply enjoy the atmosphere around me, because sometimes I get annoyed when there’s to many words that people don’t mean flying around.
If you say you love me,.. mean it. Do not silently walk away from me. And If you say you want me, stay…

- Because trust me, to many people have left me for me to leave you.


what do you do when the sun chooses to rise into the clouds we’ve thrown sauder through the next day without a smile to detach laces from? I know I’ve written less letters to flowers to thank them for the rain, I know the ground hasn’t opened up long enough to see how you glisten when the beat of this breathing doesn’t match the thoughts coloring your lips.

I know my fingers haven’t felt sorry for all the apologies I’ve attached to your name, for every phone call I made you wait for because the promises I hid in my veins have escaped through nights of longing with a response written to fields of rusted embraces.

I know silence is easier to hold when your name has packed memories into photographs I can’t answer, when last summer we were laughing amongst the stars, and tonight we’re foreign to our own voices.

You can be too flexible to get broken, but there is only one place that listens to your favorite hues sleep as often as you lift your head.

Today may not be who I am, and I may be more of who I hated yesterday, but you make me feel beautiful and it has never been about the way I look.

- collaboration between @teacup13 and myself

a hand to hold onto- december i

When she is suddenly appointed the guardian of her sister’s three children, Lexa -flustered and completely inexperienced- has to find somebody to rent the spare room in their house. Enter Clarke, a ramshackle, kind hearted pediatric resident who immediately becomes the heart of their small household. Sometimes family can be found in the most unexpected places.

ft. three sweet but exasperating children, stressed out mess Lexa and hopeless romantic Clarke.

Read on ao3.

8/10, 6k words.


It’s late and Clarke is bone weary from four long days of tramping through corridors too bright with strip lighting and not enough sleep, but when the knock comes on her door she looks up from where she is curled up sleepily on her bed, scrolling through her phone to see Lexa stood hesitantly in the doorway, holding two steaming mugs and smiling uncertainly.

“Oh hey,” Clarke looks up, surprised, “I thought maybe Miya had had another nightmare.”

“Nope,” Lexa raises her mugs in offering. “Just me.”“Come in,” Clarke levers herself up from the bed, shuffling over to make room for Lexa to slide in beside her. “There’s room for two, especially people who come bearing what I suspect might be cocoa.”

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Legends of Tomorrow 1x15 - Destiny


Here’s the official description from The CW. Look for the episode on May 12.

CAPTURED – Being in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves Rip (Arthur Darvill) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) incredibly disturbed for very different reasons. Meanwhile, Sara (Caity Lotz) takes over the Waverider, Kendra (Ciara Renée) is reunited with Carter (guest star Falk Hentschel) and Snart (Wentworth Miller) decides he might be a hero after all.