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Back, hips and 1-10 :)

Back: Are you a virgin? Yes indeedly 

Hips: do you like to dance? Very muchly, but I’m not fantastic at it… hehe

1-3 Already answered before. :)

4. Were you a part of any “clique” in high school? Not really… we didn’t really have “cliques” I was just one of the theatre/choir nerds I guess… 

5. Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why? I had two. My theatre director/english teacher and my choir director. They were both silly and hilarious and easy to have fun around. They are great people. I just love them a lot. 

6. Do you wish to travel a lot? That would be a most grandeous adventure, but if it gets in the way of my dreams then dreams come first always. 

7. Did you participate in any sports in school? No, but I fell down in gym a lot… if that counts? 

8. already did this one :) 

9. Have you ever given blood? Nope. But I’d be okay with it… needles aren’t my favorite though… 

10. Do you like the way that you grew up? Yes, though it went by extremely fast… 

Thanks, cupcake!! :)

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Here is solution if you are in a chair where you can slouch in grab a blanket and put said blanket over yourself then get a piece of paper and write “Do not disturb” on it :)

that would totally work if i were not on the desktop but i am on desktop and the screen is actually a small television so i think blanket over myself would draw unwanted attention

im about to blow this popsicle stand and get on my laptop

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Let her go-Passenger

song: don’t know it sorry | not my thing | it’s okay | like it | love it | THAT’S MY JAM

url: sorry, don’t get it | it’s okay | nice | wow | WHO DID YOU KILL

icon: what is that? | not my thing | it’s okay | pretty cool | HELLA

theme: not my style | it’s okay | good | clean | CAN I HAVE IT

following?: no, sorry but ily | i am now | totally cutie | TO HELL AND BACK

want this?

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10-20 :D

10. sexted? 
pictures? no? text? ok not really but one summer my friend and i got bored so we just sent each other really provocative things like dolphin ejaculation on each other idk 11. had sex in public? virgin holla 12. smoked weed? no but someone at a concert whipped out a joint from their bra and started smoking it and the wind was blowing the smoke or whatever in my general direction so no 13. smoked cigarettes? nope-ah-dood-dad 14. smoked a cigar? nahh 15. drank alcohol? yes and i have to say vodka tastes like shit and i’m more of a beer person 16. been to a wedding? i think i’ve been to about 3-5 in my life 17. been on the computer for 5 hours straight? DID OYU MEAN ALL THE FREAKIGN TIME 18. watched tv for 5 hours straight? yes there was a doctor who marathon on space that ran through the whole day 19. been late for school? all the frickin time man 20. kissed in the rain? 
more like kissed in a random cruise cabin