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Oh my god, I just saw your tag about Sebastian and Dave's ship name being 'Save'. I never realized it before but IT'S SO PERFECT. Ugh, I've been shipping them for so long.

I didn’t even realize it!

i’ve been calling it Sebofsky but then i was like ‘there has to be something else…sebastian…david…dave' 

and then it clicked

and then i cried

because, Save

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You've probably gotten this question before, so this is probably an annoying one, but I was wondering what the font is that you've been using on your photosets recently (for example, the one you just posted)? Again, I'm sorry if you've answered this before. I looked around a little and didn't see anything, though :|

Haha, it’s fine, I understand. I’ll just go ahead and list them. 

You can find all of them on

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I thought it was great, but it had a really depressing ending. Oh wait, that’s every episode LOL Honestly though, I think the only reason some people hated it was because Dean slept with someone. You know how the fandom is when it comes to that.

bahahha yes, that is every episode.

I really dislike the growls and hisses from the fandom just cause our boys get laid. I love it when they get laid. Its like free soft porn of your favorite porn star!

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Klaine, it was one of their birthdays (you can choose which), but the other one didn't know it was until it was too late - like the day after. So it was most likely set during the Dalton days, since I'm pretty sure they know each others birthdays now LOL Anyway, the one who forgot makes it up to the other one. IDC how LOL This was totally random, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

(it is my headcanon that Blaine and I have the same birthday. whaaat)

Blaine and Kurt are sitting across from each other in the Dalton common room. Blaine face is buried in a book, his head perched on his hand. Kurt’s pretending to study as well, but mostly just sneaking glances across the table at Blaine. “You got a new watch,” he notices, not entirely sure if he meant to do so out loud. 

“Hmm? Oh yeah.” Blaine lifts his gaze and smiles softly as he presents his wrist. “My brother sent it to me. For my birthday." 

Kurt’s head tilts at the word and his eyes brighten a little. "Your birthday? When is it?”

“Um… it was sort of… yesterday,” Blaine admits, his cheeks flushing pink as he chews on his lip. 

Kurt’s eyes widen at the news and he feels kind of horrible that he didn’t know that already. He’s in love with the boy and he doesn’t even know his birthday. “Oh. I didn’t know. I mean, I would’ve… you should’ve told me." 

Blaine just tries to shrug it off. "I didn’t wanna make a big deal of it or anything. I haven’t really told anyone around here.” But then, he’s fully aware that Kurt’s not just anyone. 

Kurt just nods as if he understands. Which he does, but that doesn’t mean he’s just going to let it go. 


The next day when classes are over, Blaine heads to his dorm. He doesn’t notice the envelope laying on his bed until he’s finished tossing his blazer over the back of his chair. His name’s written on it and he recognizes the handwriting immediately, smiling as he takes a seat on his bed. 

Blaine rips the envelope open, catching the plastic card with the bean on it as it falls out. He opens the card, smile plastered on his face as he reads.

Dear Blaine,

I wanted to make up for missing your birthday and get you the one thing you love the most. All I could think of was biscotti and a medium drip. It seems a little lame, but I hope you like it. 

Love, Kurt

Blaine sighs as he sets the card down on the bed, turning the plastic over between his fingers. One of these days he’ll have to tell Kurt that he already had what he loved most on his birthday. He spent it with Kurt. 

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It’s actually not just the fact that it has 2 great male leads. It has tons of really strong women (in power positions instead of the men for once) on the cast as well, who everyone loves. There’s a reason it’s being talked about by so many outlets.

I just feel like it’s another White Collar for me (with different dynamics). Honestly I was interested in it a little and then everyone got into making everything GAY GAY GAY SPARKLE SPARKLE and it actually grew to dislike and now i feel like it would annoy me to even watch it because I would probably love the females while the whole fandom stanned the shit out of the two leads being together, therefore they don’t like the female characters if they were to start ~getting in the way~ etc.

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:O WHAT. Why did I decide to watch ABC instead of Fox? /rage

Yeah there were leather coats and something about Emma yelling a marriage proposal and there was swimming and then there was Blaine and he was smiling wide and that looked new and then Will was all “BLAH ADULT STORY LINE NO ONE CURRS.”

And yes.

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Exactly. I live in Ohio, and while it’s on my bucket list to see a Broadway show, I highly doubt I ever will. YouTube videos like that are basically my only shot, and I know there are people who live out of the COUNTRY who appreciate them.

Oh lord I feel so far away from everything ALL THE TIME.  I had a taste of New York when I was 18.  I want to go back everything I love is there I can be me there just let me be there asdfsdaljfasdf.

But I was also scared to leave home.

Now though, I regret not fighting for it again.

BUT OMG I SAW HAIRSPRAY, WICKED, GREASE, AND CHICAGO ALL ON BW.  Hairspray was by far my favorite.  And still is to this day.  SO YEAH.

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It's okay, I've been crying off and on for about 3 hours now. These feelings won't go away ;_____; I said earlier that it feels like I'm in mourning, even though I know he's alive, because I'm stuck in John's head with his feelings or something LOL

l;adskfjsalfkj I know, that is where I’m stuck too (also John happens to be my favorite character so my heart is just lying shattered next to his at the moment) and I cannot even deal with it, because poor precious John begging Sherlock to somehow be alive at his grave, but honestly believing he isn’t. 

I cannot even deal with it rationally right now…ever, probably!