Hellavision™ Coming Soon!

Sauceweak has been hard at work coming up with design ideas, creating the graphics for this gif, and raising funds for his soon to be clothing brand Hellavision, and all of it is close as fuck to fruition. I’ve even got my spiel ready for this moment:

Hellavision is a brand centered around the evils of television, showcasing the hellified versions of tv shows of the past and the present on our clothes and providing a new, devilish perspective on streetwear. Here at Hellavision, we’re looking to crack a few jokes via t-shirt, torture some adulterers, murderers, and bad actors via pitchforks, and turn more than a couple heads with our wears. We want to be the cause of all the disapproving looks from parents and lame adults and the cause of your rightfully owned sense of cool-as-fuck-ness.

We’re starting out small because you always have to start somewhere. However, we’re looking to give something extra to our first group of loyal supporters that help us get from that somewhere to the level of antichristian superstardom that we’re hoping to achieve.. So if you’re willing to like/reblog this post, tell your friends about us, or support us in any way, you might find free stickers or some shit in your near future. It’s not every day you could be part of the driving force behind what could be the next successful brand. Think about that. Our first t-shirt is coming up pretty soon! Follow this blog and @sauceweakdesign on twitter for more updates. 

Made an obnoxiously colorful and fast gif for Hellavision™. It’s an eye. Yeah. Hope all 14 of you followers don’t have epilepsy. Also, don’t worry about the use of the n-word in this post as I’ve spoken with a black friend about it, signed the proper forms and documents, and purchased a valid license which allows me to say the n-word as a certified “wigger”, although I am limited to the -a ending only and am advised to use it sparingly or multiple times but in subliminal message form. And boy I tell you hwat, it feels good. Just kidding I use this all the time regardless.

But enjoy this post because I think this is a forsure sticker. I am contemplating making one colorway of a shirt. Glad nobody gives 2 shits yet though.

Sincerely, Sauceweak