sauces everywhere

The signs as foods I like

Aries: steak. Tough and takes me a long time to finish but I’m full after

Taurus: Bacon. Goes real good with pancakes and waffles

Gemini: Ketchup. I really like it but a lot of ppl don’t

Cancer: butter. So good but I forget about the lactose and it fucks me over

Leo: waffle fries. Delicious and if you don’t like them you’re wrong

Virgo: Waffles. Little compartments for all the syrup

Libra: Mustard. Sometimes I like it sometimes I don’t.

Scorpio: Red peppers.

Sagittarius: Ribs. BBQ sauce everywhere they want your constant attention

Capricorn: oatmeal. Comforting reminds me of my childhood

Aquarius: Ice cream. Comforting but I’m lactose intolerant.

Pisces: pancake. Opposite of a waffle but practically the same thing.

sneak preview (egobang)

One night when they’re first getting to know each other, Arin tells Dan, “it feels like I’m falling in love with you sometimes.”

It’s in the sticky pit of summer, eighty degrees at eleven o’clock at night, air dry and smelling like dirt and salt coming in on warm winds from the ocean.  They’re sitting in Arin’s car outside of an In N Out and Dan has his feet on the dash eating a Double Double protein-style.  Arin eats everything animal style, sauce everywhere, his fingers, the wheel, the A/C button.  The light from the parking lot is orange, criss crossing both their features like zebra stripes in the shadows.  The radio is playing something forgettable by Green Day.  

“Hey, you got some,” Dan says, gesturing at Arin’s face, “right here on your–”

Arin moves to wipe at the side of his mouth and ends up getting sauce all across his lips and in his moustache, and Dan laughs so hard his eyes squeeze shut and he chokes on his burger.  As he pounds on his own chest and clears his throat, tears coming out of his eyes because of how fucking stupid Arin looks, Arin starts laughing too, and then they’re both laughing out loud in the dark, shaking the car.  It takes forever for them to quiet down, shuddering sighs rolling out of their mouths like waves getting smaller and smaller.  

“It feels like I’m falling in love with you sometimes,” Arin says.  

Dan remembers this for a long time.

Losing yourself in Jimin’s eyes as he’s talking to you… He asks you what’s wrong and you want to tell him how beautiful he is but his cocky smile makes you do otherwise “you have tomato sauce everywhere it looks like ugly lipstick” 

i’m watching cutthroat kitchen and this lady was gloating about how she was the only one who could taste her spaghetti sauce and she’s leaning into the spoon and she goes “absolutely delicious” right as she hits the button on the blender with her elbow and not only does she spray her sauce everywhere, but she proceeds to knock over the remaining sauce onto the floor immediately after

Okay, but Natsu and Lucy are totally the type of couple to get into a food fight during dinner. 

Like, they’ll be making spaghetti together and Natsu will smear just a little sauce on her cheek and then Lucy turns it into an all out war by dumping noodles on his head. By the end of the night there are noodles and sauce everywhere, Lucy is hiding behind the upturned table, and Natsu is using a pan as a shield as the two of them fight to get to the garlic bread first.