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9 Things Couples Do - Jim Kirk

Summary: People do funny, stupid, cute, and sad things when they’re in love.

Warnings: language, a bit fluffy

A/N: everyone, i love jim kirk. i hope this is as good as it was in my head and better than i actually think its mediocre ass turned out (i am sick, though, so who knows). it’s such a long fic, y’all.


Jim assumed your favorite ice cream flavor was strawberry and you didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. Especially not when he was looking at you in the way he was.

Impacted by the width and intensity of his smile, his eyes were narrowed and illuminated. He looked softer that way— less authoritative, less like the Captain Kirk the crew served under— he looked like the Jim you’d fallen for.

When the girl behind the counter looked at you with an eyebrow raised in question, you gave her a half-shrug you made sure was hidden from Jim. “Just one scoop, please.”

“One?” Jim asked, turning a little to look at you. He snorted and rolled the blue eyes that could have lit up the entire old-school San Francisco parlor. “Baby. And here I thought you had a gut of steel.”

“It’s not polite to comment on what metal you think makes-up the gut of your significant other.”

He snorted again, his fingertips shoving you with a force your weakened legs didn’t have the strength to withstand. He caught you before you could stumble a few inches to the right, immediately clasping his hand in yours. “Still tired from the…” he cleared his throat, “walk?”

The girl behind the counter giggled loud enough to force your teeth into your tongue, your cheeks and the tops of your ears burning instantly. You squeezed Jim’s hand so a wince left his lips and he snatched it back from yours. “I’m tired from the actual walk here. It’s uphill. And I do have a gut of steel— a roomy gut of steel, roomier than yours.”

Jim titled his head and took his gaze from yours to meet that of the girl busying herself with your strawberry ice cream and Jim’s chocolate with peanut butter swirled throughout. He smiled at her. “Did that sound like a challenge to you? Did you hear me being challenged by the person that is supposed to love me, to uplift me?”

“I do love you,” you mumbled before you looked at the girl and took the cone she offered you. “He’s dramatic— excuse him, please.”

You looked down at the already melting pink mess, then back up at Jim. You quirked a single eyebrow. “But let’s say I was challenging you— that I’m betting you my gut’s roomier than yours. What’s that entail?”

“Whoever finishes the most ice cream in twenty minutes.”

“That’s a long ass time, Jim. We just had dinner—”

Ten minutes. No cones, just cups and spoons— cones take too long to finish.”

“The usual stakes or do you wanna modify them?”

“The usual stakes,” he said with a single nod. He was smirking so openly and cockily. It bugged you.

“We’ll tip you generously,” you told the girl who was now staring at the two of you with eyes the size and shape of saucers. “You just have to keep up, okay? Two servings ahead of us each time just to be safe. No stopping even when I look like my brain has frozen itself into a coma.”

Jim clapped his hands together. “This is what you trained for!”

“I-I haven’t really trained,” she said. She sounded nervous— a wise girl to be nervous, you thought.

You and Jim looked at one another, shrugged, and beckoned her to begin scooping.

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Creepypasta #1108: (Nothing But) Flowers

Length: Short

Everyone was happy. That’s what gave me the weird feeling in my gut. People are never happy for more than a few days at a time. Maybe a week. After that, they create friction for themselves if something doesn’t show up. If their family life is fine, they look at work; if work is fine, they turn to the national picture. With the alt-right recently re-elected to the White House, it wasn’t hard to find political strife. Trip over your shoelace in even the smallest town and someone’s accusing you of being a “Dumbocrat” or a member of the American Nazi Party.

But Twitter’s circle-jerk of deplorables had shut up. Tumblr’s extreme social leftists had quieted down. Both sides had only one message: Peace.

In no time, the gun debate had evaporated in a cloud of apathy. Some gave their weapons away. Those who liked the way they looked or felt on their hip kept them but never loaded them. A group of drunk Border Patrol agents tied part of the fence to a dump truck and pulled it down. They drank with the locals that night.

“Worldwide Utopia” was the headline on the last issue of the New York Times. They didn’t go out of business per se, but people simply stopped coming in to report the news. They would rather attend the all day (and all night) music festivals in Central Park, all genres of music welcome.

Prison gates clicked open and stayed that way. All prisons. Even Guantanamo. The inmates tore off their orange jumpsuits and ate handful after handful of free street tacos from local vendors.

Someone, probably a DJ on one of those niche Sirius channels, started playing that Talking Heads song (Nothing but) Flowers on repeat. The last time I saw a Billboard chart, it was at Number 1. It became our anthem.

And it started to come true. We did tear sown shopping malls to replace them with fields of daisies. We turned Howitzers, anti-aircraft guns, and tanks into planters filled to brimming with fruiting plants and herbs. We took sledgehammers to our houses of law; we didn’t need them. There was no more murder, no more violence. Just peace.

Even those of us who didn’t feel the worldwide tug of brotherly affection didn’t resort to violence. Maybe it did affect us a little. Maybe we could have knocked the rose-colored glasses from society’s nose if we bloodied our hands.

Instead, we connected on the Internet, talked, theorized, planned. Was this heaven, the result of some Tranhumanist designer happiness virus, a massive shared hallucination?

One of us, some guy in India, noticed a couple NASA satellites returning wonky results. We could see them through live feeds; hundreds of saucer-shaped ships. Thousands.

When they landed, humanity put up no resistance. They had pacified us too well. Even if we tried, all our defenses had become grain silos and orchards.

There aren’t many of us left.

Credits to: OsoBrazos


Chlorociboria aeruginascen

is a saprobic species of mushroom, commonly known as the green elfcup[1] or the green wood cup[2] because of its characteristic small, green, saucer-shaped fruit bodies. Although the actual fruit bodies are infrequently seen, the green staining of wood caused by the fungus is more prevalent. wikipedia

The macro club project (Fungi - Mushrooms)


Summary: Simon’s conflicted Baz is in love.

word count: 1230


“Please, Sir. I’ll still keep tabs on him I just. I can’t live with him anymore.”

  The Mage looks at me like he’s disappointed. It hurts, “The crucible is a powerful object, Simon. Baz is and will be your roommate until your Watford school days are over. I told you before I would not move either of you and my decision still stands,” he gives me a stern look, “Now. I recommend you get to the dining hall before dinner is over.

  “Ok, sir. I’m sorry I asked again,” I stand and try not to look like I’m sulking as I walk away but my head won’t stay up and my shoulders stay slumped.

  I was really trying this time. Having Baz as a roommate for the last six years has been… last year I followed him everywhere. I followed him until I knew what he was. For sure this time. Now, I can’t handle him being so close in our room. It makes my skin feel prickly, Like he’s some telepathic cactus. That doesn’t even make sense, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it.

  Penny gives me a look when I sit down next to her, my plate piled high with food. Just because I’m angry, sad, I don’t know, it doesn’t mean my appetite’s suffered, “Where’ve you been, then?”

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USS_Discovery NCC 1031 by Thefirstfleet.

Not sure I really like this design. Yes for the saucer but the triangle shape body and the engines are a git amateur like…


THE BEAD MAKER – Apprentice Watches the Master – A Rosary Shop in Old Meiji-Era Japan by Okinawa Soba

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />This image and its 3-D counterpart are dedicated to the illustrious, world-traveling photographer and Flickr member &quot;DCI&quot;. Ever since he asked me what the strange tool was in another photo I posted, I have been meaning to dig this one out and post it.. 

In the OTHER photo, this handy tool was dead on the ground. In this photo it’s alive and well, and a young apprentice is being taught how to use it.

The tool is called a PUMP DRILL, and though rarely seen today, it was an important part of many old artisan cultures. Amazingly, I discovered a great modern version of this “Boy watching the Master” on Kai-Erik’s photostream : Take a moment to see his other photos showing close-up images of this tool as well. Thanks, Kai-Erik !

Due to the shaft reversing itself after many spins in one direction, the Pump Drill also required a unique bit. The all important flywheel – in the above photo it is a simple, ball-shaped weight in the shaft – could take any form; from round ball to “flying saucer” shape, and from smooth surfaced to ornately cast or engraved (making it a work of art in itself). It looks about as primitive as you can get, but it was an indispensable tool. It did its job making all manner of fine bore holes, the direction and flare of which could be accurately controlled by the subtle moves of a skilled operator.

Well, now that we have established how primitive this tool is, it’s only fair to tell you that at the very moment the quaint photo was taken above in 1904, back in the “advanced” nations of North America and Europe, every JEWELER, SILVERSMITH, GOLDSMITH, ENGRAVER, OPTICIAN and WATCHMAKER were all sitting at their benches using all sizes of the same Pump Drill seen above! With it, they produced the fantastic settings of the beautiful “antique rings and jewelry” that many folks like to collect, as well as the beautiful old precision watches and scientific instruments that still “keep on ticking” today.

In spite of that, I’m sure nobody here is about to trade in your variable-speed DREMEL Hobby Drill for one of these. On the other hand, if you are out in the wilderness with no electroicity (working on some kind of on-the-spot wood,metal, or stone project), some version of this drill with the right set of bits would come in MIGHTY HANDY.

If you are into stereoviews, the deep 3-D version of the above detail crop is here, and was photographed by JULIAN COCHRANE in 1904 for the Keystone View Company :

In the Wikipedia under BOW DRILL, and you can see PUMP DRILL illustrated as a related tool :

The Photo that DCI first caught the Pump Drill in is here :

For other beautiful and interesting photos by the same photographer (including a couple of great self portraits taken while in Japan), look here : Cochrane&w=24443965@N08

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A thought for you bc I’m ABO trash rn: Grindelwald as an omega, and Graves is an alpha. Turns out transfiguring yourself into the direct opposite of your normal hormones for months isn’t a great idea. So! when they catch him, his body throws a fit and drags him through a nasty heat while the ICW and MACUSA and everyone argue about what to do with him in general. (1/2)

(ABO trash 2/2) And maybe he feels like shit but he’s still Grindelwald so he’s going to be provocative and sassy and difficult and make sure all the alpha aurors are just as miserable as he is. Unless someone intervenes, hmm what would it take to shut him up dyou think

It begins while he’s in his cell, and the aurors don’t know what to do. The heat is thick like honey and just as cloying, sticking to them even after they leave. Graves wouldn’t believe it if he didn’t see it himself. The medical staff tell him that while Grindelwald had been using suppressants to masquerade as an Alpha, his transformations between his own body and Graves – a true Alpha – effectively ruined the balance in his body and plunged him into a cleansing heat.

But Graves couldn’t imagine the broad man that had captured him, tormented him, stolen his life as anything remotely close to the kind and slender Omegas he had taken to his bed in his time. Omegas like Newt with his big, passionate eyes or Queenie, with her kind touch and understanding. Not Grindelwald, who had looked at him so cruelly, who had murdered, who had done countless heinous deeds. 

And yet when he gets down to the holding cells, he can smell the slick of him from all the way up the stairs. His aurors are all heavily uncomfortable, both from the tightness of their pants and the morality behind being attracted to the man responsible. They whine and they growl and they pace, and all the while they have to suffer as Grindelwald makes a show from his seat of fingering the wet seam of his trousers, legs spread obscenely and the line of grin just as wide.

But when those mismatched eyes dart up to him, Grindelwald stills suddenly – nostrils flared and pupils blown.

“Percy,” he whispers like a man identifying a tiger in the wild, and Graves can’t help but shudder at the sound of it, at the wonder.

“Stop tormenting my men,” Graves growls simply, “Haven’t you done enough?”

That seems to strike Grindelwald from his daze, because that syrupy grin spreads across his face once more as he rises – magic binding shackles glimmering – and moves to stand before the bars that part them. 

“You can hardly blame me for succumbing to my instincts, sir,” Grindelwald purrs, two hands latching onto the bars so that he might better gyrate his hips against the bars. “After all, it was your body that brought me to this. It seems only right you see it through.”

Graves looks him up and down before letting out a short bark of, “Leave us,” to his men, eyes caught on the manic twinkle of victory in Grindelwald’s eyes as his aurors hurry to escape the Omega’s haze. They don’t question him. They don’t pause. They scurry off, no doubt to take care of themselves, and Graves’ pities them for the confusion that will likely haunt them after. 

“After what you did,” Graves says once they are alone, “You want me to help you?”

“Think of it less like helping and more like hurting, and we’ll both be happier for it.“

“You like it rough.”

Grindelwald preens.

“I guess you’ll find out.”

He writhes against the bars. Grabs one of Graves’ hands to press it to his erection, to let him know the heft of his need. And Graves looks on all the while, unimpressed and stoic.

He licks his lips.

“I could do it,” Graves says, describing it like he’d describe the mundane. “I could take you in that cell you’ve earned yourself. Bend you over while you’re weak and helpless and scruff you like you deserve. Make you pliant while I force you open, and you better hope you’re slick enough to take me because I won’t bother prepping you. I’ll fill you up and I won’t spare you in the slightest. I’ll chase my own high, and if you come, it’s going to come hands free and off my knot alone. And when I’m done, I’ll leave you gaping and leaking and I’ll take you again until you won’t remember anything but the shape of me. Is that what you want?”

Grindelwald keened, pressed as far into the bars as he could, and licked out at him – nearly managing to touch him. 

“Then what are you waiting for?” He asks and finally, Graves draws nearer.

He breathes into the parted sigh of Grindelwald’s needy mouth and says, “I could do all of those things, but you know what will really get me hard tonight? Leaving you here, alone, wet and writhing and keening to suffer your heat in solitude while I jerk off in my bed, the bed you failed to take from me, in my plush sheets, taking myself in hand while you rot. I’m looking forward to it already.”

And then he pulled away, relishing the saucer-wide shape of Grindelwald’s eyes as he turned on heel and left him, alone and needing. 

Graves grinned the whole way home.

[a/n] I’m ALWAYS down for filthy ABO stuff. >:)

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How I came to be lost in space

I was always in love with the glamour of Space,
So the advert I saw set my heart all-a-race:
“Jet off with us to a moon or a star
Or wherever is far from wherever you are!”
I signed up at once and I packed up my socks
And my toothbrush and coat and my lunch in a box.

I set off to the South; soon the spaceport appeared,
And the rocket was there! And that’s when it got weird.
See, the seat next to mine was unusually big,
Which it needed to be, since it was for a pig.
Behind us were cats and the steward (a sow),
And our captain, a curly-haired Hereford cow!
I thought “We are going to space: best not scoff!”
And I got on the ship and we swiftly took off.

Now, the first thing I saw as we zoomed to the moon
Was a strange sort of bobbly line, which I soon
Traced back past the place where we started this trip
To a silvery, saucer-shaped alien ship.
And this bobbly line was all made out of buns -
Yes, an alien ship shooting buns out of guns!

And then I saw a duck. And another one too.
And then more ducks, and more! They were forming a queue.
Yes! Hundreds of ducks in a long ducky thread
All drawn by the promise of infinite bread.

“Excuse me?” I said, and I tapped the Cow’s shoulder,
“Isn’t that odd? In fact, may I be bolder - ”
And the Cow raised a brow (I tried not to react)
In that way that says ‘I shall deliver a Fact.’

“You think you know ducks? Well, you don’t know enough!”
Said the Cow, “Let me help you with Science and Stuff.
The life of a duck - you might think it was lacking
A certain excitement - just splashing and quacking -
But no!  If you’ll let me expand on this topic,
Their beaks are bionic, their lungs telescopic
Their feathers dynamically bank, turn and roll
And their brains link directly to mission control.
You can search how you will but you’ll not find a trace
Of a creature on Earth quite so suited for Space!

Now, you know down on Earth how we like to feed ducks?
Well, this spaceship does too! They just do it deluxe.
They are keeping these ducks all well fed and contented
By using this Bread Ray they’ve somehow invented.
So that’s at least one thing you’ve learned for today.
But it’s all very silly. Let’s be on our way!”

“But wait!” said the pig, “What’s that thing over there?
It’s big and it’s red and it’s round and I swear
If it wasn’t the size of a very small star
I’d think it looked bouncy. That is quite bizarre!”

The Cow gave a grin. “Let’s go over and see!
You fancy a bounce? Then let’s bounce, you and me!
You see, there’s these beings - the Smatter-na-kass
Who inhabit a planet all puffed-up with gas.
The Smatters find matters to do with the sky
And with space and with rocks and things whizzing on by
Are a terrible worry - what if they were battered?
Or scattered by space junk, or maybe just splattered?
So they patter around in continual frights
About being bombarded by meteorites.

Now, the Smatters subsist on a diet of squbba -
A substance that’s quite reminiscent of rubber.
This rubbery squbba, when made into sheets,
Can be stretched over houses and stretched over streets
As a sort of a canopy (like a big tent)
To bounce off the space junk and stop its descent.

As soon as they thought this they set to with vigour
At sheeting MORE squbba and trying to go bigger.
So the Smatters all swam up to high in their sky -
All over their planet, both far and nearby -
With those huge sheets of squbba, joined up with a pin
Overhead to protect them from things falling in,
And then sewed it all up with a giant machine -
Thereby making their planet a huge trampoline!

So what are we waiting for?” Starcow announced.
Then off to that planet we zoomed, and we bounced!
And we sproinged and we boinged and we flipped and we flounced
And we giddily capered and gleefully pounced!
It was springily super, with boingings galore
And I think we’d have bounced for a fortnight or more
If that pig that I saw had not stopped for a snack.
Now that pig had a fork in a pouch on its back
And a box of fish fingers held shut with a pin
With a small pot of custard to dip them all in.
And in forking the fingers it fumbled and slipped
And the fork hit the planet, which suddenly ripped!
Oh the BANG that there was! For the planet had popped!
And it flipped us all out into space as it flopped!
We were jumbled and bumbled and tumbled and tossed -
When we finally came to a stop, we were lost!

Breaking News: Raw Footage of Incredible UFO shot today, Sept 29, 2017 at ECETI Ranch!!!

Nice catch!!!!

This video was shot this morning at 9am by Ryan Wehner on his iPhone at ECETI Ranch in Washington state. He was shooting a panoramic scene at the ranch and after reviewing the footage caught this amazing, saucer-shaped, UFO that flew over the ranch and made a left-hand turn behind the trees at the north side of ECETI. 


2006 O’Hare International Airport UFO Sighting

Probably one of the most famous UFO sightings. On November 7th, 2006 12 airport employees and numerous other people witnessed a metallic saucer shaped UFO hovering over Gate C-17.

The UFO sat there for about two minutes. Observers reported the object shooting through the clouds at high velocity, leaving a clear blue hole in the cloud layer.

Both United Airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated that the sighting was caused by “weather phenomenon” and didn’t investigate any further. The story was picked up by CNN, The Chicago Tribune, MSNBC and many more.

comicfan44  asked:

Do you think into today's very technology integrated society brainiac would be an interesting choice for a potential future superman film villain ?

You caught me at the right time - I’ve been planning lately on writing about my dream Superman movies, and as such pretty near this exact thing has been on my mind. I’ll get to that actual thing tomorrow, but for now, this guy in particular:

First thing’s first: in spite of his aesthetic and means of operation, he’s not the robot Superman villain. That’s Metallo, and in the sense you mentioned of reflecting an evolving technological society, he’d probably be the one to go with, especially given his modern connection with the military. As for Brainiac, I actually don’t think he should enter the DCEU for awhile yet, or else we’ll have four Superman-starring movies in a row about an alien threat attacking Earth directly due to his presence.

The character himself is…dicey. He’s the ultimate Alien in Superman’s world, the little green man in a flying saucer shaped like his own head abducting people to Superman’s pulpy Flash Gordon fever dream. And he has an evil computer brain. And in some interpretations he’s also a Krypton survivor of some variety, being significantly connected to it in any case. And he has a hall of bottled civilizations and a zoo of super-creatures, and also Koko. He’s like 5 really interesting concepts at once, but only by the most generous of interpretations could someone claim they ever came together particularly effectively - the closest anyone has come was the Johns/Frank team, casting him as spreading a monstrous vision of sterile alien order across the universe, but even that ultimately had little to him in execution beyond “he’s scary and smart and emotionless, and Superman’s gotta punch him in the face”. Not that it isn’t good for the one story - in fact, that’s largely the take I’d go with in that movie - but there’s little meat on the bone past that. Throughout all of Superman’s history, he’s consistently had the most damning ratio of quality of concept vs. quality of execution: he’s not outright awful like your Doomsdays and Zods, but he’s not the cool heavy-hitter you’d expect someone of his caliber and importance in Superman’s world to be. There’s little inherent drama in Superman fighting a malfunctioning computer, aside from maybe some free will vs. cold intellect stuff that doesn’t really matter much thematically in Superman’s world, at least in any way that isn’t already explored by Superman vs. Lex.

Not that he’s by any means a lost cause. As is often the case, the solution is to be found at his roots: in his case, that he originally collected worlds not for the sake of knowledge, but because the inhabitants of the world he once ruled were wiped out by a plague, and he stole planets so he could enlarge them and repopulate his world…and rule again over his new army of subjects. Not that I’d like to dial the clock back all the way to the Silver Age with him, but I feel like there’s something potent in that. This allegedly superior being, with unlimited power and intellect and by the modern interpretation seemingly no emotion, doing what he’s doing for the pettiest reasons imaginable. Pettier even than say Darkseid or Luthor; Darkseid wants to be all of creation, Luthor wants love warped through his own ego, Brainiac whether he admits it to himself or not through his pretense of dispassionate rationality just wants little people he can lord over. In that light he’s an imperialist, collecting and tormenting entire cultures for his own validation and empowerment (easily allowing you to keep the “bottled for research” stuff too, but taking on a creepier, scientifically-invasive light) - since I think Zod would work better sympathetically, and Darkseid isn’t primarily a Superman villain, Brainiac taking over as the resident Space-Fascist of Superman’s rogues gallery would I think be a natural fit. The ultimate embodiment in Superman’s world of The Man, a cosmic power above even our hero toying with life, convincing himself his path of torment an annihilation across the universe is for some vague higher cause. One not to be questioned, because he’s Brainiac: he knows better than you. Add in some mythology-centric ideas from a friend of mine, and you’ve got yourself a supervillain, one who better mirrors Superman as a vision of terrifying alien power unleashed in a way that much more directly mirrors how power is so often exercised in our world, without being too similar to other despotic villains he goes up against.

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapter 2


I am unsurprised to learn that the Mystery Lights from last chapter’s cliffhanger are, in fact, a Flying Saucer.  Except it’s not saucer-shaped, really.  It sounds sort of like Serenity (am I gonna drop a Joss reference in every post?  I hope not but we’ll see), except with a stinging scorpion tail attached.  I’m kind of into it, honestly.  I’m all for more things having sharp venomous tails.

Also happening while this UFO is landing:

  • Rachel: “HEY IT’S A UFO.”  Jake: “okay but what if it’s not “ Rachel: “#banmen, I know what I’m seeing”.  (I’m amused. I continue to be cautiously on Team Rachel.)
  • Marco: Wants to run home and get a video camera, because in the Dark Ages when these books were written, we did not all have cameraphones on our bodies at all times, which is weird to remember.  
  • Jake and Marco have a little bicker about who knows more about alien spaceships, and it requires me to take a little sideways step away from the Animorphs to rewatch the Starships fanvid and now I’m having some FEELINGS about spaceships, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over in the corner weeping for a few minutes.  BRB.




Okay, sorry, I’m back to further discuss the ship. Which lands!  And starts telepathically communicating with Our Heroes! Who are really handling this all fairly well, all things considered.  No one’s hyperventilating or anything, so good on you, Brave Children.

And then the alien comes out and it’s.  Well. Let me just quote this one:

My first reaction was that someone had fused a person and a deer together. The creature had a head and shoulders and arms that were more or less where they should have been, though the skin was a pale shade of blue. But below that he had fur, a mix of blue and tan, covering a four-legged body that really did look like it belonged to a deer, or maybe a small horse.

He ducked his head out the doorway and I could see that even the fairly normal-looking parts of him weren’t all that normal. For a start, he had no mouth, just three vertical slits. And then there were his eyes. Two of them were where they should have been, although they were a glittery green color that was kind of shocking. But the real shock was the other eyes. He had what seemed like horns, only on the top of each horn was an eye. The horns could move, twisting to point the eyes front and back or up and down.

I thought the eyes were bad, until I saw the tail. It was like a scorpion’s tail, thick and powerful looking. On the end was a wickedly curved, very sharp-looking horn or stinger. It reminded me of the alien’s spaceship. It had seemed kind of cute and harmless, till you noticed the tail. The alien seemed kind of harmless at first glance, too. Then you saw that tail of his and you thought, Whoa, this guy could do some damage if he wanted.

You guys, that’s…a lot.  I’m sure there’s fanart but I don’t want to spoil myself so, if someone wants to link me to some non-spoiler-y art of what the hell this thing looks like, I’d be into that.  I’m not a terribly visual person, I’m having a hard time picturing this situation in full.  We’re looking at some kind of blue centaur with eye stalks and a scorpion tail?

I don’t know, I’m from the Hannibal fandom, I’m used to deer fused with other things, I’m gonna say that I’m cautiously approving of this pointy deer eye-stalk alien-stag thing.  I mean, horns are cool and eye-stalks are cool and I’ve never considered the combination thereof but sure, why not?  I’m trying to keep an open mind here.

Everyone is super happy about this alien in a sliiiiightly weird way, though, like I’m pretty sure this alien is putting out pheromones or radio waves or in some other way predisposing these smol children to not run away screaming.  Tobias is grinning and Jake feels like he’s seen an old friend and my guys, my buddies, I’m just saying maybe a little caution is advised here.

The conversation doesn’t get past grinning and greeting, though, because the Alienstag is feeling faint and gets all swoon-y.  Apparently he is injured and dying.

Cassie, girl of action and apparently the daughter of two veterinarians, demands that Jake strip and let her use his shirt to bandage up the alien’s wounds.  Which is both good thinking and compassion and also very smooth, Cassie.  I still don’t know how old these children are but however old it is, I’m pretty sure that in my mallrat days I would not have been smooth enough to turn an injured alien into an opportunity to get my crush shirtless.  Ten points to Cassie.

No points to Marco, who wants to call an ambulance, which would probably be hilarious but he gets shot down hard.

Also no points to Jake, who gets really upset that the alien is dying, because it’s the first alien to come to Earth, it can’t die!  As if the alien is dying at him personally and should stop dying because it makes Jake sad.

However, the alien isn’t going to die without dropping at least one more cliffhanger, so he chooses this moment to casually mention that he’s not actually the first.  There are a whole bunch of other aliens around already, and oh, by the way, they totally want to destroy you.

“You” being the Earth?  “You” being Jake?  “You” being the five of them?  Who knows, it’s a cliffhanger.

If the first sentence of the next chapter turns out to be Jake cheering up and shrugging off the alien’s death because the alien is no longer the first one, I’m going to cackle really hard and not stop for a while.


Wounds and Contusions [p.p] (5/?)

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Series Title: Wounds and Contusions
Fandom: MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Characters: (Tom Holland) Peter Parker x female!reader, Flash Thompson, Gwen Stacey
Warnings: possible spoilers for Captain America: Civil War, mostly a filler chapter tbh
Word Count: 1,422
Short Description: You’re a classmate of Peter’s and you worry about him when you see all of his cuts and bruises. You try to find Spider-Man by stealing your Police uncle’s walkie talkie, looking out for any situation that might attract Spider-Man. Finally, you find one.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your name

Your Uncle was a member of the NYPD, quite an important member in fact. He had the position of a Commander after being in the Navy when he was young, and he often came over for dinner. This meant that it was very simple for you to quickly go through his backpack and steal the walkie-talkie he kept with him at all times, just in case there was an emergency situation in New York that he needed to get to. Of course, if that were the case, you would tell him. But for now, you were going to use it to find small crimes that you thought Spider-Man might be interested in saving people from. Whether it be a robbery or a car chase, if there was ANY mention of Spider-Man at all, you would run all the way there if you had to.

You just needed to see Spider-Man again and talk to him. Something about him drew you in, and you couldn’t help but want to find him. He was so kind and funny, and you wanted to get to know the person behind the mask; even if you could never know his identity. But you wanted to meet Spider-Man again, and this time you didn’t want to be in a life-threatening position. You wanted him to be calm and relaxed so you could ask him real questions, and give him a real thank you for saving you, too.

For the next week, you kept your uncle’s walkie talkie in your school bag, casually listening to it while you were in your room or at lunch time. Every time there was a mention of someone in a red and blue suit, you made an excuse to leave your family’s simple New York townhouse and practically ran to the scene of the crime. Almost every single time, you could have SWORN that Spider-Man noticed you, and sent a wink your way with the mechanical eyes of his Spider-Man mask. You would always blush at this, then scold yourself for being so easy to embarrass. But secretly, you loved it. And you never went to a crime scene that was too dangerous, of course, because you didn’t want to get yourself hurt.

Soon, a week turned into two, and you found yourself at Spider-Man sightings more than you were in your own home. Not that your parents minded; they were happy to see that you were outside so much, and not cooped up in your room studying or on your computer. And since your parents weren’t suspicious of anything, you happily continued doing this. Your uncle, who often lost things, wasn’t surprised when he couldn’t find his walkie-talkie and was issued another one, no questions asked. Everything seemed to be falling into place. You would see Spider-Man again soon, you just knew it.

“That’s dangerous, Y/N.” Gwen Stacey, your best friend apart from Peter, questioned you when you had told her about your quest to meet Spider-Man and have a real conversation with him. “You have no idea who Spider-Man really is, and he fights crime as a vigilante, so it sounds risky to show up at crime scenes like that.” She added, biting her lip as she thought it through. Gwen Stacey was the smartest student at Midtown High School, and she was a really good friend. Gwen was understanding and helpful, and she was, of course, stunning. She, like you, was sort-of friends with Flash Thompson, but you assumed that this was mostly because she tutored Flash.

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Cassini Prepares to Say Goodbye to a True Titan

Mere weeks away from its dramatic, mission-ending plunge into Saturn, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has a hectic schedule, orbiting the planet every week in its Grand Finale. On a few orbits, Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, has been near enough to tweak Cassini’s orbit, causing the spacecraft to approach Saturn a bit closer or a bit farther away. A couple of those distant passes even pushed Cassini into the inner fringes of Saturn’s rings.

Titan will be waiting once again when the road runs out in September. A last, distant encounter with the moon on Sept. 11 will usher Cassini to its fate, with the spacecraft sending back precious science data until it loses contact with Earth.

But this gravitational pushing and shoving isn’t a new behavior for Titan. It’s been doing that all along, by design.

› DOWNLOAD VIDEO A World Unveiled: Cassini at Titan

The True Engine of the Mission

Repeated flybys of Titan were envisioned, from the mission’s beginning, as a way to explore the mysterious planet-size moon and to fling Cassini toward its adventures in the Saturn system. Scientists had been eager for a return to Titan since NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft flew past in 1980 and was unable to see through the dense, golden haze that shrouds its surface.

Titan is just a bit larger than the planet Mercury. Given its size, the moon has significant gravity, which is used for bending Cassini’s course as it orbits Saturn. A single close flyby of Titan could provide more of a change in velocity than the entire 90-minute engine burn the spacecraft needed to slow down and be captured by Saturn’s gravity upon its arrival in 2004.

The mission’s tour designers – engineers tasked with plotting the spacecraft’s course, years in advance – used Titan as their linchpin. Frequent passes by the moon provided the equivalent of huge amounts of rocket propellant. Using Titan, Cassini’s orbit could be stretched out, farther from Saturn – for example, to send the spacecraft toward the distant moon Iapetus. With this technique, engineers used Titan flybys to change the orientation of Cassini’s orbit many times during the mission; for example, lifting the spacecraft out of the plane of the rings to view them from high above, along with high northern and southern latitudes on Saturn and its moons.

What We’ve Learned

Over the course of its 13-year mission at Saturn, Cassini has made 127 close flybys of Titan, with many more-distant observations. Cassini also dropped off the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe, which descended through Titan’s atmosphere to land on the surface in January 2005.

Successes for Cassini during its mission include the revelation that, as researchers had theorized, there were indeed bodies of open liquid hydrocarbons on Titan’s surface. Surprisingly, it turned out Titan’s lakes and seas are confined to the poles, with almost all of the liquid being at northern latitudes in the present epoch. Cassini found that most of Titan has no lakes, with vast stretches of linear dunes closer to the equator similar to those in places like Namibia on Earth. The spacecraft observed giant hydrocarbon clouds hovering over Titan’s poles and bright, feathery ones that drifted across the landscape, dropping methane rain that darkened the surface. There were also indications of an ocean of water beneath the moon’s icy surface.

Early on, Cassini’s picture of Titan was spotty, but every encounter built upon the previous one. Over the course of the entire mission, Cassini’s radar investigation imaged approximately 67 percent of Titan’s surface, using the spacecraft’s large, saucer-shaped antenna to bounce signals off the moon’s surface. Views from Cassini’s imaging cameras, infrared spectrometer, and radar slowly and methodically added details, building up a more complete, high-resolution picture of Titan.

“Now that we’ve completed Cassini’s investigation of Titan, we have enough detail to really see what Titan is like as a world, globally,” said Steve Wall, deputy lead of Cassini’s radar team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

Scientists now have enough data to understand the distribution of Titan’s surface features (like mountains, dunes and seas) and the behavior of its atmosphere over time, and they have been able to begin piecing together how surface liquids might migrate from pole to pole.

Among the things that remain uncertain is exactly how the methane in Titan’s atmosphere is being replenished, since it’s broken down over time by sunlight. Scientists see some evidence of volcanism, with methane-laden water as the “lava,” but a definitive detection remains elusive.

Cassini’s long-term observations could still provide clues. Researchers have been watching for summer rain clouds to appear at the north pole, as their models predicted. Cassini observed rain clouds at the south pole in southern summer in 2004. But so far, clouds at high northern latitudes have been sparse.

“The atmosphere seems to have more inertia than most models have assumed. Basically, it takes longer than we thought for the weather to change with the seasons,” said Elizabeth Turtle, a Cassini imaging team associate at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurel, Maryland.

The sluggish arrival of northern summer clouds may match better with models that predict a global reservoir of methane, Turtle said. “There isn’t a global reservoir at the surface, so if one exists in the subsurface that would be a major revelation about Titan.” This points to the value of Cassini’s long-term monitoring of Titan’s atmosphere, she said, as the monitoring provides data that can be used to test models and ideas.

Results from the Last Close Pass

Cassini made its last close flyby of Titan on April 22. That flyby gave the spacecraft the push it needed to leap over Saturn’s rings and begin its final series of orbits, which pass between the rings and the planet.

During that flyby, Cassini’s radar was in the driver’s seat – its observation requirements determining how the spacecraft would be oriented as it passed low over the surface one last time at an altitude of 608 miles (979 kilometers). One of the priorities was to have one last look for the mysterious features the team dubbed “magic islands,” which had appeared and then vanished in separate observations taken years apart. On the final pass there were no magic islands to be seen. The radar team is still working to understand what the features might have been, with leading candidates being bubbles or waves.

Most interesting to the radar team was a set of observations that was both the first and last of its kind, in which the instrument was used to sound the depths of several of the small lakes that dot Titan’s north polar region. Going forward, the researchers will be working to tease out information from these data about the lakes’ composition, in terms of methane versus ethane.

As Cassini zoomed past on its last close brush with Titan, headed toward its Grand Finale, the radar imaged a long swath of the surface that included terrain seen on the very first Titan flyby in 2004. “It’s pretty remarkable that we ended up close to where we started,” said Wall. “The difference is how richly our understanding has grown, and how the questions we’re asking about Titan have evolved.”

TOP IMAGE….These two views of Saturn’s moon Titan exemplify how NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has revealed the surface of this fascinating world.

Cassini carried several instruments to pierce the veil of hydrocarbon haze that enshrouds Titan. These include the spacecraft’s radar and visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, or VIMS. The mission’s imaging cameras also have several spectral filters sensitive to specific wavelengths of infrared light that are able to make it through the haze to the surface and back into space. These “spectral windows” have enable the imaging cameras to map nearly the entire surface of Titan.

In addition to Titan’s surface, images from both the imaging cameras and VIMS have provided windows into the moon’s ever-changing atmosphere, chronicling the appearance and movement of hazes and clouds over the years. A large, bright and feathery band of summer clouds can be seen arcing across high northern latitudes in the view at right.

These views were obtained with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on March 21, 2017. Images taken using red, green and blue spectral filters were combined to create the natural-color view at left. The false-color view at right was made by substituting an infrared image (centered at 938 nanometers) for the red color channel.

The views were acquired at a distance of approximately 613,000 miles (986,000 kilometers) from Titan. Image scale is about 4 miles (6 kilometers) per pixel.

CENTRE IMAGE….NASA’s Cassini spacecraft looks toward the night side of Saturn’s moon Titan in a view that highlights the extended, hazy nature of the moon’s atmosphere. During its long mission at Saturn, Cassini has frequently observed Titan at viewing angles like this, where the atmosphere is backlit by the Sun, in order to make visible the structure of the hazes.

Titan’s high-altitude haze layer appears blue here, whereas the main atmospheric haze is orange. The difference in color could be due to particle sizes in the haze. The blue haze likely consists of smaller particles than the orange haze.

Images taken using red, green and blue spectral filters were combined to create this natural-color view. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft narrow-angle camera on May 29, 2017. The view was acquired at a distance of approximately 1.2 million miles (2 million kilometers) from Titan. Image scale is 5 miles (9 kilometers) per pixel.

LOWER IMAGE….During its final targeted flyby of Titan on April 22, 2017, Cassini’s radar mapper got the mission’s last close look at the moon’s surface.

On this 127th targeted pass by Titan (unintuitively named “T-126”), the radar was used to take two images of the surface, shown at left and right. Both images are about 200 miles (300 kilometers) in width, from top to bottom. Objects appear bright when they are tilted toward the spacecraft or have rough surfaces; smooth areas appear dark.

At left are the same bright, hilly terrains and darker plains that Cassini imaged during its first radar pass of Titan, in 2004. Scientists do not see obvious evidence of changes in this terrain over the 13 years since the original observation.

At right, the radar looked once more for Titan’s mysterious “magic island” in a portion of one of the large hydrocarbon seas, Ligeia Mare. No “island” feature was observed during this pass. Scientists continue to work on what the transient feature might have been, with waves and bubbles being two possibilities.

In between the two parts of its imaging observation, the radar instrument switched to altimetry mode, in order to make a first-ever (and last-ever) measurement of the depths of some of the lakes that dot the north polar region. For the measurements, the spacecraft pointed its antenna straight down at the surface and the radar measured the time delay between echoes from the lakes’ surface and bottom.

BOTTOM IMAGE….These images show a graph of the depths measured for eight small lakes at top, aligned with a radar image of the same area taken on a previous Cassini flyby of Titan. Although these data are still preliminary, all eight lakes are thought to be about the same depth (about 100 meters, which is about 328 feet). Scientists do not yet know if the lakes are connected by an underground system analogous to a water table or aquifer, but this is a possibility under investigation.

The Cassini mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency) and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of Caltech in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.


Epona, The Celtic Goddess

She appears here riding a horse, holding a shield and a spear on an exceedingly rare and exceptionally fine Celtic gold stater from Rennes, Gaul that dates to the 2nd century BC. The image on this coin is commonly identified as Epona, but, as a protectress of horses, a fertility goddess, and a leader of souls into the afterlife, Epona is usually depicted elsewhere in Celtic art with attributes such as the patera (saucer-shaped drinking vessel) and cornucopiae rather than weaponry. The warrior-queen advancing into battle was, however, a popular theme in Celtic legend, and may well be represented here. Stars, a musical instrument and a wheel also adorn the reverse while the obverse shows the Celticized head of Apollo wearing a laurel wreath.

The estimated value of this super rare coin is $40,000 - 50,000.