Yes, Man Face Monday is My Jam

Howdy, Face Fans! Arrow Fans! Amell Fans! It’s another Monday with a week that has a new Arrow episode in it! Huzzah. Personally, I need it. I hosted a little soiree at the BunnyLair the other night and during procurement of libations, I managed to break an entire bottle of wine (it was red) inside the poor Millenium Penguin (aka Honda Fit, less than 2 months old too). Ah well. Thank God for Amell’s face, because it is therapeutic to look at him and create these images for you. Let’s look, shall we?

We begin a rather eclectic collection with this one. Pillow mountains on 11 here. Seriously, I spent a lot of time staring at his mouth here. It’s just so…

How can he be so beautiful while wearing a mask? It’s those eyes. That delightful stubble. Woo. 

Kind of arty. I always enjoy this expression. He’s thinking. It shows. 

I made this gif this week for @scu11y22 because I dig the whole #I’mWithArrow vibe. I do complain sometimes, but mostly I am just anxious and excited to see what happens next. I hope this gif works and that she likes it, despite the fact that my gifs still suck. I really need to figure out the secret sauce of making better gifs. 

Here’s a better one because I did not make it. But it is beautiful. Bravo @amellybett-smoak. He’s adorable. 

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Finale image for Man Face Monday makes me happy. It ‘s my favorite. He’s just so beautiful. 

Well, lovelies…that’s it. I hope that you are having a terrific day and that all of your Arrows hit their targets. :-) 

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