sauce kay

who wants an edgelord with no chill to check out ya blog?? what’s a text post,,,… promotion?? independent sauce kay uhchnah from naruto i guess. my kicks are as spicy as jalapeno ranch flavor,,, impulsive and poor life choices are my game. i hate blonds … blondes…..bonds there we go. ambition in life is to get revenge but that’s cliche so let’s just hate everyone in general. swords are cool….sneeeks are alright but hawks are cooler.

starpudding1  asked:

Who do you think is salads real mom

You know, even though the last chapter clearly wants the reader to believe that Karin is Sarada’s mother, I think it’s only meant to cause suspense and that somehow Sakura will be revealed to be her real mom after all. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but they’ll do it. At least that’s what I think. Although I don’t care either way. Both Karin and Sakura should ditch Sasuke.

I googled “cherry salad sauce” for funsies and got this. Together they make a super meal.