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Guys, you do know Branch can cook right???? There’s gonna be a new Trolls Novel line based on them AFTER the film by David Lewman and the second book in this series is about Branch and Gristle planning a celebration. This book will be out on the 27th of July (which is still a long way) BUT I HONESTLY CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS BOOK

My SNS Imaginary Movie

Instead of a fanfic, I present to you, an entire movie that played in my head one night around 3am that had me laughing my ass off. This is my daydreaming in bed, shonen, SNS movie! Im not trying to write this as a proper fanfic, but only as how the fun happened.

Synopsis: Our heroes are losing the fight against an Otsutsuki alien freak. Naruto loses Kurama! Sasuke is blinded! And they are trapped in another dimension. There, they are given the opportunity to embody Yin and Yang and turn the tides of the battle. But being Yin and Yang is more than they’ve ever imagined!

My Imaginary SNS Movie:
Sauce and Nardo are fighting a freak of an Otsusuki. The alien ass had ripped kurama out from Naruto. Sasukes in bad shape too. He’s lost his right eye and only has his left eye with rinnegan. To make matters worse, their combined attacks weren’t having any affect on this Otsutsuki.

Hinata (whats she doing there?) used byakugan and sees that Narutos chakra is fading! He’s dying! She’s cries out to Sasuke that he’s drawing his last breath! Sasuke instantly stops fighting the alien freak and runs to Narutos side.

His only thought was to take Naruto to another dimension, even if it’s a timeless unmoving dimension, anything to stop him from dying! His rinnegan activates, a portal opens, he leaps in with Naruto completely disregarding who ever else is on the battlefield! (sorry hinata)

But as they are warping through, the Otsutsuki reaches through and rips out Sasukes left eye! The bastard adds the rinnegan to his personal collection on his arm as the boys disappear in the rinnegan warp.

Our heroes are trapped in an unknown dimension. A blind, bleeding Sasuke confirms that Naruto is still breathing. His goal to enter a dimension with a different laws of physics seems to have worked. Somehow in this dimension a jinchiruuki doesn’t die when it’s separated from its bijuu. Something to do with time?

For Sasuke, it feels like unknowable days pass by in the darkness. He’s slumped over Naruto, just listening to him breathe. His blood, on Naruto’s chest. Naruto finally wakes up. Sasuke snaps out of a daze and apologizes to Naruto. He says he’s failed him.

Sasuke- It doesn’t matter that I’ve brought us to this timeless dimension, without my rinnegan, this is now our place of eternal rest.

But Naruto doesn’t seem to mind. He cries out how beautiful this place is. Sasuke had no idea there was even a PLACE to look at. A blue sky, a forest, and a temple. This dimension seemed to be a tiny planet, like in DBZ. Naruto is grateful that Sasuke saved him and he’s confident they’ll get back home somehow! But first things first, Sasuke needs a new pair of eyes!!

It was sometime before Naruto notices the local wildlife. Cute, adorable, innocent harmless creatures……They kinda look like frogs. Hes horrified about what he’s about to do!! But…for Sasuke…He kills a frog creature and rips out its eyes and screams as if it was his own eyes he was ripping out. Sasuke is hugged up against a wall and uncharistically freaking out because he has no idea why Naruto is screaming.

Sasuke- Naruto?

Naruto- Gamabunta forgive me!!

Naruto offers him the bloody frog eyes to Sasuke, without telling him the source of the eyes. But neither boy has any idea how shinobis just magically transfer eyes anyways. But Narutos already committed and these frog eyes in his hands aren’t any use to him. He assumes that maybe you just shove in the eyeballs while applying lots of chakra. He does so!! Both boys scream!! Sasuke bears through the pain and tries to connect his chakra to his new eyeballs. It works. Sasuke looks around him and notes that all the colors look different. He goes to a pool of water and sees his reflection……

Sasuke- Frog eyes…..

He sighs and thanks Naruto anyways. But this doesn’t solve their situation. They’re still trapped in another dimension and without rinnegan.

They explore the temple grounds. The temple door is sealed and flanked by two statues. The temple had a name, the temple of Indrashura and Ashindra. Naruto comments that name sounds familiar, but Sasuke already has a good hunch to what it means. He notes that one statue represents Yin and the other Yang. (dun dun dun!)

The boys believe that maybe the old sage of six paths created this temple and if they can figure out how to enter it they can once again have Yin and Yang release. Naruto would be able to heal Sasukes eyes to their natural form. And Sasuke would be able to awaken rinnegan again. They stood by their respective statues, but no amount of poking and prodding the statues would make the temple door open.

After trying everything they could think of, the boys exhuast themselves and take a mental break.

But time is funny here. Hours feel like days, which feels like weeks, which feels like months. Sasuke spent most of his time meditating for the answer, obsessively!! His single goal was to activate rinnegan. He barely noticed what Naruto was up to.

Naruto on the other hand was just trying to LIVE. I mean, he’s not the one that needs to awaken rinnegan and what else can he do? He just wanted to enjoy his time here, with Sasuke. But Sasuke was being over there, meditating, far away and distant. It was frustrating! Why can’t Sasuke just be here and now? And this tiny unchanging planet, the lack of stimulation was driving Naruto insane!

Until one day, Naruto can’t take it anymore! He curses the damn blue sky that’s always blue, the glowing bright sun that’s been in the same position since forever, and this green forest, it would be nice if it was another color for a change!

Sasuke realizes Narutos really snapped and tries to calm him down. In doing so, he unknowingly steps on a yin yang seal that they simply hadn’t noticed before. Suddenly the cheery sunny sky transforms to night. A full moon shines over a darkened autumn forest. And the fluffy innocent creatures transform into monsters!!

The boys were stunned! The monsters come charging at them. Naruto and Sasuke give a each other a quick nod and can’t help but smile. Beating up monsters that magically popped out of nowhere together? That sounds like fun!

Monster after monster they slaughter! Releasing their pent up frustrations. The monsters just kept coming back, as if it was a game loop. Sasuke was both challenged and exciting to relearn how to fight without sharingan. After what felt like days, they grew tired of battling. Sasuke instructs Naruto to step on the YinYang seal. When he does, the world magically returns to its former sunny setting.

At least they learned something about this world. But still the temple doors won’t open, and still, Sasuke doesn’t have rinnegan. They experience more time passing by and Sasuke became emotionally withdrawn. He felt it’s his fault that they’re in this strange dimension and could barely look Naruto in the eyes.

Sasuke- I’m sorry you’re stuck here with me, of all people.

Was usually all Sasuke could manage to say. Naruto had enough of his obnoxious sulking!

Naruto- Idiot! Don’t you understand yet how I feel! I’m grateful you saved my life. I’m happy, that of all the people in this damn Universe to be stuck with, I get to be stuck with you!

He slams his hand onto the Yang statue!

Naruto- Sasuke..I..!

The Yang statue starts to glow. Naruto jumps back startled, and the statue deactivates. Sasuke’s eyes widen.

Sasuke- Of course! I’m an idiot!

He understands now what they need to do and stands by his Yin statue. But Naruto doesn’t understand why the statue was activating when all he did was slam his hand on it, like he has done before. Sasuke explains. Previously, when they tried to activate the statues Naruto had his thoughts focused on Yang and Sasuke had his thoughts focused on Yin.

Sasuke- Yin and Yang exist within eachother. At the heart of Yin is Yang and at the heart of Yang is Yin…Thats why…we need to think about the other…

Naruto smiles widely and nods his head - YOSH. Sasuke tries to hide his smile but really can’t. They place their hands on their respective statues.

Naruto- For Sasuke…
Sasuke- For Naruto…

The temple doors open.

(And now the movie playing in my head is about to get weird yo!)
To be Continued

I can’t take any food discourse seriously because I live in a world where people eat marinara sauce, ketchup, and anything else made with/of tomatoes, which literally taste like bags of vomit. if you eat anything that has tomato in it, you’re nasty. also, now that I live alone, ketchup is not allowed in my household.

Callout Post - Quinn's Quotes -

Me: Go help the team while I’m dead
Quinn:Uh, Fine
Quinn: *procedes to get a double kill*

Me: What kind of pasta are you eating?
Quinn:Just the noodles, i don’t feel up to putting sauce on it.

Quinn: Fight me hanzo!! Fight me irl!!! Fight me! 1v1 me!!!

Quinn: The only friend zone is Lucio’s healing aura

Quinn: Whomst????

Quinn: (to his brother) You can keep on saying lot, but stop saying fam

Quinn: (to the enemy phara) I cant heal you, you’re the enemy.

My Yuri!!! On Ice HCs

Okay, this show is just so beautiful. It takes two people and shows a developmental healthy relationship, between two men nonetheless, and it’s just groundbreaking~!

Anyways here are my lovely head canons for Yuuri and Viktor as they get their own place~.

(( Warning: Cute fluffy, domestic stuff coming your way! ))

Yuuri and Viktor cooking together:

- Viktor would be in the kitchen, and Yuuri comes in like, “Hey do you need any help?” Then the cute “wife and husband” acts ensue. (Yuuri wears a cute poodle apron when he cooks)

- Yuuri is trying to be serious when he’s helping, and all Viktor wants to do is mess around now that his “cute little piggy” is helping him. (slaps on Yuuri’s butt happen occasionally.)

- Be careful going there on Tuesdays. That’s Pasta Tuesday for them.

- If you wanna get caught in a pasta sauce fight between them, then that’s fine.

- It starts with Viktor putting the sauce on Yuuri’s nose and it escalates from there.

- The sauce gets E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. (“How did we get pasta sauce on the ceiling…?”)

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I really hope I’m doing this right.

I think all the “parallels” Kishi likes to draw between Nardo and other characters is a load of bull. First off Gaara. During their fight after the Chunin Exams, Nardo goes on some idiotic rant about how if Iruka and yada yada hadn’t come along, he’d have ended up just like Gaara. I say hell no. Gaara was hunted by his own dad as a child and then his uncle, who was the one person in life he actually trusted, turns on him revealing he hated him the entire time and was just trying to get close to him so he could kill him, which drives Gaara even further into insanity. By the time he shows up in the series, he’s a psychotic killing machine used as a weapon by his own village. Then there’s the fact that since childhood, he’s had no sleep because he knows if he falls asleep, the living nuke inside him will take control and there’s the chance of him being assassinated. Nardo was a dumbass brat that nobody felt like dealing with. Even in flashbacks to early academy days, Nardo is shown as a trouble making brat picking fights with Sauce boy and just getting into trouble. The only time he’s shown being absolutely rejected is in his own thoughts, usually when making those crap ass parallels. Hell the only person in the village shown to even remotely care at any point is Iruka himself.

Next, while earlier,(I’m thinking as I type)is still significant. Haku. Or at least I think. Admittedly, I can’t remember this one as well. Either way, like Gaara, Haku was hunted as a child, though because of his bloodline trait. Eventually he ends up submitting himself to the fact that he’s nothing more than a tool. Again, nothing even remotely similar to Nardo’s situation.

Neji is another I’m not too sure about and I’m actually leaning on the side that this actually didn’t happen, but I’m gonna bring it up anyway just because events near the end of the story(even though I dropped it long before that). Neji was a slave in his own home and had to have his dad killed for something his uncle did just because his dad was born a minute later. As someone else on another forum said, Nardo had the freedom to do whatever he wanted and had the luxury of becoming a class clown. 

Finally there’s the Sauce. Kishimoto spends the entire series trying to push this crap and arguably pushes it harder than WWE tries to push Cena and Reigns. There is literally nothing even remotely similar about their situations. Sauce had everything he cared about taken away from him by the person he idolized. On top of that, every time he comes in contact with Itachi in part 1, he gets mind raped and taunted about not having enough hatred and junk which junk which just makes him even more obsessed with revenge. When he finally gets his revenge he finds out his brother is actually the good guy(bullshit I know, but not my main point) and his clan was killed ultimately because the village made Itachi do it. Their is absolutely nothing in Nardo’s life that even remotely compares to what Sasuke had to go through. The only thing that would’ve happened to Nardo had Iruka and them not come along is that he’d still be a brat that nobody wanted anything to do with. This also kinda leads into another thing about Nardo’s attachment problems, but I’ll save it.

Mod: there’re some minor points I don’t quite agree, but generally I feel the so called parallels are mostly either contrived or just reaching. Kishi wanted to force this idea that Naruto can understand people, but he ended up making him incapable of understanding anything besides his own experience. And what’s worse is he made Naruto look arrogant and self absorbed by showing him insisting “you’re just like me” to other characters, when it’s completely not the case.
Wet Button

For @keverina

 just some fluff and nonsense for your Wednesday evening…

“Christopher, go and help Charlotte look for her shoes please,” Amelia asked her son as she took his breakfast plate from the table over to the sink. She dipped her hands into the soapy water below and started scrubbing the yoke stains from the white china.

She hadn’t even heard him approach, his arms surprising her as they wrapped around her waist and he began swaying their bodies from side to side. Her teeth tucked into her bottom lip as she smiled at his scent, his teeth nipping at the skin below her ear. Instinctively, her head fell to the side and extended her long neck for him to explore.

“Good morning,” her husky voice sounded.

“Mmmmmm,” he mumbled, focusing on his task. He soon travelled north to her ear and when his hot breath found the small exposed opening, she shuddered. He chuckled and moved his hands into the water to link with hers as he suggestively rubbed his hips into her ass. A little gasp of shock left her as she whipped her face around to meet his gaze- the mischievous sparkle she knew too well. She narrowed her eyes, trying to disapprove of his charm, but the tugging smile on her lips gave her away. He wriggled his eyebrows a little as he gave another thrust.

“Owen!” she scorned, pushing him back slightly but keeping hold of his hands in the sink. “There are small children wandering freely around this house. Save it for when they’re at school!”

“Yes ma'am,” he whispered. He reached for a glass on the side and through her arms poured himself some water. When he pulled away and started to drink, he playfully flicked his still wet fingers in her direction, spraying her with water.

“You did not…” she slowly turned around. “No, you did not… just do that…”

He cheekily smiled and began lifting his fist into the air between their bodies.

“Don’t…” she warned.

Closer and closer his hand crept to her face.

“Owen… I swear, if you flick water in my fa-”

He sprung his fingers outwards and the droplets sprinkled over her features.

“That’s it.”

She scooped a handful of water up and into the air in his direction, soaking his face and chest.

“AMELIA!” he exclaimed, shocked that she’d done it.

“What?” she giggled.

“I’m wearing this to work!” He looked down to his shirt, the water leaking down his front, then back to her naughty grin.

“Not anymore you’re not,” she shrugged. He let out an exaggerated sigh as his arms opened wide for her to see the damage she’d done. She took sympathy on his sad face and stepped close to him, unbuttoning his shirt from the top and pulling it free from his trousers. As she concentrated on the task, she suddenly felt a cold trickle running through her scalp and down the back of her neck, dropping to her back and making her gasp.

“Now we’re even,” he smirked, putting his now empty glass on the counter next to them. She had frozen on the last button, shock filling all her muscles.

“Oh, you better run,” she said under her breath, picking up the glass and going to the sink.

“OK, let’s not let this get out of control,” he reasoned with her, knowing the expression she had on her face. “Do you remember the pasta sauce fight of 2016? That didn’t end well for anyone involved. Come on Button, please?”

“Don’t Button me right now,” she laughed, unimpressed, continuing to fill the glass with water. He had his hands up in front of him as he stepped backwards towards the kitchen door, surrendering, but it was too late. She turned the tap off and held the glass up, ready to pounce at any moment. She started her prowl, the adults facing each other as they moved around the kitchen table, Owen staying directly opposite for protection.

“BUZZ? BEE?!” Owen yelled, matching her pace to stay a fair distance from his advancing wife. Two children galloped from the distance.

“Ignore him kids, he doesn’t need you,” Amelia called afterwards. “Don’t get them involved, it took me ages to get Charlotte to put that outfit on this morning.”

“Then put the glass of water down!” he argued. Neither had broken eye contact since she’d turned the tap off but Owen heard Christopher come into the room and run by his side. He reached down, scooped his son into his arms and held him up in front of him.

“Using your son as a shield Owen. Really?” Amelia asked. “Fight like a man.”

“Daddy,” Christopher was hanging mid-air giggling, “why is your shirt not done up and why are you wet?”

“Questions later Buzz,” he answered. He held him closer to his front so he could whisper into his tiny ear, all the while keeping his eyes on Amelia’s. “On the count of three, we’re going to run to the top bathroom ok?”

“OK,” Christopher said out loud, still giggling.

“Ok what, Christopher?” Amelia asked, changing direction around the table and dipping her hand in the sink once more as she passed it. She flicked her fingers in their direction, Christopher scrunching his nose up as the water took his face by surprise. “What did Daddy ask you to do?”

“3! Go Buzz go!” Owen shouted, putting the small boy on the floor and sprinting up the stairs. Christopher squealed with excitement as he chased after his father, not knowing what he’d got himself in between.

Amelia, strategic and determined in her play fights, knew he had the advantage of speed and now a cute human shield she wasn’t keen on soaking. So instead of going after them, she calmly filled a bottle of water, tucked it into the back of her jeans and then filled a jug to accompany her pint glass. Trying not to spill the water from the glass or jug, she came across her daughter on the landing on the first floor.

“Mummy, I can’t find choos,” Charlotte’s toddler voice said. “Why you cayying water?”

“Did you see where Daddy and Christopher went Bee?”

“Yes,” she nodded. “They say no to tell you.”

“Hey now, this is girls against boys. You can’t let me down little one… Can you not even give me a clue where they went?”

Charlotte looked between her mother and the second flight of stairs, back and forth, weighing up the options. She narrowed her eyes, Amelia seeing her husband’s expression all over her face as she thought, and finally nodded. She climbed up the stairs one by one, slow enough for Amelia to carefully carry the full jug and glass behind her. Once on the landing of the second floor, Charlotte’s little finger pointed to the bathroom Amelia shared with her husband.

“What if they can hear us daddy?” Amelia heard her son’s excited voice through the door. She had to hand it to Charlotte, she was much better at being a ninja compared to her older brother. He was silenced by a shushing sound from Owen. Amelia smiled down to Charlotte and bulged her eyes out in excitement. She whispered for her to open the door and as soon as she had, Amelia ran into the room and immediately located Owen standing in the bath.

“Run Buzz run!” Owen yelled to Christopher. “Save yourself!”

Screams, squeals, yelps and giggles filled the house as Amelia threw the entire glass and jug of water over her husband. What she hadn’t bargained for was one of his hands to be holding the attached shower head and the other to be on the tap.

“Owen!” Amelia screamed as she was showered, quite literally, in the middle of the bathroom.

“Ahhh, Daddy!” The two children were narrowly avoiding the water, laughing at the stupidity of their parents. As Amelia fought her way to join Owen in the bath, she made a grab for the shower and his dodging of her attempts caused water to fly in all directions. He soaked the entire room, including his children.

“Oh no you don’t,” he teased, holding the shower too high for her to reach and drenching her hair. The warm water was spilling all over the floor, Charlotte happily splashing her sock-clad feet in it.

“Owen, please, you’re getting the kids wet… and the floor,” she said.

“Ok ok,” he agreed, turning the tap off but keeping his hand there and keeping the shower head pointing at her.

“I’m not going to do anything,” she told him, “but we do need to get you out those clothes.”

She laughed as she peeled his soaking wet and open shirt from his shoulders. He lowered the shower head and unwillingy propped it back into its position.

“Christopher, Charlotte,” Owen said, addressing his children but not taking his eyes off Amelia’s, “could you go to your rooms and get changed? Find completely new outfits, even underwear…”

“Oooooh, yes!” Charlotte clapped her hands and ran out the door, followed by a slightly reluctant Christopher who apparently didn’t want the water fight to end. Owen stepped out the bath and held a hand out for her to take. She climbed out and as he turned his back to find some towels, she pulled out her secret weapon.

The cold water caused his whole body to recoil and tense as every last droplet of the bottle flowed over his muscular back. Once it was empty, she softly giggled to herself and discarded the bottle to the bath. He very slowly turned his body, his face looking mildly amused but full of feign shock and anger.

She didn’t hear what his mouth was about to say because she was out like a shot, leaving uncontrollable laughter in her wake as she ran to their room with him close on her heels.

“You don’t get away that easily,” he joked, catching up with her and lifting her up into a firemans carry and slapping her ass. She was struggling to breathe from the laughter that had taken control of her body. “I should have known you weren’t finished.”

He dropped her down onto their huge bed, her wet clothes soaking the bed sheets. He climbed on top of her, pinning her there, and kissed her lips.

“You started it,” she accused through his kisses.

“Hmmmm, how about we finish it?” he said, deepening the kisses and eventually poking her lip with his tongue.

“Owen,” she muttered, twisting her head in protest. “The kids need to get to school… and you need to go to work.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” he agreed, “it’ll be quick, I promise.”

“Hmmmmm,” she moaned as he moved to her neck and started sucking, knowing it was a weak spot that immediately turned her on. “But we’ll be late…”

“So…” he breathed, kissing her collarbone and moving down south.

“Hmmmmm, yes,” Amelia absent-mindedly agreed, feeling her insides weaken at his touch.

“I don’t mind waiting…” he said, his voice muffled in her clothes as he rubbed his face down her stomach and began fiddling with her jeans button.

“I mean…” she counteracted her own argument at the thought of them stopping where they were, her voice high and her shoulders shrugging against the bed as her hands weaved into his damp hair. “Once wet why not walk in the rain, right?”

“Exactly!” he exclaimed.

They both laughed as he stood up, yelled to the children to go and watch TV once they were ready and then closed the bedroom door. By the time he had locked it and turned back around, she had taken her clothes off and was kneeling in just her underwear on the bed.

If I worked at a fast food place n someone asked for mild sauce I would just be like “u mean coward sauce?” And then start fighting them immediately disrespect will be met with extreme force I won’t tolerate it

Next Time

A. N. I’m sorry but I’m kinda enjoying making this soulmate AU stuff :3

Pairing: Bucky x reader


Prompt: Soulmate AU, when you first touch your soulmate you’re stuck with your soulmate for 8 hours, like literally stuck. 


I walked out of the Smithsonian Institution when I bumped into somebody, falling on the floor.

I groaned, “..I’m sorry..” I apologize at the person,

“it’s alright.” The man said, offering a hand to help me up.

I took his hand and began to stand again, “I’m so sorry.. I wasn’t watching where..– wait.”

I tried to take my hand out of his but I can’t, even the man seemed confused and tried too but he can’t.

It’s stuck together.

..which mean only one thing..

I slowly looked up at him, meeting his dazzling blue eyes, “Hi.. I guess,” I smiled sheepishly.

He stared at me in surprise, I saw his face becoming a little red as he cleared his throat, “hey,”

“the bright side of this is at least we’re holding hands.. not like maybe my hand will be stuck on your.. I don’t know.. somewhere inappropriate for the next 8 hours.”

His eyes brighten up in amusement as the corners of his mouth lifted ever so slightly,

“Bucky! come o- who’s this?”

I turned around to see a blonde haired man calling for my supposed ‘soulmate’

“Seriously Barnes? we were gone for like 5 minutes and a girl already?”

another man with black hair said,

‘Bucky’ stared at them annoyed, and lifted our hands, proving how it stuck together,

“Oh. I see.” the blonde man said, “well, you better catch up with her.”

“yeah, see you in 8 hours.”

Then they left, but I heard something along the lines of, ‘C’mon Steve! be happy for your best friend!’

“so..” I catch his attention again, “I’m Y/n L/n, goes by y/n.”

“James Buchanan Barnes, just Bucky.”

I felt myself giggle slightly, “where did ‘Bucky’ came from?”

“I don’t know,” He said, a little bitter, but I choose to ignored it, “want to go have lunch with me?”

“sure, where?”

“there’s this cafe I really like since I live here,” 

He began to walk me down the street to a vintage styled cafe, the paint, the decoration, the waiter’s uniform, and pretty much everything in it.

“I like this place,” I said to him after looking around, 

He smiled faintly and walked us to the ordering station, he ordered something for me since I don’t know anything about this place,

We choose the outdoor table and sat beside each other, since sitting across each other is kinda difficult at the time, 

“so, do you want to go first or shall I?”

“Go ahead,” he encouraged me,

I rolled my eyes playfully and explained myself to him, 

“..and that’s all from me, how about you?” I finished as our orders came, I reached for my drink and stared up at him, 

I saw how uncomfortable and stiff he is and chuckled,                                        “just kidding, I know who you are,” I put a hand to stop him from talking, “I filled in the Smithsonian Institution sometimes, but since that is not very reliable, you can tell me another time you’re comfortable with me.”

He stared at me in surprise and nodded, “you seem good.”

I paused drinking and raised an eyebrow at him, “do I look like a witch or something..?”

“No it’s not what I meant,” He laughed, “you’re different than any other people around me.. you’re not pushy or intimidating.”

I examined his face and slowly said, “thanks,” red creeping on my cheek, “for not admitting that I look like a witch,”

His eyes widen, “No tha-”

‘But Bucky..” I stared at him with the most serious face I could manage, “what if I am one?”

His face was torn between surprise and alert, priceless.

I laughed,  “Joking! I am not a witch!” he actually almost believed me (i guess)..

he realized what’s going on, he just chuckled and began to eat his meal as we talked again, a little sauce fight here and there but then it was time to go.

“where do you want to go to now?” he asked,

“let’s just go around making memories in this town,” I shrugged, dragging him with me down the streets.


“Oh my god! this picture is too perfect!”

I laughed at the Photo Booth result, I was shoving a cotton candy on his face and Bucky’s eyes were wide in surprise,

He smiled at me, eating his apple candy,

“this half is for you, this is for me.” I handed the picture to him, “just a memory for today.”

He received the picture to his hand and stared at it, I quickly began to eat my cotton candy so he doesn’t notice my staring.

“ know, I had fun today.”

I turned to him, to say I was surprised is right, “really?? I almost thought you didn’t enjoy today because of me being annoying..”

“nonsense,”  he scoffed, “you’re not annoying, to be honest today is the most fun day since I live here.”

“then.. we should maybe do this again?” I questioned him, as we arrived in front of the Avengers tower,

“yeah we should,” he said, releasing his hand from mine and reached for a small note in his jacket’s pocket,

“wait, bucky..”


“we’re not stuck anymore,” I pointed to his hand, “we’re free, has it been 8 hours already?”

He quickly stared at his hand, ”oh yeah, I didn’t realize.”

“then, we should meet up next time,” I finished writing my number on his small notebook, “just scheduled and not stuck together,”

“yeah,” he said,

then we stayed silent.

after a while, he finally said, “you know.. maybe the next time we can make it a date..”

I stared at him, “yeah sure,”

 I smiled, standing on my tip toes and quickly kissed his cheek,

“see you later, Barnes,” I said, “call me.”

I left him there, a little bit red-faced and definitely can’t wait for the next time.