Peter: Hey Kimi.. stop sleeping half an hour before races.. take this and read.. learn something.. 

Kimi: But I am sleepy, Mr Sauber (assuming he called Peter Mr Sauber) 

Peter: Why don’t you sleep at night?

Kimi: Coz i party at night

Peter: Every night? 

Kimi: Like right now, yeah.. and it will continue that way for a very long time and media will make and write stories up about my partying, playboy lifestyle and i will be called Iceman. I’m building my future prospects from now, so i have to sleep to get inspirations in my dreams…

Peter: Really? 

Kimi: Yeah. When i sleep, i am fresh and i can driver better and i can get your team more points.. if you have problem with that, i can go over at the McLaren garage and sleep there.. Ron don’t seem to mind..

Peter: Ah.. no, no, no.. you can sleep here, it’s ok.. no problem..  just don’t go over there.. i mean.. i have no problem with you sleeping before the races.. of course, you are bringing us points and please sleep anywhere you like.. anywhere.. 

Kimi: he..he,..he..