somethings never change …

Giancarlo Fisichella, Red Bull Sauber-Petronas C23, 2004 Monaco Grand Prix

normally I don’t post very recent pictures in this blog, but this one just reminded me of so many ‘old skool’ pictures that have passed by
this one goes out to all those 'racing line photographers’ that captured all those incredible racing moments along the years


Peter: Hey Kimi.. stop sleeping half an hour before races.. take this and read.. learn something.. 

Kimi: But I am sleepy, Mr Sauber (assuming he called Peter Mr Sauber) 

Peter: Why don’t you sleep at night?

Kimi: Coz i party at night

Peter: Every night? 

Kimi: Like right now, yeah.. and it will continue that way for a very long time and media will make and write stories up about my partying, playboy lifestyle and i will be called Iceman. I’m building my future prospects from now, so i have to sleep to get inspirations in my dreams…

Peter: Really? 

Kimi: Yeah. When i sleep, i am fresh and i can driver better and i can get your team more points.. if you have problem with that, i can go over at the McLaren garage and sleep there.. Ron don’t seem to mind..

Peter: Ah.. no, no, no.. you can sleep here, it’s ok.. no problem..  just don’t go over there.. i mean.. i have no problem with you sleeping before the races.. of course, you are bringing us points and please sleep anywhere you like.. anywhere.. 

Kimi: he..he,..he..