When I don’t know what else to do, when I feel fizzy and electric and as though I’m going to self-destruct from circuit overload, I lie on the earth. I put myself out there with the elements and the stones, the mosquitoes and the birds, the rain and the sun, the salt and sugar of the grass, and I just pour myself away. I remember that I am earth–minerals and dust, salt and sugars, blood and rain, microbes and metal. I remember that she’s been around a heck of a long time and probably seen a million things worse that whatever it is in my head at the moment, so I just give it to her. All of it. She’s offered to take it.

And I let that age and that wisdom, that beauty and that pain all pour back in, channeled as only true gifts of wisdom and strength can be, and I get up. I remember that we are the same, she and I, and thank the goddess for it. That earth is always there–in office buildings, in cities, on interstates, in school, in bed in the middle of a sleepless night. She’s there and all you have to do is remember to get up and get out the door.

Take off your shoes; this is not the time or the space to protect yourself from current, from conduction. Ground down to rise up.
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