satyam shivam sundaram

Art of Silence & Emergence of Truth

There is no ignorance at all; there is only existence - there is only the Truth- “SATYAM”

If you simply keep quiet you will know that only this exists. Before the sun rises early in the morning it does not first try to remove the darkness of the night. The sun does not say, “Let me brush away the darkness and only then, in the daytime, I will rise.”

For the sun there is no night, there is no darkness to be removed. The sun does not even know that such a thing as night exists. What practice is needed to remove darkness, where is this darkness? All practices imply the reality of darkness, of ignorance, when in fact they do not exist. The river in the sand is a mirage; it does not exist, it never did.

There is only Truth. What need is there of practice? It is only practice which is concealing the truth.

By K.Nagori

Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

I want this on my body somewhere, for three reasons. The first is that its the name of a song I love. The second is my love of studying Hinduism and other East Asian religions. The third is its beautiful meaning.

It has a direct translation and a more accurate indirect translation. 

The direct translation is “Truth, Auspiciousness, Beauty”.

But the indirect translation is closer to the actual meaning:

“Truth is God and God is Beautiful”

Of course, I’ll spend sometime with Professor Perdue evaluating the accuracy of the Sanskrit above before putting it on myself. I also have to figure out where.