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Magical Girl May 20, 21, 22, & 23: Outer Soldiers

And now Sailormoon week :3 I saved Sailormoon until later in my magical girl month so I didn’t get tempted to paint ALL the girls before doing fanart for another series. As it is I ended up limiting myself to just the outer senshi because I love them dearly and often end up skipping them to draw the main 5.

I made sure to include the talismans & weapons for each of the girls to make the set feel more unified. Haruka and Michiru are of course flirting down there, as they do (and if you can’t tell, that kind of character interaction is my favorite to do with my mini portraits :3), but I also really like Saturn’s startled-and-haunted expression quite a bit. The colors in Pluto also turned out so vibrant, I’m really pleased with each of them.

Saturn Nebula Justice Spell

A spell to get justice when you have been wronged.

You Will Need:

✨ Piece of Paper
✨ Black Pen or Marker
✨ Black or Purple Tape
✨ Small bottle or vial that seals
✨ Burn safe dish or bowl
✨ Matches or a ligther
✨ (Optional) Imagery of the Saturn Nebula**

**This is optional for the nebula is always present so you can still harness its energy but for some it helps to have a visualization of it present during a spell


✨ On the piece of paper write down the wrong-doer’s name and how they have wronged you or another

 “(Target’s Name) you have wronged me* and now I seek justice! With the Saturn Nebula as my witness, I call for justice to land on your head! May you face punishment for what you did to me*! I seek justice, with Saturn Nebula’s power I will get justice!” 

*Me may be replaced with the name of another if you feel another has been wronged rather than you

✨ With all of your frustration of the injustice that has gone on, scribble out the target’s name but not their crime/wrong doing

✨ Crumple up the paper and put it into your burn safe dish/bowl and light it on fire carefully. Let it burn to ash

✨ Put the ash into your small vial or bottle and seal it. 

✨ Using your black/purple tape, tape it up so it cannot be reopened (or at least not easily opened)

✨ Place it near a window so that the Saturn Nebula can help infuse it with energy so you can get your justice. If you are unable to do this or would just prefer to, you may place it atop a picture or representation of the nebula instead.

✨ Keep it there until you are brought justice. Once you have been cut away the tape and throw it all away properly to end the spell.

Astrological Magic Series

My series on astrological magic is now complete. There are thirteen posts total, each of them thoroughly discussing different concepts which are important to the effective practice of these arts. They don’t proceed in exactly the order you’ll need the information in, and I apologize for that, but I also don’t think it will be a problem. You should really make sure to carefully read the information in each of these posts before attempting to carry out this kind of work, in order to be sure that you’ve covered your bases and taken the appropriate precautions. Below is a list of all the posts in the series. I hope they are helpful to you. You’re welcome to ask us if you have any questions at all.

The Moon (and Sun)

Saturn and Mars

Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury

The Ascendant

Uses of the Decans

Parts (also known as Lots)

Image Theory I

Image Theory II

Master List of things Ruled by the Planets, Signs, and Fixed Stars

Lunar Nodes, Planetary Days and Hours, Names and Spirits of Times and Bodies

A Very Effective Method of Drawing a Circle

Consecration, Prayers, and Ritual Theory

Conclusion (Aspects, Other Loose Ends, and a Step-By-Step Walkthrough)

Thank you very much for reading. If you found this series interesting, please consider checking out Benefica’s series on the court cards in Tarot, and if you’re interested, check back soon for our upcoming series on the creation and use of talismans (which will be a collaboration between Benefica and myself).