saturn a

In the house of...

the sun, you find pride and a sense of self

the moon, you find it impossible to be logical, consistent or objective

mercury, you find the things you spend most of your time thinking about

venus, you find love, beauty, and the things that attract you, as well as talents that come effortlessly

mars, you find what drives you forward, or what drives you away

jupiter, you find ease, pleasure, and good fortune

saturn, you find hard lessons that lead to the ultimate reward

uranus, you want to be completely free and find your own way to do things

neptune, you have impossible expectations, inevitable disappointment, and the potential for transcendent experiences

pluto, is the source of your greatest pleasure and darkest pain; the things that both derail your life and put you on the right track

refers to the houses where your natal planets fall, example: sun in 7th=pride and sense of self found in relationships; venus in 3rd=talent for writing/expression with words, love of language

It is very, very hard to have sun conjunct Saturn. Self-criticism takes over my life, it always has. Many of my earliest memories are of not being good enough, believing I was letting people down, and feeling like a failure.

It is intercepted in the delusional sign of Pisces. Grasping for myself feels impossible most of the time.

I have many things to be joyously grateful for in my life and in myself. I will fight these obstacles or, better, work with them to succeed.

I just needed to express this. Because it hurts profoundly, and I believe I naively keep thinking I may escape the criticism of self.

Sega Rally 2 - Arcade rally at its finest

Damn, it is hard to do a photo on an old CRT tv. 

Who haven’t seen the Sega Rally in arcades? This game was one of the most popular arcade racers and if you wanted to play it at home you’d have to get either Sega Saturn for the original one or Sega Dreamcast for Sega Rally 2. While Saturn’s version is faithfull to the arcade one, Sega Rally 2 on the Dreamcast has much more offer than on the arcade. 

What does the Sega Rally 2 championship have to offer? First, we have a traditional arcade mode, where we can either race in a championship, where we have to complete a single lap on four tracks, or a practice mode, where we have to complete three laps of a selected track. Just like in the arcades, in championship mode you have very little time and completing even a second track may not be to obvious at first. You have to be really good if you want to complete everything not to mention getting the first place. Practice mode os for those who like to master a single track. Every standard and unlocked car is available here. Going for the best time and constantly short time at later levels make the arcade mode an exciting experience with a lot of replay value.

The main mode of the game is 10 year championship, where you participate in series of races, similar to those from arcade mode, in order to get a first place and unlock a new car. Difficulty here is tuned down, so getting a first place is a lot easier than in the arcade mode. 10 year championship also feature much more tracks. Sometimes you ride the same track but with different surfaces than previously, which is a neat idea to keep following years interesting. Here, you can also change setting of selected car depending on your preferences or a track you are about to tackle. You can change suspension, brakes, steering and even choose between traditional Sega Rally’s 4 gear transmition or a car specific realistic one.The mode feels like a typical “campaing” for a racing game.
The last mode for a single player is a Time attack mode, which is self-explanatory. You can choose any track you want and any car’s settings you want. Since I love beating records I see myself spending a lot of time here, since the number of tracks isn’t overwhelming and the game seems very good for beating times.
I should mention something about driving itself. It is far from simulation. More drifty style and surface has big incluence on your driving so you will quickly notice a jump from tarmac to gravel or from snow to ice. I think, Sega Rally 2 nailed with gameplay, giving us simple driving style, interesting tracks with multiple surfaces and exciting modes. Dreamcast’s controller does a perfect job in this game. You really need to correctly manipulate analog stick and triggers if you want the best times. Those things provide tons of replayability.

Sega Rally 2 has also a “Car profile” feature where you can listen about a history of the selected car. A voice could a little more alive and it is a main reason why I don’t care about this too much. Those things are spoken in a quite dull way. Like most of lectures.

Let’s talk about graphic and music. Graphically this game looks nice but while it targets 60fps it rarely keeps it for a longer than 10 seconds. When I see what was done with Daytona 2001 I am pretty sure it was possible with Sega Rally 2 for the Dreamcast as well. Music is a fucking mix of everything. From rock riffs to euro beat. I am sure you’ll find some catchy tunes. If you don’t like something, that’s ok because your co-driver is the main thing you’ll listen to. Speaking of him/her (yes you can set a female one, which sounds terrible), your co-driver gives information about a track in a very simplified way. In real rallys I can’t understand a shit from their gibberish, while Sega made it iconic for Sega Rally to make it simplified like “easy right, long medium left” etc. I must admit, it helps a lot.

Sega Rally 2 Championship is simply the essential game for the Sega Dreamcast. It is good to have it in your collection, since I am sure you will come back to this game multiple times due to its replay value and focus on beating times. I highly recommend picking one up, because it is still cheap. Be carefull though. Some people tend to overprice it! I really regret that sega abandoned their best racing games. However, Daytona 3 came out recently so while there is no hope for Dreamcast 2, there is hope for more Sega’s racing games in the future.

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An adaptation of the manga worse than the manga that's NOT Crystal? ...Are you shitting me?


Am//our Eter//nal is like the manga in one respect: everything is about Usagi. And by extension, her boyfriend. Like, this is the Dream arc, things are supposed to start being about Chibs too. Nope. No. Not really.

Mamoru gets so much screentime that there’s barely anything left for the Inners, whether individually or with Usagi. Saturn retains her tradition-honoured role as a plot device instead of a character. We forgo any attempt at giving the three older Outers any actual character in favour of good old Everyone Must Love Usagi.

Helios is wearing a Pegasus fursuit (feathersuit?) half the time.

I don’t feel the new Inners at all. Nothing about them spells out as the characters I came here for, quite unlike the previous three musicals. Sure, the actresses can’t do much about the script, but even the way they went with the already very IDGAF script did nothing to help.

As for the songs, there is nothing that really stands out. LR had Stairway to the Moon, PE had Chronos Guardian, UNV had The Time is Near. AE? AE gave me nothing I’d want to hear again that wasn’t a (poor) revision of a song from the previous musicals.

Good things about AE? Uh.

Shuu and Sayaka have been working on their voices—still falling short, but getting there. AIRI IS SO TALL NOW HOLY SHIT. That one scene with the Amazon Trio where Tiger can’t figure out their gender, so Hawk and Fish go “it’s okay, we’ll find the right one for you”. Venus got to hold a sword for like two seconds. I think that’s about it, FOR TWO AND A HALF HOURS OF CONTENT.

Yeah, okay, even the manga had more things I liked than this.

Sources of Addiction

Aries: recklessness; “why not?”
Taurus: gluttony; “what damage could just a little more do?”
Gemini: boredom; “that is the only interesting thing I see”
Cancer: compensation; “this is as close as I’ll get to what I need”
Leo: self-indulgence; “I deserve this”
Virgo: taking liberties; “I can be bad just this once”
Libra: peer pressure; “here is an answer to the disparity”
Scorpio: self-destruction; “I have to put an end to this”
Sagittarius: adventure; “I need to to experience this”
Capricorn: despair; “the only way left for me to go is down”
Aquarius: experimentation; “I wonder what that’s like”
Pisces: escapism; “I need to forget”

Your sun, moon, and Jupiter signs will apply the most. Also look at the ruling sign of the house Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are in.

(Indicators of inclination to addiction)