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Cardio Man In Tights

Carrot And Stick Approach For Me!

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Being A Hufflepuff Would Include...

Slytherin | Gryffindor | Ravenclaw 

* * *

  • Feeling refreshed every time you woke up because the common room is so fresh and earthly
  • “Why do you look so good at this time in the morning?”
  • Being friends with people from each house
  • Being great at geography because of the globes and maps that are dotted around the common room
  • Loving Professor Sprout so much
  • P. Sprout always coming into the common room to play board games and karaoke
  • Dance parties 
  • Everyone being surprised every time you get sassy
  • Being really over protective of all of your friends and not being afraid to get mad at people who hurt them
  • Sneaking into the kitchens at midnight for snacks
  • Not even caring about house points because you’d rather have fun then play by rules to get points
  • muggle Polaroid cameras dotted around the common room with self refilling polaroids 
  • loud music in the common room on saturday nights
  • Creating tight friendships with the other puffs in your year and staying up late talking about everything
  • ultimate squad goals
  • Giving the best presents 
  • Other houses always confused as to how you get into your common room
  • “What do you mean you don’t have a password?”
  • Always helping people who drop their books or anything even if it means being left behind 
  • smol badass cinnamon buns 
  • Hufflepuff PRIDE

Saturday Stunner

This Should Inspire All.

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Can’t Stop This Train!

Although It Is Possible, It Is very Hard To Put A Stop To Pablo Matera,As He Goes For The Try Line. And He Can Be A Formidable Block To Those Opponents Attempting Tries.

Woof, Baby!

anonymous asked:

didn't see it mentioned so wanted to point out that the fan pic w/ d on sat night was at hell'a tight, which is a dance party/drag show in sf. definitely a lgbtq space + d was happy to let fans know he was there, as usual. i'm also amused bc i don't think d was seen at all on sunday, right? almost like he's making a point that he chose 1 day @ the fest over brazil. and that this week the people/events that are *actually* important to him were in sf & la

Hi Anon!! Thanks for your note, You are correct- we should have pointed this out but we had to do a little research first (thanks to @souly who found the photo yesterday and made the observation about the hash tag). After the Festival, Darren spent Saturday evening at Hell’a Tight.  This is the one photo that was posted with a fan,

Hell’a tight appears to be a monthly party held in San Fran at Underground SF. Described on its FB page as (X):

Remember High School? Yeah, so do I… and this is how I made it through. This party’s gonna make you dance and sing like you never got to walking down the halls with your Discman. A day when Britney wanted to be Hit One More Time and ‘N Sync was Tearin’ Up My Heart… It’s time for Hell'a Tight! A night of Bubblegum Pop Jams, Bubble Gum Shots, and Visuals to take to back.

I love how Darren continues to do things that show who he really is. It speaks volumes. Again, as we have discussed many times, it would be easy for him to go places and not be seen. But yet, he chooses time and time again to hang out where he can be seen at places that are known LGBT+ establishments. 

And I could not agree more, I love that he went out of his way to spend Saturday in San Fran, making sure that everyone knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with. And emphasizing that he had no interest in a trip to Brazil for her friend’s wedding and that it was clearly not a priority. If he wanted to be there, I am sure he could have arranged to take a few days off. Not like he would not have known about it months prior to it happening.

But he preferred spending time listening to music with friends and I assume spending a quiet Sunday back in LA relaxing at home with Cooper and Brian (though it does look like he went to some event later in the day). And if my assumption is right about where and with whom Chris spent the weekend, perhaps spending some time with the in-laws as well:)


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Happy birthday sweetheart!!!