Land of the Lost season 3 episode 1: After Shock (1976)

During another earthquake Will Marshall was pulled through a pylon time door, leaving Will and Holly behind in the Land of the Lost.  Luckily, their Uncle Jack was searching for them and he ended up in the LotL to take his brother’s place.  Its all here in the Seasson 3 theme song.

My second favourite thing in life is that there is a Gaelic translation for “busy as fuck.”

My first favourite thing is that it is “cho trang ri trìuir nan leabaidh.” (As busy as three in a bed)

Not least because when discussing it at work, one of my (usually quite quiet) colleagues piped up; “Well they’re not lying…”

RAVENCLAW: “They say there is a fine line between a genius and an idiot. But a genius is just an idiot, except at one or two activities. Unfortunately, people assume that genius at one thing means genius at all things. The solution? Listen to people about their area of expertise, and otherwise be wary.” –Zach Weiner (SMBC: 2010-01-29)


Did Writing and Research for Saberspark’s Latest. Very proud of this one and how Saber explained what really ruined Saturday Morning Cartoons. Which is way more complicated and interesting then you think it is. 

What Ruined….Saturday Morning Cartoons?