Feature sweaty pecs and abs @woletraining #BLACKHUNKS

Repost: Saturday morning flexin ’. 6am. Getting it done! Pleased with my prep for. @wbff_official worlds in Toronto Canada so far. Cannot wait to bring my A Game to the muscle model pro stage. #wbffworlds #wbffprep #wbfftoronto2016 #wbffmusclemodelpro #wbffnorthamericanmusclemodelprochamp #woletraining #woleadesemoye ™@woletraining

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Never really posted pictures of my CTCon 2016 cosplays but here they are- with me looking very tired in most of them ^^;; 

This year with all the cosplay changes was very rough on my energy but I promise next year will be much easier!! This past con was everything I’d hoped it’d be (with the exception of the heavy fatigue I experienced as Omega Flowey, cauising me to put him into temporary retirement). I wouldn’t miss going to the next one with all my friends again for the world~

**Also the Funtime Foxy with me in the last pic is my wonderful cosplay partner for this con and dear friend @silvergrimoire

hermitharbor  asked:

So sorry to hear about Nibs :( Is there no chance that she could still be alive in the house hiding somewhere? Lots of love to you <3

She certainly isn’t in my house hiding somewhere. If she was, she’s in western Texas (read: no humidity). The humidity gauge was malfunctioning when I picked the crabs up and was reading 87% humidity so the sitters had the tank lid open when I arrived. I don’t know how often/for how long they had it open, but I’m pretty sure Nibs got up there and escaped like she did in my care when she was smaller (she was chewed on by a dog we were watching for the weekend…that was exciting to wake up to on a Saturday morning!). They never found her body or noticed a fishy smell…so, as @nerdfighterjess said…she’s off adventuring somewhere for sure!

concept: it’s early in the morning, sometime between 7 and 9:45. it’s saturday morning and a storm outside is coming to it’s end. i woke up before the person im curled up next to (and love) because of some quiet thunder. i started quietly playing a chill playlist on 8tracks that started with a song by made in heights. it’s peaceful. harambe is alive. i am not stressed.