Mistletoe’s Overrated Anyway

I started writing this last Christmas. And then suddenly it was January so I decided to wait to do anything with it until this Christmas. I found it on Saturday night and forgot I hadn’t finished it. So here, have a Christmas fic! On… Boxing Day.

At least it’s not January?

Happy (belated) Christmas/Season’s Greetings, all!

Edit: Now on AO3!


Derek glances up when he hears the front door open and close, and frowns when Laura doesn’t immediately announce herself. He wipes his hands on the dish towel hanging from his belt loop and goes to investigate, finding his sister in the entryway with a stranger.

  Laura’s face lights up and she drops all of her bags, launching at him. “Derek!”

  Despite the surprise of an unannounced guest, Derek smiles and squeezes her, pressing his nose into her hair. “I didn’t think you were bringing anyone,” Derek says when they finally part.

  “I wasn’t,” Laura says. “I was lucky to even get here. All of the flights out are cancelled for the foreseeable future because of the weather, and I ran into Stiles, of all people. You remember Stiles Stilinski, right? From Cora’s class?”

  Derek remembers a hyperactive eleven year old with a buzzcut and an irritating habit of getting underfoot - his memory doesn’t lend to the lean, doe eyed brunet in his hallway; he’s talking on his phone and scowling something fierce but Derek’s mouth goes dry at the way Stiles runs long fingers through his hair.

  “Coffee?” Derek asks abruptly, turning to look at Laura. “There’s a fresh pot. Cora’s gone out on a last minute supply run - is, uh, Stiles staying?”

  “I offered your wonderful hospitality until he can find a flight to take him home,” Laura says, following him back into the kitchen and leaving Stiles in the hall. “I know you have the space, and it seemed a shame to leave him stranded. Nobody should be alone on Christmas.”

  “It’s not Christmas yet,” Derek points out. “How did you even recognise him? We haven’t seen him in ten years.”

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RAVENCLAW: “They say there is a fine line between a genius and an idiot. But a genius is just an idiot, except at one or two activities. Unfortunately, people assume that genius at one thing means genius at all things. The solution? Listen to people about their area of expertise, and otherwise be wary.” –Zach Weiner (SMBC: 2010-01-29)

And now for something completely different.

Y’know what? I post a lot about the unintentionally-hilarious things in Scooby-Doo, but… what about the legitimately spooky things? For Halloween, it seems only fitting! 

I had VHS tapes of old Scooby-Doo episodes as a kid, and I fondly remember certain moments creeping me out… stuff like the mummy turning people into stone!

C’mon, admit it, you found the mummy’s curse spooky, too. And does anyone else remember this?

Y’know, where the mysterious carnival robot runs straight through all the walls. I always loved that series of scenes.

It’s little moments like those that are most effective, especially when you’re little. The more that’s left unseen and unknown, the more your mind fills in the creepy blanks.

Small touches, like the bad guy watching the gang from the shadows, and the gang doesn’t know he’s there… but you do! It’s the Blue’s Clues of scariness.

Moments don’t have to be big and crazy to weird out your 7-year-old self, though. A great deal comes down to atmosphere, and a sense of place in the episode.

I think I liked the way the haunted castle looked more than the vampire, werewolf, and Frankenstein that lived in it. The visual design is just gorgeous… and creepy. Gorgeously creepy.

They weren’t afraid to show children scary things in 1969, alright. I’d like to see Sesame Street present kids with a house decorated entirely with skulls.

No, seriously. If they ever do that in an episode, I totally want to see.

…Oh, and one more thing! I think it’s only fair to pay tribute to the best episode ever, Spooky Space Kook.

It has it all! A slow build, with weird glowing alien footprints…

…the best-designed haunted spaceship ever, which I remember absolutely adoring

…and this monstrosity, with the single best creepy shriek-laugh ever!

I think this episode left more of an impression on me than any other. The world’s design is so bleak, and the monster is so terrifying in its implications… well, at least when you’re 7.

Besides… y’know what’s scarier than one shrieking, glowing-eyed skull in an empty spacesuit?

…lots of shrieking, glowing-eyed skulls in empty spacesuits. Best. Episode. Ever.

It probably gave me nightmares.

No complaints here.