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25- buck and Sona?

25. Share any headcanons about their relationship. 

They have a regular late-night (fourth-meal) date to Waffle House every Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Buck was the one who suggested Sona should take up gardening as a hobby after Ellie’s death.

Buck is the stricter parent.

Sona makes Buck rewatch the entirety of TWD before every new season starts.

When they fight, Sona is usually the one who starts it – but she’s always the first one to apologize afterward.

They have all of their most serious conversations in the bathtub.

Buck will sometimes wear his performance outfit around the house and be very Extra™ – Sona usually just rolls her eyes and tries to ignore it, but he always manages to get a laugh out of her.

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My second favourite thing in life is that there is a Gaelic translation for “busy as fuck.”

My first favourite thing is that it is “cho trang ri trìuir nan leabaidh.” (As busy as three in a bed)

Not least because when discussing it at work, one of my (usually quite quiet) colleagues piped up; “Well they’re not lying…”

RAVENCLAW: “They say there is a fine line between a genius and an idiot. But a genius is just an idiot, except at one or two activities. Unfortunately, people assume that genius at one thing means genius at all things. The solution? Listen to people about their area of expertise, and otherwise be wary.” –Zach Weiner (SMBC: 2010-01-29)