saturday's alone

                          ///      Yeah, I want to smear
           my lipstick all the way down my neck.
           Call all my best gal pals. Break some
           faux pearl necklaces. Learn how to walk
           in heels. Forget how to have feelings.
           Become the damp light in the
           nightclub bathroom. Light doesn’t
           have feelings, does it?

                           (Yeah, I’ve got boy problems.)    ///

Lydia Havens, from “On listening to Boy Problems by Carly Rae Jepsen while alone on a Saturday night,” published in Thread

Quiet; Prologue

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Baron Corbin/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Been working on this prologue for a little bit. Tagging our usual suspects, @tox-moxley, @oraclegazes, @hardcorewwetrash and @writergrrrl29. Enjoy!

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On Friday night you told me that you wish that it could be me, that you wished we could be together. But we both knew that even if we wished on every goddamn 11:11 for things to be different, they wouldn’t be.
So we stood there, in the same spot we’ve been before, except back then we were making out in the pouring rain, unforgiving and unapologetic for our newfound love. Now we were hugging each other as tightly and as long as we could, a goodbye to the possibility of an us.
We said we would always have a bond. One unexplainable and complicated, but a special one. We would always be there for each other and we’d always be friends. We could call each other unexpected late at night, and we both would answer, which I knew was true, because we’ve both done it before. I mentioned his new girl, and he told me, that he wished it could be me. I held him tighter.
On Saturday night I sulked alone across the room, watching you and your new girl out of the corner of my eye, making out, like we did before. I swear it could’ve been the exact same place. So that night, I found a close friend and told him everything, and he told me what everyone else was afraid to. He was playing with me, and I, I deserved better.
Sunday morning I checked my phone to see you take her to the same place we went on our first date.
I turned off my phone. If you called, today, tomorrow, whenever,
I would not pick up.
—  v.m
Round Two?

Summary: Dean’s supposed to be out with Sam, but when he has no luck at the bar, he comes home and you help him out through his dry spell.

Request: Dean being shot down by multiple girls in the bar and he gets dow. later y/n asks him why he’s not out and he says he’s lost his touch. She says thats not possible then he starts flirting with her and it doesn’t work either she just laughs uncomfortable before he walks up to her and kisses her. They get it on. And afterwards she confesses that if his flirtious remarks fail that kissing and pinning to a wall definitely will. *_*

A/N: I know it’s not exact but I cannot control my brain it takes ideas and runs with them

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Oral (female receiving), smut (ps please do not use the pull out method for birth control!!!)

Word Count: 1.7k

Originally posted by supernatural-jackles

It was your ideal Saturday night. You were alone in the bunker, locked in your bedroom with Netflix. You hadn’t got the chance to watch anything lately, and you couldn’t have been more excited. Both Sam and Dean had left to go out and hopefully end their dry spells that you were sick of hearing about, Cas was…wherever, and the internet…wasn’t working.

You bumped your head on your headboard a few times and sighed before standing up and trudging into the war room to check out the routers. You were surprised to see Dean at the map table..reading a book?

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A Dash of Jealousy (Sam Winchester x Reader)

Word Count: 2,088

Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: Can you write a fic where Sam Winchester pretends he need the reader’s help with something or fakes an emergency or something whilst she’s on a date because he is extremely jealous and loves her and wants to get her away from her date?

Warnings: Mentions of sex, language, jealousy, alcohol use, slight angst, fluff, implied smut

Finishing the last swipe of your lipstick, you step away from the mirror in an attempt to spot any mistakes or flaws you might have missed. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to take a night away from your hectic, hunting lifestyle (let alone a Saturday night, at that) and spend it like you used to before you got involved in all of this- going on a date.

When you had told Sam and Dean, your hunting partners as well as your best friends, that you were going on a date, they were shocked. It was a mixture of “I’m proud of ‘ya, kid,” and smirking from Dean, and “Don’t you think you should spend our one night off work relaxing?” followed by a frown from Sam.

You ignored them both, determined to have fun tonight. Sam was right- this was your one night off from work, and you’d be damned if you didn’t spend it the right way. Relaxing, however, was not part of that. When hunting becomes your life, and you have a serious lack of privacy and free time due to spending every waking moment with the Winchesters, you’re very much hoping that this date ends in a very exciting way.

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Just go with it

Requested: no


a/n: this wasn’t requested, the idea popped into my head and I liked it and I’ve been wanting to write for Finn for a good bit. If you enjoyed this, send me some requests. I will write for the stranger things cast, characters, and I already write for girl meets world if you enjoy that :) I have yet to watch IT, but I plan to soon and if I enjoy it I will likely write for that too. ALSO: I do NOT write smut. I am 15 y/o and I do not feel comfortable writing for minors, or anyone for that matter. Anyways, onto the fic

Summary: y/n asks Finn to pose as her boyfriend when someone won’t leave her alone

Warnings: harassment

Pairing: Finn Wolfhard x reader


I have been friends with Finn wolfhard for as long as I can remember. Brought together by our parents, we’ve been inseparable since we could both walk. naturally, both families have been pushing for us to become a couple since we were old enough to know what a relationship was. Of course, I, being the spiteful person, I am, did everything I could to make sure that didn’t happen. Not because I didn’t have feelings for the raven-haired maniac, but simply because I wanted to make my own decisions and didn’t want it to seem as if it was their doing. Does that make sense?

One day, I was strolling around the mall with said friend. After gulping down a rather large root beer, Finn subsequently had to use the bathroom and left me alone at our table. I don’t know what exactly prompted the guy to come up to me in the first place. Someone was obviously occupying the chair opposite to me and I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I don’t bear the kindest ‘neutral’ expression. All I know is when I looked up and discovered a boy my age, dressed in quite possibly the douchiest ensemble possible and wearing a creepy grin, I was immediately sent into awkward mode.

I gripped the pepper spray on my keychain under table.

“Hey there,” he purred, “I was just passing by and I couldn’t help but notice you sitting alone. So, tell me, who was dumb enough to let a beautiful girl such as yourself, spend her Saturday night alone?”

He reached for my hand and I quickly pulled it away, ready to fight or run if needed.

“Um, I’m not alone.” I replied shyly. His expression wavered a bit, but the same wicked grin remained.

“With a friend?” he suggested, to which I almost agreed but decided on something else.

“boyfriend. “

Thinking that would scared him off, I relaxed a little. After all, Finn wouldn’t be much longer anyways. The smile faded, and his face became stoic for a second before a just as repugnant but less confident smirk appeared. His green eyes gleaming with mischief.

“Well” he chuckled, “he must not be much of a boyfriend to leave you here.”

Unable to come up with a good response, I began to look for an escape plan. Just then, by the grace of god, I saw Finn approaching the table. I shot up from my chair.

“Baby!” I ran to him, grabbing his hand and whispering ‘’ just go with it.”

The strange guy stood, and I discovered that he couldn’t be taller than 5’4 which made him seem much tinier than Finn who stood at 5’7. Nevertheless, creepo the clown remained fearless.

“This guy your boyfriend?” he asked, unconvinced. I nodded confidently. He smirked, “prove it.”

At this point, Finn had caught onto what was going on and began to play along.

“We don’t have to prove anything to you creep.” he growled, going to grab our things so we could leave. The guy moved to me.

“Then I guess you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him, creeping his hands downward. Finn grabbed me from him and stood in front of me.

“Fine, you want proof?” Finn gave me a hesitant look before smashing his lips on mine. My cheeks were burning red, as were his I assume. His cold hand cupped my face. Every second that passed seemed to go in slow motion before the short kiss ended. When he pulled away, I was dazed and could barely believe what had just happened.

“Anyone could have done that-”

“Dude, if you don’t walk away right now I will not hesitate to put you through that wall.” fueled with passion and adrenalin he stared the guy down and there was no doubt in my mind that he would fulfil that promise.

The guy looked between the two of us before ultimately deciding that it would be in his best interest to leave. He angrily stomped away, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you so much, Finn, you have no ide-”

I was interrupted by cold hands once again making their way to my cheeks and lips pressed to mine. This kiss lasted longer, and it didn’t feel as forced as before. It felt natural, as if this was how it was always meant to be. Like this is where we belonged

“I’m sorry, I just really wanted to do that again.” he said shyly once he pulled away. I smiled, holding his hand.

“Don’t be sorry.” he let out a breath and grinned widely.

“You know, I wouldn’t mind if you ever wanted to do that…again…or something.” he awkwardly shoved his hands in his pockets, his pale face turning tomato red. I giggled.

“Let’s go home, dork.”

And that’s the story of how my best friend became my boyfriend.


I don’t even care if this is good or not, I’m just excited to publish my first Finn imagine

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Love love love the fics you write! It brings a smile to my face seeing the stories you put out :) If by chance you're still taking prompts, could you do one where Bets and Juggy don't really know each other but Jughead gets a job as the pizza delivery guy and Betty (who has a little crush) ends up ordering pizzas frequently just so she could see him

Thanks! And aww this is cute!
Throwing her head on top of her text book, Betty sighed frustrated. What was she doing wrong? It was calculus, her favorite subject, so why was her brain just a pile of mush tonight?

Her parents were away for three weeks, some journalism conference her mother had dragged her father on. The absence of the constant hovering helped her to relax and she took a deep breathe. She was tired, juggling midterms, extra curriculars, and her part time job at the Riverdale bakery, was really taking its toll and she definitely wasn’t getting enough sleep.

Suddenly the sound of her doorbell ringing snapped her out of her thoughts. Dinner. She grabbed the money off her desk and practically ran to retrieve her pizza. Tripping on a sneaker by the door, she stumbled out bumping right into the boy holding the paper box.
“I am so sorry! I just tripped…” trailing off, her eyes widened when she saw the familiar looking boy at her front door.

Jughead jones, mysteriously dark and handsome as ever. She noticed him nearly everyday, he never payed her any attention, but he never really payed anyone any attention. Ronnie always teased her about the way she stared at him in the halls. He was ridiculously handsome, but he hid it behind crown shaped beanies and headphones. She knew for a fact she wasn’t his type, but that didn’t stop her from admiring him.

“It’s okay, gotta watch out for rogue sneakers.” He was smirking shyly, as he held out the pizza for her. She smiled back apologetically handing him the twenty dollar bill.
“It’s Jughead right? We go to school together! I’m Betty. Betty..”
“Betty Cooper” he cut her off “I know who you are” he said quickly, looking away from her face.

She blushed prettily “oh! Well it’s nice to finally meet you, face to face.”
He nodded, shooting her a genuine smile
“It’s nice to meet you too Betty cooper.”

She giggled “well I better get back inside. This calculus homework is kicking my butt.” She groaned

“It’s Friday?” Jughead said raising an eyebrow and smiling.

“Hey, midterms wait for no one mister!” She scolded gently.

He laughed, stepping off of her porch
“I’ll let you get to it then, have a good night ms.cooper” he tapped his nose, walking back to his delivery van.

“Night juggie!” He turned around at the nickname, raising a brow and smiling curiously.

“What?” Betty giggled “I like it. It’s cute.”

Rolling his eyes he turned away
“Whatever you say… bets.”

She laughed, as she walked back inside. Leaning up against the closed door, she couldn’t help the squeal that came from her lips. She totally had to text Veronica.

Saturday night was spent alone again, leaning over a text book trying desperately to memorize the formulas. It was impossible. This whole damn class was impossible.

The doorbell rang, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. Pizza. Jughead? She reallly hoped so. Adjusting the light yellow tank top, she ran her hands over her bare legs, exposed in her barely there sleep shorts. Alright Betty cooper, here we go.

Opening the door, she couldn’t help the grin that spread across her face when she saw it was him. As soon as he saw her smile, he matched it with his own.

“Two times in two days, to what do I owe the honor?”
She giggled “you owe it to my very hungry stomach.” She reached for the pizza.

“What’s got you all on your own on a Saturday night, figured a girl like you would have plans.”
He asked nonchalantly, weighing the box in his hands.
She raised a brow “a girl like me?”

“Popular, cheerleader, captain of the Riverdale track team?” He shrugged

She laughed “I haven’t gone out on a Saturday since I was thirteen. As you’ve mentioned, I’m a bit busy most of the time. Anyway I’ve gotta master this stupid calculus packet, or I won’t be going anywhere for a very long time.” She sighed, leaning against the door frame.

Suddenly his fingers were reaching for her and she stifled a gasp as he plucked the pencil from out of her hair.

“The packet mr.seas gave us? I just finished that this morning. I could help you if you’d like.” He stuck the pencil in his mouth and stared her in the eyes.

She felt her eyes being pulled down to his mouth, gently chewing on the pencil. She snapped back to reality.

“Really? That would be so great! But don’t you have to finish your shift?” She asked concerned, no way was he getting in trouble over her.

He smiled “you’re my last stop of the day. I’ve just gotta drop off the van, I can be back here in half an hour.”

She was practically a bundle of excited nerves now
“Yes! I mean totally, that would be awesome.”

He laughed

“Alright, it’s a date”

They both stared at each other wide eyed, realizing what he had just said, when she saw his mouth move to take it back, she cut In

“It’s a date.”

He breathed a sigh of relief and turned to walk away

“See ya soon sunshine.”

All Time Low expectation vs reality
  • Alex Gaskarth expectation: Suave charismatic singer with fantastic hair.
  • Alex Gaskarth reality: Slightly confused English boy who's probably from outer space. With fantastic hair.
  • Jack Barakat expectation: A smooth-with-the-ladies, always drunk, sexy party animal.
  • Jack Barakat reality: Spends his Saturday nights alone tweeting dick jokes. Always half naked for some reason.
  • Zack Merrick expectation: Tough mean ass fucker who could beat your ass into the ground.
  • Zack Merrick reality: Smol quiet teddy who will probably cuddle you. Loves ketchup.
  • Rian Dawson expectation: Ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here.
  • Rian Dawson reality: Massive ball of sunshine who's just happy to be here. Also Cassadee Pope's biggest fan.