Man, I remember watching the entire 1999 SNL season about two years ago and the overall quality was really good, great improvements to an already outstanding cast. It really feels like all cast members were used well and stuff worked really well.  I mean, what could’ve happened so suddenly to bring about this change in quality I wonder?!

Oh yeah, of course.


Kristen Stewart, who it turns out is an INCREDIBLE Saturday Night Live host, just told Donald Trump off in the most wonderfully gay way

Kristen Stewart handed in THE strongest hosting job on Saturday Night Live for the season — scratch that, for about the last five seasons. In her monologue she addressed those times Donald Trump tweeted about her and then accidentally dropped an f-bomb on live TV in true dangerous queer lady style.

Gifs: Saturday Night Live


(Also, this quote is the ideal response to just about everything so we isolated it for your repeated viewing pleasure)