She can perform physical comedy, situational, verbal… Who the hell…?

I mean I’m smitten in so many ways at her extroverted personality. Her fast witty sense of humor. She’s just my all-around heroine.

Could Someone Please Explain To Me...

What did Leslie Jones do to deserve all the shit that she’s been going through on the internet?

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Leslie Jones is amazing!

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She was hysterical in Ghostbusters!

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She’s one of the best things to happen to SNL in YEARS!

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And here’s the thing - she’s one of the best people in show business right now.

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She is so sharp and so funny that her tweets convinced NBC to let her commentate at the Olympics!

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She worked to get where she is, she failed a few times before she succeeded. And she related this sentiment on SNL & told people, “You can achieve your dreams at any age.” Which may not seem like a lot, but in a world full of 20 somethings being super successful it means a lot!

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She is honest! She speaks her mind & doesn’t take bullshit!

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Did I mention she’s fucking hysterical?

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She continually blows away people’s expectations…

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And does not deserve all the haters who hack her personal website, who compare her to apes on the internet, and who tear her down for no other reason than existing. NO ONE DOES!

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So, to Leslie Jones:

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You are talented, funny, and you seem like a genuinely nice person. So don’t let the haters get you down!

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Nothing but love for Leslie Jones!


Jones deserves all the credit in the world for being brave enough to engage in what must have been a devastating experience in order to expose whoever (I like to think it was one loser, many accounts, but that’s probably not the case) sent such purposefully demeaning, hurtful messages her way.Because those are people, who even if they never posted such a tweet before in their lives, had it in them to do that. And that’s really alarming.If one positive arose from this, it’s that #LoveforLeslieJ started trending, and most of those messages were lovely. It was at least some reassurance that there’s common sense out there, not to mention a reminder that Twitter is still a place where tens of thousands of people—black, white, Asian, Hispanic, men, women, gay, straight, etc.—can come together for good.

Why Leslie Jones’ horrifying Twitter experience needs to be talked about. 

Kate McKinnon impersonated Ellen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton to their faces

“Thank you so much for spending your life fighting for the middle class, and for women, and for kids. I’ve also spent my life fighting for kids, but I am talking about baby goats.”

“Every day we face hard choices like, which statement blazer to wear. When I’m president I’ll make sure that every American has a fair shot to live up to his or her God given potential to watch you dance!”

Full episode airs Wednesday! (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

thank you melissa mccarthy for abby yates.
thank you leslie jones for patty tolan.
thank you kate mckinnon for jillian holtzmann.
thank you kristen wiig for erin gilbert.
thank the four of you for your incredible portrayal of characters that are literally changing our lives. it’s the best addition to the shitty year of 2016 that any of us could have dreamed of.