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I’m Coming Home- Brother Sister Mitch Marner

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This one is a sibling on Y/N is Mitch older sister the they are really close but Y/N is in the Army and for the Home opener she comes home to surprise her little brother at his first game in the ACC 

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Mitch sat on his bed as he read the letter he had gotten over a week ago from his best friend 

Dear Mitchy 

YOU MADE IT  I’m so proud of you Mitchy your going to play in the NHL and for the Toronto Maple Leafs no less it’s always been your dream to play for them and now it’s coming true. But I’m not going to be there to watch you play your first game and your home opener I’m so sorry Mitchy I wanted to come watch you in person but I guess listening to a radio will do for where I am. Mom and dad told me they would record the game on their TV for me to watch the next time I’m home! We can watch it together like when we where little in our PJ’s Saturday night hockey night in Canada Mitchy I miss you like crazy your my best friend my little brother and you mean the world to me okay there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. I really wanted to watch you play in person maybe meet some of your new friends maybe catch up with Stromer hows he doing by the way I heard the Coyotes sent him back to Erie that most have been hard on him. But remember just because I’m not their doesn’t mean you don’t have the time of your life okay you play you heart out and score a goal for me yeah

Lots of Love

Your Big Sis


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Ok story time.

I started supporting the leafs when I was 4. We would always watch hockey night in canada- just a tradition, I suppose, and I remember thinking: how could you have Saturdays without hockey night in canada?

I started supporting this team because I was born in toronto, and although that may seem like a silly reason, I fell in love with this team.

Last season, when we were losing games, I clung onto hope- every time we would win I would think “maybe this is the season we win a cup”.

That didn’t happen, but this season has been so different. Our rookies and vets have come together, and what they did is absolutely amazing.

I watched auston matthews score his 40th goal of his rookie season. I watched the toronto maple leafs make the playoffs. I watched my team do something people didn’t they could- and I have never, ever been prouder to call myself a leaf fan.

This team will be amazing. I’m so happy that I can watch them break records, and I know that every one of these players is special. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in their careers. Maybe bring the cup back to toronto?

But right now, that doesn’t matter. The Toronto Maple Leafs are in the playoffs. My team. My first love.

GO LEAFS GO!!💙🍁💙🍁💙🍁💙

Snap Shot (2.13.16)

Join us for a quick recap of today’s high-scoring romp through the NHL. TEN GAMES. And there were almost as many injuries as there were goals, I think. D: That Pirri ankle injury is going to haunt my dreams, probably. Tonight’s Snap Shot brought to you 90% by Hayley and 10% by Megan, who was at a cawlidge hockey game. It’s a long one, so again, under the cut! 

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