saturday night fever is on right now

Everyone who likes that Regional Gothic meme should just go read Steven Millhauser’s entire body of short fiction, because he does this thing where he takes an ordinary concept we’re all sort of familiar with, like fashion or art or children’s games or museums or miniatures or Saturday morning cartoons, starts us out in comfortable territory and pushes it into a fever pitch of surreality so slowly and gradually that we don’t even know the temperature has risen until we’re boiling to death. 

He’s got a number of books, but the one I’m talking about right now is Dangerous Laughter and I just spent actual money on an actual copy of it because I knew it was either that or take it out of my school library repeatedly for the rest of my life. 

He’s also about to release another collection, Voices in the Night, in just a few days! (In fact, I thought it was out already. That’s why I couldn’t find you at the bookstore, sneaky book.)

Also, his short story “The Sisterhood of Night” was the inspiration for the new movie of the same name (that one, I believe, is collected in The Knife Thrower). 

1233 // Saturday night

I think it’d be a once in a blue moon if you saw me posting spending my weekends or Saturdays at some bars some place else. Lol. It’s been raining hella crazy here in Davao and i’ve been feeling a lot better now that i think my fever’s going down a little bit. Although, feel so drained from creating new training materials for tomorrow’s business meeting at Tagum. Also, will be heading to Cotabato right after my meeting tomorrow, but will be going home first then off to my intended itinerary. Already packed some clothes for the 3day business trip so i guess my gym sessions will be put on hold but i promise i shall try to control my eating habits. While i’m out of town. Hehe.

Haven’t done a lot for the 2days i stayed home, i mean besides from reading some business related books and sleeping (just so i can regain my strength for the upcoming events) i’ve done nothing else productive, if i must say. Lol. I’ll pamper myself too once all my meetings are done next week. And have to put this here, so i can remind myself that i needed to buy something for my ex-crush for his birthday last week that i missed and i sort of promised him i’d buy him something nice and useful so i think i’m going to spend some time looking for it once i’m back in Davao na lang.

I seriously cannot wait for all of this to be over. Lol. I don’t know why but i’m just… not feeling everything nowadays. I don’t know what’s up and i’m kind of tired analyzing every little thing that happens in my life lately so, i’ll try to just move slow and ride along.

First Vinyl

I’m seeing so many people on my dash purchasing Harry’s album in vinyl and I’m guessing for many of you, it’s your first vinyl. This lead me to thinking about music and the different formats that have evolved my own life. 

The very first album I ever bought with my own money, I bought on vinyl and it was Blondie, Parallel Lines, and if you haven’t heard it, go listen right now because it’s amazing. I grew up listening to the radio and to my parents’ records, but they were much more into classical music. I did listen to Simon and Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters album a whole lot, though, one of the few pop albums they owned. The Grease soundtrack and Saturday Night Fever were on heavy rotation when I was a kid too. 

My parents were cheap so we never had a car with an 8-track tape deck, so we didn’t have any of those. In fact, I’m pretty sure we didn’t get a car with an FM radio until I was in middle school.

I was a teenager in the 80s, full-on Gen X, the mixtape era. I think the first commercial cassette tape I bought was Men at Work, their first album Business as Usual, which came out in the US in 1982. I was super-lucky because I had a dual deck boombox so I could dub tapes.

My first CD was a birthday gift from my best friend when I was in college, for my 20th birthday, and I didn’t even own a CD player at the time. It was the Beautiful South (a regrouping of the Housemartins), their debut CD Welcome to the Beautiful South, and she gave it to me in 1989.

What was yours?

Come Hear the Music Play

Advent Prompt #10: You’re my patient and I’m trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you but it’s hard to do that when you’re flirting with me. Seriously dude, I’m not gonna be able to diagnose you as easily when you’re telling me how my lab coat complements my eyes. Doctor!Blaine AU. 2.4K [AO3]  Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

“Your next patient is all ready to go in treatment room five,” Kitty announces, passing a clipboard with the patient triage info to Doctor Anderson.

“Great, thanks,” Blaine murmurs as he quickly scans the symptoms checklist.

“He’s really cute, too, but I didn’t put that on the paperwork,” Kitty adds with a knowing wink.

Blaine looks up from the clipboard, shooting her a loaded glare. “Kitty, we’ve been through this. I’m not interested in being set up and even if I was, I can’t date patients. It’s against the rules,” he whispers.

“It wouldn’t kill you to get out there. It’s been what, six months since your last blind date?”

It’s actually been nine months, but Blaine doesn’t correct her. The last thing Kitty needs is more ammunition to use against him in her search to find him a husband. “Yeah, something like that,” he says instead, shrugging.

“Thought so,” she trills. “Look, I’m just saying – you’re Blaine Anderson, Vocal Specialist to the Stars. You’re basically one step away from being Doctor McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy. You should totally take advantage of the status. Otherwise what was the point of toiling away in medical school and residencies for all those years?”

“Helping people?” Blaine shoots back, as if the answer should be obvious.

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Fic: The Three Amigos

A Chris Evans One-shot

Summary: Natalia loves Chris’s whole family, but out of respect, she does not discuss their sex life with them – no matter how close they are. Well, with the exception of his brother, Scott.

Warnings: Language that might be found offensive for some readers.

Dedicated to @mumbles411. Honestly, most of the dialogue is credited to her. She’s hilarious and brilliant; I couldn’t have done it without her. In her words, ‘It should be credited to conversations being had when everyone should be sleeping.’ So, here’s what happens when two very tired storytellers discuss what Chris, Natalia, and Scott would be like. Thanks, doll! xx

Thanks for reading!! xx


Natalia loved Chris’s family. His mother, the sweetest and most outgoing mother she’s ever known, had been nothing but a tremendous support for her and the motherly figure she’s always craved since before her relationship with Chris was even a thought. From the first day she met his sister Carly, she’s acted like the big sister Natalia’s never had, including her in all the top family secrets and always offering up valuable advice.

And his younger sister, Shanna… well, she was her very best friend. They confided in each other, shopped together, got drunk at the karaoke bars and stumbled into cabs. Hell, when they were both still single, they had even acted like they were lesbian lovers whenever some guy that was on their douche radar wouldn’t stop chatting them up. (Although, that had been moot. Natalia was still amazed by how some pricks thought that was an invitation to a three-way.)

Needless to say, they did and gossiped about everything together, as one does with their best girlfrienduntil the day her best friend also became her boyfriend’s younger sister. Talking in code had become a thing Natalia had to do when the topic was centered around sex. Shanna did not want to know about her brother’s ability to bless her best friend with multiple orgasms with just the flicks of his tongue. That was just wrong.

But then there was Chris’s brother. And with Scott… nothing was off limits.

“Oh my god, I gotta tell you,” Natalia began after a slight gasp, leaning forward from her spot on the bar stool. “Your brother was going down on me last night while Grease was on and-”

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probablynotcaptainbritain  asked:

Why do you always end up playing the asshole in your various acting roles? You're good at it, but it seems to be an unfortunate typecast.

All actors have a particular role that they’re best suited to play, and when they play those roles, they really connect with the audience.

For example: John Travolta is amazing at playing The Loveable Loser. That’s who he was in Welcome Back Kotter, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever, and audiences freaking LOVED him. When the studios tried to make him The Leading Man, in films like Urban Cowboy, Perfect, and something else I’m forgetting right now, audiences turned on him and his career started to flounder.

He didn’t do much of note for a very long time, until Tarantino cast him as a junkie hit man in Pulp Fiction. Suddenly, he’s playing the Loveable Loser again, and his career explodes with roles in Michael, and something else that I’m forgetting right now (it’s 5am and I’m on 4 hours of sleep).

So, when he’s playing that archetype, audiences connect with him on a subconscious level, because it’s the type he plays so perfectly.

The type I play so perfectly, it turns out, is that guy you love to hate, that guy who antagonizes your hero. That’s who I played in The Guild, Leverage, Eureka, and Big Bang Theory. I don’t know why I play those roles so effectively (it may be related to how much I like to sass people in real life), but it’s what I’ve been doing for a few years, and it’s no coincidence that my acting career has had a bit of a resurgence as a result.

I don’t consider it typecasting, I consider it smart casting, and I wish that more casting people would understand what type I play, and give me a chance to work in those roles. Oh, and remember: the villain is the hero of his own story, so even though I’m playing an asshole you love to hate, from that character’s point of view, he isn’t doing anything wrong. For example, Doctor Parrish on Eureka was an antagonist to Fargo and Carter, but from Parrish’s point of view, he was the smartest guy in the room, and he was just baffled that he was the only one who could see it. As a result, he resented having to answer to Fargo, who he viewed as someone who didn’t deserve to go to Titan, be the Director of GD, or get the girl. He resented having to deal with Carter, who wasn’t even a scientist, but was always telling him what to do. At the end of the day, though, Parrish loved GD, loved the town, and would tolerate working with people he thought weren’t as smart as him, because he believed in doing the right thing for science. Thanks for your question.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: SNL

“Damn,” Carol murmured, eyelids heavy but stubbornly open. “You’re good at this.”

Daryl snorted, and the force of the motion might have cracked him in half, considering how stiff he’d been since he sat down beside her. He didn’t offer an immediate response, keeping his focus on the task at hand, which was running the cool, damp towel over her skin to draw out the fever.

It was just a minor case of flu. Abe and Sasha had already endured the same bout of it. It was just a 24 hour bug. It wasn’t the same as the prison…It wasn’t that. She hadn’t even coughed since it started. It was all sinus pressure, body aches, and fever. No trouble breathing or swallowing or anything like that. Okay, she’d thrown up twice…but that had been hours ago.

Daryl hadn’t left her side since the word ‘flu’ had entered the situation, and for all his fretting and fussing, he sure had been ignoring his own self preservation, being this close to her. Lord, though, that wet towel felt good, and his hands were magic: some wonderfully strange blend of callous skin and painstakingly gentleness. He moved the towel down her arm a few times and moved to dampen it again in the bowl on the side table. Carol watched him, feeling a little less inclined to keep her thoughts to herself at the moment. She could claim delirium later.

“You’re pretty, Daryl.”

That got a chuckle out of him, and he returned the towel, freshly damp and cool, to the side of her neck. Carol playfully tilted her head, pinning his hand there.

“I mean it,” she reinforced. “It’s distracting sometimes.”

He smirked, but he was clearly not picking up what she was throwing down. That was just rude. He gently slipped his hand free from her neck and touched his fingers to her forehead. She closed her eyes briefly, then looked at him again.

“You thirsty?” he asked.

“I’ve got a thirst,” she teased. “No, wait, that’s not how it goes…I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!”

“Jesus,” he snickered.

“It’s from Saturday Night Live—“

“I know what it’s from,” he grinned at her. “Are you feeling better or are you just dickin’ around?”

“I’m feeling…unreserved, like I don’t care what comes out of my mouth right now,” she admitted. “Sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.”

“It don’t,” he shrugged. “I just want you healthy.”

“…I kinda want to touch your butt,” she blurted.

Daryl slowly bobbed his head. “Now we’re uncomfortable.”

Carol smiled, felt a tickle in her nose, and abruptly sneezed. The pressure in her sinuses sent pain like a hammer through her face, and she groaned, lifting a hand to rub her cheek.

“Easy.” He ran a hand tenderly over her hair.

She sniffed and got comfortable again in the bed. “Ow.”

“You need a tissue or somethin’?” he asked, looking around for a box of Kleenex.

“No, it—whoa, yes, I do,” Carol winced, feeling the snot starting to run.

Daryl immediately had a box of tissues in her lap, and she mopped at the mess of her face.

“God, I bet this looks sexy,” she said.

Daryl smiled gently and started tossing her used tissues in a trash can. As he leaned over, she brazenly reached out and got a handful of his backside.

He sat up with a squawk and looked at her indignantly. “Carol, that—what’s wrong?”

Carol looked at him, horrified. “Daryl, someone stole your ass. There’s nothing back there.” She reached out again. “Did you lose it somewhere?”

“You’re a comedian.” Daryl rolled his eyes and folded the towel a few times, setting it on her forehead.

“Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” she chuckled “Seriously, though, I’m a qualified tooshie inspector. Gimme another feel…for science.”