saturday night drink n draw


This past weekend’s Saturday Night Drink n’ Draw was one for the record books. Eric Bartholomew, friend and author of the ‘Junk Drawer’ Zine series brought out his trunk of 90’s Nicktoons original artwork. Behold! Cels, layout drafts, and hand-painted backgrounds from Rwn and Stimpy, SpongeBob SquarePants, and The Fairly Oddparents!!!

We barely got any drawing done simply because there was so much to discuss and admire in these gorgeous works of art!

Thanks Eric!

Drawings by Josh Pettinger and Eric Bartholomew.

Last night at Saturday Night Drink n Draw at Chi PRC, we experimented with a new drawing exercise inspired by the speed and chance of a roulette, spontaneous mark-making, and the collaborative spirit of exquisite corpses. We each took a piece of paper, made one mark on the page, and then passed it on to the next person, who followed suite. The idea is to not think about what you’re trying to create, but to let the fellow artists be inspired by the lines and marks they’ve provided for you. The exercise provided some really fascinating results. We timed ourselves for 5 minutes.

Participants included Dean Johnson, Natalie Wasler, Allyson Frazier, Jen Rickert, Jen’s friend, Dee, and myself.