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what happened on those 3 wild nights ?

ah its a long story !.  basically i danced myself to death. i went out on friday night and had a madd one at Flava d …when we came out at around 4am it was light and walked home and waited for a taxi with a new friend i hav made , and then had a festival (saturday and sunday) annd danced myself to death too then, saw my nu leng on saturday and gotsome which was killer !!! then on the saturday night went to an club afterparty which i thought i couldnt dance anymore bc my legs hurt so much but i danced again…ofc i did..i went fucking mad. some random man made fun of me so i made a weird face and then he said ‘no seriously tho i love ur moves tho…you have rlly good rhythm.’ and this made my nite.i was with my babes on the saturday, my fav gals!! and some man told one of my friends ‘are u with those other two girls???’ and she was like yes and then he went ‘i have never seen three girls go so hard in my life’ this is bc we are raving demons and love bassline hahaja. its amazing. then on the sunday it was kindaa chill but then i decided to dance again even tho i was deceased. and danced with some other mates of mine and it was so fun and then i went to dance more but couldnt find anyone i knew at the rave tent so then i just danced on my own and met this boy… who i was dancing with. he ended up inviting me to an afterparty with his mates so i hung out with lots of lads (i had work the next day…) but ended up having more of a dance and laying on the grass with him and his mate and also having a chat and kissing and touching gently and walking in the rain tryna find a party and holding hands and kissing. it was so lush i could have died. idk when i got so adventerous. but hes so beautiful tho ! its killer. anyway we rlly got on and it was lush. i wont say anymore hahaha. but more happened which was madddd. but i will leave it there. i cant stop dancing. message to all” go and dance on ur own….. u will make pals. 

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BAU!Verse (anything that takes place within the normal criminal minds setting)

Private Dance | Spencer x Reader

  • Spencer spends his Saturday night at a strip club. Shenanigans ensue.

Hair | Spencer x Reader

  • Spencer loves his girlfriend’s hair almost as much as he loves her. (Maybe a little more.)

Adventures in Babysitting | Spencer x Reader

  • A date gone wrong, an apartment full of hyper little boys, and maybe a couple of snuggles.

Accident Prone | Spencer x Reader

  • Sometimes, being accident prone is just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Company | Emily x Reader, slight Spencer x Reader/Spencer x Reader x Emily

  • A little after-hours fun…

AU’s (anything that takes place in another fandom)

Battle of the Houses 

  • The one in which the BAU are all Hogwarts professors.

House Unity (Battle of the Houses Part II)

  • The one in which things are awkward, professors are meddling, and students are nosy.

Drabble Challenge (requests are currently open! prompts can be found here)

“Why did we have to have kids?”

  • Emily x Reader, Prompt #32

“… or we can chill in our underwear.”

  • Spencer x Reader, Prompt #104

Urban Coven (modern witches):

People in the neighborhood think they are a gang. They always go out together at night, using their phones as lanterns and meeting at abandoned lots to practice the craft. Have matching witchy tattoos and go dance every Saturday night at the same lgbt club. They mix potions and alcoholic drinks and for some reason have exactly what you need in their purses and pockets.

His name was 지민 - Chapter 1

His name was Jimin - Chapter 1

“The first meeting.”

Words: 1288

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

Masterlist [X]

The music was bursting out of the speakers, bodies were touching and it was sweaty and hot. You had let your newly single friend drag you out to a club on a saturday night. Dancing to eardrum bursting edm music wasn’t really your thing but you friend insisted and you agree’d since you wanted to help her cheer up from her second break up … this month.

You sat down by a table as your friend ordered emotion killing drinks, also known as drinks that would be the reason to you carrying her back home. You watched all the bodies dancing against eachother to the beat and sighed. Your friend smashed the glas down on the table. “Didn’t you say you we’re going to buy two?” You asked. “I did! I drank one on the way over here!” She giggled. You rolled your eyes at her. After downing her second drink in seconds she stumbled out of her seat and dragged you with her. “Let’s dance baby!” She yelled. Fine, you thought. She dragged you into the centre of the moving bodies and the two of you began moving to the music. You were actually enjoying yourself, getting more into the dance the two of you laughed together, enjoing the moment.

The club got more and more crowded by the second. Your friend had abandonned you for a guy asking her for a dance, so you headed back to table, pushing past all the bodies. You suddenly got an elbow punch in the waist by a stranger, making you trip to the side, straight into the arms of another stranger. “Wow, easy there. How many drinks have you had?” He chuckeled. “None” you said embarrassed. He flashed a bright smile at you, helping you up on your feet. “Where’s your table I’ll help you over there.” He said, still holding onto your arms. You pointed to the direction of your table and he began pushing past the rest of the dancing bodies, dragging you behind him by the arm.

You both sat down at the table. “Are you ok?” He asked, raising his voice over the music. “I’m ok thank you.” You said still embarrassed. Did he think you were drunk? Making the awkward situation even more awkward you randomly blurted “I’m not drunk.” (Why did I say that?! Ugh!) He gave an awkward laugh, avoiding eyecontact “me neither”. Couldn’t he just leave you? The fact that he was really handsome didn’t make the situation less awkward. “My name’s Jimin.” He said. Surprised that he hadn’t left yet you looked up, meeting his eyes. (Was he blushing?) “Y/N” You said, failing to stop the shy giggle, making him giggle aswell. You looked away from eachother, looking back again at the same time and again looking away. “Uhm… Do you come here often?” He asked. “No, my friend dragged me out here.” You said. “Same here” he laughed.

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A brown haired boy stumbled over to your table. “Yaah! Jiminah! Let’s go.” He said. “No not yet!” Jimin said. The brown haired boy mumbled something unclear as a reply and began to pull on his jacket. “Yah!” “Hey y/n do you have a phone?” Jimin asked. “Yeah…” You said taking the phone out of your bag and handing it to him. He typed something at the same time as his friend was trying to drag him out of his seat. He quickly finished and handed it back to you as his friend succeded in dragging him off. “Uhm.. Bye Y/N” he chuckled. You waved laughing at the two of them as they walked away.

Looking at your phone you noticed he hadn’t called anyone. Maybe he sent a text? There were none sent, that’s odd. You double clicked the home button to see the lastest placed. Contacts? You clicked on it and it took you to a contact profile in your phone. “지민” He left his number in your phone?! Your friend starled you as she pushed your shoulder. “I don’t feel very well.” She sluddered holding a hand over her stomach. You grabbed your own and her things and left the club.

It was snowing outside.

Taking your cute summer jacket was probably not such a good idea after all… You walked your friend home and then left for your own home. You walked into the bus stop trying to shelter yourself from the snow. You shivered and rubbed your hands together. Suddenly a warm knitted scarf was placed around your shoulders from behind. “You’ll catch a cold.” A familiar voice said. Jimin. You turned around to face him, dressed in a warm winter coat in the process of taking off his gloves. “Put these on” he said, handing the gloves to you. “Thank you..” You shivered qietly. Seeing him more clear in natural light made you more nervous. He was not handsome, that was an understatement. He was drop-dead gorgeous. Eyeing him from head to toe, up and down. He had orange hair, a strong jaw, the cutest face you had ever seen and his thighs… “Are you checking me out?” Closing your mouth and looking up to meet his eyes you felt your entire face go full on tomato mode. “No..” He smiled and looked away, biting his lower lip. Was this boy even real?! You turned away from him, but caught him eyeing you up and down in the rear view of your eye. You turned around and raised your eyebrows at him. “Are you checking me out?” You teased “Yes.” The answer left you in a short chock state. He chuckeled, his eyes smiling. “You have my number… I’d love if you at least sent me a text” he smiled, putting his hand in his pocket. “Ok.” You smiled, hiding your face in his scarf. “Don’t do that!” He said, pulling the scarf down from your face. “I can’t see your smile if you do that…” You looked up at him, him realising what he just did and nervously swallowing before taking a step back.

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Your bus arrived, you began to take off the gloves but he stopped you by grabbing your hands. “Keep them.” “Oh.. Thank you” you said “b-bye.” You turned around to walk out of the stop to the the bus as it arrived, but managed to slip on the ice, falling backwards… Strong arms catching you. “Text me when you’ve arrived home.” Jimin said lifting you up on your feet. “Ok.” You said hiding your face in the scarf and boarding the bus. You took a seat and sighed, letting out all of your embarassment. “Why?!” You thought, leaning against the window.

You arrived home safely but soaking wet. You took off all of your clothes and entered the shower, letting the warm water embrace you. Wrapping a towel around you, you stepped out of the bathroom and into your bedroom, changing to your pyjama before sitting down on the sofa in the livingroom. You put on a episode of the drama you were currently watching. Half way through the drama your phone rang. “지민” Jimin… You picked up the phone


“Are you at home?”

“Uhm.. Yes.” “You didn’t text me..”

“Oh.. I’m sorry i forgot.”

“You made me worried y/n..”






“I’ll pick you up 2pm tomorrow..”

“Wait, what?”

“Sleep well”


Did that just happen? What… You sat on the sofa holding your phone in silence, the drama playing in background before you shyly began to giggle. “See you tomorrow Jiminah” You sent, before turning the lamp om your night stand off and shuting your eyes. Your mind and breathe relaxing into your sleep.

Saturday Night Fever AU// Closed

1977. New York. Best part about Ben’s job at the paint store, was that his boss always gave him weekends off. Every saturday night, he would go out dancing in a local club that wasn’t more than a fifteen minute drive from his home. He’d been doing this for about a year since he graduated high school, class of ‘76. 

Everyone knew Ben, he was considered the best dancer in the club scene. These days, he didn’t dance as often. He usually hung out with his friends in the club, studying any new moves that came through the door. But, it wasn’t a dance move that caught his eye that night… it was a girl.      


A Party Alive(Closed rp with that-l0st-guardian)

It was a normal Saturday evening in the Amorous night club, people dancing, having fun, cheering for the DJ as practically everyone was having a good time. That went double for a hedgehog in the middle of the whole rave. Jaleel was twirling glowsticks in the club, wearing his normal netted tank top and black slim jeans, his black combat boots sitting at the very bottom of his body as he practically led the party into a wild blast of fun.

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whoa you did an amazing soulmate mark thing for ExR and you said you would do it for the other amis maybe, could you perhaps do it for Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta? Thanks !

You are too nice to me dear anon <3 

Okay, here I go. Im sorry if I write something wrong, english isn’t my first language. Just correct me╰(・∇・╰) (it was out of my control)

I hope that you like it ^^” Im not good with them so…


  • Joly and Bossuet are one of those soulmates that met at the university and are disgustingly sweet all the time and YOU CAN’T BE ANGRY AT THEM. 
  • when Joly saw Bossuet for the first time it was in park and he looked so frustrated about something and kinda lost. Joly wasn’t heartless. 
  • He walked over to him and when he stood right beside him he was like “oh my god, he is so freaking tall”. Joly asked him “I’m sorry, do you need any help? You look kinda lost”.
  • Then Bossuet looked at him and he smiled and right then Joly knew he was fucked up. 
  • At the end of the day Joly know everything about this man ( yes, he was lost, his name was Lesgle but friends called him Bossuet, he was 6′4, he just moved in to the city and he were looking for a coffee shop and somehow he was in this goddamn park, but he wasn’t complained) and with his number writed on his hand. 
  • the next morning he found “sweet smile” scribed under the number and he just knew 
  • when Bossuet walked into bathroom he was too tired to look into the mirror. He felt like he could asleep right there under his shower
  • he actually saw it when he wanted to shave. Two words on his left cheek. He almost choke his toothbrush. “Gentle giant”. 
  • They did nothing about it, but the knew. They started a game called “how many words can covered my soulmate’s skin before he ask me out”
  •  whole fuckin’ dictionary 
  • They played the game nearly three months
  • “Caring” on Joly’ collarbone. 
  • “Clumsy” appeared on Bossuet’s knee and it was so true. 
  • there was this movie night in the Jehan’ apartment. Joly and Bossuet were on the couch, Joly’s legs were spread on Lesgle’ laps and Lesgle had his hand on Joly’s ankle and it felt so right. They fell asleep like that. 
  • When Joly woke up Bossuet was in the kitchen with Feuilly and he talked with him about something. Joly looked at his ankle and there was “warm heart” on it. 
  • We all know that Bossuet is clumsy shit but sometimes he can do something okay and be cool. Like right when Joly was in the middle of his exams and he was so exhausted and all he needed was sleep and food and his soulmate. Now 
  • Lesgle appeared from nowere in front of his door with EVERYTHING he needed. Joly just jumped on him, hugged him and he was like a big koala. 
  • Bossuet walked with him to his bed, and layed down with him (it was really difficult because Joly refused to let him go). Joly used Bossuet as his second mattress, curled on him with his hands clenched on Lesgle’s sweater. 
  • He doesn’t mind actually. 
  • After that when he went to his home he discovered “the best cuddler” on his stomach. 
  • When Bossuet have an accident with knife the first thing he did was a call to Joly. Joly almost killed somebody when he went to him
  • Wound wasn’t really big but there were a lot of blood (WHY YOU TRIED TO CATCH THIS DAMN KNIFE YOU IDIOT) 
  • Bossuet sat at his bath and Joly kneeled in front of him with his gentle hands. He bandaged a wound and Bossuet just watched him. 
  • Joly looked up and then they kissed like there was no tomorrow. Joly didn’t know about his new word on his neck. “Irresistible”.
  • So this is a story about Joly and Bossuet and it’s cute but let me tell you, there is a reason why Joly had “filthy mouth” on his spine. 


  • They met her after two years of their relationship and it was kinda embarrassing. She run at them, she almost fell but Bossuet catched her and Joly catched him. 
  • After that she was so sorry and she invited them for coffee because Joly spilled his coffee when she run at him  
  • There were something in Musichetta that was irresistible and even if Joly and Bossuet were already soulmates they wanted her. To know all of her. Her dreams, her heart, her smile, her body, her nightmares, everything. 
  • Her first word was from Joly and it was “independent” writed on her elbow. 
  • Next were from Bossuet and she was really surprised to see “eyes like stars” writed in different handwriting on her chest and she was so fuckin confused. 
  • Joly and Bossuet had their first words from her in the same day. It was “surprisingly strong arms” for Joly and “sharp cheekbones” for Bossuet. 
  • They didn;t know what to do because they were already soulmates and there is something like that? 

  • Actually Musichetta was the one who made a first step. She asked them on date when she saw them in coffee shop. 
  • Like she just went to them and was like “guys I know it might be weird, but do you have any plans for saturday’ night?”
  • awkward coffee and movie turned into shots and wild dance in club and they might be a little out of any control.
  • they discovered that it is possible to have two soulmates after that day. It was sunday mornign, lazy morning, and joly had another words, “burning eyes” from Musichetta who was now sleeping in his bed and “impatient hands” from Bossuet who was curled next to him and he didn’t know what happened last night but he didn’t care. They can solve it later. 
  • And they did 

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 I would be more than happy 

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You are so ripped, discipline and sexy! Should have lots of girls around you! You should be able to pick any ripped girl that u want too huh?!! Can u share some funny stories u have gone through around girls that noticed your gainz (rsrs) btw your blog is amazing ! You're doing a great job! Success for you gymaholic :*

Disregard females acquire aesthetic!

I’m not going to lie, when you’re a gymaholic, girls notice it and people treat you differently. I got tons of funny stories, but let me share what happened to me 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I came back from the UK, where I spent 6 months. I don’t go out often these days, but we had to celebrate big things; new job, master degree, gainz and everything.. So we decided to party like it’s ocean eleven.

I went go out with my brahs on a Saturday night. We went to a club, where there is 6 dance floors (yeah it’s crazy). This nightclub is also famous for its strippers. They always take someone on the podium and make a dance with him. When they decide to take someone on the platform, they always take them shirt off and sometimes pants off.

My brahs and me were dancing and the show began. The stripper decided to choose me, so I step up on the platform back to the public. She began to dance and everything. Good music, good ambiance, then the DJ says “Take his shirt off !”. She took it off and was like:

I spent 10 minutes on the platform pumped like a spartan.

At the end of the dance, she left the platform and whispered me something in my ears, she said “see me in 5 minutes in front of the bathroom”. I thought “yeah, we gained free drinks or something”.

5 minutes later, I was in front of the bathroom, the stripper comes out from her changing room and gave me small piece of paper discreetly; that was her phone number.

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