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BAU!Verse (anything that takes place within the normal criminal minds setting)

Private Dance | Spencer x Reader

  • Spencer spends his Saturday night at a strip club. Shenanigans ensue.

Hair | Spencer x Reader

  • Spencer loves his girlfriend’s hair almost as much as he loves her. (Maybe a little more.)

Adventures in Babysitting | Spencer x Reader

  • A date gone wrong, an apartment full of hyper little boys, and maybe a couple of snuggles.

Accident Prone | Spencer x Reader

  • Sometimes, being accident prone is just what you need to get things moving in the right direction.

Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Company | Emily x Reader, slight Spencer x Reader/Spencer x Reader x Emily

  • A little after-hours fun…

AU’s (anything that takes place in another fandom)

Battle of the Houses 

  • The one in which the BAU are all Hogwarts professors.

House Unity (Battle of the Houses Part II)

  • The one in which things are awkward, professors are meddling, and students are nosy.

Drabble Challenge (requests are currently open! prompts can be found here)

“Why did we have to have kids?”

  • Emily x Reader, Prompt #32

“… or we can chill in our underwear.”

  • Spencer x Reader, Prompt #104

Urban Coven (modern witches):

People in the neighborhood think they are a gang. They always go out together at night, using their phones as lanterns and meeting at abandoned lots to practice the craft. Have matching witchy tattoos and go dance every Saturday night at the same lgbt club. They mix potions and alcoholic drinks and for some reason have exactly what you need in their purses and pockets.

Pansy x Parvati Headcanons

I plan on posting the drabble I did for the rare pair secret santa exchange here soon, which is about this pairing, but until then, enjoy these headcanons!!

  • Pansy and Parvati move into a modern little flat in muggle London
  • They both love traveling, and they travel everywhere together– Paris, New York, Guadeloupe, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Cairo, you name it.
  • Pansy loves to write, and always writes poetry on rainy mornings while she drinks her tea. Her favorite subject is Parvati.
  • Parvati becomes interested in photography after the war, and she practices taking pictures of Pansy, who certainly doesn’t mind the attention.
  • Parvati loves sunshine and heat and all things summer, and she always makes Pansy go to the park or the beach with her on nice days.
  • Pansy loves the winter, and the two of them stay snuggled up in bed watching muggle films all day when there are particularly bad snowstorms.
  • Pansy takes long showers late at night. Parvati is usually reading, but sometimes she joins her.
  • Pansy’s becomes super flirty after a few drinks and can’t keep her hands, or her lips, off Parvati when she’s drunk.
  • They both love dancing, and sometimes they’ll go clubbing on Saturday nights, or other times they’ll play old records and slow dance in their kitchen.
  • Parvati loves when Pansy plays with her hair. Pansy loves when Parvati scratches her back.
  • Pansy becomes a journalist, and starts out working for the prophet, but eventually starts her own magazine, where she writes about her travels, fashion, politics, gives advice, and publishes writing from the community. She publishes a few novels as well. Parvati becomes a successful photographer for the magazine. It basically becomes the wizarding Vogue

I went to a couple of clubs Saturday night and at the last club this man started dancing behind me and felt like he had a right to put his hand up my skirt and try to stick his fingers in my vagina. Like I’m so confused as to why the fuck he felt he should try to do that. I almost never wanna go to a club ever again. I know for sure I’ll never go to that club again.

His name was 지민 - Chapter 1

His name was Jimin - Chapter 1

“The first meeting.”

Words: 1288

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5

Masterlist [X]

The music was bursting out of the speakers, bodies were touching and it was sweaty and hot. You had let your newly single friend drag you out to a club on a saturday night. Dancing to eardrum bursting edm music wasn’t really your thing but you friend insisted and you agree’d since you wanted to help her cheer up from her second break up … this month.

You sat down by a table as your friend ordered emotion killing drinks, also known as drinks that would be the reason to you carrying her back home. You watched all the bodies dancing against eachother to the beat and sighed. Your friend smashed the glas down on the table. “Didn’t you say you we’re going to buy two?” You asked. “I did! I drank one on the way over here!” She giggled. You rolled your eyes at her. After downing her second drink in seconds she stumbled out of her seat and dragged you with her. “Let’s dance baby!” She yelled. Fine, you thought. She dragged you into the centre of the moving bodies and the two of you began moving to the music. You were actually enjoying yourself, getting more into the dance the two of you laughed together, enjoing the moment.

The club got more and more crowded by the second. Your friend had abandonned you for a guy asking her for a dance, so you headed back to table, pushing past all the bodies. You suddenly got an elbow punch in the waist by a stranger, making you trip to the side, straight into the arms of another stranger. “Wow, easy there. How many drinks have you had?” He chuckeled. “None” you said embarrassed. He flashed a bright smile at you, helping you up on your feet. “Where’s your table I’ll help you over there.” He said, still holding onto your arms. You pointed to the direction of your table and he began pushing past the rest of the dancing bodies, dragging you behind him by the arm.

You both sat down at the table. “Are you ok?” He asked, raising his voice over the music. “I’m ok thank you.” You said still embarrassed. Did he think you were drunk? Making the awkward situation even more awkward you randomly blurted “I’m not drunk.” (Why did I say that?! Ugh!) He gave an awkward laugh, avoiding eyecontact “me neither”. Couldn’t he just leave you? The fact that he was really handsome didn’t make the situation less awkward. “My name’s Jimin.” He said. Surprised that he hadn’t left yet you looked up, meeting his eyes. (Was he blushing?) “Y/N” You said, failing to stop the shy giggle, making him giggle aswell. You looked away from eachother, looking back again at the same time and again looking away. “Uhm… Do you come here often?” He asked. “No, my friend dragged me out here.” You said. “Same here” he laughed.

Originally posted by sugutie

A brown haired boy stumbled over to your table. “Yaah! Jiminah! Let’s go.” He said. “No not yet!” Jimin said. The brown haired boy mumbled something unclear as a reply and began to pull on his jacket. “Yah!” “Hey y/n do you have a phone?” Jimin asked. “Yeah…” You said taking the phone out of your bag and handing it to him. He typed something at the same time as his friend was trying to drag him out of his seat. He quickly finished and handed it back to you as his friend succeded in dragging him off. “Uhm.. Bye Y/N” he chuckled. You waved laughing at the two of them as they walked away.

Looking at your phone you noticed he hadn’t called anyone. Maybe he sent a text? There were none sent, that’s odd. You double clicked the home button to see the lastest placed. Contacts? You clicked on it and it took you to a contact profile in your phone. “지민” He left his number in your phone?! Your friend starled you as she pushed your shoulder. “I don’t feel very well.” She sluddered holding a hand over her stomach. You grabbed your own and her things and left the club.

It was snowing outside.

Taking your cute summer jacket was probably not such a good idea after all… You walked your friend home and then left for your own home. You walked into the bus stop trying to shelter yourself from the snow. You shivered and rubbed your hands together. Suddenly a warm knitted scarf was placed around your shoulders from behind. “You’ll catch a cold.” A familiar voice said. Jimin. You turned around to face him, dressed in a warm winter coat in the process of taking off his gloves. “Put these on” he said, handing the gloves to you. “Thank you..” You shivered qietly. Seeing him more clear in natural light made you more nervous. He was not handsome, that was an understatement. He was drop-dead gorgeous. Eyeing him from head to toe, up and down. He had orange hair, a strong jaw, the cutest face you had ever seen and his thighs… “Are you checking me out?” Closing your mouth and looking up to meet his eyes you felt your entire face go full on tomato mode. “No..” He smiled and looked away, biting his lower lip. Was this boy even real?! You turned away from him, but caught him eyeing you up and down in the rear view of your eye. You turned around and raised your eyebrows at him. “Are you checking me out?” You teased “Yes.” The answer left you in a short chock state. He chuckeled, his eyes smiling. “You have my number… I’d love if you at least sent me a text” he smiled, putting his hand in his pocket. “Ok.” You smiled, hiding your face in his scarf. “Don’t do that!” He said, pulling the scarf down from your face. “I can’t see your smile if you do that…” You looked up at him, him realising what he just did and nervously swallowing before taking a step back.

Originally posted by jimyoong

Your bus arrived, you began to take off the gloves but he stopped you by grabbing your hands. “Keep them.” “Oh.. Thank you” you said “b-bye.” You turned around to walk out of the stop to the the bus as it arrived, but managed to slip on the ice, falling backwards… Strong arms catching you. “Text me when you’ve arrived home.” Jimin said lifting you up on your feet. “Ok.” You said hiding your face in the scarf and boarding the bus. You took a seat and sighed, letting out all of your embarassment. “Why?!” You thought, leaning against the window.

You arrived home safely but soaking wet. You took off all of your clothes and entered the shower, letting the warm water embrace you. Wrapping a towel around you, you stepped out of the bathroom and into your bedroom, changing to your pyjama before sitting down on the sofa in the livingroom. You put on a episode of the drama you were currently watching. Half way through the drama your phone rang. “지민” Jimin… You picked up the phone


“Are you at home?”

“Uhm.. Yes.” “You didn’t text me..”

“Oh.. I’m sorry i forgot.”

“You made me worried y/n..”






“I’ll pick you up 2pm tomorrow..”

“Wait, what?”

“Sleep well”


Did that just happen? What… You sat on the sofa holding your phone in silence, the drama playing in background before you shyly began to giggle. “See you tomorrow Jiminah” You sent, before turning the lamp om your night stand off and shuting your eyes. Your mind and breathe relaxing into your sleep.

the reward

Can you do an imagine wear y/n and The Joker get into a major brawl and y/n kicks total ass and J decides to reward y/n with some smut???

I know I’m slow at requests, sorry! I didn’t do it so Y/N and Joker were fighting though.. sorry if that’s what you wanted annon! & sorry it’s only short!
Requests are still open, even though I’m slow at getting them done, lmao
Warnings: smutty, daddy kink, violence

It was a typical Saturday night, dancing in J’s club while he took care of the serious business. He’d always tell you what had happened in the “meetings” thinking that you’d prefer to have fun instead but he didn’t know that you loved seeing him boss everyone around. Scaring people half to death, even watching him kill some excited you in a twisted way.
Whenever you did stay with him he’s always try to protect you like he didn’t think you could look after yourself, clearly forgetting who he was dealing with.
The guys that J was meeting with sent their girlfriends up to dance with you, you rolled your eyes before placing a big beautiful fake smile across your face.
“Hey” you sang as they began dancing with you, all giggling and watching the men walk to the curtains that Joker was sat behind.
You winked over at him as he continued to watch you grind up against the two girls, laughing like you were having fun when really you just wanted to be caught up what was happening across from you.

It didn’t take long for things to turn bad, your eyes grew wicked as you saw J raise his gun. Frost following suit behind him.
While you were distracted one of the girls took the opportunity to tackle you and the other slapped you busting your lip.
Quickly you kneed the girl in the stomach that was trying to restrain you. She let go stumbling back over as you punched her friend as hard as you could popping her nose all over her white dress. Crying as she fell to the floor with a thud.
People in the bar ran out screaming as the gunshots rung the air from the back room.
You lifted your skirt up and pulled the blade from the band of your hold-ups flipping it out to stab the girl in the throat that was still trying to catch her breath.
A hand grabbed your waist you, elbowed behind you only to hear a familiar chuckle. J pressed his lips to your ear and took the pocket knife from your hand to replace it with his gun.
“Finish the job, little one” he purred nibbling at your neck.
With a smile you turned to face the girl with the broken nose and shot her dead, ignoring the pleading look in her sad eyes.

Mr J viscously kissed you his tongue dominating your mouth, metal grill biting back down on your already bleeding lip making you moan. Harshly he grabbed you and carried you into the VIP area, throwing you down on the quilted bench.
He knelt on the floor in-front of you, kissing you as he pushed your legs apart stirring up the lust deep within your core.
“You’ve been such a good little girl tonight” he grinned, arms hooking themselves under your thighs dragging you to the edge of the seat.
“Anything for you, Mr J” you smiled innocently.
J let out a deep growl and kissed you once more moving to pull your dress down and expose your chest. Fiercely grabbing at your breasts to roll your nipple between his ringed fingers.
“You’ve earned a reward kitten” he purred moving down to bite your other nipple, you cried out with desperation.
He trailed his hand down you lightly to apply pressure your damp panties with his palm, moving slowly from side to side whilst toying with your chest.
“P-please Daddy..” you begged inhaling heavily.
Complying with your request for once he laced his fingers under your panties and pulled them off of you, smiling at the sight of your dripping heat that was spread out all for him.
He began kissing and caressing your legs from your calves up to your thighs, leaving a trail of bloodshot bruises in his path.
Letting out a hungry growl before dragging his tongue up your slit, the vibrations making you whimper.
The green haired man looked up at you as he continued to tease you with his mouth, caressing your every fold but avoiding touching your throbbing clit. You involuntary thrust your hips up to meet his mouth, not being able to help the desire you felt.
His two strong arms wrapped themselves under your ass, hands pressed of the small of you back immobilising you as J finally flicked his tongue over your sensitive bud. He went from licking, to sucking, to both until you were writhing under him on edge but evilly he pulled away as you were about to come undone.
J purred as he darted his tongue in and out of your drenched cunt, savouring all the sweet juices he had caused.
“Look at me princess” he demanded before greedily attaching his lips to your clit once again, holding you down as he sucked on you until you were screaming.
Your legs shaking as you stared into the blue orbs that were burning your own, he growled against you while you came for him, panting and twisting your nipple in your hand.
After he was satisfied with your reaction he pulled you down to kiss him, tasting yourself on his tongue.
“Can we go home, Daddy?” you asked sweetly catching your breath “kitten wants to say thank you..”
The Joker laughed and stroked your face.
“Of course we can, honey.”

Police officer ~ D.O.

Paring: reader x D.O.


Description: You are being accused of the murder of Maria Sanchez and get brought in for questioning by officer Kyungsoo.

Originally posted by kyunseu

The word around town was that your quite the troublemaker, cops hate you but boys love you. You’ve been arrested more time then you can count on your fingers and toes and you were on a first name basis with every cop that works in the Seoul police department. However, you weren’t always this bad…

It all started with your boyfriend Sehun. Before you met Sehun , you were in a bad share of relationships. You always got hurt in the end and vowed to never love again but then you met Sehun. You thought he was different, you thought he was the one to take you away from your pain and suffering but you were wrong. It was your birthday and Sehun gave you money for you to go shopping for a new dress and amongst other things. He just scored a reservation at a new popular restaurant you’ve been wanting to try for months. You arrived home that day, excited to show him the new red lacey dress you got but when you heard moaning. Your heart sunk as you walked in on Sehun fucking your best friend senseless, her moaning the same name you’ve moaned once before.

You were enraged and threw anything in your reach at him. You walked to your best friend and punched her so hard she barely black out. You threw them both out of your apartment and began to burn every item of Sehun’s and things he bought you too. You also burned your bedsheets.

The next day your best friend pressed chargers and you were arrested by none other than Officer D.O. Officer D.O. had a reputation for being the most meanest cop on the block and he was always there when you’ve been arrested more times after that. Needless to say you and officer D.O. knew saw each other often. Everytime you got in trouble…. BOOM! He was there.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~present day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was Saturday night and you were at a night club drinking and dancing with some random guys. Your breathe smelled like vodka and your body was covered with a lacey see through white dress, that showed off all your curves. You met this guy at a bar and had a couple drinks. You guys then decided to take it back to your place. You’ve haven’t had sex since you were with Sehun and it would be nice to have a nice clean fuck.

As you were walking out the club and you saw a familiar police officer leaning against his patrol car. When he saw you he smirked and shook his head.

“Fuck!!!” You thought in your head “what did I do??”

you grabbed your one night stand by his arm and tried to walk past D.O. fast before he started questioning you. But you were obviously too slow as your heard your name being called.

“Ms. Y/L/N.. I’m officer D.O. may I ask you a few questions”. He politely put his arm around your waist and led you back to his patrol car.

“What the hell? Are you Harassing me or something???” You said a little irritated. You knew officer D.O. was attractive but you never really took the time to look at him. Those big eyes, big hands and dark hair is enough to make any girl melt. But what really got you was his lips. His lips were plump and he had a habit of licking them every few seconds . Your body trembled as you thought of how he would use those lips, how we would suck on your clit his tongue lapping at the sensitive nerve. You bit your lip and rubbed your thighs together. You were so caught up in your thoughts that you didn’t realize he was asking you a question.

“I’m sorry what?” You said dumbfounded

He sighed and slammed your body on his patrol car, grabbing your arms to put them in front of you. His hands traced your curves and it took everything in you not to turn around and kiss him.

“Ma'am do you have any sharp objects I should know about?” he asked while you felt his lips near your ear. You moaned slightly and shook your head.

“I don’t even have pockets”

You felt him grab your arms and but them behind your back. You heard metal clinging but they sounded familiar. They sounded like….. handcuffs!??!

“You are arrested for the murder of Maria Sanchez. Anything you say will be held against you in the court of law. If you do not have an attorney one will be appointed to you. You have the right to the fifth amendment..”

“This is bullshit!!!” You yelled. “ I don’t even know a Maria, get these damm handcuffs off me!!!”

“We have evidence, your DNA and fingertips were all over the weapon”

“This is bullsh-!”

Your yelling was cut off by D.O. slamming the car door of the patrol car in your face and driving off with you to the police department.

~~~~~~~~~~~ 30 mins~~~~~~~~~~~~ You arrived at the empty parking lot of the police department. You thought it was odd, it seemed like no one was here.

D.O. dragged you into the interrogation room. You were handcuffed to the middle of the table and a bright light was in your face.

In his hand he had a file and he was reading off what the police report said.

“ Name: Maria June Sanchez

DOB: July 6 1989

Sex: female

TOD: July 12 2016 11:14 pm

Suspect: Y/F/N, Y/L/N

Reason: DNA and fingerprints found on murder weapon. Suspect found on home security tapes leaving the premises at 10:45pm July 12 2016”

He slammed the file on the desk and sat across from while giving you a smirk.

“So what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I say that this is bullshit and someone is obviously framing me”

“Really? Then how do you explain your DNA”

“ I don’t know! Look I know it looks bad but I didn’t do it I swear!”

“Then where were you July 12?”

“Here probably, getting arrested as usual” He nodded and stood up from his chair and stood behind you. He squatted down and whispered in your ear.

“I see you around here all the time and it takes everything in me not to bend you over this desk and fuck you senseless” Your body trembled at his words and moaned as you felt his lips at your neck" your so beautiful Y/N" he said

He grabbed your arms forcing you to stand up and kicked your chair to the side of the room. He rubbed his hands all over your body and grabbed your ass. He got on his knees and proceeded to lift your dress up and pull your panties down. He stood back up to bend you over the desk to grab and smack your ass again.

“What do you have to say for yourself?” He asked again

“I’m sorry ” you moaned out

“Sorry for what?”

“For being a bad girl” you said while biting your lip

He got down on his knees again and began to lick your slit from behind.

He rubbed his tongue up and down near your entrance before tongue fucking you deep. You moaned loud as you grabbed on the handcuffs that still had you tied to the table. You threw your ass back and grinded against his plump lips. He unzipped his pants and stroked his hard cock against your pussy getting it more wet.

“ I have a confession” he said with a smirk

You only were able to moan in response

“There is no Maria Sanchez” and with that he slammed into you hard and began to fuck you from behind. You threw your ass back to meet his thrust as profanities strung from your lips.

“Harder!” You screamed “fuck me harder!”

He obliged and fucked your harder. Your knees became weak and your vision was black . You came hard and your felt him come right after while clawing your back.

He unhandcuffed you and gave you a peck on the lips.

“That was fun ” he said with a smile

“Yeah we should role play more often ”