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Grunge Bowling Alley ( Indies Bowling )

By: @bioniczex


Are your sims looking for the perfect Friday hangout? Well stop looking because we’ve just found the perfect party place for all ages at The Indies Bowling Alley. Most teens come here on Friday and Saturday nights to just chill, eat pizza, have a few drinks and just have an amazing time with their friends .

This Lot Has

- Three 3 BathRooms

- One 1 LivingRoom

-  Lounge Areas

- One 1 Kitchen

And a whole outdoor relaxing area (THERES JUST SOOO MUCH)

it has much much more !!!

I had so many screen shots but Tumblr only lets us upload 10 at a time.

How To Download?

Go into the gallery and search for my Origin Name: MarkDaii1993

Thanks For Downloading !! ^-^

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Le Prodige; Jungkook

Here’s Jungkook’s part for my Gang!AU serie ! Inspired by @hoseokxx answer lol. Enjoy !

Words : 1238

Rated : M for language and violence

Genre : Gang!AU

I apologize for every grammar or spelling mistake, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language ♥

He knew he was talented, and his ego grew bigger and bigger everytime the boss praised him for his good work, annoying all the others, which was really pleasing to him.

Everytime he got a mission, was another chance to show to everyone that he was the best, that he was the prodigy, and that he definitely deserved the ‘future Boss’ title

Today was not special. It was a Saturday night, Jungkook was chilling inside the HQ, playing Overwatch with random people with his bottle of vodka right next to him, when he received a text from Namjoon.

From : Boss

To : Le Prodige 

Yah kid, a new mission is waiting for you and has to be done before 6am tomorrow morning. Some rich bastard is willing to pay us $500k just to kill his son’s girlfriend that is a thread to their family or whatever. Hoseok will send you her exact location in no time. You can do whatever you want, quick, slow, I don’t care, just do it, take a pic and send it to me so we’ll get paid, and I’m sure I don’t need to repeat it but don’t forget to dispose of the body. Don’t deceive me kid.


He read the text from the corner of the eye, still focused on his game, and smirked while reading the oh so familiar word kill. At the exact same time, the word “winner” was popping on the screen, he had just won his game. Celebrating with yet another shot of vodka, it didn’t take long ‘til his phone was ringing again, but this time it wasn’t his boss, it was Hoseok, the IT guy.

From : Hoseok 

To : Le Prodige

Elisabeth Lee, age 24, receptionist in a poor Motel down the Barn street, in a relationship with TaeHyo Kim, son of the rich JaeHyun Kim. The target is actually on her work place, and will be all night. There’s no cameras and no security system, only 2 guests are written in the registration book so you shouldn’t be disturbed. Be quick, and text me if you need any more infos.


A poor and innocent girl, in a shitty motel, with barely anyone around ? Now that was something interesting for Jungkook. He picked up his phone from the dark wood desk in front of him and left the room, leaving the screen of his computer lighten up, the word “Winner” still appearing in big letters.

He made his way to the weapons room, meeting his colleague, The Slayer aka Taehyung, casually cleaning his bloody baseball bat, to pick up the things he will need for tonight’s mission. 

Knife, guns, ropes, gloves, gas. This was probably the hardest part of every mission, choosing a weapon. He stood approximately 10 good minutes in the middle of the room, wondering what choice he should make, to finally pick up the simplest gun ever.

“I don’t have a lot of time, I can’t be creative for this one” he murmured to himself, gently caressing the canon of the shiny gun. After that, Jungkook went to the dressing room, picking up some fancy stripped tuxedo and putting it on. He always liked looking good for girls, even if these said girls were going to die few minutes after their meeting with him.

A hour passed and he finally was ready to leave the HQ, his gun hidden in his pants, and his new favorite thing in the world in hand, his bloody bunny mask that Taehyung bought him a month ago, that he never forgets to put on for every murder mission.


After a long ass ride behind the wheel of one of his many sports cars, Jungkook finally arrived at destination. A small and dark alley, with no one in sight and absolutely no sound.

“It’s going to be as easy as winning arm wrestling against Jimin” he mumbled to himself, approaching slowly but surely the Motel entrance.

When he passed the door, to his surprise, the hall was completely empty, no one behind the desk. Only a little lamp was lighting up the small room, but it was enough to make the little bell on top of the desk shine bright. The boy didn’t lose any time and rang it.

He tapped his fingers impatiently against the warm colored wood waiting for his target to arrive, but when that person actually came out, Jungkook’s heart literally skipped a beat.

A beautiful girl was standing in front of him, not too tall, light brown eyes with long messy black hair. Jungkook probably just woke her up, judging by how she looked and how she was dressed.

“Hi mister, how can I help you?” she asked gently with her eyes still half closed.

But Jungkook didn’t answer. He was still looking at her, with his brows frowned. She was beautiful he couldn’t deny it. But it never stopped him from doing his job before, why couldn’t he just take the gun out of his pants and shoot her right between the eyes like he usually do ?

He awkwardly replaces the vest of his tuxedo before speaking.

“Did I wake you up Miss ?” He asked with a surprising caring voice.

The minutes passed by, and Jungkook couldn’t find the strength to kill her just yet.


From : Boss

To : Le Prodige

Kid what’s wrong with you ? Where’s the picture ? Isn’t the target at her work place ? Did anything went wrong ? You better hurry the fuck up Jungkook, we can’t let these $500k go away and you know it. I’m counting on you.

Seeing the message of his boss, made him remember who he was. He was a member of the most feared gang of Seoul. He was a murdered, an abductor, a monster. He didn’t deserve to be happy, not after everything he did. He couldn’t live a normal life like every other kid his age. He couldn’t have loving parents that would be proud of him whenever he would come home with good grades, he couldn’t have a girlfriend because he simply didn’t know what love was. He was forced to live this criminal life.

He suddenly stood up from the not so comfy couch of the reception and apologized briefly to the girl.

“I’m sorry for wasting your time Miss, please go back to sleep.”

Without any further talk, the girl bowed to him, and turned around, walking her way back to her room.

She was walking slowly, letting the time to Jungkook to put on his mask, and adjusting the gun, targeting the back of the head of the poor Elisabeth. 

“I’m sorry” Jungkook stated, with a cold voice, making the girl turn around to face him. As soon as her eyes met his, POW, he shot.


He watched the lifeless body for a few minutes, before snapping a picture with his phone, sending it immediately to his Boss, with the caption “Mission completed”

He then sighed, and carried the body to put it somewhere safe, somewhere no one would find her.

In reality, today was a special day, today was the day Jungkook realized, that he would never truly be happy, because he was a monster, and no one could ever change that.

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“Nobody’s perfect I confess, but she’s perfect enough without ever dressing up”

Tears of an angel

Imagine Happy helping you get revenge or your ex boyfriend that cheated on you 

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The bar was a bit too much crowded for your liking and to be honest the clothes you wore that day weren’t exactly the type of clothes you wore to a chill Saturday night. The tight dress rode up your legs making you look out of place and the spandex like material flattered your ass perfectly. Winning outfit? Yes. Comfortable? Not likely. 

Bon Jovi was playing of course. So much for this red neck God forgotten like town of Tacoma. Was this your 5th cigarette? Probably. Whenever you were nervous you would smoke like a prostitute and you knew it. This was something childish to do but Happy was your best friend, practically raised together and he accepted doing this as a soft form of revenge on Calvin. His other form or revenge included a nice commemorative Happy face on his stomach and you hated Calvin, you did, but you didn’t wanted any blood on his hands.

This was Calvin’s favorite bar. It had pool tables and several more games, good beer and great music almost all the time. You saw Happy get into the bar, greet Lloyd, the bar man and owner of The Lone Wolf, the place you were supposed to meet. He got stuck on the road to your table while talking to some of his old friends, some other Sons, as well. You smiled as he finally got to your table and jumped immediately on his arms. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” You said as you wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed a hand on the small of your back, nodding.

“Yeah, yeah…” He said sitting down in front of you. “I still don’t know how this is a good revenge.”

“Tina told me all about it.” You said, pushing an ice cold beer in front of Happy, who nodded, thanking you. “Apparently, Calvin’s justification was that through our 7 year long relationship; I was cheating on him with you. So there’s that.” You said as you sipped from your cranberry juice and vodka. 

“You want to make him jealous with me.” You nodded as he arched an eyebrow. “Why don’t I just kill him…?” You rolled your eyes and looked at him. “It’s easier.”

“Please, Hap. I need you for this.” Happy looked at you shaking his head. You threw the puppy eyes at him and you watched him roll his eyes and sigh. He was in the bucket. “Thank you!” 

“Don’t make this super weird and it would be alright.” He said as you waited for Calvin to arrive at his usual time. You talked about people you knew and things you used to do, and you almost forgot why you were there.  You missed Happy so much it was crazy. Since has was patched over to Charming, you didn’t saw him as much as you used to and work made you turned down almost all his invitations up to California.  But some weeks ago, when you called him a crying mess due to finding Calvin balls deep with some random bimbo, he knew he had to help somehow.  The clock hitted 11:30 as the so called Calvin entered the bar, looking like a boss, suit, loose tie around his neck. You tensed up at the sight and looked away; It was time for this plan.

Except there wasn’t a plan.

Happy noticed of course, and watched how Calvin walked past the table you were in and sat down with a bunch of equally idiotic friends he had for bunches.  “You don’t have a plan, do you?” He asked you on the low as you nodded and sighed, defeated.

“Just take me home, Hap. He won.” You said picking up your things from the table. Happy placed his hand on top of you and shook his head. “What?” you asked.

“I’ll take care of it. Go to the pool table near that table and wait for me.” He said getting up and walking way from you. The only available table was the one right in front of Calvin’s table and it didn’t seemed like a good idea. You grabbed the pool sticks and waited for Happy, as he told you to; but you could still feel Calvin’s eyes burning into your back. You heard someone coming next to you and a low wolf whistle. 

“(Y/N).” Calvin greeted as you turned around and smiled bitterly at him. “I can’t believe I’l l found you  here.” 

“Yeah…” you said sarcastically. “Because It’s not like I introduced you to this bar at all, Calvin.” You rolled your eyes and gave him your back. He eyed you up and down and smirked.

“No hard feeling, right? I already told you what happened…” You blood was boiling at this point. Calvin was the biggest asshole ever. You turned around and were ready to speak your mind when you felt the softest pair of lips even kiss the side of your neck, sending electricity down your spine and then a hard, calloused hand spank your ass right there making you gasp. Calvin face was priceless. 

“Calvin, man!” Happy greeted, leaning on the pool table behind you guys and pulling you to lean on him. You were taken back but also loving Calvin’s expression. “Long time no see…” 

“H-Happy…” Calvin greeted through his teeth. “What’s this?” You were blushed and taken back by Calvin’s question. You opened your mouth to speak but Happy came to be your salvation once again. 

“Just chilling man…” His tattooed arm was now around your waist. “Turn around…” He whispered in your ear making you arch your eyebrow but you obliged. “Nice night to get drinks with (Y/N), you know…” You wrapped your arms around Happy’s neck and he smirked. “I didn’t think you would mind…” He said. “Since you cheated on her, like a dog. Like a pussy, actually. It’s…whatever. I mean, you saw it coming, right?” You smirked and leaned your head on Happy’s chest as you felt him massage your ass cheek while still in front of Calvin.

“Wha…It’s…personal, Happy.” Calvin said, blushing. His hand went straight to Happy’s hand on your body as you turned around slightly, enough to watch his face. It was gold. “Honey Bunny?” He asked, thin voice as he stared into your eyes.

“Honey bunny? Funny.” Happy’s sarcastic raspy voice was in again. “That’s how I usually call her when she rides my…”

“Hap!” You said, pushing your finger to his mouth. “Stop…” you whispered. Calvin frowned and grabbed his jacket, fuming out of the small bar. You laughed, satisfied as you hugged Happy.

“Thank you, Hap!” You said as he hugged back. “Did you saw him?”

“Got what he deserved, right?” Happy said smirking at you. “C’mon, let’s play pool…”

He was indeed your best friend. 

Stuff to Watch When You’re Stoned (that’s actually on Netflix)

If you’re anything like me and are the type of person who would rather have a chill Saturday night in with some snacks, movies and some quality time getting baked here’s a list of some of my favorites. Some of you have been asking so, wallah!

Cheech & Chong’s Up in Smoke

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Trailer Park Boys

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking your Juice in the Hood

Adventure Time

Crash Crop: Golden State Gone Green documentary

That 70s Show


Don’t worry about all the other gems I didn’t mention, this is just a handful and I’m going to need more for the next list 😁👌

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe do 035 or 041 for coldflash, please?

035:“Your stray red item turned my whites pink.”
041:“You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar.”

Len has spent some serious time tracking the asshole who somehow always left a red sock or a red pair of underwear in the washer. The first time it happened, he was willing to believe it was a coincidence. The second time, he just thought he was unlucky like that… the third time, he started wondering just how many people could both own and forget their fucking red laundry all the damn time.

It was the fourth time that was the last drop in the sea of Len’s (red-tinted) anger. So, wearing his newly pink underwear and socks, together with his greyish-pink sweats and a purplish shirt that used to be blue, he vindictively put a tracker in the goddamn red sock (the same one as the first time, which led Len to believe it was the SAME guy all the time). He left the bugged sock it on the washer, obsessively checking the GPS signal to figure out what kind of an asshole could have that many red clothes - and he doesn’t even care that the signal finally moves on a Saturday night. 

He’s just chilling with Mick and a few other friends, but his mission to rid the world of the asshole who couldn’t check the stupid washer is holy and righteous and important for the world, no matter how many times Mark tells him that he’s acting crazy. MARK isn’t the one whose wardrobe’s now almost fully red-stained.

Len stalks back to their dorms, following the signal until he comes up to a door - interestingly, it’s the communal kitchen on the first floor instead of someone’s room. He strides in, mouth already opening to release the flood of pure rage that’s been bubbling in his chest ever since he first found his load of laundry stained pink… but then he hears the first sob, and he stops in his tracks.

There’s a guy in the kitchen - the floor is covered in red, and Len’s heart misses a beat before he realizes that it’s not blood, just… jelly…? What the fuck - is this guy’s life mission to stain the whole world red or what?! 

He’s sitting on the floor, back against the fridge and his feet sprawled through the mess. Len sidesteps the shards from the jar and frowns, still not completely sure if all that red is just food or some blood has splattered around as well. With so much glass, the guy could’ve easily cut himself.

He looks like a puppy - and a freshman. Big brown eyes, filled with tears, an adorable face dotted with moles, a mop of messy brown hair. The offending bugged red sock is peeking out of the pocket of his university sweats, and Len wants to kill him for that, but… there’s something about his expression that makes Len crouch next to him and stare instead of yelling about his pink underwear.

“Hey. You okay?”

The kid sobs and sniffs, but gives a shaky nod, so Len… yeah. No. He would like to take that as a sign that the guy’s really alright, he would definitely like to snarl at him to be careful with his toxic red laundry… but he can’t. There’s something he just can’t stand about the sight of someone crying alone on the kitchen floor on a Saturday night… maybe it strikes a little too close to home, but Len’s not gonna leave this moron here.

“Get up,” he mumbles, and the guy obeys, though his movements remind Len of a rag doll. He grabs the roll of paper towels from the counter and cleans up the worst mess, while the kid just stands there and obviously tries not to sob - but fails.

“What’s your name?” Len tries as he drops the soggy towels in the trash and hands a fresh one to the kid so he can wipe his face. 

“Barry,” the answer comes right before the guy blows his nose. Fuck - why did he have to be so pitiful?! Len really wanted to scream at the person responsible for his pink… everything. But even he’s not so much of an asshole that he would yell at a very obviously distressed person.

“I’m Len,” he replies, to establish some sort of basic trust, and then shrugs: “Care to tell me what’s this about?”

“I’m sorry,” Barry mumbles. “I didn’t mean to drop it, it just happened.”

His eyes fill with tears again, and Len sighs, rubbing at his face. He ends up smearing some jelly over his forehead, which is just fucking great.

“You’re not crying just because of the jelly, are you, kid.”

Barry bites his lip - it would be quite an enticing sight if his nose wasn’t running a little. 


“Okay,” Len more asks than says, raising an eyebrow. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Barry gives him a long look and then shakes his head. 

“Not… really.”

Awkward silence fills the tiny kitchen and Len’s ready to leave. There’s beer at Mick’s place, and people he actually gives a damn about, not a random freshman who ruined his clothes… but heck, when Barry looks at him with those huge, watery eyes, Len is rooted to the spot instantly.

“Do you want to… um… watch, like, a movie? I was about to make myself a sandwich, so… I could make one for you…? And we could watch together. Or play something?”

His voice is all uncertain and wobbly, and Len’s not sure if that blush staining his cheeks is embarrassment or just the residue of crying, but shiiit… he’s lost. Barry’s kind of adorable, and Len remembers how it feels, not wanting to be alone more than anything in the world, accepting company in whichever form in order not to be forced to deal with certain memories or feelings or skeletons jumping out of one’s closet.

He can’t leave this kid alone, not tonight.

“Sure,” he shrugs and waves at the door. “Just don’t drop anything on the floor again, please.”

He watches the kid get a new jar of jelly - Barry hands it to him with a sheepish smile and Len opens it for him.

“Um… Len? Can I ask you something?”


“Why are you wearing so much pink?”

Len mentally counts to ten and hands the opened jar back to the kid.

“I like it. Now shut up and focus, I’m not cleaning up after you twice in one night.”

Trouble is, he has a feeling he totally would.


Everybody is upset about this?

For real, this is fantastic stand-up. Like, really good, well-crafted stand-up.

Pros being pros….that’s how it is.