saturday may 11

How many kids you have - The outsiders preferences

2 kids. 1 girl and 1 boy

Isabella Curtis is born first on Saturday May 11, 1969. She was a month pre mature and she was the spitting imagine of both you and soda.

Elliot Curtis is born second on Tuesday, February 15, 1972. He was almost identical to soda and was almost always happy like him to

3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl

Darryl Curtis lll was born on Friday, March 20, 1968. He looked a lot like you but he had Darrys eyes and facial features. Since he was a bigger baby, he was born through a C-section

Jackson Curtis was born on Saturday, September 23, 1972. He had your eye color and your facial features, but he seemed to cling toward Darry.

Alana Curtis was born on Sunday, June 27, 1971. When she was born, he had Darrys blue green eyes and dark hair but she was small like you.

4 kids. 3 girls (triplets) and 1 boy

Gemma, Roxanne, and Corrina Curtis wear born a on Tuesday, March 2, 1971 right after Johnnys birthday. The girls were fraternal twins so one looked almost identical to Pony while the other two closely resembled you.
(This was not my original idea, someone else made a post like this and I liked it but I can not remember who, so I have to give credit)

Martin Curtis was born on Sunday, January 3, 1974 And once again, your child grew up to be the identical twin to Pony.

1 kid. A boy

Lewis Randle was born on Friday, December 18, 1970. He had grown up to look just like you but he took on A LOT of Steve’s personality.
Like father like son

Two bit:
5 kids: twins (two boys), another boy and 2 girls
I think two bit would want a bigger family, is it just me?

Justin and Noah Mathews were born on Saturday, October 26, 1969. They were born identical twins and looked like both you and two.

Caleb Mathews was born on Tuesday, may 13, 1970. He grew up to look like two bit and to be just as goofy as him to.

Payton Mathews was born on Tuesday, April 15, 1972. She was born looking exactly like you but as she got older she looked more like her father.

Julianne Mathews was born Tuesday, April 11, 1974. She was the youngest of the five but seemed to be the most mature. She grew up to look more like you than two bit, but she did pick up his jokes.

2 kids. 1 boy and 1 girl

Austin Winston was born on Thursday, December 3, 1970. His bame was one of two bits jokes because he said since Dallas is named after a city in Texas, you should do the same with your son. You did just that.

Lillian Winston was born on Thursday, Obtober 30, 1972. She grew up looking a lot like dallas but was a sweet, and quiet little nerd

3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl

Carter Cade was born on Friday, April 4, 1969. He looked just like Johnny except he didn’t have thr scared and nervous look to him since Johnny showed him the love a child deserved

Dallas Micheal Cade was born on Saturday, April 17, 1971 And was named after Johnnys two best friends Dallas and pony. He grew up to be very creative and loved to hang out with his dad and uncle pony.

Cosette Cade was born on Friday, June 8, 1973. she was born a month and a half pre maturely and was in and out the hospital for the first five months of life


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Hey, so I got the list!

Because a ton of us are crazy about AUs in this fandom, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of AUs a lot of us know and love. And some of them we might not be familiar with but let’s broaden our horizons!

Day 1: Pirate AU. Have our girls roll along the high seas as swash-buckling bandits.
Day 2: Coffee Shop AU. A classic, of course. Go back to the roots of the fabulous song “Hey Blondie”!
Day 3: Classic Romantic Movie AU. Pick your favorite romantic film and do a crossover!
Day 4: Marvel/DC Universe AU. Pretty much speaks for itself. I’ve seen a lot of Captain American Winter Soldier stuff out there. Let’s take a crack at the other ones, too!
Day 5: Roadtrip AU. Nothing is better than a good roadtrip! Some old HCs were circulating around and it’s a great AU with many possibilities.
Day 6: Sci-Fi AU. Cyborgs? Dystopian? Go for it!
Day 7: Your Favorite AU. Now, this can be anything! From a fic, from your personal HCs, Canon-verse! Whatever you want!

So it’s all next week! Submissions will begin on Sunday April 26, 2015 12:01AM PST to Saturday May 2, 2015 11:59PM PST.

Have fun!


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anonymous asked:

Will you guys air Attack on Titans? *begs and cries*

We’re airing Attack on Titan Saturday May 3rd at 11:30p.

Hope you enjoy it!

Louise Harrison was bewildered. Everything had changed, and so suddenly. Giggling girls queued at the Liverpool bus stops, not for the transit, but in hopes of speaking to her husband about George. Harry hadn’t the patience for it — the nonsense– and more often than not, he told the wide eyed “bairds” to go their own way. He told them he wasn’t about to divulge family secrets or take home autograph books for his son to endorse. Harry just wanted to be left alone.

Louise too. She stood in the narrow bathroom doorway and watched her son primp and preen in the silvering mirror, readying himself for some competition or another down at the Philharmonic Hall. It was a to-do sponsored by London’s Decca Records, something The Beatles, per se, weren’t participating in, but something that George had been required to attend, nonetheless.

“I’m a judge y'know, Mum, ….. a talent judge…. for the Lancashire and Cheshire Beat Group Contest!” George tried to elucidate as he slipped into the crisp dress shirt Brian had sent over with the stage suit. “I’ve been asked to select the winner, y'see”

But Louise didn’t see. Just weeks ago George had been an electrician’s mate, a sweet, skinny lad with an uncertain future. Now he was part of some big splash down at the Phil. It was all too much, too fast.

Too much on an empty stomach Louise mused I can barely catch me breath.

“Will the other boys be there?” she reached up to tuck in an errant wisp of hair into her son’s Prince Albert cut.

“No, not tonight I’ve told y'that Ma” George held his tongue between his lips and concentrated on straightening his part. He used Louise’s narrow back brush comb, dipping it into a glass of cold water to eliminate static electricity. “We don’t have to do everythin’ together, do we? John goes to shows without me, Paul too. It’s just this time, it’s my turn, y'know?”

“So… yer makin’ this talent decision on yer own then?” The thought troubled Louise. How much did George know about talent, really? How could the boy be a qualified judge?

“No there’re others, Ma. Dick Rowe from London, for one. The man who said we’d never make it big…. The Beatles. ”

“Well tell him about the girls on yer father’s bus! Tell him about yer number one record and yer….”

“He knows! He knows!” George offered his shaggy smile. “In fact, it might be a bit awkward tonight —- in light of all that’s transpired over the past few months y'know”

“Right, well” Louise was ever a mother, “just remember who you are. Remember it’s much harder to be gracious than rueful, right? And much more valuable.”

“Right, yeah, I know” George shook his mother’s comb and slipped it back into the narrow medicine cabinet. He took one last appraising look at himself and flipped off the bathroom light. “I promise to make you proud. Da too. All right?”

“You always do, Georgie” Louise smiled softly. “At least that much hadn’t changed” And she was glad of it. It was the one thing as it had always been.

—  Excerpt from the book ‘She Loves You’ (Book 3 of the John Lennon Series) by author Jude Southerland Kessler  This excerpt can be found on pages 51-53, under the section 'Saturday 11 May 1963 Liverpool’