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I met Lucas Steele and here's what I noticed

I saw great comet on Saturday for a matinee and I met Lucas before the show started at the stage door because I had written him a letter and I wanted to give it to him. I also had The Abduction Seat™ and here’s what happened:
• before the show, he walks with a purpose and moves very quickly.
•I said his name twice before he actually noticed me and I gave him the note and said “this is for you. You’re fantastic in the show” and he softly said “thank you” 
•he kept looking at me like I had something else to say so I panicked and asked for a hug and he looked at me and smiled and said “I’m sorry” and quickly walked into the theater. 
•my mom (who’s friends with lots of performers) said that it’s not unusual. Performers are very paranoid of germs and getting sick and often won’t touch other people. 
•DURING THE SHOW we made eye contact many times and he winked at me once
•if you know the words to the songs, fucking show it. I had ensemble members all over me because I was singing with them. 
•during the abduction when he sat next to me he kept laughing at me because I was crying (literally) and he leaned into me and did the Russian customs line and then he high fived me
•when he said “alright” and everything resumed he muttered “you’re awesome” in my ear and I smiled and said thank you and his smile was fucking gorgeous
•he didn’t stage door after the show and food was delivered to the theater so they didnt go out for dinner
•overall he’s very charming and pretty and sweet
•although he’s not afraid to say no to something

“My early exposure to all the leviathans of the Saturday matinee creature features inspired me, when I grew up, to make ‘Jurassic Park.'” - Steven Spielberg 🎬

Alex Wennberg- Missing a game

Request:  Can you write an Wennberg one were you fight because you missed a game, but it was a really good reason to miss and then he feels bad and of course you make up? Thanks!!

Author’s note: Wowwww okay I just managed to get both these down in three hours. So they’re not the best and I apologize! Work has massively turned on me compared to this time last year but that’s for a post tomorrow.


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To be an Artist you need talent, as well as a wife
   who washes the socks and the children,
   and returns phone calls and library books and types.
   In other words, the reason there are so many more
   Men Geniuses than Women Geniuses is not Genius.
   It is because Hemingway never joined the P.T.A.
   And Arthur Rubinstein ignored Halloween.
   Do you think Portnoy’s creator sits through children’s theater
   matinees–on Saturdays?
   Or that Norman Mailer faced ‘driver’s ed’ failure,
   chicken pox or chipped teeth?
   Fitzgerald’s night was so tender because the fender
   his teen-ager dented happened when Papa was at a story conference.
   Since Picasso does the painting, Mrs. Picasso did the toilet training.
   And if Saul Bellow, National Book Award winner, invited thirty-three
   for Thanksgiving Day dinner, I’ll bet he had help.
   I’m sure Henry Moore was never a Cub Scout leader,
   and Leonard Bernstein never instructed a tricycler
   On becoming a bicycler just before he conducted.
   Tell me again my anatomy is not necessarily my destiny,
   tell me my hang-up is a personal and not a universal quandary,
   and I’ll tell you no muse is a good muse
   unless she also helps with the laundry.
—  Rochelle Distelheim

Merlin knew Arthur would return in Albion’s hour of need; so wherever he saw his land in need, Merlin went where the action was.  When the Normans invaded, he was sure it was time, sure that Arthur would be there, sword flashing to turn back the tide.  The tide did not turn.

By 1941, Merlin had nearly given up hope.  He’d fought on open English fields and muddy Belgian trenches, he’d seen probably thousands of British soldiers bleed out in front of him.  He’d shot arrows , fired rifles, flown bomber planes.  He was so tired of war.  This time, surely, Arthur would come.  

Merlin watched his island nation grow and shrink, watched its languages evolve and its people grow by multiplication and addition.  He watched its leaders, in turns shining and monstrous, stumble through 1400 years of disruption and destruction and the crawling progress that comes with reaching the future the slow way.  He watched as Arthur did not come.  He ceased to hope, and tried to live.

So it was a complete surprise, as Merlin was on his way to the theatre to catch a Saturday matinee, to find a familiar voice carried from inside a North London pub, in the middle of a headed discussion about the Common Fisheries Policy.  

“This is so stupid,” he said, smiling wider than he had in decades.

hi, so i am getting to live out my dream of being veronica freaking sawyer on saturday evening, sunday matinee, and sunday evening!!! we are one of the first theatre companies in the country to do Heathers (school edition). Here is Dead Girl Walking! please do not share outside of tumblr, thank you!

anonymous asked:

Lets be honest that IG was posted before the charity event so either it was a matinee show ? Or the night before which could have included him 🤢 Not that I like these scenarios Just trying to be honest instead of being accused of altering or lying

I was trying to be nice anon, lol! Don’t you see how it if it was a Friday night show or Saturday afternoon matinee it only looks worse for her to go to the theatre alone or with other companions on a Friday evening when Sam WAS apparently free? Or to a 2 pm matinee early enough for Sam to still presumably have enough time to get ready for his evening charity appearance, which she did not attend?

That pic has more of a “breakfast in bed for one” theme than an “afternoon teatime for one” sort of theme, which makes the Friday night scenario the more likely- and that means that the upshot of that picture is that Sam spent his Friday evening, and his Friday night, somewhere else since for either the morning or afternoon scenario the theme was still of one playgoer, and one cup of coffee. The newspaper is likely the complimentary one that is included with many hotel rooms esp in the more upscale places, it is always delivered in the morning which also adds to the evidence for the post being meant to depict “breakfast in bed, alone” over “teatime, alone”.

I know the next argument will be that surely Sam went with her but that they are keeping it “private” and that’s why no pictures or other evidence of her having him as companion were taken at the play. That one holds no water, anon. First off, if it was truly to be a private “date” for them then she wouldn’t have posted about her own attendance. But she did and this would of course be bound to cause many to come to the conclusion that Sam was there too. So not intended to be private, then. So, if it wasn’t intended to be private and knowledge of this supposed “date” is intended to be public enough that innuendo was posted that suggests that Sam attended with her then there is no earthly reason why pictures of this “date” could not be supplied to back up the innuendo as has happened with every other event that they have attended so far on this tour of NYC:
A work party, a gallery opening, an escape room evening spent with Sam and Cait’s South African friends, a concert in the Park; all documented and “proved” with pictures.
They have even gone so far as to hire a paparazzi photographer to document their walking the NYC streets together.

All of that above says that “privacy” is certainly not any concern for this “couple” as anything remotely coupley they do is put out there for the public and used to sell the “loved up in NYC” campaign. Really what could be more coupley than going to a Broadway show together? The answer is: not much. And we already have pictures of everything else so no reason to hold back with this event either.

But no pictures. No selfies, no fan pics, no paparazzi. And it’s not that Sam has some proscription against pics of him going to the theatre on a date either- when Sam and Cait with Tobias in tow went to Edinburgh to see Grant’s play Cait posted a lovely selfie of the three of them in front of the theatre that served nicely to document their evening and in whose company it was spent.

But for this past Friday evening at the theatre it seems that Sam was not available for pictures. That suggests to me, anon, that he was elsewhere, and quite likely with companion that he cannot make public with pictures. And Cait was incognito that night too. What an amazing coincidence!
But MM made sure to account for her evening and the next morning too, and wether she spent it truly alone or with company there is no trace of Sam in it at all, so any company she may have had is also not for the public eye- and that means it was not Sam. Everything Sam and Mm do together lately is public- that means at the very least a convenient fan pic of Sam on the sidewalk in front of the Music Box theatre if not a selfie or some sort of stealth pic of the two of them sitting in the theatre together, and then certainly two playbills and two coffee cups in bed the next morning.

Why drop the ball on the chance to document and promote these two on what has to be the most perfect couple date there is; an evening at the theatre? The only answer I can come up with is that there was no evening at the theatre for the two of them to be documented. And MM’s post the next day was only intended to show that; it was a post of how she spent her Friday evening alone, or with a friend or friends whom she does wish to keep private, on a night that Sam had no excuse not to be with her.

The good dr cox has already said I can go to opening night of Kingsman that he’s got beastie covered.

I can wait 17 hours from first show to Saturday matinee because one in this town even opening weekend matinees are quiet. And two me driving home on the dark not so wise a plan. (if it was july and still light until 1am i would be there but now not so much)

but saturday the 23rd 12:20pm for Kingsman Golden Circle for me.

hello! so here is me as the Mythic Bitch! I was originally cast as Heather Chandler in a double cast show, but my off night’s Veronica got insanely sick. I am the Female Swing Understudy, which means I would have to fill for any sick female lead, so I get to play both iconic roles! So excited for HC tomorrow matinee, tomorrow evening, and saturday matinee!

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Are there any specific days when Ben Platt does not go on as Evan?

From my understanding Ben is not performing at the Wednesday or Saturday Matinees anymore but Michael Lee Brown is going in as Evan.

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i figured i'd ask you this since you have a lot of stage door experience: around how long does it take for the deh actors to start coming out to the stage door? i might be able to see a saturday matinee on a school trip later this month, but i'll only have a bit over an hour after the show before i have to get back on the bus :/

hey!! i always give myself about an hour to an hour and a half to be safe. if mlb is on, he’s really good at coming out quickly unless he has guests over. michael park and laura are the same, and rbj will either come out second or leave thru sd and tell the crowd she’s not signing. usually, jlt is the last one and that’s around the hour to hour and a half mark. 

i hope u enjoy the show and get to sd!! let me know when/if u do!!!

Over the weekend that ended with “Hamilton” winning 11 Tony Awards, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family stayed at the Mandarin Oriental, a luxury hotel near Columbus Circle.

Mr. Miranda and his wife, Vanessa Nadal-Miranda, were staying on the 46th floor, while his mother, Luz Towns-Miranda, and father, Luis A. Miranda Jr., were on the 47th. The day of the awards ceremony, a Sunday, began with the playwright and his father having a room-service breakfast at 6:15.

Later that morning, the creator and star of “Hamilton,” along with fellow cast members, rehearsed for the awards ceremony at the Beacon Theater, about 15 blocks north of the hotel. During downtime, as the first grim reports out of Orlando, Fla., were circulating, Mr. Miranda took out his phone and began to tap out the sonnet he would read aloud that night while accepting the Tony for best score.

Back at the Mandarin Oriental before curtain time, he realized he would need a printout of the verse he had written. He called the suite where his father was staying and asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking care of it. Luis, 61, said yes, and traveled down a flight, where his son handed him a thumb drive. Lin-Manuel had one stipulation: “He said, ‘Can you please not read it?’” Luis said. …Back in the elevator, with the printout, the father did the very thing his son had asked him not to do: He read the sonnet.

“That’s like asking me not to drink water when it’s 90 degrees out,” Luis said. “I thought it was very moving and pretty and important for the moment.”

Back in the suite, Luis listened as Lin-Manuel read it aloud, practicing for the big moment.

It had already been a busy weekend for the Miranda family. Twenty-five relatives, nearly a dozen of whom had flown in from Puerto Rico, had come together for the Tony festivities. The day before the awards, on Saturday at matinee time, a group of 13 went to the Richard Rodgers Theater to be in the room where “Hamilton” happens; then a group of 12 attended the 8 p.m. performance.

The Miranda men outfitted themselves in tuxedos they had had made especially for the Tonys. “We went to a place in Yonkers called San Marko,” Luis said. “We have been going there for a very, very long time.”

Lin-Manuel… went for an understated look. He worked with the owner of San Marko, on a simple black tuxedo, opting for a treble-and-clef music symbol stud set and Puerto Rican flag cuff links.

“My son is very square,” Luis said.

The elder Mr. Miranda’s tuxedo was dark burgundy, with a bright burgundy lining. “I also wore a very loud burgundy tie, with rhinestones,” he said.

Mr. Macklowe offered both men a choice of lapel pins. “Lin-Manuel said, ‘No, no, no, it’s too much for me,’ but I, of course, wore mine,” Luis said. “Nothing is too much for me.”

Close to 5 p.m., while helping Lin-Manuel tie his bow tie, Mr. Macklowe asked him if he intended to chop off his founding-father ponytail, once he leaves the “Hamilton” cast this summer.

“He said to me, ‘I have been having dreams of going to the barbershop,’” Mr. Macklowe said.

Aftr the show, Lin-Manuel, Luis and their wives took a limousine to the Plaza hotel for the official post-awards party. But the main event was the “Hamilton” party, at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. The Mirandas arrived about 45 minutes after the Tonys had ended. “People were telling me, ‘This is your son’s bar mitzvah,” Luis said. (The Miranda family is Catholic.)

The highlight of the party for Luis was meeting Barbra Streisand. “She waited for us, which was incredibly humble,” he said. “I don’t think Barbra Streisand needs to wait for anyone.” She posed for photos with the family. “That was up there with meeting Julie Andrews and Debbie Reynolds,” Luis said.

As for Luis, he and his wife returned to the Mandarin Oriental at about 3 a.m. Real life resumed. He went to work later in the morning.

The proud father said he hopes to see “Hamilton” a few more times before his son exits the stage. “I have only seen it 18 times,” he said. “It’s very difficult to get tickets.” (x)

can you imagine the pride and joy… can you imaaaaaagine

(updated 1/18/15)


Ages of Man Series:  Teen Mystrade

  • The Shop Boy (105,871 words) - Sometimes, taking care of Sherlock had its benefits…

  • The School Boy (269,620 words, WIP) - As Mycroft and Lestrade pursue their own relationship, Sherlock learns the meaning of friendship with the new boy in his school, John Watson.

  • The Harvest (5538 words) - a one-shot in the Ages of Man universe

Lets You Know You’re Alive Series (Mystrade begins in TOSOTM): Cabinlock

  • Take Them Where You Find Them (147,578 words) - When Martin goes missing, Arthur makes a decision that leads him to an unusual new friendship… with Sherlock Holmes.

  • The Other Side of the Mirror (257,811 words) - Mycroft Holmes is a very busy man. How is it that one Detective Inspector can help him feel like a less busy man, even when a personal crisis rears its ugly head? And his home fills with visitors. And relatives. And, of course, Arthur Shappey…

  • We Are What We Are (185,683 words) - With trials, tribulations and tragedy darkening their pasts and clouding their futures, how do the boys from London and Fitton find health, happiness and hanging baskets filled with fluffy kittens (that one’s mainly for Arthur)…

  • Over the Rainbow (229,245 words WIP) - Carries on from the upheavals of We Are What What We Are and finds the London-Fitton alliance growing even stronger, and enjoying a wealth of surprises that only this raggedy band could discover…


Artist in Residence (256,124 words, artist AU, WIP) - Mycroft Holmes is a poor artist with secrets hiding in the shadows of his life and a brother who is something of a human hurricane. PC Greg Lestrade is a young and eager member of law enforcement who never thought he’d find the man of his dreams sitting on a box in front of an easel…

Happily Ever After (119,516 words, royalty au) - Crown Prince Mycroft discovers that his brother, Sherlock, is escaping from the castle to spend time with a new friend, John Watson. How fortunate that this new friend comes with his own rather protective guardian, the young and handsome man of the law, Greg Lestrade.

By the Pale Moonlight (104,858 words, vampire au, WIP) - When young vampire, Mycroft Holmes, ran across young drifter, Greg Lestrade, in the woods one warm summer’s evening, neither had any idea they’d found the love of their life… well, maybe they had some idea, but Sherlock’s petulant shrieking might have clouded things a bit…

Trip the Light Fantastic (38,440 words, demon au, WIP) - Mycroft’s need for an escort to the school dance wins him a very surprising candidate when he finds an old book of spells in an abandoned occult shop…

When We Assume (27,168 words) - Greg Lestrade has accepted a date with Mycroft Holmes. Now, the Detective Inspector needs to get himself out of his own head…

Tabula Rasa (3102 words) - Lestrade hoped to find Sherlock and John when he went to their flat about a case.  What he actually found was far more interesting…

Sunshine on My Shoulders (967 words) - Mycroft and Lestrade’s beach holiday is not going quite the way the Detective Inspector had planned and Mycroft shows no remorse over that fact…

The Suspicious Disappearance of Ties (1168 words) - Greg begins to notice a very suspicious pattern concerning his ties and Mycroft does not seem inclined to share his concern…

Fingers Might Talk (4500 words) - Lestrade asks for and receives lessons in sign language from Mycroft, which leads to a nice trip to the pub after an afternoon of instruction… and more lessons mean more time to get to know each other…

Paper, Bow, Ribbon and Scotch (2896 words, Christmas) - Lestrade volunteered to assist with the Christmas toy drive at work and Mycroft is delighted to step in and assist. That may be a decision he comes to regret…

The Snow King (995 words) - Greg loves a good snowy day… Mycroft truly does not see the appeal. At least, at first…

That Try Men’s Souls (2515 words) - Lestrade has been carrying around some worry lately about his and Mycroft’s relationship and decides to take steps to make things better… much to Mycroft’s dismay…

A Model Patient (1800 words) - Mycroft Holmes is sick with a very bad cold, however, a man of his poise and control is a blessedly perfect patient. In his own opinion, of course…

It’s Just Easier To Do It Yourself (2841 words) - Greg needs to do a little shopping and Mycroft decides to accompany him, something the Detective Inspector knows is not going to end well for either of them…

The Terrifying Arthur Shappey (5743 words) - Greg Lestrade’s holiday is on hold due to one of GERTI’s temper tantrums and Arthur Shappey is happy to keep him company. Of course, alcohol makes all things far more interesting… look for Mystrade after the hangover is conquered…

Sometimes You Need a Push (3060 words) - John is tired of waiting for Sherlock to admit to what he feels, so the good doctor enlists a little help to push things along a bit…

Anything for Love (4461 words) - Greg is being very sneaky about a project and Mycroft very much intends to find out why. Of course, what Mycroft wants, Mycroft doesn’t always get…

The Bonds of Family (2711 words, mpreg) - Mycroft is very pregnant, Lestrade is very patient… surely their home life is the epitome of harmony…

The Winds of Change (1249 words) - Greg wants to change his hair… but he’s the only one who likes the idea…

Our Little Boy (5379 words) - Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade and their son as they move through the years… parenting is nothing if not very hard work…

And Many More (2501 words - Future Mystrade) - It’s Greg’s birthday and it’s not quite as merry as he hoped. Luckily, he’s got friends to help change that…

Do You Believe in Magic (2984 words, Future Mystrade) - What if John Watson had met Greg Lestrade in another time and in another place. And Greg is not exactly who he seems to be…

Enemy Mine (489 words) - Mycroft discovers Lestrade’s new purchase and is not happy with it.  Not one tiny bit…

A Man Can’t Have Any Peace (3521 words) - Lestrade has a rare day off and it doesn’t go quite to plan.  Not that that’s always a bad thing…

There Are Always Exceptions (3957 words) - Lestrade is enamored with a young, nubile female and Mycroft is none too happy about the fact.  Especially since said female is making a home in their patio…

Worth a Thousand Words (2643 words) - Lestrade finds a surprise in Mycroft’s office, one that Mycroft desperately needs to explain…

The Unanticipated Arrival (8549 words, mpreg) - In this world, certain males are lucky enough to be able to have babies… not that Greg is considering himself particularly lucky at the moment…

The Hands of Fate (2982 words) - Greg buys a deck of tarot cards and wants to tell Mycroft’s fortune.  Mycroft, however, is not excited about the idea, especially as the cards begin to fall…

The Time of the Season (2180 words, Halloween) - Mycroft surprises Lestrade with a trip to the States for the DI to celebrate Halloween in grand American style.  Of course, this means he has to celebrate in grand American style, as well, and that is a lot harder than Mycroft had expected…

The Christmas Spirit (2842 words, Christmas) - Lestrade finds Mycroft Holmes in a very unexpected place and it leads to very unexpected things… at least for the two men involved…

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (4341 words, Christmas) - When Mycroft comes to Lestrade on Christmas Eve, a little bedraggled and very mysterious, asking for assistance, Lestrade is not about to refuse…

Saturday Matinee (3251 words) - Lestrade is thrilled to enjoy a day off with a good sci-fi film.  Someone else seems to think that’s a fine idea, too…

Saturday Matinee,,, The Younger Years (2043 words) - Young Greg Lestrade has money for a film and he plans to make the most of it… happily, someone else has something similar in mind…

The Eye of the Beholder (2374 words) - Mycroft has had a very hard several months and, to his shame, gained a good bit of weight from stress eating.  Of course, one of the first people he sees as things begin to wind down is the man he considers the most gorgeous thing to walk the planet - Greg Lestrade.

Short Fics on Tumblr: (Those cross-posted on AO3 are not repeated)

Afternoon Tea - Normally, a naked Lestrade would give Mycroft great joy… this, however, might not be one of those times…

On the Balcony - When Mycroft finds Greg on their balcony, he did not expect to find him naked…

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When We Were Young - First meeting fic with PC Greg and agent Mycroft

It’s Not Always Wine and Roses - Greg’s not happy with his relationship with Mycroft…

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A Little Business Party - Mycroft is hosting a simple business party… or so Greg assumes… written for the Silver Fox Saturday marriage equality celebration

The Kindness of Almost Strangers - Being stuck in London traffic was not Lestrade’s favorite way to pass the time, but today might be an exception…

The Big Day - It’s Sherlock and John’s wedding day and Lestrade is there to help…


Just wanted to finally share these pics going backstage after the Saturday matinee of Hamilton! Thayne Jasperson was the BIGGEST sweetheart for getting us backstage. What a freakin cutie. Not to mention he was quite hilarious in the show too! Farmer Refuted had me laughing so hard. Oak was the first one we met and my mother (bless her) didn’t even say anything before she reached over to touch his muscled arm (“sorry I just had to feel it”). He was SO kind and willing to take a pic with us! Honestly a cinnamon roll. I loved watching him in the show because his transformation from Mulligan to Madison was like NIGHT and DAY. His whole physicality changed, his voice changed, it was so cool to see how well done it was! 

Daveed walked in and I turned to Thayne and I was like, “I can’t do it, I can’t do it, that’s Daveed Diggs right there, I can’t even look at him.” Then I got over myself, turned around, and introduced myself. He’s so quiet and reserved in person vs how much energy he has on stage. I complimented him on his charisma (because seeing his Lafayette/Jefferson in person is honestly AN EXPERIENCE and was worth the price of those tickets alone). We all posed for a picture and I teased him about saying “The president has no clothes” instead of “The emperor has no clothes” during Washington on your Side. Which made him laugh a lot. The beauty of live theater, everyone!

After that I saw Phillipa Soo VERY briefly but she disappeared quickly. Which was too bad! She was SO wonderful. Shoutout to her heart wrenching scream after Phillip dies. I was holding myself together up until that point but her scream made me lose it. 

Shortly after we went over and chatted with Javier Muños who is LITERAL. SUNSHINE. OH MY GOSH. His Ham was so great and he was just beaming, so humble, so kind, so chill. I told him that I loved him in the role and we also talked about In the Heights for a second, and he mentioned how much he loves working with Lin. Ugh I can’t get over how sweet Javier was. #JaviltonForLife. What a fantastic guy.

Reneé was the last one we met. SHE IS TINY. I think I was so surprised because of how well she commands the stage and has such a magnificent presence. I just couldn’t help myself, I GUSHED to her about how fantastic she is, about how much she adds to the show and the cast, about her wonderful presence, thanking her for sharing her talent. She hugged me like THREE times and complimented me on my dress. So sweet. I was honestly in awe of her.

Anyway sorry for the rambly post it was just SO WONDERFUL to meet all of these talented people! Hamilton is so incredible and I’d honestly fork over my life savings just to see it one more time.