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Okay, this is freaking awesome ! If someone could do some gifs of Andy from this video, he or she would become my HERO! He’s so hot! Damn!


Jones deserves all the credit in the world for being brave enough to engage in what must have been a devastating experience in order to expose whoever (I like to think it was one loser, many accounts, but that’s probably not the case) sent such purposefully demeaning, hurtful messages her way.Because those are people, who even if they never posted such a tweet before in their lives, had it in them to do that. And that’s really alarming.If one positive arose from this, it’s that #LoveforLeslieJ started trending, and most of those messages were lovely. It was at least some reassurance that there’s common sense out there, not to mention a reminder that Twitter is still a place where tens of thousands of people—black, white, Asian, Hispanic, men, women, gay, straight, etc.—can come together for good.

Why Leslie Jones’ horrifying Twitter experience needs to be talked about. 


‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones exposes racist harassment on Twitter

On Monday afternoon, the Ghostbusters star and Saturday Night Live cast member tweeted that she was tired of receiving constant harassing messages with overt racist and sexist imagery. Jones announced that she was going to stop blocking her Twitter harassers so that their tweets and comments could be seen publicly in order to expose their offensive nature. Almost immediately, her fans sprung into action.