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it’s okay. the restaurant is due to close by the end of the year.

Comedy is important to me and to have a show that is just about how funny it is to be gay seems like a good thing. I was desperate to be involved in that.
—  Kate McKinnon
Marathon Ado About Nothing

After I mentioned I had the Tennant-Tate Much Ado the other day, people got to talking about it and there was a fair amount of interest in a MUCH ADO MARATHON. 

So this Saturday, starting at 10am central time, I will be airing three productions of Much Ado About Nothing in a row on livestream:

10am - Noon: Keanu About Nothing, aka the Kenneth Branagh production
12:30 - 3:15: Doctor Who About Nothing, aka the Tennant-Tate production
3:45 - 6:00: Much Ado About Buffy, aka the Joss Whedon production

I’ll probably do a repeat sometimes in December or the new year for those who miss this one. But for now, mark your calendars for ten on Saturday! I’ll post a link Saturday morning, but it’s at the usual livestream channel, “theoutcastreturns”. 

Cuidando a Iván y Epona (Caring for Colin and Epona).

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on friday in french class my teacher said that louis pasteur made the first vaccine so i raised my hand and said that that wasn’t true, the first commonly accepted vaccine in the western world was a smallpox vaccine from the 1790s, made from cowpox, created before pasteur was even born. and my teacher said he’d “research a little,” like he didn’t believe me.

well that petty ass bitch emails me at 7am saturday morning to link me to an article referring to louis pasteur as the “father of modern immunology,” so i responded with a very long email about edward jenner and his vaccine and all the various forms of smallpox vaccines that existed in asia and africa before both jenner and pasteur, and argued that even if pasteur was the father of immunology, that’s not what my teacher said in class - he said pasteur made the very first vaccine which was straight-up false. then i typed another paragraph proving that the word for the sport of “track and field” in french is “athlétisme” and not “piste,” as he corrected me in class in an unrelated class conversation. this email took me two fucking hours to type because i had to research vaccines and track AND write everything in french which i’m pretty good at but it’s still only my 2ndish year of studying french and i’m not all that close to fluency so it still takes way longer than writing in english.

and as soon as i sent this fucking email i found i made two really basic grammatical errors! kill me

but anyway as weird and petty as i think it is that a teacher would email a student to prove himself right on something silly, it kinda makes me happy that he considers me worth the time? idk but i’m happy and i’m proud of my intellectual-sounding, several paragraph reply, entirely in french and with minimal (hopefully?) errors. (and he didn’t reply which bothers me but i also take it as a sign that i totally won the argument.)

week 4 of the pacific watch party is here! this week we’ll be watching episodes seven and eight! (CLOSED-MOUTH SCREAMING)

as always, we’ll be starting at 5pm PST (8pm EST) on saturday, february 11th. the link to my rabbit room will be posted here half an hour before to give everybody time to filter in and get settled!

if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! hope to see you all there again!