saturday july 27th


Fosterson Week

Sunday, July 27th- Saturday, August 2nd

Feel free to message either myself or lightning-strikes-and-stars-fall if you’ve got any questions!

Day 1, July 27th- When and/or Why you started to ship Fosterson.

Day 2, July 28th- Headcanons for this ship. They can be anything- canon or not, based in the future or past, etc.

Day 3, July 29th- Favorite scenes and/or locations. Really liked the battle at Greenwich or watch Jane and Thor interact in her lab in New Mexico? Loved the scenes of them in Asgard? Share that love. A pretty self-explanatory day.

Day 4, July 30th- This day will be primarily MCU based, as today is the day we show our love for our two actors- Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.

Day 5, July 31st- Favorite quotes they’ve said, or quotes others have said about them. Another fairly self-explanatory day.

Day 6, August 1st- Will probably be my personal favorite day, as today is all about being rated M for SMUT and/or KINK day!!!

Day 7, August 2nd- The last day will be focused entirely on Fosterson in alternate universes.

Let’s show our Fosterson love with gifs, fics, metas, drawings, artwork, and anything else you can think of!

*edit* not sure why all the gifs didn’t post before! they should all be there now!