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Jensen singing Tennessee Whiskey during the Nashville SNS. That boy’s voice makes me melt!

Video by me :)

“The Saturday Ylissean Post”

The 3rd 11 by 17″ print I just finished for Anime North (table G15). It’s supposed to be a crossover with the Saturday Evening Post magazines from the 1900s and Fire Emblem! Robin is handing over the Falchion to Lucina. I based this on Leyendecker’s Lady Liberty poster for WWI about selling war bonds. I felt like the Lady Liberty in the original cover looked like a man so I wanted to improve on that when looking at his art for inspiration and make her have more feminine looking facial features while still making her look powerful. I also changed the name to “The Saturday YLISSEAN post” and the date to the Saturday of the convention! I don’t know how much I’ll sell this for, maybe $15? I spent the longest time on the Fire Emblem though it killed me. I’m working on my last print rn LOL 


                     ‘When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade….’

Or Vodka Lemon. 

This is what I thought back then, 5 days before bookfair, while being angry about the fact that I could not finish any new cosplay in time because of reasons. 

One day later I sewd this. 

Made entirely from leftovers and scraps, incrible comfy to wear and the best thing I could do on a crowed convention saturday. 

And wearing it was amazing. Alone for the faces the people made in the exact moment they got the joke. :D
And what I learned: people love getting lemons. People get really excited about the prospect of making lemonade. People actually like getting lemons from Life.

Photos: @misskrone <3

icy-golden-gardens7878  asked:

I'm cosolaying at a convention this Saturday, but I honestly don't think my costume is good enough. Any tips?

So back in the early 2000s my boyfriend came up with this great last-minute cosplay idea: chesspiece mascot costumes of the Code Geass characters. I loved it! Plus he was excited for it, and any time he WANTS to cosplay I am going to support it 5000%. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a full group to commit and we started late and a bunch of problems popped up. In the end we cut a lot of corners and I wasn’t really happy with the results. I planned for like a 3D chesspiece mascot costume and we ended up with signboards. With his encouraging we brought the costumes and “wore” them anyway:

Eurgh I could have done that so much better. However, we wore it to the con and some people loved it. We had our picture taken, we had compliments and in the end we learned from our mistakes. Even if you don’t think your costume is good ENOUGH someone might enjoy it and you can always take something from the experience.

That said, there are things you CAN do to improve a costume you aren’t too happy with:

  • Test out the costume and identify what you feel is poorly done. Then single out the changes you can make before the event. Prioritize bigger and more flashy changes as small details will be less noticeable.

  • Find poses that help your costume look its best. Pose with a prop or in positions that allow you to hide flaws and highlight what you consider is the best part.  

  • Practice your makeup (if your face won’t be covered) so that you look your best.

  • Give your costume some pre-con prep: trim loose threads and iron out wrinkles.

  • Bring safety pins so you can attach accessories or make quick adjustments in the hotel room. Safety pins save costumes!

and if you do these things and still aren’t feeling the costume, hold off. Wear something else to this event and re-work your costume for the next one. Feeling confident and having a good time is important too. 

All the best,
Duckie / Admin


Shutocon 2017 - Photoset 1

This was my little sister’s first convention…so Saturday was all about her! We did what she wanted to do…including taking a nap halfway through the day. (Not pictured: my lil sis sleeping with her head in my lap, half of her costume lying in a heap next to us.) She got to meet a handful of my internet friends (The only one pictured is @loverofpiggies ) and overall had a blast! I ended up going back for another day…so I’ll post more photos shortly.

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Submitted by @boredoutofmymindwriting: “Once more congrats hun! ❤So as usual Jensen x reader but let’s try make this fluffy but if you find a way to mix any angst in it do that too 😘”

You just have to give me this GIF cause you know I love this song! lol. Here it is hun! Love you! <3

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: IT’S SO FLUFFY!!

P.S. Read ALL of the lyrics to the song. THE LYRICS ARE A MAJOR PART OF THE DRABBLE.

You loved going to conventions with your husband. You were so upset that this one you had to miss because you were home sick with the flu and what was even worse was that you knew Jensen is back in Vancouver now so he can film tomorrow. You hated the internet especially when it came to people that loved to send you and Jensen hate especially about your relationship. You knew that it was just jealous fan girls that couldn’t help but try to ruin your relationship. You loved the internet for a few things. One of them being that you could watch a video from the conventions. 

This weekend Jensen went to the Las Vegas Convention. Saturday night he was appearing at the Saturday Night Concert. You were watching Louden Swain playing. You didn’t mind watching them play and sing but you really wanted to see Jensen. After a little bit of Louden Swain, Richard started talking and introduced Jensen up on stage. You watched as he walked up on stage and you couldn’t help but get excited. He was wearing the leather jacket that you got him for his birthday this year and you blushed remembering that it wasn’t the only present you got him.

“How are ya’ll doing tonight?” Jensen asked smiling and you chuckled as you heard the crowd screaming. “So my wife is usually at these conventions with me but tonight she couldn’t make it cause she has the flu.” You heard awws from the crowd and your heart melted knowing that the fans cared. “So knowing her she is probably watching this video right now.” You chuckled at Jensen because he knew you so well. “Well if you’re watching this babe, this song is for you. I need you to get better and I love you.” You smiled at Jensen even though you know he couldn’t see you. You heard the band start playing the music from NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Brother” and you heard Jensen start singing.

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Do They Know?

For the first time ever, I just watched a full Supernatural Convention Saturday Night Special concert. It was amazing seeing all the guest stars join the band on stage, but it was the band themselves that got me thinking.

Does Billy Moran know how chill he looks when he plays guitar? The guy is up there shredding in a way I never could and looks as calm as if he is making a cup of tea. Holy cow, man. 

Does Stephen Norton know how much joy shines through his eyes while he’s drumming? He looks so delighted by everything. If I could capture that mirth and bottle it, we would have a cure for depression that worked for all.

Does Mike Borja know how happy his harmonies make people? Everything, all the way down to the kazoo harmony made me smile so much. Just knowing there’s a man who sounds so wonderful is a major life game changer.

Does Rob Benedict know how proud we are of him? Does he know that when he sings “She Waits” we can feel his pain? Every stumble on a word, every deep breath he draws…it was like watching a man remove his mask and show us the nerve endings underneath. Raw, broken, but unapologetic. To bare your soul to a crowd of strangers in such a way time and time again is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

This year at SeaCon will be my very first time getting to see them perform live and in person. Wish me luck!

It’s that time of year again.. time for CALGARY EXPO!! 

I’ll be there this weekend in Hall ABC in the Artist Alley this time, no more stinky Hall D for me! I’ll have copies of FFXV & Hades zines, FFXV art & merch, sketchbook collections and copies of Purity (which are dwindling!), WooHoo! vol 1 and 2, tons of stickers and new prints too! I’ll also have sketch commissions open as well! 

Find me at table E-05 and I can’t wait to see you there! I’ll be in my Gladio cosplay on Friday & Saturday! ;)


~ CONNICHI 2016 :D ! ~

Hellooo ( >w>)/ !! sry for being late :’D I wanted to show you Connichi-photos on sunday…but, meh, didn’t make it =.= too much exams. But today I surpassed my last exam, YUSSSSSSSS *^* ! now :

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :D ! These are some photos I took at the Connichi on saturday 8(>////<)8 !! <3

as u know : I was ( a very tiny)  Tsubakyun there ~ and luckily a lot of people recognized me while walking around x'DD “ OMG TSUBAKYUN :O !! ”


not interesting at all. =w=) ”

An hour later I found Kuro, JEJE(!) and the first Lichtan :D! They had their regular place right when one is entering the huge garden of the Con. So… the Servamp-meeting attended right there 8D <3 ! A few minutes later @servampfanarts / @rhomilch​ found us and brought her Lichtan and this super adorable Misono !! *-* WITH THE ALICEIN-CHAIR <3

Moreover there was a Gül…..

G Ü L D E N S T E R N… ! The cute blue whale ! WHAT IS LIFE - Highlight of the day x'DDD <3 <3 unfortunately the dude who was wearing the Gül-Cos couldn’t see anything at all… so we were supposed to take care of him :’D <3 But gaawwwwd he was so cuuttteeee ! *-* Gül likes to huuuggg.

And then some GrOu3PhOtOs :3 !

 There actually were a loooot more Servampcosplayer than shown in all these photos. And it was difficult to take photos due to the rain =///= 70% of the day we were standing under umbrellas :’D we got wet anyway =w=)“ Furthermore not every ServampCosplayer were with us here all the time, that’s why I didn’t took photos of every single Cosplayer v.v) meh ~ ( Lawless 1 ‘n 2 : @heirofsilence and @stitching-string ) 

srsly, the rain was horrible… :'DDD wet, cold, muddy… but we had fun anyway, of course ! 8D <3

~ more photos comin~ :M !


@hillyhindi @hannahhindi @thehillywoodshow These girls are unbelievably amazing. They are so humble and beautiful and amazing.

They seemed to like my tardis cosplay. through I can’t remember if I showed them that it opens up to show a drawing of the inside of the tardis. I plan on posting some pictures of my cosplay next week. Through I did not make my cosplay, my awesome friend Maddie did it.

I wonder if they recognized me when I was in my Hogwarts student outfit on Sunday, I was wearing a black wig with my tardis cosplay, and I looked more like myself in my Hogwarts robe. I remember asking them about animated parodies in that outfit, either that or something about meeting celebrities. I asked one of the questions in my tardis dress and the other in my Hogwarts robe.

I wonder if they remember me?